National Dog Show Behind The Scenes Pics ... Pups Before The Big Event!!!

Some put on the football game on Thanksgiving, and some tune into Macy's big parade ... but MILLIONS of fans of our four-legged friends are watching the National Dog Show on Turkey Day.

We've gotten some behind the scenes pics of NBC's pup competition, presented by Purina, an event that catches an average of 20M sets of eyes every year -- it's televised directly after Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Nearly 2,000 dogs across 200 breeds are goin' for gold at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center ... and these furry friends are just as loveable as they are dedicated to the hustle -- especially this little face licker!

Grooming is no joke to dog handlers, because they put their animals through some rigorous steps to look 'Best in Show' ... including this doggy that's getting its ears primed for the big day!

The competition is always neck and neck ... so you gotta tune in to find out which pup takes that blue ribbon!

University Of Idaho Murders Dog Found Alive At Gruesome Crime Scene ... Now Living With 'Responsible Party'

The savage killer/killers of 4 Idaho college students spared the life of a dog at the house where the frenzied attack unfolded.

The Moscow Police Department released a statement Monday night, explaining the pooch was found uninjured the night the University of Idaho students were fatally stabbed with a combat knife. The dog was initially placed in the care of Animal Services, and then handed over to a "responsible party." Further details about the canine were not disclosed.

Meanwhile, police dismissed media reports theorizing that the quadruple homicide might have a connection to the recent killing -- and skinning -- of a mini Australian shepherd named Buddy, miles from the crime scene.

Dead animals were also discovered on another residential property, but they were victims of "wildlife activity," cops said.

Moscow PD investigators have been working with the FBI and Idaho State Police to identify the still-at-large assailant/assailants. They opened an FBI tip line requesting anyone with information on the slayings to contact them immediately.

As we reported, police found the bodies of the students inside the home after responding to a 911 call on November 13. Two surviving roommates were also present, but they were apparently asleep and not involved in the attack.

They later called friends to the house because they thought one of the victims had fallen unconscious and wouldn't wake up. Multiple people inside the house spoke with the 911 operator, using one of the roommates' cell phones.

University of Idaho

The authorities have maintained the attack was targeted, but they have yet to pin down a specific motive. They also have not located the murder weapon, which is believed to be a military-style knife similar to the one used by Sylvester Stallone's character, Rambo, in the 80s film, "First Blood."

U. of Idaho Murders Nearby Dog Skinned ... Weeks Before Student Killings

A couple living in the area where the University of Idaho student slaughter says their dog was brutally killed -- skinned from head to tail -- just weeks before the 4 students were massacred.

Buddy, a 12-year-old mini Australian Shepherd, was killed in October ... according to owners Pam and Jim Colbert, who told DailyMail they let the pup outside before heading to bed -- and he was soon found dead.

They say the only fur left on the dog was on its paws and head ... they believe someone might've been waiting for them to let Buddy outside.

Police reportedly haven't made the connection between the death of Buddy and the college students' murders ... but it's clear the Moscow community has all the more reason to stay on high alert.

As we reported, investigators believe the attack was targeted, but have not pinpointed an exact motive. They've been searching high and low for the murder weapon -- a combat knife similar to the one used by Sylvester Stallone's character, Rambo.

University of Idaho

Moscow PD recently acknowledged the 911 call came from one of the surviving roommates' phones ... but wouldn't say exactly who called the police.

Moscow PD Chief James Fry said in a press conference there were 'other friends' in the residence when the 911 call was made.

Fry also confirmed that the killer did not make the 911 call.

It's unclear if the killer is still in Moscow, or has fled.

Aaron Carter German Shepherd Rehomed

Aaron Carter's dog has made it safe and sound to a new home ... and we're told she's staying somewhat within the fam -- going to a relative of his fiancée.

Jennifer Martin, Melanie's sister, and her fiancé Max tell TMZ ... they took in Zelda, the 3-and-a-half-year-old German shepherd, the day after Aaron passed.

Zelda was in the room with Aaron when he passed ... and seemed to be in shock when she was found ... acting nervous and scared.

Jennifer and Max tell us ... Melanie was going through a lot after Aaron's death, so it just felt right to take Zelda in, adding the dog's been doing a lot better since the traumatic incident. The couple has started a TikTok for Zelda's journey.

Zelda isn't going to get fixed, but they don't want more pups ... Zelda's already had 2 litters. They're worried about the surgery changing her temperament -- she's already been through a lot.


FYI -- Aaron had another pup, Karma, when he died ... but wasn't as shaken up as Zelda. We're told she was also rehomed, going to one of Jennifer's coworkers.

Jeffrey Dahmer's Dad Tells Dr. Phil He Missed Red Flags ... Too 'Hard to Believe!!!'


Jeffrey Dahmer's father is admitting he ignored a ton of warning signs about his killer son's behavior, but it's the why -- which he shared with Dr. Phil -- that will likely piss off the public.

Lionel Dahmer got candid with the daytime TV host during his 3-day special on the Dahmer case ... and Phil asked him if, in retrospect, he feels he should've seen the evil coming. His response is pretty chilling.

He recalled Dahmer between the ages of 11-14, and said his son used to roam around country roads where they lived to collect the remains of various animals that had been killed ... and then he'd take them home in garbage bags.

Lionel says there were all kinds of dead animals from foxes to small dogs, but he claims it wasn't until Dahmer's trial he found out his son would explore the animals' insides and feel them up.

It's interesting he's claiming he didn't know, because the Netflix series depicts Lionel as sharing that gory experience with his son in their basement.

Now, you'd think the collecting of the carcasses would be enough of a "red flag," but he says he simply didn't dig any deeper into Dahmer's behavior because he had friends who did the "same thing."


As you'd imagine, that explanation didn't sit right with survivors, who told Dr. Phil ... Lionel's ignorance about his son is complete BS.

In their eyes, if you aren't a part of the solution you're a part of the problem, and he knew the harrowing truth.

Jason Momoa PETA Rooting for Actor's Wild Pig ... Offering Up Pork Substitutes

Jason Momoa says he's not cutting bacon from his diet, despite adopting a wild pig ... but PETA's lookin' to change his mind, by sending him a gift basket full of piggy alternatives.

PETA tells TMZ ... the company's sending Aquaman a package with staples from the vegan/vegetarian community -- including fakin' bacon, plant-based jerky, sham ham, and pigless pork rinds.

Jason's not just getting food -- the basket's coming with a cute plush pig ... with a message -- "Pigs are friends, not food."


ICYMI, we got Jason in L.A. Wednesday after he posted about his little pig, Manapua ...  but told us he's stickin' to his diet as usual -- despite having a new porky pal.

PETA's rep says JM clearly loves his adopted pig, so their team's hoping he'll open himself up to leaving pigs off the table ... after getting a taste for what else is out there.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Ingrid Newkirk, PETA’s Prez, says she has a hunch Jason will turn into the next James Cromwell -- the "Succession" actor who made the switch to veganism long ago, and has been an advocate ever since.

Jason Momoa Pig Adoption Doesn't Change My Appetite ... I'm Still Eating Pork!!!


Jason Momoa and his new four-legged pal are gonna have some major philosophical differences, we think -- because Jason's still eating pork after adopting a wild pig.

We got the actor outside Jimmy Kimmel's show Wednesday in Hollywood, and asked if he was considering changing his diet now that he's taken in the little piggy he met while shooting his new Netflix movie, "Slumberland."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

His answer can't be too shocking -- keep in mind, Jason admits naming the pig after 2 Hawaiian dishes made with pork ... Lau Lau and Manapua.

He told us why doing away with bacon and the like just isn't an option for him ... at least not now.


Don't get it twisted, Jason's not planning to chow down on his adopted pet ... and he's feeling sorry about not being able to stop eating the little guy's friends.

It sounds like Jason might change his diet one day, just don't expect him to go full-on vegan. He does have a compromise in mind, though.

'Arrow' Star Stephen Amell Not Backing Down in Kennel Battle ... I Want Peace & Quiet!!!


2:14 PM PT -- While Stephen may have issue with the rescue, we've seen some declarations filed by other neighbors to the property that say there's never been an issue with loud yelping, excessive barking or the smell of animal waste.


What's more ... one of the declarations states Stephen is the mean neighbor, even once allegedly getting into it with a neighbor's gardener.

Stephen Amell is confident a judge will have his back after slapping his neighbors with a lawsuit over their kennel biz ... saying he loves dogs, but his family needs some peace.

We got the "Arrow" star Thursday at LAX and he fired off, for the first time publicly, since filing suit. Stephen told us there are just some things you should not be able to do in a residential zone.

His point is there just have to be some limits, for the sake of residents, and in his eyes this is one.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

As we reported, Stephen and his wife Cassandra took their neighbors Kristen Stavola and Jeremy Gardiner to court over their company called Rescues Rock Inc., claiming it's an unpermitted animal adoption biz ... one that's super loud and super stinky!

He and his wife have already lost one battle in the suit -- a judge denied the Amells' request to shut down the rescue and move it from its current location.

Despite this, he's not backing down... telling us he's pretty sure he and his wife are right and ultimately believes they'll come out on top.


Stephen doubled down on the fact he tried to be neighborly and squash the beef before having a showdown in court -- but that's where it is now, and he's still feeling good about his chances.

Amazon Driver Killed, Apparent Dog Attack in MO

An Amazon driver is dead after an apparent dog attack in Missouri -- with the guy's body being laid out on the owner's property for hours.

Sheriff's deputies were called out to a residential home near Excelsior Springs Monday night, where neighbors reported an Amazon van had been parked in front of a house for quite a long time, with no sign of movement or change.

When they arrived, they found the driver dead on the front lawn, with 2 aggressive dogs also roaming about the grounds near the victim's body ... according to FOX 4 Kansas City.

Officers reportedly shot one of the dogs outside, but then they both scurried inside through the home's front door. First responders later killed both animals. We don't know what breed they were, or where their owners were at the time.

The driver's injuries are believed to be consistent with a dog attack, but the Sheriff's County Office has yet to confirm an official cause of death. A medical examiner will weigh in, and the incident is under investigation.

Mental Health Crisis in America Man Stabs Mother, Dog with Samurai Sword


If there weren't enough proof the world has gone crazy and mental health is a critical issue for our survival ... check out this horrific story of a 23-year-old who allegedly stabbed his mother and dog with a samurai sword before he was Tased by police.

It happened Tuesday night in L.A. ... Eric Herrera is seen on video dazed, holding the sword as police implore him to drop it. In short order, a cop Tasers Herrera, and you see him fall to the ground.

Neighbors say the scene looked like it was right out of a horror movie, as they watched it all unfold. One neighbor says it appeared Herrera was in the midst of a mental health crisis.

The woman was pleading for help, screaming, "I'm your mother!"

There are conflicting reports about the fate of the family dog. The most recent report is that the dog seems to have survived the attack, but that's unconfirmed.

The mother's condition has not been released, but KTLA says a relative told the outlet the woman is in stable condition.

As for Herrera, he's in custody and his bail has been set at $1 million.

Olivia Wilde, Jason Sudeikis Alleged Dog Walker Says ... I Was Cut Off from Gordon!!!

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis' dog walker is still reeling from the loss of Gordon, and speaking out about it for the first time ... saying there was no warning her time with the pup was ending.

Now, the L.A.-based dog walker's remaining anonymous, but says she was hired by Olivia and Jason in the fall of 2020. She admits being star-struck meeting Jason for the first time -- in a letter to Gawker she hilariously says, "I was suddenly willing to kill for him."

Interestingly she didn't have that reaction to Olivia, and in fact, never actually uses Olivia's name in the letter ... only referring to her as Jason's ex.

Seems she's chosen a side in the split! Anyway, she had an instant bond with Gordon.

She describes their walks together as "my happiest mornings during COVID's most depressing drawn-out flop era" ... but that all ended when she got a text that simply read, "No more Gordon walks."

She was pretty beat up over the news ... adding there was no reason given as to why their time together had to end. She says she only recently found out -- through the ex-nanny's allegations -- Gordon was dumped so OW could spend more time with Harry Styles, and rehomed ... allegedly with her NY dog walker.


As we reported, Olivia and Jason deny those allegations from their former nanny. Sources close to the couple told us their kids were pretty upset when he was given away, but so was everyone else.

We're told they couldn't keep Gordon with all the turmoil between them during their split.

Olivia Wilde Look, I Can Be A Good Mom ... Hugs, Kisses For My Kids

Olivia Wilde may not love the family dog, but she sure loves her children.

The actress was spotted being a good mom Tuesday on the heels of reports she upset the family by allegedly getting rid of the family pooch, Gordon, to spend more time with Harry Styles.

Olivia was having what appeared to be an emotional goodbye with her two children, Otis and Daisy, making sure to shower them with hugs and kisses before they climbed into a waiting limo.

The kids were traveling with backpacks and luggage ... which is interesting because their father, Jason Sudeikis, is across the pond in London.

As you know ... Olivia and Jason's ex-nanny is continuing to make nasty allegations against the estranged couple, even though they teamed up to call the nanny a liar. The latest salvo included claims Olivia gave up her dog within weeks of meeting Harry, allegedly so she could free up time to spend with the singer.


The nanny also claims Jason once told her Olivia only had the pup to keep up appearances and rarely looked after the pooch.


Olivia's not shying away from paparazzi here ... the sweet family moment photos came out right after the dog accusations surfaced.

Olivia Wilde, Jason Sudeikis Ex-Nanny Continues to Throw Out Allegations ... After Ex-Couple's Denial

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis' ex-nanny isn't backing down from her toxic claims, despite the estranged couple teaming up to call her a liar ... spilling another bunch of alleged details from their past relationship.

The nanny, who we're told is a woman named Erika Genaro, tells the DailyMail Olivia was stringing Jason along even following their split ... continuing to sleep in the same bed and sending him loving texts from time to time.

Genaro also claims she got a text directly from Jason calling Olivia a "deeply hurting mess" who wasn't living in reality.

The nanny says Olivia even gave her dog, Gordon, away within weeks of meeting Harry Styles -- allegedly so she could have more free time to spend with the singer.


As we reported, Olivia and Jason put on a united front against their former nanny Monday ... telling TMZ her claims are "false and scurrilous accusations" -- referring to her words as a year-and-a-half campaign of harassing them.

Emmanuel the Emu Incredibly Sick ... Bird Flu Strikes FL Farm

Emmanuel the Emu -- a viral sensation from earlier this year -- is near death's door after the bird flu has spread throughout his farm ... killing off a lot of the owners' other animals.

Taylor Blake shared the sad news Saturday, saying their business -- Knuckle Bump Farms -- has been hit hard by avian influenza ... this after a pack of wild geese have flown onto their property consistently of late -- leaving behind deadly strains of the flu that has taken its toll.

Blake says they've lost 99% of their domesticated birds -- including all of their ducks, geese and chickens ... not to mentions some of their emus, including Emily, Eliza and Elliot.

Now, it sounds like only Emmanuel and another emu named Rico are left alive -- but TB says Emmanuel is on the mend right now after unexpectedly going down on Wednesday ... apparently a result of catching the bird flu that's running rampant on their farm.

Blake says she's been tending to him around the clock and that Emmanuel is fighting to stay alive. While she's devastated over the loss of their other animals ... she says she's grateful to still have Emmanuel, and believes he'll make a full recovery -- despite some nerve damage.

She explains ... "It seems like I haven’t been able to catch a break these past few months, but I am so incredibly blessed. I have so much gratitude in my heart that Emmanuel is still alive. That he is fighting. That my best friend is making a comeback. I am going to be ok, we are going to be ok!"

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.

Blake says she's working through getting Emmanuel back to 100% with physical therapy, and is asking the public for prayers, as well as help on tips in regards to big bird PT.

One last thing ... it sounds like the water dispersed all over Florida as a result of Hurricane Ian may have contributed to the bird flu spreading like crazy. Scary stuff, especially if you have livestock that may be susceptible. Here's hoping Emmanuel can pull through.

Sly and Jennifer Doggonit, We're Keepin' the Rottweiler!!! Dog Stays After Divorce Flap

The dog that opened a can of worms with Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin is now a full-fledged member of the brood!

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ, Dwight is not only living with the fam in Hidden Hills, but Jennifer now really digs the pooch ... a lot!!!

As we reported, Jennifer didn't want another dog, especially a large one like a Rottie, but Sly prevailed and brought Dwight home. It became a source of conflict between the 2.

Sly then covered up a tattoo of Jennifer on his arm and replaced it with Dwight, and our sources say that was super upsetting for her.

Whatever the case, all is forgiven. The divorce petition has been dropped and the family is fully back together and they're happy as clams.

Sly, Jennifer and 2 of their daughters hit up a Ralph Lauren fashion show Thursday night, and they were clearly back on track.


Dwight, we're happy for ya!!!

Football Hijinks The SMU/Navy Game Was S**t!!! Mascot Poop Halts Game

Courtesy of ESPN/NCAA

If you watched the SMU/Navy game Friday night, it was just a bunch of horses**t, right?

Well, thanks to Peruna, the game abruptly stopped in the third quarter, after SMU scored a TD and the mascot bolted onto the turf to celebrate. Thing is ... Peruna has loose bowels, and left an unhappy trail behind.

Officials tried to ignore it, but SMU's head coach Rhett Lashlee thought better and asked to hit the pause button while the poop was removed.

Now this is where a lack of preparation became a glaring problem.  There was no plan, no equipment, to remove the feces ... something you'd think SMU would have at the ready given its choice of mascots. So the staff had to walk out on the field and pick up horse poop by hand.

It took 15 minutes to make the field properly playable again.

ESPN announcers lost it trying to explain what happened.

SMU won the game 40-34. As for Peruna ... stay away from the per-unes.

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