Cops: Felipe Vazquez Suspected Girl was Underage ... And Had Sex Anyway


Pennsylvania State Police say MLB pitcher Felipe Vazquez suspected the victim in his child solicitation case was underage when he first met her ... but he had sex with her anyway.

TMZ Sports has obtained the police criminal complaint filed by the Penn. State Police in which troopers detail an interview with Vazquez on the morning of Sept. 17, the day he was arrested.

When speaking with cops, the Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher says he initially refused to communicate with the girl "due to her age" ... noting, "she appeared to be 16 years of age or younger."

In the documents, cops say the girl told investigators they began communicating over social media in 2017 when she was only 13 years old.

She claims Vazquez escalated the situation by driving to her Pennsylvania home in August 2017 with the intention of having sex with her.

The girl claims Vazquez invited her into his red Mustang and then began to make sexual moves on her ... at one point trying to have vaginal sex.

Both the girl and Vazquez acknowledge he penetrated her with his penis but they stopped almost immediately -- and he left claiming he had to get ready for a game that night.

When Vazquez spoke with cops, he told investigators that the girl initiated the sexual contact that day.

Cops say in July 2019, Vazquez sent her a text message, sexual in nature, expressing a desire to finish what they started.

Vazquez was arrested on Tuesday and he's facing multiple felonies in 2 states including felony statutory sexual assault, felony unlawful contact with a minor and felony solicitation of a child.

He's currently in custody.

Pirates' Chris Archer On Felipe Vazquez ... 'We're Hoping That Stuff's Not True'

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Pirates ace Chris Archer appeared floored by the child sexual assault allegations against his teammate, Felipe Vazquez ... saying the crimes he's accused of are "heinous" and he hopes they're not true.

"I do have a 14-year-old sister," Archer told media in the Pirates' clubhouse before taking on the Mariners in Pittsburgh on Tuesday. "So, it's something that hits home."

Vazquez was arrested Tuesday morning after authorities in both Pennsylvania and Florida say they have evidence he tried to have a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old girl.

Felipe is facing MULTIPLE serious charges ... including felony statutory sexual assault, felony unlawful contact with a minor and felony solicitation of a child.

When Archer spoke about the accusations, he told media members, "In the U.S., you're innocent until proven guilty. So, until due process is completely played out, we're hoping that this stuff's not true."

But, Archer added, "These allegations are very, very serious."

Pittsburgh manager Clint Hurdle also spoke with reporters hours after Vazquez was arrested ... but would only say, "It's in our best interest to not have any comment."

As for Felipe, his attorney told WTAE in Pennsylvania they're reviewing the charges and have no comment on the allegations at this time.

Vazquez is currently being held in Allegheny County Jail after a judge denied his bail Tuesday afternoon.

A press conference in Pennsylvania further detailing the allegations against Vazquez is slated for 8 AM PT.

MLB Pitcher Felipe Vazquez Arrested For Solicitation of a Child ... Cops ID'd Him By Tattoos

Exclusive Details

1:31 PM PT -- Records now show Vazquez is facing ADDITIONAL charges in the case ... including felony statutory sexual assault, felony unlawful contact with a minor, felony corruption of a minor and misdemeanor indecent assault of a person less than 16 years old.

1:06 PM PT -- Vazquez just appeared before a Pennsylvania judge ... and was denied bail.

The judge says more charges are expected to come down.

1:04 PM PT -- According to an incident report from the Lee County Sheriff's Office, obtained by CBS in Pittsburgh, Vazquez met the alleged victim at PNC Park and took pictures with her outside of the bullpen.

According to the report, the alleged victim contacted Vazquez on social media and that's how the two began talking.

The report also states Vazquez drove to the alleged victim's house in Pennsylvania on at least one occasion ... where she claims Vazquez pulled down her pants while they were in his car and attempted to have sex with her.

11:27 AM PT -- TMZ Sports has obtained the arrest warrant affidavit which spells out how investigators were able to identify and catch Vazquez ... and it came down to his distinct tattoos.

According to the documents, Vazquez sent 2 photos and 1 video to the girl -- none of which showed the MLB star's face.

However, officials say the images depicted numerous "unique and distinguishable" tattoos on his body ... which they were able to match to Vazquez through public images on the Internet.

Officials also say the alleged victim's mother was the one who essentially busted Vasquez -- after she discovered the concerning images and video on her daughter's phone.

The mother texted Vazquez to inform him that her daughter is a minor -- and that's when the case made its way over to law enforcement.

11:26 AM PT -- Now, Vazquez is facing two 3rd-degree felony charges (and possibly more) -- and each count carries a possible 5-year maximum prison sentence.

11:12 AM PT -- Pittsburgh Pirates president Frank Coonelly says Tuesday the team was "made aware of an active law enforcement investigation involving Felipe Vazquez and his subsequent arrest."

"We take this matter, and these charges in particular, extremely seriously."

"We have informed the Commissioner's Office of the investigation and arrest. The CO will immedatetely place Felipe Vazquez on Administrative Leave (and, as a result, Restricted List) pursuant to the Joint MLB/MLBPA Policy."

"We need to be respectful to all involved and the ongoing legal proceeding. As a result, the organization, our staff and players cannot comment any further at this time."

Pittsburgh Pirates all-star pitcher Felipe Vazquez was arrested this morning in Pennsylvania on some truly disturbing charges including solicitation of a 13-year-old girl.

The 28-year-old closer -- considered one of the best pitchers in baseball -- was taken into custody in Pittsburgh stemming from an arrest warrant out of Florida.

Officials say they were investigating allegations Vasquez had a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old girl in Lee County, Florida.

According to officials, the girl, now 15 years old, WAS continuing to have a relationship with Vasquez and had received a video in July from the MLB star performing a "sex act."

Officials say Vasquez also sent the girl text messages suggesting they would meet for sex after the MLB season ended.

Reds Pitcher Amir Garrett Suspended 8 Games For Fighting Entire Pittsburgh Pirates Team

MLB just suspended 8 people for that insane bench-clearing brawl in Cincinnati ... including Reds pitcher Amir Garrett, who basically tried to fight the entire Pittsburgh Pirates team.

Garrett was hit with an 8-GAME suspension for running over to the Pirates dugout Tuesday night and singlehandedly trying to fight ... well, everyone.

Yasiel Puig -- who was on the Reds at the time of the incident -- got 3 GAMES for bull-charging over to the brawl and trying to fight everyone.

During the game, Puig was traded to the Cleveland Indians ... so he'll serve his suspension with them.

Here's how the rest of the suspensions shook out ...

-- Pirates pitcher Keone Kela got 10 GAMES for intentionally throwing a 97 MPH fastball at Derek Dietrich's head in the 7th inning.

-- Reds pitcher Jared Hughes got 3 GAMES for throwing at a Pirates player in reponse to Kela throwing at Dietrich.

-- Pirates infielder Jose Osuna got 5 GAMES for "aggressive and inappropriate actions" during the fight ... which is a fancy way of saying, "5 for fighting."

-- Pirates pitcher Kyle Crick got 3 GAMES for fighting

-- Reds manager David Bell got 6 GAMES for a combination of things including allowing his pitcher to intentionally throw at an opposing batter, escalating the brawl and returning to the field after he was ejected

-- Pirates manager Clint Hurdle got 2 GAMES for allowing his pitcher to throw at opposing batters multiple times.

Everyone on the MLB's naughty list also received undisclosed fines -- along with several other players involved in the brawl including Pirates pitcher Trevor Williams and Reds 1B Joey Votto.

MLB exec Joe Torre issued a scathing statement ripping everyone involved in the fight ... and it sounds like a really disappointed parent:

"The incidents between these two Clubs remain a source of concern, and it’s reflected by the level of discipline we are handing down today," Torre said.

"Everyone on the field should be aware of the example they are setting for fans, particularly young people. I firmly expect these two managers and all others to hold their players accountable for appropriate conduct and to guide them in the right direction."

By the way, all 6 of the suspended players are appealing their suspensions. Stay tuned on that.

Pirates' Felipe Vazquez Names Favorite Cities ... Amid Trade Rumors


Did Felipe Vazquez just drop a huge hint on where he'd prefer to be traded if the Pirates deal him this week???

Sure seems like it ... 'cause when we got the superstar closer out in NYC -- he told us he's a BIG fan of New York and Chicago!!!

Felipe -- who's got 21 saves this season with a 1.87 ERA -- is one of the best players being shopped around ahead of Wednesday's MLB trade deadline.

Felipe tells us he isn't focusing on his possible departure from Pittsburgh, saying, "I'm not worried about that stuff, whatever happens is going to happen whether I like it or not."

But, when we asked what his favorite cities to be in off the diamond are ... he told us straight-up, New York and Chicago!!!

Of course, both the Yankees AND the Cubs are reportedly interested in adding an arm to their bullpen this week ... and could possibly have Vazquez in their trade sights.

But hey, maybe he just likes the restaurants ...

So, could this help facilitate a trade with the Buccos????

Stay tuned ...

Pittsburgh Pirates Jesus, Batman & Buzz ... Epic Costume Party!

Deadpool, Batman, Spider-Man and Jesus all walk onto a plane ...

No, this ain't the start of the next 'Avengers' movie ... it's the Pittsburgh Pirates' epic costume party on Thursday!!!

The Buccos beat the snot out of the Braves in Pittsburgh in the morning ... and to celebrate -- they threw on their best outfits and hit the airport for their road trip to Milwaukee.

The guys really went all out ... MVP candidate Josh Bell made a hell of a Batman, shortstop Cole Tucker really loved his Frozone costume -- and pitcher Richard Rodriguez dressed up as Jesus.

A bunch of the starting pitchers -- including ace Chris Archer -- went with Ninja Turtles ... and catcher Elias Diaz was a stunning plus-sized Power Ranger.

The winner of the day (besides the Pirates, who are now just 4 games back of the Cubs in the NL Central) ... outfielder Gregory Polanco -- who had an Avatar costume complete with a tail!!!!

You know how superstitious baseball players can be ... so do it again tonight????

Yasiel Puig Suspended 2 Games For Bench-Clearing Brawl

Breaking News

Cincinnati Reds star Yasiel Puig and Pittsburgh Pirates star pitcher Chris Archer have both been hit with suspensions for their roles in a crazy bench-clearing brawl ... MLB announced.

Archer intentionally threw at Reds infielder Derek Dietrich after he had previously homered off him earlier in the game. The pitch went behind Dietrich, pissing off Reds players who stormed the field.

The angriest Reds player was Puig -- who jogged right over to Archer and got in his face. Several players restrained Puig as things escalated. He continued to run after Pirates players like a wild man until he was eventually pulled back into the Reds dugout.

Now, Joe Torre, Chief Baseball Officer for Major League Baseball, says Puig will be suspended for 2 games starting Tuesday night. He will also be fined an undisclosed amount.

Archer was hit with a 5-game suspension. He was also fined. Archer will be allowed to appeal his suspension.

Reds manager David Bell was also suspended 1 game for running on the field after the wild pitch. His suspension will also begin Tuesday night.

Story developing ...

Pittsburgh Pirates Moment Of Silence For Mac Miller

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The Pittsburgh Pirates held a moment of silence for Mac Miller before their game Monday -- honoring the late rapper with a tribute video on the PNC Park jumbotron.

Starling Marte, Colin Moran and the rest of the Pirates squad paused for a minute to honor Mac -- a Pittsburgh native who died of an apparent overdose earlier this month.

The Pirates' PA announcer said over the park's loudspeakers as a video of Miller in a Pirates jersey played, "Mac was a rapper, a singer, a producer and had a very bright future in the industry ahead of him."

"Locally, Mac is remembered as a hometown kid who sang about our city where his heart clearly remained."

"Our thoughts are with his parents, his grandmother and all of his family and friends who mourn his passing."

Mac was 26. RIP.

MLB Star Andrew McCutchen Boston Fans are Cool ... Not Racist


Pittsburgh Pirates superstar Andrew McCutchen says his experience in Boston was simply different than Adam Jones -- telling TMZ Sports he was NOT showered with racial taunts.

In fact, Andrew -- one of the 62 black players in the MLB -- says the fans at Fenway Park were actually really cool with him when the Pirates went to Beantown earlier this season.

McCutchen also commented on CC Sabathia's claim that black players "expect" racism in Boston -- saying it may be true for CC, but "everyone has different experiences."

MLB's Jung Ho Kang Arrested In South Korea Leaving Scene of DUI Crash

Breaking News

Pittsburgh Pirates 3rd baseman Jung Ho Kang was arrested in South Korea Friday morning after officials say he fled the scene of a DUI crash around 2:45 AM.

The 29-year-old allegedly crashed his car into a guardrail and bolted. Officials say his blood alcohol level was .084 ... over the legal limit ion South Korea, .05.

Officials say they're also investigating allegations Kang asked a friend to lie and take the wrap as the driver of the crashed car.

Pirates President Frank Coonelly issued a statement saying, "We are extremely disappointed in Jung Ho and in his decision process during this matter."

Coonelly, who was arrested for DUI in 2011, added ... "I know first-hand how foolish and dangerous it is to drive under the influence and am most thankful that, as we understand it, no one was injured."

MLB Star Andrew McCutchen Pirates Settle Team Dinners WITH CREDIT CARD ROULETTE!

Pittsburgh Pirates superstar Andrew McCutchen tells TMZ Sports ... just because he makes a fortune doesn't mean he pays for team dinners -- in fact, it often comes down to CREDIT CARD ROULETTE.

The reigning National League MVP (who signed a $51.5 mil contract in 2012) was in NY and told our photog he's happy to cover family 100% of the time -- and even rookies get a free meal every now and then -- but when it comes to his highly paid teammates, luck often dictates who gets stuck with the bill.

For the record, credit card roulette is super popular with athletes -- everyone gives their card to the server, who then picks one at random ... and that unlucky S.O.B. pays for the entire check, tip included.

Cutch, who recently proposed to his GF on the "Ellen" show, also admits the one downside of being engaged ... he often gets "stuck" watching his fiancee's favorite show -- the Kardashians.

BONUS CLIP -- Andrew, one of the nicest guys in baseball, also walked us through what goes on his head when he gets hit by a pitch ... it's pretty hilarious. Click here for that video.

Porn Star Busted My Sexy Unicorn Dance Screwed a Cop ... SORRY


Posing with porn star Andy San Dimas -- while wearing a UNICORN HEAD -- has a Pittsburgh cop in huge trouble, but San Dimas claims the whole booty-shaking mess is a giant misunderstanding.

This all went down last weekend during a Pirates game at PNC Park, where Andy says she was doing her best to get on the jumbotron ... by shaking her ass in cut-off shorts, while wearing a unicorn head mask!

Awesome, right? Wrong ... because Andy says when an usher asked her to sit down, she tried to rile up the crowd by shouting back, "Oh, I'm sorry I was trying to have a good time at the f**king Pirates game!"

Not smart ... Andy was hauled off to the Pittsburgh PD station at the ballpark.

Andy says the cops were very friendly, and told her they had to boot her from the park -- but not before one officer asked to try on the mask.

Not smart again. That "unicorn cop" is now reportedly under investigation. It's unclear if it's the unicorn mask, the porn star -- or both -- that got him in trouble.

Either way, Andy says she hopes the cop doesn't get screwed ... since he was totally professional and "did nothing wrong."



Pittsburgh Pirates superstar Andrew McCutchen loves Honey Boo Boo. HE LOVES IT. And he's not afraid to admit it.

McCutchen -- who recently signed a 6-year, $51.5 MILLION contract with the Pirates -- was strollin' through L.A. Live yesterday ... at the same time a Carrie Underwood concert was going on.

McCutchen swears he wasn't at the Underwood show (though he says he is a fan) ... but fessed up about his obsession with the "Honey Boo Boo" show.

He even told us his favorite scene ... and it involves snot.

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