LA Clippers Fined $50k For Doc Rivers' Comment ... On Kawhi Leonard Injury

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Doc Rivers' contradicting comments on Kawhi Leonard's health status just cost the L.A. Clippers a big chunk of change ... 'cause the NBA has fined the team $50k.

The Klaw has been at the center of controversy after the NBA superstar missed 2 huge nationally televised games so far this season due to an apparent knee injury that some folks were skeptical about.

The NBA has a rule against healthy scratches during nationally televised games ... but the league agreed that Kawhi was hurt and allowed him to sit out the Clips' match-up with the Milwaukee Bucks on Wednesday.

So, when Rivers was asked about Leonard's health after the game, he said Kawhi was actually just fine and wanted some rest.

The league didn't like that one bit ... hitting the Clippers with a $50k fine on Thursday.

“The NBA has fined the Clippers $50,000 for statements, including by head coach Doc Rivers, that were inconsistent with Leonard's health status," the league said in a statement.

To be clear -- the Association is saying Leonard actually IS injured ... making it okay for him to sit out against the Bucks.

The reason Doc's comments were such a big issue is that "load management" has fans getting pissed -- game attendees pay big bucks to see the superstars like Kawhi hoop ... and players sitting out to get some rest doesn't sit well with the customers.

Bottom line -- Steve Ballmer ain't gonna be happy with losing dough.

Eric Bledsoe Laughs Off Inbound Dribble Goof ... 'It Happens Man!'


Milwaukee Bucks star Eric Bledsoe KNOWS he's getting clowned online for his massive brainfart during the Clippers game ... but he ain't worried, he thinks it's funny!

In case you missed it, Bledsoe took the ball from the ref and was SUPPOSED to inbound it to another player in the 4th quarter ... but instead, he just dribbled it inbounds and acted like nothing happened!

Of course, that's illegal -- and Bledsoe was charged with a turnover. Don't worry, the Bucks still won the game 129 to 124 ... and afterward, we talked to Eric at Mastro's in Bev Hills about the roasting he's getting online.

"Oh, that s**t was funny," Bledsoe told us with a smile ... "It happens, man!"

The other big story from Wednesday night's game was Kawhi Leonard sitting out due to "load management" -- but Bledsoe ain't worried about that either ... calling Kawhi a beast and hoping he plays the next time the two squads face off.

Patrick Beverley Fined $25k For Throwing Ball ... After Clippers Win

L.A. Clippers guard Patrick Beverley's ball chuckin' celebration after beating the Lakers is gonna cost him a piece of that new contract he just signed ... 'cause the NBA just fined him $25k for the toss.

Beverley had possession of the ball with the clock winding down in the Clips' 112-102 win over the Lakers on Tuesday ... and instead of handing the ball to the ref next to him, Bev threw it into the stands.

Kiki VanDeWeghe -- EVP of Basketball Operations at the Association -- announced the hefty punishment on Wednesday ... saying Beverley was fined "for throwing the game ball into the spectator stands."

FWIW -- Beverley inked a 3-year, $40 million deal this past off-season ... so the dude can afford it.

But, maybe just hand it to the ref next time???

Arnold Schwarzenegger Pumpin' Iron ... With Kawhi Leonard!!!

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Kawhi Leonard is REALLY embracing the Hollywood life now that he's an L.A. Clipper -- because his new workout partner is ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER!!

The NBA superstar hit up the legendary Gold's Gym in Venice Beach on Tuesday ... where Arnold was ripping off a set of 1-arm preacher curls.

The two were seen chatting it up in the gym while a camera crew captured the entire interaction. Unclear what the guys were filming, but they looked like they were having fun.

Fun Fact: The Gold's Gym in Venice is the ORIGINAL Gold's Gym ... made famous in the 1977 bodybuilding flick, "Pumping Iron," which featured Arnold in all of his shredded glory.

So, does this mean Ahnald roots for the Clippers over the Lakers this year?! Not so fast ...

Kawhi Leonard L.A. House Hunt Begins Checks Out $10 Million Home!!!

Kawhi Leonard is officially on the prowl for his new home ... checking out some of the best available cribs in Los Angeles ... starting with an incredible $10 million pad!!

TMZ Sports has learned ... the Clippers superstar has been lookin' for a place to hang his hat recently ... exploring all the nicest houses L.A. has to offer (and there's a lot).

Leonard was spotted visiting a spot on the Sunset Strip earlier this week ... and we gotta say, the dude has great taste.

The home -- listed by Dustin Nicholas of the Nicholas Property Group -- has HUGE windows, high ceilings, a chef's kitchen ... and, of course, a pool and sundeck.

The crib is listed at $9,995,000 ... but remember, the dude's in a 3-year, $103 million contract.

No word on whether the Klaw is all in on the pad ... but if he takes it, we're jealous.

Paul George Reps Clippers While Snorkeling W/ Bombshell Baby Mama

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It took us a while to notice ... but Paul George is showing pride for his new NBA team ... rockin' Clippers shorts while snorkeling with his smokin' hot baby mama!!

Of course, PG13 just got shipped to L.A. to form a power duo with Kawhi Leonard last month ... and he's already donning the Clipper blue everywhere he goes -- including vacation in Greece!!

George's gorgeous lady, Daniela Rajic, posted vids of the couple enjoying a romantic trip this week ... including snorkeling, fine dining and jumping off the boat and into the water.

The views are incredible ... and yeah, Greece ain't too shabby either.

BTW, PG and Daniela have 2 baby girls -- Olivia and Natasha -- and have been together for years.

It's great to be George right now ... he's in the middle of a 4-year, $137 million deal ... and on top of that, he gets to go back to L.A. instead of OKC when the trip is over.

Sorry, Thunder fans.

Clippers' Jerry West I Didn't Close Kawhi Leonard Deal 'I Get Too Much Credit'


Clippers executive Jerry West tells TMZ Sports he's getting wayyyyy too much credit for bringing Kawhi Leonard to L.A. ... saying straight up, "I didn't close this deal, okay?!"

People have pointed to the 81-year-old Hall of Famer as the secret weapon who ultimately convinced the NBA Finals MVP to leave Toronto for Los Angeles.

But, outside of E Baldi in Beverly Hills, West explained why he's not comfortable being hailed as the hero.

"This was hard work by our front office," West said ... "Lawrence Frank, Michael Winger. All the people associated with it."

West says he's very excited for the 2019-20 season and says with the Lakers signing Anthony Davis to play with LeBron, basketball "should really be fun for fans" in L.A.

And, even though the Clippers have a sick roster -- with Kawhi, Paul George, Patrick Beverly and more ... West says he's not thinking about a championship yet.

"I don't think we're worried about championships yet ... worried about getting through the season and seeing how we play."

Fair enough.

Raptors' Pascal Siakam Not Sweating Kawhi Leonard to L.A. 'We're Still The Champs'


Kawhi Leonard leaving for the Clippers doesn't mean a damn thing to Toronto Raptors star Pascal Siakam right now ... 'cause he tells TMZ Sports he's too busy being a champion!!!

Siakam -- the NBA's most improved player in 2019 -- was out in L.A. when we asked about The Klaw bailing on the 6 right after he helped win them a title ... and he's not sweatin' it one bit.

"We're still the champs right now, so I'm still enjoying that," Siakam said. "Imma figure out next season, next season."

The 25-year-old is coming off a breakout year for the Dinos ... and even being the center of trade talks ain't bothering Siakam.

"It's the NBA ... sh*t happens. It's the NBA. It's a business."

BONUS -- we got Siakam's take on Drake's insane indoor basketball court at his home in Toronto ... and he wants an invite!!!

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

DeSean Jackson I'm a LeBron James Insider ... He's Ready.


DeSean Jackson says LeBron James is locked in and laser-focused on bringing the Lakers back to greatness ... and he knows it firsthand because he spoke with him over the weekend. 

The NFL star hit up TAO in Hollywood for Kevin Hart's 40th birthday party -- which was packed with huge stars including LeBron. 

D-Jax says the two spoke about the upcoming NBA season -- and Bron told him the 2019-20 season is gonna be a bloodbath! 

"I just holla'd at my boy, LeBron," Jackson said ... "He said 'It's on!' So, he's back to them Cleveland and them Miami days. So, ya'll better be careful. Y'all better watch out."

Of course, Bron has a pretty solid running mate this season -- with Anthony Davis joining the Lake Show. 

DeSean -- who's from L.A. -- says he knows there's a TON of hype surrounding Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and the Clippers ... but he's warning everyone not to sleep on the Purple and Gold. 

"Slow your roll on that Clippers sh*t. It's a little early, man. Chill out. We gotta see what they doing."

"It's gonna be a nice little rivalry for the city, though. Los Angeles, we got something going."

The NBA season kicks off in October. Tick tock ... 

Blake Griffin To Kawhi Leonard L.A. Ain't All Gravy


Blake Griffin thinks Kawhi Leonard choosing the Clippers is "good for basketball" ... but warns the superstar that L.A. definitely has it's ups and downs!

Griffin would know ... he spent 8 seasons with the L.A. Clippers before being traded to the Detroit Pistons in early 2018. 

In fact, Blake still spends a bunch of his time in Los Angeles -- he was at the famous Comedy Store on Friday night -- so, we asked him about Kawhi's big move. 

"I think it's good for basketball, good for L.A.," Griffin told TMZ Sports ... "I think it'll bring a little bit more balance to the Los Angeles basketball scene, so its good!"

But, when we asked Blake if he preferred L.A. to other cites, the 30-year-old didn't try and sugarcoat his answer. 

"No, to be honest. I think playing in another city now I see the advantages and disadvantages to playing in different places."

He added, "Everything has a positive and a negative. It just depends on what you value."

Of course, the Kawhi news is rocking the NBA world -- he's leaving his championship Toronto Raptors squad to play in L.A. with Paul George

Meanwhile, the Lakers added Anthony Davis to play with LeBron James ... so yeah, Blake's right -- L.A. basketball is gonna be crazy this season!

Bazzi Soulful Plea to Kawhi Leonard Tell Me You'll Be a Laker!!!

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We're almost 2 full days into free agency and Kawhi Leonard still hasn't picked a team ... so now singer Bazzi is resorting to using his pipes to recruit the NBA superstar to the Lakers.

... and it's freakin' beautiful.

Of course, the 21-year-old "Paradise" singer is a HUGE Purple & Gold fan ... and just like the rest of Laker Nation, he's pulling out all the stops to get the 2-time Finals MVP to join LeBron and Anthony Davis.

Bazzi took Michael Jackson's classic "Human Nature" and switched up the words with a Lakers twist, singing "Kawhi, Kawhi, tell me that you'll be a Laker ... I really want you in L.A."

Bazzi ain't the only one trying like hell to get the Klaw to the Lakers ... Steve Aoki is offering him free pizza for life ... and has a "Kawhi Not?" mural on the side of his Pizzaoki restaurant in Venice.


Even Clippers star Lou Williams made his pitch to get Kawhi to L.A as well, giving TMZ Sports a pitch to get Leonard to suit up for the other pro team in Tinseltown.

Please make your decision soon, Klaw. We're all waiting.

Dikembe Mutombo Gives Nephew 'Finger Wag' O.K. ... Kinda


The finger wag celebration is BACK ... 'cause NBA rookie Mfiondu Kabengele says he got approval from his Hall of Fame uncle Dikembe Mutombo to use his signature block celebration!!!

... well, sort of. He's just gotta keep his wallet nearby.

TMZ Sports spoke with the 6'10", 250 lb. ex-Florida State star one day after getting drafted by the L.A. Clippers ... and he says he can't wait to get to L.A. and meet his new teammates and coach Doc Rivers.

But, being the relative of one of the all-time greats -- with an equally great trademark celly -- we had to ask if he's gotten Dikembe's approval to use the signature wag.

"I think so, but I gotta pay him every single time when I do it, so I gotta be extra careful with it," Kabengele says.

Now, he could be joking ... or maybe Mutombo's showing his nephew some tough love -- after all, rookies gotta learn, right?

Regardless, Kabengele says his unk is really proud of him for getting drafted ... and excited to see what he can do with the Clippers.

NBA's Patrick Beverley On Free Agency ... Who's Gonna Pay Me?!?


L.A. Clippers star Patrick Beverley has one thing on his mind going into free agency -- WHO'S GONNA GET ME THAT BAG!!?!?!

The 30-year-old just finished up his 4-year, $25 mil contract -- and now he's free to ink another big deal ... and when we saw him at LAX he made it clear, the goal is to cash that check!

It's refreshingly honest considering most pro athletes try to convince the public it's NOT about the money -- it's about where they have the best shot at winning a ring.

But, ya gotta hand it to Beverley who essentially says he's gonna play his ass off WHEREVER he signs -- and the lucky team to snatch him up will be the team with the biggest offer, period.

There's reportedly been interest from the Lakers -- and Beverley says that could be a cool situation because the Lakers are "exciting" -- but they still gotta bring that bag if they want Bev!

We also spoke with Beverley about his on-the-court rivalry with Kevin Durant -- which heated up during the NBA Playoffs -- and you gotta check out what Patrick says.

It's clear Beverley has nothing but respect for KD -- and think he'll be back out on the court and cookin' people again in no time.

Lou Williams I Got a Big Ass Bed!!! Room for 2 Girlfriends!!!

Exclusive Details

The guy who's famously had multiple girlfriends at once just got a BIG ASS BED ... and we think we know why.

L.A. Clippers star Lou Williams showed off the new centerpiece of his master bedroom on Wednesday ... and the thing is big enough to fit like, 4 Shaquille O'Neals.

Williams captioned his IG pic with "California wasn’t big enough" ... and he wasn't lyin' -- the folks at MAREE tell us he got a bed 4-feet-wider and 3-feet-longer than a regular California King sized bed.

Now, remember ... it was revealed back in 2014 that Lou Will was running the triangle offense with 2 different women -- Ashley Henderson and Rece Mitchell -- who were cool with him spreading the love.

Unfortunately, Lou and Ashley broke up last year, but things are still going strong with Mitchell ... so if another girlfriend happens to come along, there will be plenty of room for her!!!

Congrats, Lou ... on everything.

Sebastian Telfair's Wife Claims NBA Star's Sis Threatened to 'Kill My Kids, Cut Me'


11:42 AM PT -- According to our NYPD sources, Octavia is now a person of interest and wanted for questioning in the case.

Sebastian Telfair's estranged wife claims the NBA star's sister threatened to "kill my kids and cut my face" ... all because she testified against Sebastian in his NYC gun case.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... the LAPD responded to a call last week from Samantha Telfair, who claims Octavia Telfair called her roughly 52 times making various threats ... including a threat to "Slice [her] face and kill [her] children."

Samantha told cops Octavia was furious that Samantha took the stand earlier this month and told prosecutors she had seen Sebastian with multiple weapons, including the gas-operated submachine gun he was allegedly carrying when he was arrested in June 2017.

Sebastian -- a former NBA prodigy who flamed out -- was convicted in his gun possession case last week and now faces up to 15 years in prison when he's sentenced in June.

Samantha lives in L.A. which is why the LAPD is involved. We're told officers took a criminal threats report and the LAPD is now investigating.

We're told Octavia is believed to live in New York -- and sources tell us the NYPD is also involved in the investigation because Samantha filed an aggravated harassment report in New York as well.

Attempts to reach out to Octavia for comment were unsuccessful.

As we previously reported, Telfair -- a 33-year-old former high school phenom who spent 12 seasons in the NBA -- was arrested in June 2017 in Brooklyn when cops found several weapons during a traffic stop.

Officials say Telfair had 3 pistols and what appeared to be a semi-automatic rifle along with a ton of ammo and a bulletproof vest ... as well as some weed.

Originally Published -- 12:20 AM PT

Sebastian Telfair Convicted in Gun Case Faces 15 Yrs in Prison


Ex-NBA star Sebastian Telfair has been convicted of possessing a firearm ... and could be sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Telfair -- a 33-year-old former high school phenom who spent 12 seasons in the NBA -- was busted back in June 2017 in Brooklyn .... after cops found several weapons during a traffic stop.

Officials say Telfair -- who played with the Trail Blazers, Celtics, Clippers and Timberwolves, to name a few -- had 3 pistols and what appeared to be a semi-automatic rifle.

Cops say he was also carrying a ton of ammo and a bulletproof vest ... as well as some weed.

Telfair pled not guilty and fought the charges ... but was found guilty by a jury in NYC on Wednesday of felony criminal possession of a weapon, according to our law enforcement sources.

He is due back in court in June for sentencing ... where he's facing up to 15 years in prison.