UFO Sighting 'What The F*** Is That?!?' ... Witness Has Hilarious Reaction


There was something strange appearing in the sky over Tennessee ... and it prompted an eyewitness' super funny reaction to the prospect of UFOs.

Check out this wild, hilarious video obtained by TMZ, which appears to show multiple lights in different formations high above Memphis.

We're told this was shot a couple days ago, on Dec. 27, in the evening ... and you can see the lights forming a line and a triangle.

The eyewitness who shot the video is beside herself ... "Y'all, what is that y'all?!? Y'all what the f*** is that?!? Oh my God, y'all!!!"

It's unclear what we're seeing here, but they don't appear to be planes ... and it's the latest in a string of unidentified objects being spotted in our skies.


Earlier this month, we obtained video of a swarm of lights darting around the airspace above Chino Hills, CA ... looking like giants orbs in the heavens.


And, there was also the pilot who recorded what appeared to be a fleet of UFOs over the Pacific.

The Dept. of Defense is launching a new UFO task force ... and it would be hilarious if this Memphis eyewitness narrated all their evidence.

One can dream.

Harry Reid Former Senator Dead at 82 Driving Force for UFO Answers

Harry Reid, the former Senate majority leader and the driving force behind the UFO movement in Congress over the years, is dead.

The famed Democratic Senator from Nevada died Tuesday in Henderson, NV ... according to Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak and current Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer.

The cause of death is unclear ... but Harry was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer back in 2018 and received intensive treatments.

Harry was a big deal in Nevada and Washington D.C. ... rising the political ranks after being born to a poor family in a tiny mining town in rural Nevada. He grew up as a boxer before getting into politics.

Reid served 34 years in Congress, starting as a Representative in 1983 before being elected to the Senate in 1986 and later becoming the chamber's Democratic leader following the 2004 election.

Schumer, who succeeded Reid as the Senate Democratic leader, is remembering Harry as "one of the most amazing individuals" and "tough-as-nails strong."

@jeremycorbell / Instagram

Being from Nevada, the home of the infamous Area 51, Harry became increasingly interested in UFOs ... and in 2007 he secured funding for a Pentagon program that investigated reports of UFOs and other related phenomena.

The UFO program, formerly known as the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, no longer exists but the government is still studying UFOs ... and things wouldn't be where they were today without Harry.

Reid was 82.


Neil deGrasse Tyson Scientists Don't Challenge Religion ... But Ya Can't Be Rigid!!!


Neil deGrasse Tyson says the new NASA telescope observing the origins of the early universe isn't a shot across the bow at religion ... but being flexible is the key.

The famed astrophysicist joined us on "TMZ Live" and we asked if the research being done using the $10 billion Webb space telescope could challenge the foundations of religion.

Neil says the telescope, which launched into space on Christmas, will be used to fill in some gaps with the big bang theory ... but he's not buying the argument that such research will clash with generations of folks who believe God created the universe in 6 days.


The way Neil sees it ... religious folks are becoming more flexible and looking at things in a more spiritual sense ... so new discoveries won't cut to the core of belief systems.

Still, lots of folks think the Webb telescope will widen the gap between science and religion ... though Neil tells us why scientists won't be the ones causing a big fuss.

Mark Rylance in 'Don't Look Up' Tech-y Billionaire Character Compared to Musk, Zuck, Cook, Bezos!!!

Mark Rylance's turn as a deranged tech CEO in 'Don't Look Up' is a clear dig at our country's leading billionaire visionaries -- but the question ... who's it actually aimed at???

You've probably heard about this new Netflix flick -- but what you may not have known ... Rylance portrayal as chief of a revolutionary company is getting compared to guys like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook and others pushing the information envelope.

One thing the internet can't seem to agree on ... which of these billionaires serves as the true inspiration behind Rylance's Peter Isherwell, who ends up contributing to everyone on Earth (save a select few) getting killed by an incoming comet. Sorry, spoiler alert!

For those who've seen it, you know Isherwell runs a company called BASH, which seems to be a spinoff of Apple -- a la Cook/Jobs -- but it's way more advanced, in that it reads your every thought and mood, and predicts how you'll die ... all based on data it collects on its users. Isherwell, funny enough, also runs a space unit of some sort ... similar to Musk.

In the end, Isherwell's plan to blow up the incoming comet and collect the precious minerals found within it completely backfires ... having led Meryl Streep (the President) and the rest of the world's citizens astray. He high-tails it off Earth, before it blows up, in his own rocket, and attempts to colonize a new planet in the distant galaxy (which also hilariously backfires).

The point is ... the dude seems to be an amalgam of all these guys in one -- although most people appear to think he's most like Time's Person of the Year for 2021.

It sounds like Rylance himself sees a little Elon in his character as well ... although he's quick to point out Isherwell isn't necessarily a dead ringer for any one of the tech-y billionaires, despite him certainly being a farcical take on just about all of them.

As he explains, Isherwell's actions are premised on the idea that any of our world's problems can be solved with technology -- a testament to our times and where we're headed.

Who is Peter Isherwell Really Based On???

With all that said ... we gotta ask (for those who've already tuned in), who is Peter Isherwell most like as far as would-be diabolical geniuses???

Outta This World!!! Most Powerful Telescope Launched ... Gimme Some Space!!!


There's gonna be less space in space, because the newest clutter is the most powerful telescope ever hurled into the heavens, and it promises a new, never-before-seen look that could alter the way earthlings live.

We're talkin' The James Webb Space Telescope, which lifted off early Xmas morning from Europe's Spaceport in French Guiana.

NASA described the launch this way ...  "At 7:20am ET (12:20 UTC), the beginning of a new, exciting decade of science climbed to the sky. Webb’s mission to #UnfoldTheUniverse will change our understanding of space as we know it."

That may not be an overstatement ... the telescope is the most powerful and most complex ... a space observatory that will study exoplanets -- those are planets outside our solar system.

Thing is ... scientists think some of the exoplanets could be habitable, and that means 1) is there existing life on any of them? And 2) could we live there either by choice or necessity?

There have been years of delay in launching the scope for various reasons. As for specs -- its mirror can extend more than 21 feet, which gives it the ability to capture more light from the objects it's photographing ... and that will enhance the details scientists will study.

The mirror has 18 hexagonal, gold-coated segments ... fancy!

Bottom line ... scientists should be able to see things, including planets, they've never seen before.

BTW ... to give you an idea of the effort that went into this ... for the last 17 years, scientists and engineers from 14 countries have invested 40 million hours getting the telescope up and running.

William Shatner Beam Me Up, Scotty ... 'Cause This Driving Thing Ain't Workin'

The Image Direct

William Shatner seems to have a safer trip flying in a humongous spaceship than he does driving a car on planet Earth -- evidenced in the fact he got into a wreck cruising the streets of L.A.

Captain Kirk was involved in an accident Tuesday in Studio City, which actually looked pretty bad ... from the damage done, anyway. WS was driving his black Mercedes SUV, while the other driver was in an Acura sedan.

Unclear exactly how the two vehicles ended up as crumpled as they were -- but as you can see ... the woman's front end is pretty smashed up, with her left wheel at a weird angle.

Luckily, neither Bill nor the woman appeared to be injured ... and the 90-year-old actor was quickly on his feet and over with the woman making sure she was okay, while he made some calls and kicked debris off the side of the road.

Cops were called to the scene, made sure both drivers swapped info ... and thankfully no one was taken to the hospital.

@blueorigin / Instagram

Remember, it was back in October when Cpt. Kirk made history as the oldest person to go to space onboard Jeff Bezo's Blue Origin spaceship ... maybe it's better to stick to the friendly skies.

SpaceX First Kamikaze Mission ... Spaceship to Intentionally Crash into Asteroid


A SpaceX rocket blasted off Tuesday night for a mission of self-destruction ... and its end game is to save planet earth!

NASA commissioned Elon Musk's rocket company to hurl a Falcon 9 rocket into a nearly year-long journey which will end with the spacecraft bashing into a faraway asteroid.


Scientists want to see if the impact could actually change the asteroid's trajectory ... something that could be lifesaving if it were headed toward mother earth.

The spacecraft -- dubbed DART, short for Double Asteroid Redirection Test -- left earthly terra firma at Vandenberg Space Force Base in Cali ... and the whole thing is kinda like a ripoff of "Armageddon."

DART is supposed to violently connect with Dimorphos -- an asteroid that measures 525 feet across -- at a speed of 15,000 MPH.

Scientists say the impact will not destroy the asteroid ... but the goal is to change its orbit.

It's complicated, but if the asteroid moves for a minimum of 73 seconds, the mission is considered a raging success!

The length of the mission puts civilian rocket launches to shame ... DART will travel 6.8 million miles from earth. Take that, Shatner!

SpaceX Capsule Returns to Mother Earth ... After 6-Month ISS Mission


SpaceX can check one more accomplishment off its list -- successfully completing an ISS mission, now that its astronauts have touched down on Earth in grand fashion.

Elon Musk's Dragon capsule safely landed Monday evening, parachuting into the Gulf of Mexico without a hitch ... but not before it was seen streaking across the night sky, especially in New Orleans -- where it looked like a shooting star, or even an asteroid.

This might've freaked some folks out ... but rest assured, it was just the Endeavor crew torpedoing back into our atmosphere after being up in orbit for more than 6 months. Indeed, this was the crew SpaceX/NASA shot into space back in April ... 'memba that?!?

The astronauts who went up were Shane Kimbrough, Megan McArthur, Akihiko Hoshide and Thomas Pesquet ... and they linked up with the International Space Station, where they've been doing research and fieldwork for this entire time.

Now that they're back, and the mission's apparently a success, Elon can proudly say he's helped get the U.S. back into space after a multi-year hiatus. The last time we were up there for an extended period of time was way back in the early 2010s, but that program was paused by NASA -- that is, until SpaceX jumpstarted things with this launch.

Pretty sweet feat ... and it definitely puts Elon higher on the billionaire's space race totem pole, alongside guys like Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson -- who haven't gone quite as far up as SpaceX rockets/capsules have.


Oh, and BTW -- the team here had a little bathroom trouble on the way down ... NASA advised them not to use the onboard toilet -- due to malfunctions that made it inoperable -- so they had to improvise for their bodily functions. Yep, you guessed it ... diapers for everyone!!!

NBD, they handled the crappy situation with professionalism and humor.

Anyway, welcome home!!! Get these folks some baby powder.

William Shatner Makes History!!! As Oldest Person in Space

@blueorigin / Instagram

Life has officially imitated art as William Shatner made history by becoming the oldest person ever to go to space.

Captain Kirk and crew hopped on Blue Origin's New Shepard capsule Wednesday morning and successfully blasted off into space ... never mind a couple of delays due to "vehicle readiness." Shatner himself said he got more nervous with each delay.

Blue Origin

The 90-year-old and the other 3 crew members experienced 4 minutes of weightlessness before the capsule ultimately parachuted and landed safely in the west Texas desert at exactly 9:59 AM CT. Shatner gave a thumbs up before exiting the capsule.

Blue Origin

Jeff Bezos opened the hatch, poked his head inside the capsule and greeted the newest astronauts. Shatner was second to exit and he said "Wow" before hugging Bezos.

Shatner started describing his experience to Bezos but he was briefly interrupted when Bezos popped open a bottle of champagne. Shatner turned down the bubbly. He later became visibly emotional and poetically described the once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Blue Origin

He said, "What you have given me is the most profound experience I could imagine. I'm so filled with emotion about what just happened. It’s extraordinary. I hope I never recover from this. I hope I maintain what I feel now. I don’t want to lose it. It’s so much larger than me, and life." Shatner also urged Bezos to make this experience widely available ... even if it means using 3D technology.

Shatner's crew included Blue Origin’s vice president of mission and flight operations Audrey Powers, former NASA engineer Chris Boshuizen and software mogul Glen de Vries.

Blue Origin

We got our first look of Shatner in the space suit moments before liftoff ... and though the suit wasn't as silky smooth as what he wore on the Enterprise all those years ago, he still looked pretty damn good. He's seriously 90?!?!

Bezos drove the space travelers to the launch site in a Rivian electric pickup truck, Shatner was stuck with the middle seat, but didn't seem to care.

Shatner became the oldest person to ever go up into space ... beating out 82-year-old test pilot Wally Funk ... who joined Bezos, his brother, Mark, and recent HS grad Oliver Daemen, when they took Blue Origin's New Shepard capsule up for its premiere launch in July.

Blue Origin

As you'll recall ... that initial crew went up to space for about 15 minutes, reached an altitude of 66.5 miles, floated around for a bit in zero-gravity while playing with ping-pong balls ... then came back down for safe landing.

Blue Origin

Shatner's civilian flight will be very similar, but our sources say the mission will be also filmed for a documentary. Any moment now we'll have video of Shatner & co. inside the capsule.

Stay tuned.

SpaceX Civilian Crew Touches Down ... After Orbiting for 3 Days!!!


The all-civilian space mission that Elon Musk and co. sent up into orbit is officially a success -- because the 4-man crew is back home ... and TMZ is streaming the crew member pickup live.


The team, known as Inspiration4, re-entered our planet's atmosphere Saturday in a Dragon capsule -- getting burnt up badly as it barrels down to Earth, to be expected in these types of voyages. Luckily, there was some major parachuting going on to slow this puppy down ... and the spacecraft safely landed in the Atlantic, off the coast of Florida.

Before they touched down ... it looks like the crew was watching some appropriate Mel Brooks content -- during the livestream, you could see one of the normie astronauts streaming "Spaceballs" on a small monitor in front of 'em. Good stuff!

Anyway, when they finally did make contact -- it made for a dramatic splash. Not too dramatic though ... SpaceX had rescue ships at the ready to pick up the passengers and take them back to shore -- which they're in the middle of doing now. It went about as as smoothly as one could hope for.

Space X

Remember, billionaire Jared Isaacman led the mission ... alongside Chris Sembroski, Dr. Sian Proctor and Hayley Arceneaux, all of whom have been zipping around the planet for a few days straight -- confined to the seats in the small space of their capsule.

Yes, that means they had to use the same toilet ... and refrain from showers. The fact they pulled it off opens the door for space tourism in the near future -- a whole new chapter many of us never thought possible.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

These four individuals had to go through rigorous training to be in shape to be blasted off toward the stars -- but if you can get through that (and pay the high price tag) ... it's definitely something you can check off your bucket list in your lifetime.

As they say, to infinity ...

SpaceX Civilians Blast Off Into Space ... No Astronauts Required!!!

Space X

6:15 AM PT -- 9/16 -- We've obtained video from the ground in the Bahamas of the launch, you can see the incredible light as stunned onlookers filmed the crew mid-flight.

Karen Murphy

Elon Musk's space company just made history ... the first ever, all-civilian spaceflight is way up above our planet ... and they blasted off without any astronauts.

Billionaire Jared Isaacman, a pilot himself, is leading the mission dubbed Inspiration4 ... and it looks like he's already having a blast up there in space with the rest of his lucky space tourists.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Chris Sembroski, Dr. Sian Proctor and Hayley Arceneaux took off with Jared in a SpaceX Dragon capsule Wednesday night ... blasting into space using a Falcon 9 rocket, which launched from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

As you can see ... the space tourists were clapping and celebrating as they took off into space, breaking the speed of sound on the way up, while those in mission control back home were hyped too.

Now that they're in orbit, Jared and co. will be in space for the next 3 days, zipping around Earth about once every 90 minutes and enjoying the views.


As we first told you ... Jared told us back in February he was most looking forward to overriding the automatic pilot and taking Dragon for a spin up in space.

BTW ... the civilian crew will be sleeping in the same reclining seats you saw them in on the launch ... and they've got to share a toilet and forego showers.

Originally Published -- 9/15 6:17 PM PT

Elon Musk This is My 375-Sq.-Ft. Texas Casita!!!

Elon Musk's a billionaire with modest taste ... just check out his tiny digs in Texas.

The Tesla chief is living it up in this pre-fabricated casita near his SpaceX headquarters in Boca Chica, Texas. The entire thing's a whopping 375 square feet ... with 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom as well as a living room and kitchen.

Yup, there's a dishwasher and even a washing machine.

Las Vegas-based Boxabl is selling the houses for a cool $49,500. The company tried its best to be subtle about scoring Elon as a customer -- it announced back in November it installed one of its pre-fab cribs in Boca Chica for a "top secret customer."

The company's founder, Galiano Tiramani, had said it was "pretty exciting to have these guys as our initial customer." He didn't confirm the house was built for Elon himself but, just a couple of months ago, Elon confirmed in a tweet he was, in fact, living in the tiny home and renting it from SpaceX.

It should come as no surprise that one of the world's richest men can pull strings for this tiny house, which reportedly has a 47,000-person waitlist.

BTW ... shipping ain't cheap. It's $2 to $10 per mile from Vegas to its destination. Elon can afford it, tho.

NASA Calling On Normies ... To Live Out Simulated Mars Life

NASA says it needs some guinea pigs to test out what life on Mars would be like for a year -- right here at home -- and they're asking for regular Earthlings to help out.

The space agency put out a want ad this week, asking for "healthy, motivated" U.S. citizens and/or permanent residents to sign up and volunteer for a year-long simulated experience ... which will apparently put 4 lucky participants together in a 3D printed bunker-like environment.

NASA has an idea of what the fake 1,700 square-foot Mars fort (of sorts) will look like ... something like what you see above.

Anyway, sounds like they're going to be doing a few of these "missions" -- with the first set to begin in Fall 2022 and take place at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, where they'll recreate Mars conditions and put these folks through different tests ... for, like, research and whatnot.

Some of the things one might expect to be dealing with while there ... handling resource limitations, equipment failure and other environmental stressors. There's also the strong possibility NASA will make you go through simulated spacewalks, scientific research, use of virtual reality and robotic controls and "exchanging communications" ... as they put it. 👀

There might be some pay, it seems ... but the amount isn't specified in NASA's press release. But, still, it's kinda cool ... right??? BTW, we know we said ordinary people are wanted -- but that's isn't entirely true ... NASA is seeking the best and the brightest for these simulations.

You gotta have a Master's degree in a STEM field (science, math, engineering, etc.) ... that or the equivalent of it in work experience. You also gotta be between 30 and 55, and more or less healthy (mentally, physically and just about everything else). They're taking apps now!

'Tic Tac' UFO Video Military Pilot Who Filmed Famed Tic Tac Sighting ... Sits Down for 1st Camera Interview

Jeremy Corbell

It's been nearly two decades since military aviator Chad Underwood filmed the "Tic Tac" UFO sighting ... but for the first time EVER he's breaking his silence in front of a camera.

Underwood's highly-anticipated interview will go down Wednesday at noon PT on Jeremy Corbell's YouTube show "Extraordinary Beliefs." The video -- filmed in November 2004 off the coast of San Diego -- was captured off the left wing of Chad's F/A-18 Super Hornet.

The sighting and filming is considered one of the most famous and important videos in UFO history ... largely because a military officer filmed it during an official flight-training exercise. The video was also famously declassified by the Pentagon in 2017.

The video shows an object go from 80,000 feet to sea level in less than a second and a half ... the forces of which human engineering and, for that matter, humans cannot withstand. The object had no wings, no obvious propulsion system and no exhaust.

Underwood, at the time a Navy Weapon Systems Officer on the elite squadron dubbed Black Aces, will offer insight into his encounter with the UFO. He'll also clarify many details the public has been wanting to hear ... as in, the footage he shot is only the beginning.

The half-hour interview will cover a myriad of subjects ... like the origin of the name "Tic Tac" UFO. He'll also talk about behavioral sightings and if his kids ask him about alien encounters.

As we previously reported ... the Pentagon released a 9-page report last month in what was supposed to offer insight on a rash of recent UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena) sightings.

Instead, the report turned out to be a nothing burger ... 'cause the Office of the Director of National Intelligence only noted that 143 of the 144 flying objects spotted since 2004 remain unexplained.

Maybe Underwood's got more answers.

Outer Space Major Tom to Ground Control ... There's a Giant Asteroid Headed Our Way!!!

There's a notable, near-ish-collision on Earth -- or at least one that's looming -- and the object that may be about to crash is traveling at 18,000 MPH!!!

NASA has sounded an alarm that a giant asteroid is about to pass Earth. It's somewhere between 318 and 720 feet in length ... about the size of the Taj Mahal and the Great Pyramid of Giza.

The thing's even got a name -- 2008 G020.

Well, when we say near-collision, it's all relative. It's supposed to come as close as 2.8 million miles to our planet. In NASA-ese ... it's labeled an Apolo, which is a "near-Earth" designation.

To give you more context ... the Moon is 238,855 miles from Earth, while Mars is 236.5 million miles away. So, somewhere in the middle.

This won't be our closest encounter with G020. In 1901 it got 1 million miles from Earth.

Shhhhsh ... close call, right?

Rep. Earl Blumenauer We Tax Legoland Tickets ... So, Tax Billionaires for Space Tourism!!


Space tourism shouldn't be a tax-free joyride for Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson and other billionaires ... so says Rep. Earl Blumenauer, who's ready to do something about it.

We got the Oregon Congressman on Capitol Hill Thursday and wanted to get more deets about the House bill he said he plans to soon introduce. In fact ... Blumenauer announced his plans on the same day Bezos and Blue Origin launched into space.

Blumenauer's bill is pretty simple ... he wants the wealthy going to space for the sole purpose of tourism to pay a luxury tax. He says anyone on a commercial flight on a trip NOT focused on scientific research should pay the price.

Blue Origin

The Congressman says it's just like when a family goes to Legoland ... the theory being the ticket price includes taxes.  To be accurate, Legoland charges what it wants and is responsible for paying taxes on profits. Maybe it's more like an airline or cigarette tax.

The congressman says he's not opposed to space innovation. He just has strong feelings about the wealthy galavanting in space for their own entertainment without, as he says, supporting the public good.


As we reported ... the world's richest man had an awkward moment when he thanked workers and customers for footing the bill for his 10-minute rocket voyage. The comment drew the ire of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ... who tore Bezos a new one.

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