Tyler Perry One False Move, Moose Gets It!!!

@tylerperry / Instagram

7:40 AM PT -- We found out the moose on the loose were outside Tyler's place in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Tyler Perry is full of Bullwinkle.

It's pretty shocking ... a GIGANTIC moose somehow made its way into Tyler's backyard, and it's both a glorious and frightening sight. A moose can be super dangerous, but when you stand back and watch ... well, it's awesome.

It's unclear where the video was taken -- frankly, it looks like his backyard in the Hills of Beverly. But, we've never seen a moose in these parts, so it's more likely somewhere like Montana or Wyoming. He's been working remotely lately, managing and producing shows for his massive ATL studio compound.

Tracee Ellis Ross posted photos and vids of the scene, with the caption, "this is magic!!! They are sooooo beautiful !!!!!"

And, get this ... It's not Tyler's first moose encounter ... back in August, he posted a selfie with a moose, saying "Writing season 4 of Sistas. New meaning of working remotely!"

Donald Trump's Walk of Fame Star Dog Pooper Revealed!!!

Donald Trump got s*** on this week, and now we know the culprit ... and his name is Axl.

As we reported, someone dumped a load of poop on Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of fame. It's not vandalism -- because there was no damage -- but it would seem it's a violation of the L.A. Pooper Scooper ordinance ... HOWEVER, we've learned there's a twist.

Well, TMZ has cracked the case. Turns out Axl, an 18-month-old rescue, was walking on Hollywood Blvd. with his owner, James Hawkins, when nature called. Axl took a giant poop near Trump's star, and rather than picking it up, Hawkins decided it should adorn Trump's star.

James tells us he picked up the poop and placed it on 45's star. He took a photo to keep the memory alive. A short time later, James bagged the poop and left the scene of the crime.

James is a photographer from Rhode Island, who was in town on business. He tells us he's a democrat, and he's not a fan of Trump's ... in fact, he said he thinks Trump is "a piece of s**t," so James felt one good piece deserves another.

BTW ... it doesn't appear James violated the Pooper Scooper ordinance because he blue-bagged the excrement in short order.

As for Axl, he spent Friday with James who was skateboarding on the beach, so he's having a fab time in L.A.

Donald Trump Star Covered in Dog S*** ... The Straight Poop

Donald Trump has given a lot of people s**t, so someone decided to return the gesture in kind ... with a load of dog poop plastered over his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Someone dropped a load on the star Thursday ... much to the chagrin and delight of tourists ... depending on their political bend.

And, this is interesting ... whoever dropped the do-do won't be prosecuted, because it's not vandalism. According to CA law, someone can be prosecuted for vandalism if they "deface with graffiti or other inscribed material" or if they damage or destroy someone else's property.
Here, a hosing down will do the trick, and it's too much of a reach.

Now, it's possible to cite the offender with violating L.A.'s pooper scooper law, which requires dog owners to pick up after their pets.


There has been lots of vandalism on that star over the last 5 years. James Otis, a member of the famed Otis Elevator fam, took a pickax to the star in 2016 and several times in the years that followed. He pled no contest to vandalism and got community service and a $4,400 fine. He was placed on 3 years probation.

Deadline Hollywood

He was arrested and charged with felony vandalism last year ... it appears that case is ongoing.


George Lopez pretended to pee on the star back in 2018 ... but faking peeing doesn't get you prosecuted.

And, there have been other instances of vandalism as well. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, which manages the Walk of Fame ... has always restored or replaced the star, although at one point they put a barrier around the star.

Lady Gaga's Dog Walker Describes Horrific, Near-Fatal Shooting ... Gaga Was an Angel


Lady Gaga's dog walker says when doctors were working on him after he was shot, blood was spurting out of his chest as he lay on the operating table, and doctors feared he would die.

Ryan Fischer told Gayle King on "CBS Mornings" ... when the dognappers confronted him with a gun as he walked 3 of Lady Gaga's dogs, he knew he was going to get shot. Nevertheless, he felt it was his mission to fight for the safety of the canines.

He says the bullet went through his clavicle near his neck and exited through his shoulder blade, piercing his lung on the way out. Once in surgery, as doctors frantically tried inserting a chest tube, blood started spurting all over the place and his blood pressure dropped to a crisis level.

The good news ... he says Gaga was an angel and went above and beyond to help him in his recovery. She flew his family out to L.A. and he stayed at her house for months where he had family, friends and security around him.

Ryan has really been through it ... he tried walking dogs for a short time after he recovered physically, but couldn't handle the emotional trauma and went on a cross-country trip to find peace. He says he's still struggling.


TMZ broke the story ... the robbers drove up behind Ryan as he walked Gaga's French bulldogs, and after a struggle they shot him and made off with 2 of the dogs. They were later found unharmed and the LAPD arrested 5 suspects for attempted murder and robbery.

Miami Falling Cat Hero Couple Says Kitty Made it Rain!!! Peed All Over the Crowd


Dangling from the nosebleeds at a college football game was enough to scare the crap piss outta one very lucky cat ... according to the couple who saved the feline with a U.S. flag.

Kimberly and Craig Cromer are the heroes who pulled off the rescue mission during Saturday's University of Miami football game, and Monday on "TMZ Live" they told us they just happened to be in regular-season seats ... AKA right place, right time.

Craig says Kimberly brings their American flag to display whenever "Da U." has a home game -- and luckily for the cat from this viral video, it ended up dangling right over the Cromers.

Craig and Kim say the kitty definitely knew it was in danger as it dangled from the stadium's upper deck -- and they know this because it started peeing in a steady stream on everyone down below.

If ya missed it ... the falling cat bounced off the flag and survived, making the crowd go wild.

Sounds like the Cromers weren't the only heroes here ... they say some UM students had another flag under theirs, which helped cushion the cat's fall even more.

The cat's whereabouts are unclear and while the Cromers say they'd take it in, they also explained why their home might not be the best fit.

Not for a cat running low on lives, anyway!

College Football Rescue Cat Saved By Ol' Glory After Falling From Stands!!!

A stray cat is alive today because of some patriotism shown at a college football game.

As fans watched Miami edge out Appalachian State at Miami's stadium, everyone's eyes moved from the field to the nosebleed section, as they saw the feline dangling below the upper deck railing. One of its paws apparently got caught on a wire as it struggled.

Fans were at the ready, and when the cat lost its grip and plummeted toward Earth, some quick-thinking fans unfurled an American flag and caught the cat.

You see the cat bounce off the flag and the crowd goes insane.

What's not clear ... whether the cat may have hit the ground or whether the flag entirely broke its fall. Nevertheless, the cat seemed okay.

Security was ready and they captured the cat and removed it from the stadium.

BTW ... the Hurricanes beat Appalachian State by a score of 25-23. But real talk ... the cat stole the show.

Mick Brigden Rolling Stones Tour Manager ... Dies In 'Freak Accident' Digging Grave for Dog

7:22 AM PT -- Mick's wife, Julia Dreyer Brigden, tells TMZ ...

Mick was digging a grave for their dying dog in a lower field on their country property Santa Rosa, CA on Sept. 7.

While Mick was digging, something happened and the hole collapsed in on him. She says this was a freak accident and he died immediately.

Julia says a neighbor saw what happened and quickly called 911. Paramedics arrived, but it was already too late. Mick could not be saved.

The couple's 14-year-old Australian Shepherd named Travis -- who was in poor health and not eating -- was put down two days later.

Mick Brigden, a mainstay in the music industry whose work included tour manager for the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan, has died.

Mick's wife says her husband was digging a grave for their dog at their home in Santa Rosa, CA when he suffered a medical emergency and was rushed to a hospital, where he died.

The cause of death has not been disclosed.

Mick began his career as a concert promoter and worked with Van Morrison, Joe Satriani, Humble Pie, Peter Frampton and Carlos Santana. He was one of the founders of Wolfgang Records, which released multiple albums by Eddie Money, including his first, self-titled album in 1977.

Outside of music management, Brigden had a passion for winemaking, supplying grapes grown in his Northern California vineyard to make an exclusive Owl Ridge cabernet.

This has been a rough period for the Stones and Stones fans. Charlie Watts, the group's one-and-only drummer for 6 decades, died last month.

As for Brigden ... he's survived by his wife of 34 years, Julia, son Jack, stepdaughter Jessica and grandson David.

Mick was 73.


Originally Published -- 6:10 AM PT

Cesar Millan His Pit Bull Allegedly Killed Queen Latifah's Dog Lawsuit Claims Cesar Tried Covering it Up

Cesar Millan is in the throes of a lawsuit over his pit bull severely biting a promising gymnast, who alleged this dog not only has a history of extreme violence, it allegedly attacked and killed Queen Latifah's dog and he then, according to the lawsuit, tried to cover it up.

Lidia Matiss claims in 2017, she went to her mom's office building in Van Nuys, CA, a building she says is owned by Cesar. Lidia says she was visiting her mom, who worked for Cesar.

She says she encountered Cesar's pit bull, Junior, who was roaming the halls unsupervised and unleashed. She says the dog attacked her, repeatedly biting her on the legs, including her left calf. She went to the ER and it became apparent ... her injures were severe.

The lawsuit says Lidia was a "star gymnast" who performed at a Level 10 ... the highest level in the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympics Programs. She says she was being actively recruited by the University of Pennsylvania, but everything changed with the dog bite. She could no longer compete due to the extreme pain she was enduring.

Lidia -- repped by attorneys Omar G. Qureshi and Brian M. Adesman -- says Cesar knew Junior had a history of violence yet regularly allowed the dog to roam free. She says the dog had bitten several people and mauled several dogs, including one dog owned by Queen Latifah.

According to the lawsuit, Queen Latifah brought 2 of her dogs to Cesar's Dog Psychology Center in Santa Clarita, CA. She says Junior mauled one of her dogs to death, and Lidia claims Cesar covered it up by telling his staff to tell Queen Latifah the dog was hit and killed by a car.

Cesar filed an answer to the lawsuit, claiming, among other things, Lidia assumed the risk of being bitten because she knew of the danger. He also claims Lidia herself was negligent, although he doesn't say how.

Lidia says the bite left her impaired ... wounded, disfigured and she continues to suffer physical and emotional pain. She's suing for unspecified damages.

The lawsuit is ongoing.

Britney Spears D.A. Won't File Charges ... Over Alleged Battery

Britney Spears can rest a little easier after the ugly incident in which her housekeeper accused her of battery ... we've learned the singer will NOT be charged with a crime.

The Ventura County District Attorney's Office tells TMZ ... prosecutors decided NOT to file any criminal charges against Britney for misdemeanor battery.

The D.A. says the office declined to file charges "based on insufficient evidence that a crime had occurred and the lack of injury to the housekeeper or significant damage to the phone."

Britney's attorney, Mathew Rosengart, tells us "As I have previously-stated, this was nothing more than sensationalized-tabloid fodder -- an overblown 'he said, she said' regarding a cell phone. If this involved Jane Doe rather than Britney Spears it would not have been pursued or covered at all."

He continues, "Anyone can make an accusation but this should never have made it this far and we are glad the DA’s Office has done the right thing. Sadly, it is apparent that some have learned nothing from the past, and we sincerely hope the media and others will be more respectful of Ms. Spears in the future."

@britneyspears / Instagram

We broke the story ... one of Britney's longtime housekeepers accused her of battery during an argument over Brit's dogs, with the housekeeper claiming Britney slapped her phone out of her hands.

As we reported, the housekeeper called deputies to Britney's home, but later went to a Ventura County Sheriff's station to file a report, and the Sheriff's Dept. launched an investigation.

As we first told you ... Britney's dogs were taken to a vet after her dog sitter and housekeeper believed the pets were being neglected ... and that's what triggered the confrontation between Britney and her housekeeper.

The Ventura County Sheriff's Dept. wrapped up its investigation into Britney's housekeeper's claim and forwarded its findings to the Ventura County District Attorney's Office.

We were told the case basically boiled down to Brit's word against the housekeeper's story -- the housekeeper claims Britney struck her in the arm, while Britney claims all she did was swipe the phone out of her hand.

We're told the Sheriff didn't know which version was true, and the case was ultimately forwarded on to the D.A. to make the final call.

As we reported, our Britney sources were confident nothing would come of the allegations ... and ultimately that's what happened.

Meanwhile, we're told the housekeeper is no longer working for Britney and the dogs are back in the house.

Veteran Sheepdogs of America Prez Pleads for Help ... Needs $1.6M to Get Pups Outta Kabul


4:21 PM PT -- Joshua tells us they've reached the $1.4 million mark with two big donors to still come through, he's confident they'll hit their goal of $1.67 million.

10:19 AM PT -- We had Hosler on TMZ Live who tells us the group is essentially in the 11th hour, and desperate to raise the remaining funds and evacuate the dogs. If interested, you can donate here.

As people continue to scramble to flee Afghanistan, so too are a number of four-legged allies ... and one guy's nonprofit is in desperate need of a major donor to make it happen.

His name's Joshua Hosler, President of Veteran Sheepdogs of America ... which is working frantically right now to help evacuate dozens of military dogs used by U.S. service members and others in and around Kabul, which don't seem to have many options for getting out.

@veteransheepdogs / TikTok

He posted a TikTok video explaining the dire sitch -- with a photo of a ton of carrying crates in front of a chopper. Josh says this is just a fraction of the dogs left behind in the mass pull-out. There are military personnel on the ground that Josh is currently working with to coordinate a rescue, but the bottom line is ... he needs resources (like a 737 plane) which ain't cheap.

JH shoots his shots with the multi-millionaires and billionaires of the world -- including guys like Musk and Gates -- who could presumably cut a check for at least $1.67 million to fund an aircraft that could accommodate all these dogs to land somewhere outside the country.

@TommyAmenta / Twitter

Sounds like some active armed forces members are vouching for him online -- telling folks he isn't a fraudster or anything of the sort, and that he and his cause do, in fact, need all the help (and money) they can get ... thanking him for his sainthood in the process.

Based on @VetSheepdogsUS's tweets, it seems like things are coming down to the wire. The account last wrote some 8 hours ago, "We were told just now if the dogs aren't on the plane we will be forced to leave them in hanger! WE NEED A MIRACLE!"

Originally Published -- 7:09 AM PT

Chrissy Teigen I Was Ready To Break Down My Wall To Save My Pet Hamster!!!


Chrissy Teigen admits everything she does is a little extra, and that's why she was ready and willing to break down a wall in her home to rescue her pet hamster, Peanut Butter.

We got Chrissy leaving Brighton Medical in Los Angeles on Friday and asked her about her pet rescue mission, which saw her save the family hamster after it went missing.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Chrissy says she has the best hearing on the planet, and her senses led her to a wall in her Beverly Hills home where Peanut Butter was trapped.

She busted open part of the wall to free her pet, and Chrissy tells us she was ready to do even more home damage with her hammer.

Chrissy's able to laugh about what she calls a "debacle" now ... because the wall's repaired and Peanut Butter is out of harm's way.

While her pet got out from a dark place, Chrissy is still in the "cancel club" ... and she tells us why it's a journey and sheds light on what it's going to take to get her out.

Britney Spears Housekeeper Battery Case Charges Under Review by D.A.

Britney Spears might've thought this battery case with her housekeeper would "go nowhere" -- but she's not out of the woods yet ... we're told it's now been handed over to prosecutors who will make the call on whether Britney is hit with a criminal charge.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the Ventura County Sheriff's Dept.'s wrapped up its investigation into Britney's housekeeper's claim of battery from last week and forwarded its findings to the Ventura County District Attorney's Office Friday.

Law enforcement at the Ventura County Sheriff's Dept. has told TMZ ... they routinely send such cases over to the D.A. for review, unless it's clear the case has no merit. In this case, there are 2 versions -- the housekeeper says Britney struck her in the arm, but Britney says all she did was swipe the phone out of her hand. The Sheriff doesn't know which version is true, so that's why it was forwarded on.

The law enforcement sources also tell us the house keeper suffered no physical injuries.

@britneyspears / Instagram

As we've reported, our Brit sources were confident nothing would come of this ... and that still may end up being true at the finish line ... but until then, it's a waiting game.

TMZ broke the story ... Britney got into a spat with the housekeeper after the housekeeper showed Britney pics of the dogs in distress. Britney was angry the housekeeper was taking photos inside her house, and she tried wrestling the phone away.

The housekeeper -- who had worked for Britney for years -- is no longer working for the singer.

BTW ... the dogs were returned last Friday after being in the care of Britney's dog sitter for 2 weeks.

Stay tuned ...

Monkey Love Woman 86'd From Zoo ... Over 'Affair' with Chimpanzee

They say opposites attract, but one woman has taken that too far, and is banned from a Belgian zoo after the owners felt her relationship with one of their primates had gone too far.

The lady's name is Adie Timmermans, and she just got the boot from the Antwerp Zoo after a 4-year "affair" she'd carried on with one of their chimpanzees, a male named Chita ... per reports. Apparently, she'd stop by weekly and interact with the thing behind glass.

As for why she got banned ... turns out, Timmermans' affection for the little guy was screwing with his ability to socialize with the other chimps in his habitat. The zoo reportedly said Chita was being isolated after visiting hours ... which is something that happens, it seems, if one starts to get too close to humans. Makes sense -- word is Chita used to be an actual pet, so his fondness for people isn't really his fault, we suppose.

Don't worry ... this unrequited passion didn't get physical -- they say it amounted to blowing kisses and waving and whatnot. So, no monkey sex or anything ... thank God.

Still, Timmermans is pretty pissed about it ... saying it ain't fair that she can't come see Chita, while scores of other people will continue to do just that. She genuinely seems upset -- as she's on record as saying this is "all" she has in her life ... SAD!

Here's hoping they can both move on with their own species -- although, we'll admit ... this brings a tear to the eye, no? They'll always have Belgium ... c'est la vie. 💔

PETA to USDA Investigate Doc Antle ... Chris Brown's Daughter Was at Risk on Elephant

10:09 AM PT -- A rep for the USDA confirms they've received the letter and are "looking into it."

Doc Antle letting Chris Brown's young daughter take a joy ride on an elephant's giant noggin wasn't just dangerous and irresponsible, but illegal too ... at least according to PETA.

The animal rights org fired off a letter Tuesday to the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, calling on it to investigate the 'Tiger King' star's operation of his Myrtle Beach safari ... alleging he's violating a number of regulations ... spotlighting the most recent incident with Chris' kid.

According to the letter, obtained by TMZ, PETA claims Doc has violated the Animal Welfare Act by allowing 7-year-old Royalty to swim with Bubbles, one of the elephants. The org claims it was super dangerous for the girl to dive off the animal's giant head.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

PETA cites a reg requiring certain animals to be kept at a safe and reasonable distance from people with proper barriers to ensure the safety of visitors.

Myrtle Beach Safari

By letting Royalty jump around -- not to mention get lifted up by Bubbles' powerful trunk -- PETA says it's obvious Doc's screwing up ... and they insist it's just the latest alleged violation at the property.

They're asking for a full probe ... calling on the USDA to hold him and his cohorts accountable for what PETA deems dangerous and irresponsible behavior.

Doc tells us PETA sent a similar letter when Lil Pump visited, saying, "Not a thing came of that elephant complaint after USDA investigated it. Just a huge waste of time and resources for the federal veterinarians who have to check out these erroneous allegations. We are in no ways in violation of the animal welfare act. We have continuously perfect inspections. We are well aware of the USDA protocols to conduct this type of filming; as we have been involved in film work of this nature for decades, including more than 500 films, documentaries, television productions and advertisements."

He continues, "Animal Rights activists that are unfamiliar with USDA film protocols routinely report these regulated activities to federal and state regulators as if there has been a violation. Rest assured that we are in full compliance with all federal and state regulations. USDA is our partner in animal welfare and we share a passion and commitment to providing the highest possible care for our animal ambassadors at the preserve."

Originally Published -- 9:00 AM PT

Kid Cudi Heartbroken After Losing Dog Freshie 'He Was My Guardian Angel'

Kid Cudi is mourning the loss of his beloved dog ... and it'll make you cry to hear about it.

The rapper wrote a heartbreaking tribute to Freshie ... a dog he got in 2010 after the producers of "How to Make it in America" told him he'd be a weed-selling, dog-walking character on season 2. He got the dog to prepare for the role.

Cudi and Freshie formed a tight bond ... "I had no previous interactions [with] dogs prior, other than giving one a pet if my friends had one at their place. I was truly nervous around dogs and I wanted to be comfortable onset [with] them so it felt legit."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

He added, "I had no idea I would have such a best friend in my life. He's been here for 11 years, and my life has been one hell of a rollercoaster this whole time."

The rapper said Freshie would come up to him and lick his face if he was crying. Kid Cudi called Freshie his guardian angel because there were nights where he held a knife to his stomach but, "I'd see Freshie and I couldn't do it. He would stare at me when I would have a knife to my stomach, eyes glaring at me tellin' me to put the knife down."

Kid Cudi checked into rehab in 2016 for depression and suicidal urges.

Cudi says Freshie died a few days ago, peacefully at home, "surrounded by the people that love him. His family. I held his hand and whispered in his ear to let him know I was there while he slipped away."

Australia Rescue Dogs Reportedly Shot ... Over COVID Restrictions

Amid all the chaos in Australia over renewed COVID lockdowns, a damning report claims a local government killed a bunch of rescue dogs ... to keep the volunteers from going out.

The allegation stems from a Sydney Morning Herald story published Sunday, which cites a watchdog org that keeps tabs on the Bourke Shire Council ... which sits in a rural area in New South Wales. The shelter, which isn't named, apparently lies in the town of Cobar.

Per the outlet, the watchdog claims it'd been informed of the local council's decision to recently gun down a handful of rescue pups at a nearby pound -- this as a result of what they say is the government's twisted interpretation of Australia's newly imposed restrictions.

The idea behind this alleged onslaught ... keep the volunteers from leaving their home and potentially interacting/spreading the virus. To that end, apparently, they offed the pooches.

The watchdog also says they're investigating whether any laws were broken by the command -- namely, whether any companion animal or cruelty violations were at play. The cruelty one certainly seems like a viable claim ... 'cause this might've been totally unnecessary.

SMH says an anonymous source directly familiar with the shelter's staff/protocol claims they already had COVID measures in place to handle the dogs ... adding one was a new mom.

The drastic move speaks to just how crazy things are down under at the moment -- the government is enforcing strict rules for its residents ... which has led to a lot of unrest, protests and clashes with police -- especially this weekend, where people are out in force.

The issue has gotten so heated that people are finding creative ways to push back -- including reports of big rig truck drivers refusing to deliver goods en masse and slow down the economy. Some people have even gone the Paul Revere route to rally the citizenry.

It's a complicated matter. Like we said ... cases are through the roof there and the government appears to be doing what it thinks is best for its people. But, they're clearly not all down with the method -- and as it relates to the dogs that were allegedly killed ... it's BS.

Bloody hell.

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