Samurai Sword Attack Bloodied Woman Carries Katana Through Streets ... Video From Deadly Incident

Danielle Leivo

A bleeding woman carrying a Samurai sword down a residential street in California flags down police in a wild video ... and she's allegedly involved in a fatal domestic dispute.

TMZ obtained footage showing a woman bleeding from multiple gashes to her leg and dragging a katana as she walks in a San Dimas-area neighborhood.

She tries to catch the police's attention a couple times before Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department deputies pull up and order her to drop the weapon.

I See Dead People??? 'Ghost' Caught on Camera ... In Front of House Where Woman Recently Passed


Believers in the paranormal may flip over this ... a purported ghost captured in Ring camera footage -- and the spot is said to be pretty spooky.

Check it out ... a floating specter floating in front of a home in Bellflower, California -- where a woman reportedly died of cancer. For those unfamiliar with the area, Bellflower is a stone's throw from Long Beach -- where the notoriously haunted Queen Mary ocean liner is docked.

For the non-believers out there, we've confirmed a lady did, in fact, die at that address earlier this year ... so, the story is checking out.

Disney World Animatronic Bear Starts Smokin' ... Guests File Outta Room



12:55 PM PT -- We have some more clarification on what was happening with the bear.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... the bear was supposed to smoke as part of the show ... but there was a malfunction ... and it smoked too much. Out of an abundance of caution ... staff cleared the area.

Disney World's rejiggered Country Bear Musical Jamboree seems to have gotten off on the wrong foot -- one of their robots apparently malfunctioned ... but the Mouse House calls BS.

A parkgoer captured the moment Ernest -- a brown bear playing the fiddle -- started smoking in the middle of a recent performance. Since the Country Bear Musical Jamboree just re-opened, there was confusion on whether it was part of the rebooted show.

Some guests thought this was NOT an intended addition to the show ... and folks were reportedly led out of an emergency exit by cast members shortly after the smoke began.

Thomas Matthew Crooks RNC Protester Hails Him as 'American Hero'

X / @RepAdamMorgan

The would-be assassin who got killed after taking a shot at Donald Trump is being remembered as an American hero ... at least in the mind of one man outside the RNC.

Ya gotta see this wild video from Milwaukee ... where a man with a dirt bike showed up on the outskirts of the Republican National Convention with a big sign in support of Thomas Matthew Crooks -- which had a "RIP" to boot.

The guy says he's dead serious about TMC deserving hero status. He struggles to explain what Crooks did that was so heroic before finally landing on this ... "He stood up to a dictatorship."


John Hinckley Jr. is speaking on the Donald Trump shooting -- and his position might take some people by surprise ... 'cause he's condemning the attempted assassination.

The ex-con -- who shot Ronald Reagan in the '80s -- took to social media Wednesday to address the fact Thomas Matthew Crooks tried putting a bullet in Trump's head ... the first attempted assassination on a current/former Prez since Hinckley did what he did.

He writes, "Violence is not the way to go. Give peace a chance."


PIE with Kurt Sutter and Katey Sagal

Justin Long's dropping a major bombshell ... about dropping a deuce IN his bed while his wife, Kate Bosworth, was snoozing next to him -- and ya gotta hear why he calls it a romantic moment!

The actor shared the wild story on the "PIE with Kurt Sutter and Katey Sagal" podcast Tuesday ... recalling how he once unintentionally gave Kate a pungent wake-up call by soiling the bed during a food poisoning fiasco in Mexico City.

Justin described feeling so ill before the incident that he was hooked up to an IV, which Kate had in hand as she trailed behind him to the bathroom -- a moment JL compared to a scene straight out of "Dumb and Dumber."

Paris Mayor The Seine's Clean, No BullS*** ... Goes For Swim After Poop Protest Threat


Paris' mayor hopped into the Seine and walked away clean ... a huge relief to her 'cause tons of people said they were going to relieve themselves in the river to protest.

Mayor Anne Hidalgo jumped into the world-famous river for a quick dip to show her fellow Parisians the Seine's clean enough to host open-air swim events and opening ceremonies for the Olympics.

Check out the pics ... Hidalgo's doing her best Katie Ledecky impression as she works her way across the choppy river water in her wetsuit -- followed closely by a couple other top Paris officials.

TMZ STUDIOS 'STRANGE & SUSPICIOUS' Gilgo Beach Case: 6 Confirmed Victims ... But Were There Others???

TMZ Studios

The alleged Gilgo Beach killer has been charged with the deaths of 6 people -- but many believe the body count is way higher, which begs the question of a possible police coverup.

TMZ Studios' new series, "Strange & Suspicious," dives into weird and unexplained stories -- and here, we’re looking into whether cops may have swept things under the rug in the years-long case ... especially since human remains of 11 different people were found in the area between 1993-2011.

The team dives deep into this ... noting Rex Heuermann also owned places in South Carolina and Las Vegas, the latter being a hot spot for sex workers -- exactly the kind of victims he's accused of killing. So, the fact he allegedly murdered only 6 victims on Long Island doesn't hold up, at least that's how some of the 'S & S' crew feel.

TMZ STUDIOS 'STRANGE & SUSPICIOUS' President's Guard Their Poop?!?

TMZ Studios

There's a presidential conspiracy coming out of the White House ... about the leader of the free world taking extra steps to keep their feces a secret ... and this poop may hold water.

TMZ Studios has a new series, "Strange & Suspicious," now airing on a dozen FOX stations, where we explore strange, unexplained and downright weird stories ... including the possibility foreign adversaries try to dig up dirt on POTUS by digging through his poo.

Think about it ... there's a lot that can be learned from taking a sample of someone's crap ... like finding out if they suffer from cancer.

Elton John Portable Urinal Co. Says He's #1!!! Need to Stay Prepared

Elton John's recent pee emergency in a French shoe store might be a troubling sign for the legendary singer ... but, the folks at a portable urinal company say they've got him covered.

Here's the streaming news Elton -- and others, we're sure -- can use ... Jeffrey Luckey is the owner of, and says his company's got a bunch of options for the 77-year-old Rock and Roll Hall of Famer.

As we reported, Elton whipped out his "Rocketman" in the middle of the store in Nice, and relieved himself in a bottle.

JL says the company's all about discretion -- something Sir Elton was lacking -- and they make that possible with products he can conceal under any outfit.

The Vatican Hidden UFO Secrets?!?


There's some interesting paintings inside the Vatican ... and it's worth taking a closer look at what's being depicted in the sky.

TMZ Studios has a new series, "Strange & Suspicious," now airing on a dozen FOX stations, where we explore unexplained and downright weird stories, and now we're combing over the artwork inside the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church.

In several paintings that are centuries old, there are some mysterious shapes in the heavens above ... sparking comparisons to flying saucers.

Riley Strain Death Really An Accident?!?

TMZ Studios

Riley Strain's mysterious death in Nashville is anything but cut and dry ... and the autopsy and video surveillance only add to the puzzle.

TMZ Studios has a new series, "Strange & Suspicious," now airing on a dozen FOX stations, where we explore unexplained and straight-up weird stories, and now we're looking into the circumstances surrounding Riley's death.

A college student visiting Nashville with his frat brothers, Riley left his friends behind at the bar and drunkenly stumbled through the streets before vanishing ... until his body was found floating in a river, without his shoes, pants or wallet.

'The Simpsons' Writer Shocked Cypress Hill/Symphony Gig Happening Now ... Our Gag's 28 Years Old!!!

A fan-favorite 'Simpsons' gag from nearly 30 years ago is about to become a real life event -- courtesy of Cypress Hill -- and the writer who came up with the joke tells TMZ, he's freaking out ... in a good way.

The west coast rap legends -- B-Real, Sen Dog and DJ Muggs -- just announced plans to perform with the London Symphony Orchestra ... a concert idea born from the 1996 'Simpsons' episode, “Homerpalooza.”

On the show, Cypress Hill forgets all about the gig, because, well ... the "Insane in the Membrane" crew got high, of course.

TMZ STUDIOS 'STRANGE & SUSPICIOUS' Exorcisms Outside Hollywood ... Real, Or Mental Illness???

TMZ Studios

Hollywood loves a good exorcism movie, but real people all across the world sometimes claim they are possessed by demons ... and there's real questions surrounding the authenticity of exorcisms.

TMZ Studios has a new series, "Strange & Suspicious," now airing on a dozen FOX stations, where we explore strange, unexplained and downright weird stories, and now we're looking into the validity of exorcisms.

Take Anneliese Michel in Germany for example ... she was allegedly possessed by a demon, who claimed they had a right to use her body until she "croaked."

TMZ STUDIOS 'STRANGE & SUSPICIOUS' Trump Allegedly Fearful to Disclose UFO Deets ... Other Presidents Sketchy as Well

TMZ Studios

There's something going on with U.S. Presidents and UFOs ... they've been briefed on the subject, but won't say anything publicly ... and Donald Trump seems scared of disclosure.

TMZ Studios has a new series, "Strange & Suspicious," now airing on a dozen FOX stations, where we explore strange, unexplained and downright weird stories, and former presidents' silence on extraterrestrials speaks volumes.


Trump sounds like he knows something YUGE when it comes to UFOs ... but he always waffles on the issue, at least on camera ... and there may be a reason behind his reluctance to spill the beans.

TMZ Studios 'Strange & Suspicious' How Could Bryan Kohberger Pull off Idaho Murders?

TMZ Studios

Bryan Kohberger allegedly entered a house with a knife and slaughtered 4 people when 6 people and a dog were in the 3-level home, so how could a first-time killer pull that off?

TMZ Studios has a new series, "Strange & Suspicious," which begins airing Monday on a dozen FOX stations, where we explore strange, unexplained and downright weird stories, and the Idaho murder case raises lots of questions.

Court TV

According to prosecutors, Kohberger first killed Kaylee Goncalves and Madison Mogen on the third floor of the house, then went downstairs and killed Xana Kernodle and Ethan Chapin. He then allegedly encountered one of the 2 survivors in the house but didn't harm her, and then he left.

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