Walmart Yanks Cocaine Santa ... Sorry We Let it Blow, Let it Blow

Santa Claus doing lines of coke on your holiday sweater is NOT what Walmart's all about -- according to the big-box store, which is blaming Canada ... for the fashion blunder.

A sweater depicting a crazed Claus gripping a straw, getting ready to dive into 3 lines of cocaine was being peddled on Walmart's website. Once pissed-off shoppers pointed out the clear drug references ... the company pulled it from its online shelves and issued a mea culpa.

The excuse ... Walmart says the sweater was being sold in Canada by a third-party, adding the garment's message doesn't reflect their values. In other words, this one slipped through the cracks, and let's just blame the Great White North!

What Walmart can't explain away is the product description was reportedly pretty explicit: "The best snow comes straight from South America." And, if that's not enough, how about this phrasing -- "Santa really likes to savor the moment when he gets his hands on some quality, grade-A, Colombian snow."

Inappropriate? Yes. Kinda freakin' hilarious? Also yes. But, available at Walmart? That's a negative, Blow Snow Rider.

Texas Teen Arrested for Carving Name Into His GF's Head


A teenager in Texas got busted for carving his name into his girlfriend's head -- this after he allegedly beat her to a pulp.

The alleged scumbag is 19-year-old Jackub Hildreth, who was arrested and booked in San Antonio this weekend for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon ... having allegedly attacked his 22-year-old girlfriend on Thursday at an apartment complex in the area.

The alleged victim spoke with KSAT about the incident ... telling the outlet she thought she was going to die in the moment. According to the arrest affidavit, she reportedly told cops Hildreth held her by the neck and punched her 10 times after an argument escalated.

After that, she claims he used a knife to etch his name across her forehead ... and then fled the scene. We won't ID the woman, but it appears Hildreth has her name tattooed across his own face ... plus other scribblings. Kinda David McCall-esque, if you've seen "Fear."

BTW, the guy has a lengthy rap sheet in Bexar County too -- with warrants for past domestic violence charges and at least one other weapons charge. He's in jail on $75,000 bond.

His next court date is in January.

$120k Duct Taped Banana Ripped Off, Eaten by Performance Artist ... Can He Do That???

Exclusive Details
top banana

2:14 PM PT -- We talked to Datuna, and it sounds like he seriously pissed off the art gallery team and might have to answer for this later.

He tells TMZ ... after eating the banana, he was escorted by security to a private room where he was met by police officers, who took down all his information. He was NOT arrested or cited for anything though, and as of now ... tells us he's a free man.

However, he admits that he might end up facing charges at a later date. Unclear what those could possibly be -- grand theft potassium? Who knows. He tells us the gallery staff and security on hand were all confused, because they'd never dealt with a situation like this.

That said, Datuna says he has profound respect for Maurizio Cattelan, and that this was simply meant to be an act of flattery.

A banana duct taped to a wall -- which sold for over $100k on behalf of a renowned artist -- is now in the belly of another man ... but apparently, it's no big deal. We think ...

Performance artist David Datuna took the bold step Saturday afternoon of EATING the super expensive Musa plant down at the Art Basel gallery in Miami -- which an art collector in France recently bought for a whopping $120,000 from artist Maurizio Cattelan.

Datuna literally walked up and stripped the brown, aging banana from the wall it was taped to and peeled it open in front of lots of shocked onlookers ... who couldn't believe it.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

On Instagram, he called his performance "Hungry Artist" and posted some aftermath footage of what appears to be gallery personnel sitting him down to take his info. Based on what we can tell, this is actually a no-no ... the banana is NOT supposed to be tampered with ... although the fruit itself is allowed to be replaced on a continuous basis as needed.

It's a little confusing, but basically ... the French art collector owns the "idea" of this art piece, so whether the banana itself sticks around or not doesn't affect its value. She still has the certificate of authenticity, so she's still got $120k worth of banana art to her name.

Still, it doesn't seem like the folks who work at the gallery were all too thrilled with Datuna's stunt. In footage of the incident -- obtained by TMZ -- you can hear Datuna joke about heading to jail ... but according to reports, the guy hasn't been arrested or charged with anything yet. We're told the gallery is considering pursuing a complaint though.

BTW, the banana has reportedly already been replaced. File this one under ... forbidden fruit.

Originally Published -- 1:55 PM PT

Joe Biden Intense Showdown at Town Hall!!! Voter Attacks His Son, Joe Fights Back


So much for Joe Biden's "No Malarkey" tour of Iowa -- there was plenty of it when he got into a heated argument with a voter Thursday morning.

The Democratic candidate was holding a town hall meeting in New Hampton, IA ... when an attendee stood up and challenged Joe on his son, Hunter Biden's now infamous dealings with a Ukrainian gas company.

The man suggested Joe was no better than President Trump because he had placed Hunter in a position for which he wasn't qualified -- and Biden immediately stepped to the guy, barking, "You're a damn liar!" He got right in the guy's face and then challenged him to do push-ups, go for a run or take an IQ test. You gotta see it ... it's kinda bizarre.

Biden, who's in the middle of an 8-day, 18-county swing through Iowa -- which he's deemed the "No Malarkey" tour -- demanded the potential voter get his facts straight.


Biden denied Hunter did anything wrong, and also denied placing him in the position. The former VP eventually calmed down, and the man claimed he didn't want to argue.

77-year-old Biden got in the final shot though -- an odd jab about the angry man's being "too old."

Glass houses, Joe

Lil Bub Final Resting Space ... Owner Wants To Send Me Into Orbit

TMZ/Getty Composite

Lil Bub's remains will soon be orbiting the Earth in a satellite ... at least, that's what the late celebrity cat's owner envisions for her final resting place.

Lil Bub's caretaker, Mike Bridavsky, tells TMZ ... he's planning to load the feline's cremated remains into a satellite and launch it into orbit so Bub can watch over the planet, and he's working with Purdue University to get his spacey idea off the ground.

As we reported ... Lil Bub died in her sleep earlier this week, leaving behind a lasting legacy which includes raising over $700,000 for animals and pets in need.

Bub's human says he wants to link her satellite to a website so people can track the cat's location over Earth, and he even hopes to install a live feed on the craft so people can see Bub watching over them. Yes, it's hard to let go.

The cat's caretaker also wants to keep Bub's fundraising efforts alive ... by allowing people to sign up to have a designated amount of money withdrawn from their bank accounts every time Lil Bub completes a rotation around the Earth, with the funds benefiting homeless pets and veterinary research.

Lil Bub's owner tells us he realizes this is a wild idea, but he says he's been talking with Purdue about partnering on the project. The university's Small Animal Hospital was Bub's clinic for emergency care, and Purdue has an aerospace program.

FYI, the aerospace program is already involved in commercial satellite programs and with the International Space Station ... so Bub would be piggybacking off of those.

Of course, blasting a cat's remains into orbit ain't gonna be cheap ... and Lil Bub's owner says he's trying to work something out with Purdue for funding, or he's just gonna start a GoFundMe.

As for saying goodbye to Lil Bub back on solid ground ... we're told there are no plans yet for a memorial.

Antonio Brown Did You Know I Got Shot In the Ear?!? I'll Explain On New Album with Sean Kingston

Breaking News

Antonio Brown is making use of all his downtime by getting in the booth with Sean Kingston to share his story through music ... which, apparently, includes police chases and GETTING SHOT IN THE EAR!!!

The free-agent receiver teased a music project with the "Beautiful Girls" crooner on Monday ... saying he'll be talking about real-life experiences with his lyrics.

"Going to be telling my story in these songs all truth..... I had the biggest police chase at fiu university campus. Mario Cristobal was the coach ask him!"

"Or Me getting shot in the ear In the left 👂 In liberty city pink n grey projects! Then I walk on to CMU !!! 2020 🚕 records."

Did you process that? AB says he got SHOT in the ear and was involved in a POLICE CHASE and somehow, nobody ever found out about it. Crazy!

FWIW -- this is the first time we're hearing about both incidents and yeah, we're trying to get more info!

Unclear how long AB has been working on the project or when it's expected to drop -- though he's teasing a Friday release. So, stay tuned on that ...

AB shared a track snippet off the upcoming project ... and it doesn't sound terrible(?).

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Obviously, Brown's got nothing but time these days -- he's still trying to get back in the NFL after being cut by the New England Patriots back in Sept. ... but it's unlikely he gets back on a roster during the 2019 season.

Pablo Escobar's Bro You'll Flip Over My Folding Phone ... And the Hot Chicks!!!

Escobar Inc.

Pablo Escobar's brother knows how to move merchandise -- show off the goods ... and make sure to toss in a little extra eye candy. Or a lot.

The notorious Colombian kingpin's bro, Roberto, is adding to his tech portfolio by unveiling one of the world's first foldable smartphones. Based on the ad ... sexy women in lingerie will especially enjoy using it.

Escobar Inc.

According to his company, Escobar Inc., the flexible screen Android easily folds out into a 7.8-inch screen tablet ... and comes with all the top-of-the-line bells and whistles.

Its name -- the Escobar Fold 1. Retail price -- $349. The company says they'll sell out quickly, because it's only producing 100,000 units to start ... so get 'em while they're hot.

Of course, the pioneering new phone comes a few months after Roberto got into a business beef with tech guru Elon Musk ... over their competing flamethrowers.

We broke the story ... Pablo's bro threatened to take legal action against Musk, claiming Elon jacked his idea after one of his engineers paid a visit to the family compound in mid-2017.

However, days later Roberto changed his tune and offered a solution to Musk -- get Trump to issue him a pardon so they can partner up ... and get into the weed biz.

Strange for sure, but if an Escobar/Musk collab ever happens ... watch out.

Lewis the Koala Dies from Injuries 1 Week After Fire Rescue


The koala that was saved from massive wildfires in Australia in a dramatic viral video has sadly succumbed to his injuries from the blaze.

The Port Macquarie Koala Hospital made the decision to put down the marsupial -- named Ellenborough Lewis -- after inspecting his wounds and burns and determining he would not be able to recover.

The hospital had already been providing Lewis substantial pain relief and had previously warned it was considering putting him to sleep if his injuries were not treatable and were causing suffering.


After euthanizing the koala, the hospital said its "number one goal is animal welfare, so it was on those grounds that this decision was made."

Lewis shot to internet fame last week in a video showing motorist Toni Doherty running from her car in New South Wales to rescue him as the fires burned all around them. She named the koala after one of her grandkids.

Recent bushfires have tragically claimed the lives of more 350 koalas, according to animal experts, and have raised concerns about Australia's koala population ... which is already considered endangered.

A GoFundMe started by the koala hospital has currently raised over $1.7 million in aid.

Lewis was estimated to be around 14 years old.


M&M's Ice Cream Bar Co. Sued Your Flavoring Ain't Plain Vanilla ... And You Gotta Tell Me!!!

TMZ/Getty Composite

The company behind M&M'S ice cream bars is bamboozling its customers into thinking its "vanilla" filling is on the up-and-up, when it isn't ... so claims a new class action lawsuit.

A woman named Sherise Richardson is suing Mars, Inc. -- the food manufacturer that runs the M&M'S brand, as well as its ice cream bar products. Sherise says the M&M'S vanilla ice cream bar is a sham, 'cause allegedly ... the flavor doesn't come from real vanilla.

In her suit, Sherise goes into EXTREME detail about the history of vanilla -- describing how, according to lore, Thomas Jefferson jacked it from Europe and brought it to the States -- and then goes on to explain federal regulations surrounding the highly coveted flavor.

According to her, any companies here in the U.S. of A. that are trying to peddle vanilla-like products or any such derivative (like reduced fat vanilla ice cream) must derive their flavor exclusively from real vanilla -- and if it doesn't, the company must disclose that. Also, she says they can't advertise it as actual "vanilla" -- like the M&M'S box does.

Sherise also claims the M&M'S vanilla ice cream bar box doesn't have any mention of vanilla in its ingredients list on the back, and thus ... Mars, Inc. is allegedly pulling a fast one.

She says that rather than paying a premium rate of no less than $5.99 per 9.78 fluid ounces -- not including tax -- she insists that it should be cheaper than that. Sherise is outraged about this alleged false advertising, and wants a judge to award her damages.

Of course, by filing a class action suit ... she's inviting anyone else who might've been screwed on the alleged vanilla cover-up to hop on and get paid too. Sheesh ...

Tyler Perry Helps Sick Man Leave MEX Hospital ... Covers $14k Tab!!!

Exclusive Details

Tyler Perry just rescued a couple who were essentially trapped in a Mexican hospital, which wouldn't let them leave until their bill was paid -- and the story is WILD!!!

Here's the deal ... Atlanta couple Tori Austin and her fiance, Stephen Johnson, were recently enjoying themselves on a cruise ... but had to get to a hospital onshore ASAP after Stephen suddenly fell ill and was diagnosed with pancreatitis, diabetes and a kidney infection.

They ended up in a Mexican hospital called Centro Medico Americano in Progreso, where he was treated with dialysis and other procedures to alleviate his near-fatal ailments.

Fast-forward to this past week, when Tori and Stephen were told they couldn't leave the hospital until their bill was paid in full -- which, at that point, had totaled up to a whopping $14,000. Their families started a GoFundMe page, but it had hardly racked up enough donations to cover them. Enter Tyler ... who heard about this and offered to pay it himself.

We've learned that Tyler tried calling up the hospital and giving them his credit card info to cover the tab entirely -- but he was rebuffed, and instead ...  we're told he ended up having to wire the money, which should hopefully arrive by Monday.

GoFundMe/Desaree Grimes

Once that's taken care of, sources tell us Stephen is scheduled to be discharged by Tuesday. While there were concerns Stephen would have to be flown back in a medevac plane -- which we're told Tyler was prepared to cover too -- it turns out he's expected to be well enough to fly back commercially.

Talk about a godsend, huh?

Uber Driver Uses Breathalyzer During Ride, But it's Cool


An Uber driver whipped out a breathalyzer and blew into the device during a ride -- a bizarre moment, recorded by his passenger -- but Uber says it's not what it looks like.

Check out this video shot during an Uber ride last week in Nashville ... you see the driver waving around a huge breathalyzer in his right hand as he drives down a street.

The passenger, Kyle, tells TMZ ... he noticed a sudden beeping noise in the car. He says the driver told him it was a safety feature in his vehicle causing the noise, and then reached under his seat to pull out the breathalyzer. Kyle says the driver blew into it, and the trip continued.

In the video, you hear the driver say, "I just had this put in today, I haven't perfected it."

The rider reported the troubling incident to Uber and requested a refund, and it hit him back with a generic response and a measly $5 credit to his account.

Doesn't seem like a great response to finding out your driver possibly has a DUI that requires him/her to intermittently blow into a device, just to keep the engine running -- however, an Uber rep says the driver was using a family member's car because his car was getting repairs. Uber says the device belonged to the driver's relative.

We're told the driver is not being disciplined because he had registered the relative's car as a secondary vehicle on his account.

The ridesharing app has a policy that people cannot drive for Uber if they've been convicted of DUI within the past 7 years, and the company claims it conducts criminal background checks and driving record checks to ensure its drivers meet certain safety standards.

Plus, Uber points out its app has a safety tool kit ... an emergency button that will connect you to 911 immediately if you feel unsafe during a ride.

NFL's Mark Walton Bizarrely Skips & Sprints Out Of Jail ... After Battery Arrest

Breaking News

Bizarre scene at a Florida jailhouse Wednesday night ... NFL RB Mark Walton skipped and sprinted past a line of reporters after he bonded out -- all while making weird noises.

The former Miami Dolphins player had been locked behind bars in Broward County after he was accused of punching his pregnant girlfriend in the face and head on Tuesday.

But, Walton posted $10,000 bond ... and when he was confronted by media members outside the jail, his strange actions were all caught on video.

The 22-year-old danced, skipped, made high-pitch noises ... and then sprinted toward a car to take him away from the scene.

As we previously reported, Walton is accused of pushing the woman -- who's 5-weeks pregnant with his baby --- against a wall and punching her "several times" in the face and head at around 4:15 AM ET on Tuesday.

In a police report from the incident, cops say Walton found out about the pregnancy just two days before the alleged attack.

In 911 audio obtained by TMZ Sports, you can hear the woman sobbing over the incident ... telling dispatch, "My boyfriend beat me up!"


Walton has been charged with aggravated battery against a pregnant person -- a 2nd-degree felony which carries a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison. He's been ordered by a judge to have NO contact with the woman while he's out of jail.

For their part, the Dolphins almost immediately cut Walton after learning of the arrest, saying, "We hold our players to a high standard and take these matters very seriously."

Walton -- who had rushed for 201 yards on 53 carries this season -- is currently serving a 4-game suspension for violating the NFL's personal conduct policy stemming from 3 arrests that all went down earlier this year.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Nope, He's Not Dead ... Look, 'I'm Alive!'


Dog the Bounty Hunter wants it known -- he's NOT dead like the Internet might have you believe ... and we got our hands on a good old-fashioned "proof of life" photo to back it up.

The reality TV star took this hilarious photo of himself Tuesday holding a handmade "I'm Alive!" sign in one hand and that day's Denver Post to prove he is, in fact, still with us. We're told this was in response to a fake death story that was going around on Facebook.

Tons of fans were flooding Dog's social media with condolences and "RIP" posts, and our sources say Dog's team even reached out to him to make sure he was all good.

We're told Dog was on his way to a workout when his phone started blowing up and he first heard about the hoax -- which claimed he'd died because his grief over his late wife, Beth Chapman, caused a flare-up of his recent heart problems.

Again ... NOT TRUE!!! Dog is doing well and nowhere near the grave. Shout out to Prez Trump, but THIS is actual fake news.

Cincinnati Zoo Giraffe Dies After Hoof Procedure ... Suffered Chronic Lameness

Cincinatti Zoo

A giraffe at the Cincinnati Zoo has died after what appears to be a bad reaction to a recent surgery done on its hooves ... which was supposed to mitigate a major health issue.

The zoo says that the male giraffe, named Kimba, passed away Sunday after it had collapsed to the ground early that morning in the zoo's giraffe barn -- where the staff had been monitoring a pregnant female giraffe who's supposed to go into labor any day now.

Cincinatti Zoo

It's unclear how exactly the giraffe ended up dying -- the Cincinnati Zoo says they're awaiting the results of a necropsy to learn more about what exactly happened -- but they note that Kimba had been dealing with complications from a surgery he had done on his hooves last week. The photo above shows Kimba getting that work done by a team of specialists.

The surgery was meant to help Kimba fight off chronic lameness in his legs -- something the zoo says he'd been experiencing since last summer ... which was causing mobility issues.

The surgery was basically a hoof trim, and based on what the doc told them ... it was supposed to make him "sound" again -- but unfortunately, it sounds like it didn't take. Kimba was 12 years old, and had sired 6 calves, including a 7th on the way now.

Cincinnati Zoo

Of course, this is the same place where Harambe the gorilla was shot and killed a few years ago after a child fell into his cage and got dragged around by the animal.

Sad news all around.

David Beckham's Son Romeo, Romeo ... Wherefore Art Thou, Bieber???


Justin Bieber caught a tennis match across the pond this weekend ... is what you might think at first glance with this photo. Turns out, it's another young famous guy with JB vibes.

David Beckham's second-oldest son, 17-year-old Romeo Beckham, was out Sunday in London watching pro tennis players Dominic Thiem and Stefanos Tsitsipas face off in the Nitto ATP Finals tournament ... where they were actually playing in the final round.

Romeo had a great view sitting next to a beautiful blonde, and interestingly enough ... he was proudly rocking some Drew gear -- which is Bieber's popular unisex clothing brand.


What's wild is that Romeo is a dead ringer for the Biebs, especially with that beanie on. As we've seen, Justin has rocked a similar style himself -- they could be twins, frankly.

Meanwhile, Justin was very much in L.A. this weekend ... enjoying himself a lazy Sunday with his two Savannah cats, his dog and a whole lot of Drew gear around the house. On Sunday, he kept plugging his line ... and even got around to plugging Kylie Jenner too.

We might have to get a Drew emoji going pretty soon considering how much it seems to be taking off. In the meantime, though, this will have to do ... 😎

Narwhal the Rescue Puppy Yes, That's a Tail Coming Outta My Head!!! (Vet Says I'm Healthy)

Rochelle Steffen/Macs Mission

No, this puppy did NOT come from the Chernobyl pound, but yes -- this is a tale of 2 tails ... including the one growing out of the doggo's forehead.

The little guy's name is Narwhal, and he's a recent rescue at Mac's Mission Animal Rescue in Jackson, Missouri. The founder of the joint, Rochelle Steffen, says prospective owners need not worry about Narwhal's extra appendage -- "He had x-rays and a vet visit (Tuesday) and is a perfectly healthy puppy, with an extra tail on his face."

She adds the foretail doesn't require surgery, and doesn't seem to be giving him any harm at the moment.

Rochelle Steffen/Macs Mission

Rochelle says her staff found Narwhal -- a Dachshund and Beagle mix, they think -- recently at a dumpsite, and took him in to help find him a forever home.

It's unclear what the growth is exactly, but it's probably a mutation that occurred at birth.

Rochelle Steffen/Macs Mission

Either way, Narwhal is just as rambunctious as any other puppy -- hide your shoes -- and doesn't seem too bent about being named after a whale that has a tusk growing out of its head.

Based on how lovable and unique he is, something tells us he'll be scooped up quickly.

Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy ... with 2 tails??