Tik Tok / @brett.gaffney

A Kansas man found himself with some baggage issues ... after being stopped by TSA agents over an early Xmas present he was ordered not to open by his grandma until he reached California.

In a TikTok clip, Brett Gaffney claims he predicted the massive brown briefcase would be flagged for questioning ... and had pled with his grandma to tell him what was inside -- but she insisted he wait until reaching his destination.

True to expectation, eyebrows were raised -- and many questions were asked -- when it set off the airport detectors over the Thanksgiving holiday.

"They asked me what was inside, and I said I don't know, I don't know," Gaffney says ... adding skeptical agents probed him further about why he didn't know the contents.

Of course, agents followed security protocol and checked inside the briefcase ... ruining grandmother's surprise to tell him it was a vintage typewriter.

Brett shows viewers the briefcase in question ... expressing bewilderment over Grandma's choice of gift.

"Who am I, Tom Hanks?" he jokes ... referencing the actor's massive collection of typewriters -- adding, "Am I going to go to the park and … write a whole book with a typewriter?"

What he decides to do with the unexpected typewriter is his choice -- but one thing's for sure ... grandma's got secrets tighter than airport security!

Gianni Paolo BS Airbnb Cleaning Fees ... I Ain't Mr. Belvedere After Paying $400!!!


"Power Book II: Ghost" star Gianni Paolo says his Airbnb user reviews are trash ... and it's all because he refuses to go the extra mile tidying up ON TOP of forking out a $400 cleaning fee!!!

The guy earns his coins playing rich kid Brayden Weston on 50 Cent's hit series, but Gianni says his hard-earned money is being mismanaged thanks to Airbnb's fees and he hopped on TikTok to rip them a new one.

Gianni's message is clear ... $400 is more than enough to handle little things like making the bed and clearing off the counter.

He's not running an animal house -- Gianni says he's willing to leave the place in good standing. He'll even bag up the trash ... just don't expect him to take it out, too!


Airbnb disputes have been heavy this year ... Tyrese is currently in a legal war with a property owner who says he made illegal alterations to the residence he was renting.

To Gianni's point, though, $400 could get ya a decent hotel room ... housekeeping included!

Target Roasted for Black Friday Signage ... What Kinda Deal is This?!?



11/27/23 -- A Target rep is addressing the viral "call-out" from TikTokers, telling TMZ ... "A recent TikTok video showed a guest questioning if there was a sale on three Samsung TVs that had both a Black Friday sale sign, as well as a sale sign behind it indicating the same price."

They add, "In fact, the TVs were on sale before Black Friday as part of our early Black Friday sales. We continued to offer those items at the same discount during Black Friday, but updated the signage to reflect the extended timing. "

The rep continues, "In both instances, guests would have saved the same amount, between $20-$80 depending on which TV they purchased. Those discounted prices compared to the regular prices are clearly shown in both sale signs in the video.

And finally, "We know our guests are looking for flexibility when they shop holiday deals, which is why we began Black Friday deals in late October and will continue offering great discounts throughout the holiday season. We also offer a Price Match Guarantee, and will match the price of any item purchased by a guest that is offered at a lower price later in the season."

TikTokers are hitting Target to prove the big box store's Black Friday deals may not be what they seem -- showing off some sticker prices as being equal ... regardless of the day.

There's a viral trend on the app right now -- namely, Gen Z'ers going to their local bullseye center and wading through the Black Friday sales that were going on yesterday. Based on what they're capturing though ... they seem to be suggesting clever marketing is afoot.

Check out the video and you'll see what we mean ... in at least three instances, people are removing the "Black Friday Deals" signage -- which features one price -- and revealing the price tag that's covered up in the background. In the examples seen here, they're the same.

One girl hit a pallet with TVs, and the Black Friday mark-down has it pegged at $429. But when she removes the holiday price card, the regular card behind it has a matching number. In other words, she's suggesting there is no real deal at play here ... just new cardstock.

Another dude does something similar, but over in the clothes section ... where he peels back a sticker price for a pair of pants -- which then shows it's been upped in price from $25 to $30 ... so, the guy's implying Target's price-gouged to make it seem like folks are saving.

While most people are wise to this sorta thing -- companies tweaking prices and signage to capitalize on a holiday -- these young'ns apparently think they've uncovered Watergate! 😅

We've reached out to Target for comment on this -- but there isn't much to say besides ... welcome to capitalism, everyone. Now then, go buy more new stuff and be happy, dammit!

Originally Published -- 11/25/23 4:56 PM PT

NYC Subway Thanksgiving Served On Train ... Passengers Enjoy Feast!!!

TikTok / @itgirljayda_

A New York City subway train saw a Thanksgiving meal served to hungry passengers ... with folks passing around plates and eating on their underground ride.

Ya gotta see the video ... there's a table full of Thanksgiving treats and drinks, and people are sharing food and laughs between stops.

Tons of passengers are packed on the train like sardines and friendly folks are making sure anyone who wants to eat is served. Some people are sitting and eating, others are chowing down while standing up and everyone looks happy.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

This looks to be turning into a bit of a Thanksgiving tradition in the Big Apple ... last year, a Turkey Day dinner was served to riders on the L Train ... with heaping plates of sweet potatoes, mac and cheese, turkey and green bean casserole.

Never change, New Yorkers!!!

AJ MCLEAN COLABORA CON CHAINSMOKERS en una fiesta llena de famosos

¡dándolo todo!
Courtesy of Wynn Las Vegas

La parada de AJ McLean en el Strip de Las Vegas —durante las festividades del Gran Premio de Fórmula 1— tuvo a las estrellas dando vueltas alrededor del glamoroso evento y AJ subió al escenario con The Chainsmokers.

La estrella de los Backstreet Boys apareció en el XS Nightclub en el Wynn Las Vegas la noche del jueves, cuando el trío realizó una interpretación especial del mega-hit "Everybody", pero no antes de que la superestrella de la F1 Lewis Hamilton y arrancaron las cosas en la exclusiva ceremonia de apertura solo para invitados la noche anterior.

El viernes, la TikToker Alix Earle, se hizo cargo de la cabina del DJ con Swedish House Madia, mientras que Leo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, French Montana y Saweetie estaban de fiesta en VIP.

vibrando toda la noche

Todo el fin de semana estuvo lleno de celebridades en la ciudad para la carrera del sábado por la noche, donde RiRi y su hombre A$AP Rocky se sumergieron en la acción. Sin duda fue un buen descanso de la realidad para el rapero, antes de su comparecencia ante el tribunal el lunes en su caso de tiroteo.

La carrera fue la primera de Fórmula 1 en Las Vegas desde el Gran Premio Caesars Palace de 1982 y Justin Bieber estaba viviendo en el carril rápido, ya que fue seleccionado para agitar la bandera a cuadros como Max Verstappen del equipo Red Bull cruzó la línea de meta en primer lugar.


Courtesy of Wynn Las Vegas

AJ McLean's pit stop on the Vegas Strip -- during the Formula 1 Grand Prix festivities --  had A-listers doing laps around the glitzy event, and got AJ onstage with The Chainsmokers.

The Backstreet Boys star put the pedal to the medal inside XS Nightclub at the Wynn Las Vegas Thursday night, as the trio performed a special rendition of his band's mega-hit "Everybody" -- but not before F1 superstar Lewis Hamilton and kicked things off at the exclusive invite-only opening ceremony the night before.

On Friday, TikToker Alix Earle jumped into the DJ booth with Swedish House Madia at XS ... while Leo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Michael B. Jordan, French Montana, and Saweetie partied in VIP.


The whole weekend was packed with celebs in town for the main event ... Saturday night's race, where RiRi and her man A$AP Rocky immersed themselves in the action. No doubt, it was a nice break from reality for the rapper, ahead of his courtroom appearance Monday in his shooting case.

The race was Formula 1's first in Las Vegas since 1982's Caesars Palace Grand Prix ... and Justin Bieber was living in the fast lane as he was selected to wave the checkered flag as Team Red Bull's Max Verstappen crossed the finish line first.

Martin Scorsese Celebrates 81st Bday ... W/ Viral TikTok-Inspired Cake!!!


Martin Scorsese has become a TikTok sensation in recent months -- and it looks like his family wanted to highlight that for his birthday ... with a sweet treat that's totally lit.

The famed director -- who's as old school as it gets -- hit the big 8-1 Friday ... and his loved ones threw him a little shindig to celebrate -- complete with a cake, of course, that was intricately decked out to reflect his viral stardom.

Check it out ... his 24-year-old daughter, Francesca, got some video of her dad's born-day pastry -- and it's full of Gen Z lingo that Marty's apparently pretty keen on.

The big icing writing across reads, "We Slay Birthdays" ... and other hip phrases like "Tea," "Slept On," "Throw Shade" and "Ick" are stenciled on all sides -- with a giant TikTok logo on top, of course.

Tik Tok/@francescascorsese

Francesca certainly seemed impressed by the job that their cake decorator did on this ... and for good reason -- it's pretty freaking awesome. Papa Bear himself also looked pleased.

If you're unaware of what this is all about ... Francesca's been featuring MS on her TikTok videos lately -- and she's been having him use all the fun features, like voice-changers, and having him play viral games that all the young'ns are into ... including movie rankings.

Dude's already a legend in film ... and now, on social media too. King s***, dead ass.

Adivina en quién se convirtió este pequeño niño rubio

Antes de que este pequeño niño rubio en la arena se convirtiera en un famoso TikToker, solía pasar el rato en las templadas playas de Seattle, Washington, y correr las bases en el campo de béisbol, antes de hacer su debut en las redes sociales.

Además de sus TikToks, también retransmite en Twitch todo lo que esté relacionado con los videojuegos. Suele publicar fotos con su piercing en la nariz y sus tatuajes y tiene millones de seguidores en todo el mundo. Eso sí, ¡esperemos que sus cuentas en las redes sociales no sean hackeadas!

¿Necesitas una pista más? ¡"Hype House"!

¿Adivinas quién es?

Guess Who This Little Goofball Turned Into!

Before this cute blonde boy buried deep in the sand turned into a famous TikToker, he was just hittin' the cool and chilly beaches of Seattle, Washington and runnin' the bases on the baseball field before hitting the social media platforms.

Aside from all his lip-sync TikToks, he's also on Twitch streaming all things gaming. He tends to post thirst trap pics that show off his nose piercing and tats, and with millions of followers across the internet, Let's hope his social media accounts don't become hack-ed!

Need one more clue? "Hype House!"

Can you guess who he is?

Haley Cavinder I'm Taking My Talents To TCU ... After Unretiring

College basketball and social media star Haley Cavinder has a new home -- she just announced she'll be suiting up for the TCU women's basketball team for her final year of eligibility after unretiring last month.

22-year-old Haley -- 1/2 of the popular Cavinder Twins -- made the move official on Monday ... sharing photo shoot shots of her wearing a Horned Frogs jersey and crown while sitting on a throne.

"The last rodeo #committed," Haley said.

Her sister clearly approves ... adding, "GO FROGSSS BABY" and "mom just bought purple cowboy boots after seeing this," in the comments.

Of course, the Cavinders are successful on and off the court -- they have NIL deals with companies like Betr Media and WWE ... and are among the most-profitable college athletes out there right now.

The former Miami WBB duo previously announced they would forego their final year of ball to expand their brand and business ventures ... but Haley later backtracked and said she would continue her career after taking time off.

She explained her decision to return in an interview with Forbes ... saying, "I think ending it with Hanna and announcing that we were done and not going to take our fifth year, I felt -- honestly, to be very transparent -- a lot of pressure."

"There was nothing filling the love for the game, and I just truly was like, I know I'm going to regret it down the road if I don't go back," Haley said.

The Frogs are getting a solid player -- Haley earned second-team All-ACC honors last season, averaging 12 points and four rebounds.

This marks just the second time a Cavinder will play without the other ... but we're sure Hanna will be there in support!!

Travis Barker Toca la batería al ritmo del latido de su bebé ... A Internet no le gusta

Travis Barker tocó la batería al son de los latidos del corazón de su bebé mientras estaba en la sala de partos junto a Kourtney Kardashian y la gente en Internet lo está encontrando un poquito "repulsivo".

El baterista de Blink-182 hizo lo que mejor sabe hacer en el clip, que fue compartido por él mismo el jueves con el mensaje: "Practicando los [sic] latidos del corazón de mi bebé"

Papá tocando la batería

Mientras que algunos no pudieron evitar decir que es uno de los mejores bateristas en el mundo, otros reaccionaron con su disgusto por su actuación en la sala de partos. Alguien dijo que Kourtney, quien debe haber grabado todo, tiene que tener "paciencia de ángel".

El TikTok de Trav provocó comentarios como: "Literalmente estaría tan molesta que no podría hacerlo", "eso me habría llevado contra la pared" o "imagina estar en la habitación de al lado".

Hay que decir, sin embargo, que no todo fueron críticas. Un montón de gente simplemente felicitó a Travis y Kourtney por su nuevo bebé y pensó que la música era "tan hermosa".

Como informamos, Kourtney y Travis dejaron el Cedars-Sinai el martes después de pasar varios días en el hospital, aunque todavía no está claro qué día exactamente nació su bebé, Rocky.

Mientras que algunos recién nacidos reconocen la voz de su papá, creemos que Rocky reconoció a Travis por el ritmo de su batería.

Travis Barker Drummin' Along To Baby's Heartbeat ... Internet Isn't A Fan

Travis Barker played the drums to his baby's heartbeat while in the delivery room with Kourtney Kardashian before the kiddo was born ... and folks online are calling it a bit "ick."

The Blink-182 drummer did what he does best in the clip, shared by the man himself on Thursday ... with the caption, "Practicing to my babies [sic] heartbeat."


While some couldn't help but point out he's one of the best drummers in the game, others chimed in with their distaste for the delivery room performance -- with one saying Kourtney, who seems to be recording the vid, has to have "angel-like" patience.

Trav's TikTok prompted comments like, "I would literally be so annoyed I couldn't do it," "That would've driven me up the wall" and, "Imagine being in the room next to this."

It wasn't all bashing, though ... plenty of folks simply congratulated Travis and Kourtney on their new baby, calling the music "so beautiful."

As we reported, Kourtney and Travis left Cedars-Sinai on Tuesday after spending multiple days at the hospital ... although it's still unclear exactly what day their baby, Rocky, was actually born.

While some newborns might recognize their pop's voice, we're guessing Rocky recognized Travis from the tight beat of his drumming!

Timbaland Se disculpa con Britney y sus fans... Mi broma sobre el bozal estuvo fuera de lugar

Lo siento

Timbaland está enfrentando las reacciones negativas que causó su comentario sobre "ponerle un bozal" a Britney Spears. El productor y rapero le pidió disculpas a la cantante y sus fans, quienes reaccionaron como locos cuando la broma se hizo viral.

El martes, durante una sesión de streaming en TikTok, Timbaland admitió su error diciendo: "Lo siento a todos los fans de Britney, incluso a ella", y agregó que se equivocó por osar a bloquear su derecho a hablar.

Los fans pensaron que la reacción de Timbaland a las memorias de Britney "The Woman in Me", en particular a aquellas que aluden a Justin Timberlake, fue de mal gusto.

Todos quieren atención

Por si no lo saben, en un panel de la semana pasada con 9th Wonder en el Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, Timbaland dijo que Justin necesitaba "ponerle un bozal" a Britney, culpando al clima actual de las redes sociales por sus acciones.

Los fans pensaron que Timbaland estaba siendo insensible y viendo las cosas desde su perspectiva, pero cuando algunos de ellos le preguntaron si respetaba a las mujeres, él respondió con un sincero "hell yeah", por supuesto.

Justin Timberlake y Tim se conocen desde hace mucho tiempo, lo mismo que Justin y Britney. En su libro, ella dice que ambos decidieron abortar cuando ella quedó embarazada en el año 2000, entre otras revelaciones impactantes.

Timbaland Sorry to Britney and Her Fans ... My 'Muzzle' Joke Was Out Of Line


Timbaland is facing the backlash head-on after his "muzzle joke" aimed at Britney Spears -- he's apologizing to her and her fans, who had a riotous response when his remark went viral.

On Tuesday, during a TikTok streaming session, Timbaland admitted his faults, saying ... "I’m sorry to all the Britney fans, even to her" -- and added he was in the wrong for attempting to block her right to speak out.

Fans thought Timbaland's reaction to Britney's "The Woman in Me" memoir -- particularly the bits about Justin Timberlake -- was in poor taste.


While on a panel last week with 9th Wonder at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, Timbaland quipped JT needed to "put a muzzle" on Britney, blaming today's social media climate for her actions.

Fans thought Timbaland was being insensitive and he saw their perspective, and when some of them asked if he respects women, he fired back a hearty "hell yeah."

JT and Tim go way back -- but so do JT and Britney. In her book, she says they both decided to have an abortion when she got pregnant back in 2000 ... among other shocking revelations from her heyday.

We covered it all on the latest episode of The TMZ Podcast, available on all podcast platforms.



Montana Tucker dice que no se siente segura como una persona judía en los Estados Unidos y teme que el odio hacia los judíos en línea sea parte de un problema mayor.

La cantante se unió a nosotros en "TMZ Live" el lunes y nos dijo que sus populares mensajes de TikTok son ahora pozos negros de comentarios antisemitas y solo está empeorando.

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.

Montana, que tuvo familiares que murieron en el Holocausto, dice que la gente se siente envalentonada para vomitar odio contra los judíos, no solo en las redes sociales, sino también en la vida real.

Para Montana, su contenido de canto y baile ahora está plagado de comentarios de odio de antisemitas que le dicen que merece morir simplemente porque es judía e incluso hay algunos negadores del Holocausto.

Montana dice que el hate es realmente intenso en estos momentos como resultado de la guerra entre Israel y Hamás, pero ella dice que se ha estado gestando desde hace un tiempo, primero se agudizó el año pasado cuando publicó una docuserie sobre Auschwitz, donde su familia murió en campos de concentración.

Las cosas están tan mal para los creadores judíos en TikTok, Montana nos dice que ella y otros no se sienten seguros, y dice que está liderando un grupo de celebridades que están presionando la plataforma para tomar medidas enérgicas contra el antisemitismo.

Montana también dice que muchas personas que vienen después de ella en los comentarios están apoyando a Hamás a pesar de que es una organización terrorista conocida por su terrible tratamiento de las personas LGBTQ + y las mujeres.

Es una conversación intensa y Montana establece comparaciones entre el clima actual y los inicios del Holocausto.

SINGER MONTANA TUCKER Doesn't Feel Safe To Be Jewish ... Online, And In Real Life!!!


Montana Tucker says she doesn't feel safe as a Jewish person in America ... and she fears the hate towards Jewish people online is part of a larger problem.

The singer joined us on "TMZ Live" Monday and told us her popular TikTok posts are now cesspools for antisemitic comments ... and it's only getting worse.

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.

Montana, who had family members die in the Holocaust, says people feel emboldened to spew hate against Jews ... not only on social media but also in real life.

For Montana, her singing and dancing content is now littered with hateful comments from antisemites telling her she deserves to die simply because she's Jewish ... and there are even a few Holocaust deniers.

Montana says the hate is really bad right now as a result of the Israel-Hamas war ... but she says it's been brewing for a while, first ratcheting up last year when she posted a docuseries about Auschwitz, where her family died in concentration camps.

Things are so bad for Jewish creators on TikTok, Montana tells us she and others don't feel safe ... and she's leading a group of celebs pressuring the platform to crack down on antisemitism.

Montana also says lots of people coming after her in the comments are supporting Hamas ... even though it's a terrorist organization known for its awful treatment of LGBTQ+ people and women.

It's a powerful conversation ... and Montana is drawing comparisons between the current climate and the beginnings of the Holocaust.

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