Cincinnati Zoo Giraffe Dies After Hoof Procedure ... Suffered Chronic Lameness

Cincinatti Zoo

A giraffe at the Cincinnati Zoo has died after what appears to be a bad reaction to a recent surgery done on its hooves ... which was supposed to mitigate a major health issue.

The zoo says that the male giraffe, named Kimba, passed away Sunday after it had collapsed to the ground early that morning in the zoo's giraffe barn -- where the staff had been monitoring a pregnant female giraffe who's supposed to go into labor any day now.

Cincinatti Zoo

It's unclear how exactly the giraffe ended up dying -- the Cincinnati Zoo says they're awaiting the results of a necropsy to learn more about what exactly happened -- but they note that Kimba had been dealing with complications from a surgery he had done on his hooves last week. The photo above shows Kimba getting that work done by a team of specialists.

The surgery was meant to help Kimba fight off chronic lameness in his legs -- something the zoo says he'd been experiencing since last summer ... which was causing mobility issues.

The surgery was basically a hoof trim, and based on what the doc told them ... it was supposed to make him "sound" again -- but unfortunately, it sounds like it didn't take. Kimba was 12 years old, and had sired 6 calves, including a 7th on the way now.

Cincinnati Zoo

Of course, this is the same place where Harambe the gorilla was shot and killed a few years ago after a child fell into his cage and got dragged around by the animal.

Sad news all around.

David Beckham's Son Romeo, Romeo ... Wherefore Art Thou, Bieber???


Justin Bieber caught a tennis match across the pond this weekend ... is what you might think at first glance with this photo. Turns out, it's another young famous guy with JB vibes.

David Beckham's second-oldest son, 17-year-old Romeo Beckham, was out Sunday in London watching pro tennis players Dominic Thiem and Stefanos Tsitsipas face off in the Nitto ATP Finals tournament ... where they were actually playing in the final round.

Romeo had a great view sitting next to a beautiful blonde, and interestingly enough ... he was proudly rocking some Drew gear -- which is Bieber's popular unisex clothing brand.


What's wild is that Romeo is a dead ringer for the Biebs, especially with that beanie on. As we've seen, Justin has rocked a similar style himself -- they could be twins, frankly.

Meanwhile, Justin was very much in L.A. this weekend ... enjoying himself a lazy Sunday with his two Savannah cats, his dog and a whole lot of Drew gear around the house. On Sunday, he kept plugging his line ... and even got around to plugging Kylie Jenner too.

We might have to get a Drew emoji going pretty soon considering how much it seems to be taking off. In the meantime, though, this will have to do ... 😎

Narwhal the Rescue Puppy Yes, That's a Tail Coming Outta My Head!!! (Vet Says I'm Healthy)

Rochelle Steffen/Macs Mission

No, this puppy did NOT come from the Chernobyl pound, but yes -- this is a tale of 2 tails ... including the one growing out of the doggo's forehead.

The little guy's name is Narwhal, and he's a recent rescue at Mac's Mission Animal Rescue in Jackson, Missouri. The founder of the joint, Rochelle Steffen, says prospective owners need not worry about Narwhal's extra appendage -- "He had x-rays and a vet visit (Tuesday) and is a perfectly healthy puppy, with an extra tail on his face."

She adds the foretail doesn't require surgery, and doesn't seem to be giving him any harm at the moment.

Rochelle Steffen/Macs Mission

Rochelle says her staff found Narwhal -- a Dachshund and Beagle mix, they think -- recently at a dumpsite, and took him in to help find him a forever home.

It's unclear what the growth is exactly, but it's probably a mutation that occurred at birth.

Rochelle Steffen/Macs Mission

Either way, Narwhal is just as rambunctious as any other puppy -- hide your shoes -- and doesn't seem too bent about being named after a whale that has a tusk growing out of its head.

Based on how lovable and unique he is, something tells us he'll be scooped up quickly.

Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy ... with 2 tails??

Rep. Jackie Speier Paper Clip In Hair??? Impeachment Faux Pas

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Fox News

President Trump's impeachment hearing is turning into #paperclipgate ... because Rep. Jackie Speier is addressing witnesses while a paper clip is stuck in her hair!!!

Check out this wacky scene from Capitol Hill ... the Congresswoman from California was thanking Bill Taylor and George Kent for their testimonies when several viewers picked up on a shiny, seemingly metal object clearly visible in her 'do.

It's pretty bizarre, and most folks are convinced it's a paper clip. Sure looks like one, and that begs the obvious question -- WHY is there a paper clip just chillin' in Jackie's hair?

Look, we know this has zero impact on the real issue of Trump's potential impeachment ... but it's also hard to ignore when you see a Congresswoman rocking a paper clip on live TV!!!

Somewhere Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein are meeting their new Deep Throat. We just know it. #paperclipgate

Steve-O Watch A Needle Go Through My Hand!!!


Steve-O likes jamming ... needles through his hand ... and he hopes you like jamming too.

Check out this insane video that definitely ain't for the faint of heart ... Steve-O takes a super long, but also thin, needle and sticks it all the way through his left hand!!!

The stunt looks extremely painful, but as Steve-O puts it ... the needle's actually working wonders for his paw. Watch the video, he explains why -- think acupuncture on steroids, but without actual 'roids.

BTW ... the dude showing Steve-O the ropes is magician Chris Oberle. He's been doing magic for 15 years, performing for some huge celebs like Jason Statham, Nate Diaz, Steve Aoki and Ryan Cabrera.

This is NOT a magic trick though ... it's all too real.


Of course, America's favorite jackass is no stranger to painful stunts ... the last time we saw him inflicting pain on his own body, Steve-O was taking a golf club to the face courtesy of Chuck Liddell.

No needle can stop Steve-O now.

Evander Holyfield Hey, Mike Tyson ... I Bit Someone In The Ring Too!!!

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Hotboxin' With Mike Tyson

"I bit somebody too ... it just wasn't on TV" -- Evander Holyfield.

Bombshell bite news is coming out of Mike Tyson's podcast, where the guy Mike famously bit admitted he ALSO weaponized his mouth during a boxing match back in the day!

Iron Mike invited his former nemesis to "Hotboxin' With Mike Tyson" -- where they discussed the infamous 1997 ear chomp ... and Evander explained why he ultimately forgave Tyson.

"People keep asking, 'How are you gonna forgive somebody?'" Holyfield says. "I say, everything that ever happened, at some point in time, I did it."

"Mike bit me, I say I bit somebody too ... it just wasn't on TV."

Evander continued ... "I bit a guy in his shoulder. He dropped me, and I didn't know when you had a concussion, you'll bite too."

Holyfield didn't name his bite victim during the podcast -- but says the guy called him up after the Tyson chew incident and said, "Remember when you bit me?"

Holyfield responded, "I sure did, bitch! You shouldn't have grabbed me!"

Both Tyson and Holyfield laughed about it ... and then Tyson made a business proposition involving weed and edible ears!

Long story short, Mike wants to sell THC edibles in the shape of Evander's chewed up ear -- and Holyfield says he's VERY interested!

One more fun fact ... Mike says fans are still so obsessed with the bite, he made back the $3 MILLION he was penalized by charging fans $250 a pop for pics reenacting the chomp.

Lil Pump Snake Bite!!! ... Caught on Video


Lil Pump damn near became a snack for a slithering snake ... and it left him a bloody mess.

The rapper was shooting a music video Thursday night and the crew was handing off a snake to Lil Pump, who was sitting on some sort of stair-like throne. Then, it happened.

The snake, out of nowhere, whipped around and sunk its fangs into Pump's left hand. The scary moment was captured by podcast host Adam Grandmaison -- aka Adam22. You can see Pump flail as he extricates himself from the reptile. He then shows off the gnarly injury.

LP's left hand is covered in blood. And, if you look closely near the end of the vid ... it appears as if the snake's setting its sights on a second victim.

Good news for Lil Pump ... he doesn't seem that hurt, saying, "I just got bit by a snake WTF." He threw in a snake emoji on the caption and a few laughing ones before adding, "I can't f**k [with] no snakes. I hope I don't die."

Where are the Kings of Pain when ya need 'em?

Universal Studios Hollywood Terrifying Vid of Food Cart Plummeting Out of Control!!!

Y'know those massive escalators at Universal Studios Hollywood? Well, imagine a food cart careening down them with innocent people in the line of fire -- and now watch this video of that happening.

Terrifying footage of the plunging cart was posted from what seems to be Halloween Horror Nights at the Universal City theme park. It appears an employee lost control of the equipment as they were taking it down an escalator.

The food cart made a huge ruckus as it started tumbling down the stairs ... which might have alerted folks to duck and cover. Thankfully, it didn't end up making contact with anyone -- at least not in the video.

You can hear the person recording the video scream out, "What the f**k?!" Indeed, this could've taken an ugly turn fast -- especially because the park's been packed for Halloween Horror Nights.

The video does catch a glimpse of someone in a chef hat -- presumably a cook at the theme park -- who clearly realizes right away how bad this could've been.

We reached out to Universal for some answers ... so far, no word back.

Wakeboard Star Steel Lafferty Hits Backflip Frisbee Trick ... Insane Video!!!

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Wanna see the coolest Frisbee trick ever?!?!

Wakeboarding star Steel Lafferty threw up a disc about a hundred feet in the air ... got it to come back to him -- and caught it after doing a backflip!!!

The insane throw took place down in Nicaragua ... where Lafferty is vacationing with skateboarding legend Ryan Sheckler and some other buds.

And, fortunately for all of us, one of them was smart enough to grab the camera when Lafferty went down to the beach with a Frisbee.

The 27-year-old's toss was insane -- seriously, watch the thing boomerang -- but his backflip before the catch really topped it off!!

"No matter where I am, You all know I have to do something WILD !" Lafferty said of the throw.

Of course, the 5'7", 160-pound badass is no stranger to wild stunts ... he kills it on the water -- and even earned Wakeboarder Of The Year honors back in 2017.


Diddy I Wanna Change My Name ... Sean 'Love' Combs!!!


Diddy is looking to reinvent himself again with another name change ... he's taking legal action to switch his name from Sean John to Sean Love.

According to docs, obtained by TMZ ... Diddy filed a petition in Los Angeles County Superior Court for a name change.

In the docs, Diddy says he's changing his name from Sean John Combs to Sean Love Combs. Diddy doesn't expressly say why he's yearning for "Love," he just says there's a desire to change his middle name.

It's kinda interesting ... back in 2017, Diddy joked about changing his name to Brother Love, but he never followed through with an official petition.

Diddy's no stranger to changing his moniker ... he's performed under a ton of stage names like Puff Daddy, P. Diddy and Puffy ... but this time, he's making it official.

Instagram Star 'Bazooka Arms' Destroyed In Russian MMA Fight

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A Russian Instagram star -- known as Bazooka Arms -- stepped into the cage for an MMA fight against a Russian blogger ... and it didn't end well for the man with inflated biceps.

Kirill Tereshin went viral a few years ago after he reportedly artificially inflated his arms with Synthol drug injections. The 23-year-old (who has 445k IG followers) reportedly served in the Russian military.

But, last week, the guy decided to test his mettle against Russian blogger Oleg Mongol in a real MMA match in a gym in the Russian Republic of Khakassia.

Things started off okay for Bazooka Arms ...he traded strikes with Mongol ... but you can see his freakishly large arms quickly began to tire.

And, when the fight went to the ground, it didn't go well for him ... with Mongol eventually driving his forearm into Tereshin's neck so deeply, the IG star panicked and tapped.

There's no bad blood ... the two hugged it out at the end of the fight.

But, the lesson here is clear -- size doesn't matter after all ... when it comes to arms.

You Gotta See This!!! Man Sits Face-to-Face with Lion ... And Dr. Doolittle Lives!!!


The man in this video is NOT the lion king, but for a few intense, near-death moments ... he thought he was while sitting nose-to-nose with a big cat in its zoo enclosure.

This insanity went down Thursday at a zoo in Delhi, India where a 28-year-old man hopped a fence and plopped himself down inches away from a male lion that seemed totally puzzled by the guy's presence.

It's impossible to look away from the scene -- the guy stood in front of the lion, then crouched down in front of it. Simba was almost motionless for several seconds, then suddenly lunged toward the guy and it looked like ... dinner was served!

What happened next is baffling -- for some reason the lion backs down! Moments later, zoo officials fired a tranquilizer at the animal, and managed to get the man out alive.


The showdown was even closer than the one that went down in the Bronx Zoo a few weeks back when a woman who was allegedly high on something taunted a lion. At least she had a moat between her and the cat.

Not surprisingly, the dude in India was reportedly drunk and/or mentally unstable. Totally surprisingly ... he was completely unscathed by the encounter.

Kim Jong-un Quick, The Wisdom is Coming!!! Epic Ride to Holy Mountain

Kim Jong-un might be on the verge of some major policy shifts, 'cause he just Paul Revere'd his ass to a snowy mountain ... where he traditionally likes to sit and think.

The Supreme Leader/dictator released some interesting photos this week, showing himself galloping on a gorgeous white stallion through the snowy grounds surrounding Paektu Mountain -- an active stratovolcano on the Chinese-North Korean border.

The mountain is said to be a sacred getaway, with tons of symbolism and mythical history to a lot of Koreans. For this guy specifically, Kim has previously visited Paektu before major decisions for his country ... so a recent visit could mean he's up to something.


Of course, the horseback outing is hilariously similar to Russian President Vladimir Putin's ride through the mountains of Siberia in 2009 ... when he famously went shirtless.

Zak Bagans I Held John Wayne Gacy's Brain ... And Now I Want to Buy It!!!

This is creepy, even for Zak Bagans ... he got his hands on John Wayne Gacy's brain -- a brain he wants to buy -- and says he could sense the evil that consumed the serial killer.

The "Ghost Adventures" star tells TMZ ... he held Gacy's brain in his hands during a recent trip to the Chicago home where the late serial killer's forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Helen Morrison, keeps the organ ... which is preserved in a container in her basement.


Gacy -- infamously known as the "Killer Clown" -- was executed way back in 1994 after being convicted of murdering 33 young men and boys during the '70s, burying most of the bodies in a crawl space under his Chicago-area home.

Snakehead Fish Georgia Officials Say Kill 'Em All!!! ... 'Hot Vet' Explains the Problem

Georgia DNR

10:19 AM PT -- Evan Antin -- fondly known on the Internet as the "Hot Veterinarian" -- tells us invasive species like the snakehead fish are always a problem ... and breaks down exactly why.


If you can resist getting lost in his eyes, listen to Evan explain all the ways this fish can jack up the ecosystem in Georgia ... pretty dreamy scary stuff.

A terrifying species -- known as the snakehead fish (yes, it's as scary looking as it sounds) -- has Georgia fishermen on high alert, and they've been ordered to KILL ON SIGHT!!!

Georgia wildlife officials put out the word about the killer fish because it's been spotted in a pond, and just one is enough to cause a panic. Here's why -- the snakehead devours everything in its path. According to officials, the adult snakehead is a voracious predator of other fish, frogs, small reptiles ... even birds and small mammals aren't safe.

Georgia DNR

Perhaps most terrifyingly, the fish -- which can grow up to 3 feet long --  can breathe on land! The only good news ... they don't eat humans, so this won't be a 'Sharknado' situation.

'Joker' Fans Joking Up ... Odd Surge of Porn-Related Searches


Joaquin Phoenix is getting huge Oscar buzz for "Joker," but the movie's big opening weekend has some folks thinking about polishing a different kinda hardware.

For some reason, certain enthusiastic "Joker" fans decided to search for related content in the porn world. According to the good folks at Pornhub, they got a massive spike in such searches over the weekend ... just as director Todd Phillips' dark take on the Batman villain was breaking box office records.

According to Pornhub's metrics -- yes, they're tracking your fantasies -- there were more than 741,000 searches involving the word "joker" in the first 4 days following the film's release.

The biggest surge came Sunday when Pornhub saw 291,628 searches for a clown getting down.

Pornhub honchos tell us they've seen similar trends with comic book movies. For instance, when "Suicide Squad" dropped in 2016, it wasn't Jared Leto's version of the Joker that lit up adult film searches ... it was Joker's GF, Harley Quinn.