NFL's Johnathan Abram Dinner Date With Multiple Hot Ladies ... 'Of Course He Paid!!!'


Wanna see why it's DOPE to be an NFL player??? Just check out Las Vegas Raiders star Johnathan Abram leaving a Miami hot spot with not one, not two, not three ....but FOUR very attractive women!!!

TMZ Sports spoke with the 23-year-old stud leaving Prime 112 in South Beach on Thursday and he appeared to be in great spirits -- it's not hard to figure out why.

Not only was Abram in good company, but he's also apparently a really generous guy ... 'cause we spoke with his lovely friends after the dinner ... and they say the Raiders safety paid for everyone's meals!!!

But, the group wasn't just munchin' on apps all night ... they told us they were chowing down on steaks and crab cakes!!!

FYI -- Abram is in the middle of a 4-year, $11 million deal ... so yeah, let him splurge a little bit.

We also asked the star safety about the team's move to Sin City ... and the dude sounds pumped!!!

Eventually, Abram parted ways with the ladies, hopped in his Lambo and drove off.

Life is good.

Derek Carr Booed Off Field After Raiders' Loss Trash Thrown Everywhere!

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The Black Hole turned on Derek Carr in a HURRY Sunday, 'cause after the Raiders lost to the Jags -- the QB was booed off the field ... all while fans hurled trash into the endzone!

The wild scene all went down in the final Raiders game ever at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum ... where fans were clearly pissed that the team blew a 16-3 lead to Jacksonville.

As Carr was leaving the grass ... fans rained down boos on the 28-year-old -- and once he made his way into the locker room -- things turned chaotic.

Video from the scene captured fans throwing trash and food all over the place ... and one reporter claims she even saw a woman gushing blood from her forehead.

A man was also taken off the field by stadium security ... and the whole thing was an awful look for the Raiders in their last game in the Bay Area before their move to Las Vegas.

Of course, hours before the disappointing 20-16 L ... things were much happier -- 'cause Marshawn Lynch handed out shots of tequila to the crowd!!

Pics of the ex-Oakland star running back in the parking lot were pretty epic ... Lynch was giving out shot glasses like water!!

Good luck topping all that next year, Vegas.

Tyrell Williams Antonio Brown Is Not A Cancer ... We Love Him In Oakland!


Antonio Brown's new teammate is already going to bat for the star wide receiver ... 'cause Tyrell Williams tells TMZ Sports AB is 100 percent NOT a locker room cancer!!

"He's awesome," the stud receiver says ... "We love him. We love him. It's been fun."

Of course, there are a few dudes in Pittsburgh who'd disagree ... Brown left the Steelers on bad terms a few months ago -- and everyone from JuJu Smith-Schuster to ex-teammate Ryan Clark blasted the guy.

But, it's so far, so good in Oakland ... so says Tyrell (who just signed with the Raiders this offseason himself), 'cause the WR tells us he's actually learning some tricks from Brown.

We also asked Williams if he thinks Derek Carr and Brown can be a better duo than Big Ben and AB were ... and Tyrell said, "Sky is the limit. You never know what's going to happen."

BTW, we also spoke with Tyrell about the Raiders' future move to Vegas ... and he says he's got no worries about the future trek to Nevada!

Rodney Peete Denies Wrongdoing In Raiders Investment Lawsuit ... 'There's No Scam'


4:12 PM PT -- Peete is ADAMANTLY denying the allegations in a new statement to TMZ Sports ... saying through a rep, "There was no scam."

Here's the statement in its entirety:

"First of all, the investor in this venture in question was not Carlos Rogers the NFL player but another Carlos Rogers altogether. Unfortunately, the error in naming the incorrect Mr. Rogers in the initial reporting caused him unnecessary involvement, confusion and inconvenience.

In 2016, Rodney Peete -along with other former NFL players as well as business and community leaders teamed up to create a dynamic coalition to craft a proposal to keep the Raiders from leaving Oakland, California, acquire a new stadium and develop the surrounding property.

The effort was a well documented, noble and hard fought one. It lasted about two years. There were several enthusiastic investors involved and hopes were high especially among the many Oakland Raiders fans and the Oakland community who had a strong emotional investment in keeping their beloved team from moving again. Tremendous amounts of hard work, sweat, passion, time, energy and money went into this effort. There was no scam or anything fraudulent or illegitimate about this venture or the people involved whatsoever.

It was and still is crushing to so many that it didn’t succeed but it was not from lack of effort.

Investors understand that not all investments pan out, but everyone who invested in the efforts for the Raiders to remain in Oakland fought with integrity to make that time and effort worthwhile, in honor of the millions of fans in Oakland and throughout the West Coast who have supported the team since 1960.

Rodney is very proud of the work he put into this project and would do it all over again

Currently attorneys are in active talks on a resolution to this matter."

1:25 PM -- We initially reported the man behind the suit, Carlos Rogers, is the former NFL star -- but that is not the case. The ex-NFL player named Carlos Rogers DID not file the lawsuit.

The Carlos Rogers who DID file the lawsuit is a real estate and business investor.

Ex-NFL star Rodney Peete is being sued for allegedly running a scam on an investor in a failed plot to keep the Raiders from moving to Las Vegas.

It's all in court docs obtained by TMZ Sports ... in which a man named Carlos Rogers says Peete approached him in 2016 to invest in a group that would provide financing for football facilities that would help sway the Raiders to stay in NorCal.

In his lawsuit, Rogers says Peete provided him with a real investment plan that looked solid -- and if the Raiders decided to move to Vegas, he was promised he'd get his investment back in full.

In fact, Rogers says Peete personally guaranteed that he'd get paid back -- a point he reiterated in emails. One read bluntly, "Everyone will be paid back."

Rogers says he wired $350,000 to Peete in 2017 -- but when the Raiders announced they were moving to Vegas, he never got his money back as promised.

Rogers says he pressed Peete, but Rodney repeatedly stalled and came up with excuses -- and he still hasn't been paid back.

Now, Rogers is suing for fraud -- claiming Peete never ever intended to pay back the money ... it was a scam all along.

He's seeking all of his money back PLUS $100,000 in punitive damages.

Of course, Rodney Peete was also a big NFL star -- who played for 16 years professionally after a solid career at USC.

Golden Knights Star Vegas Advice for Raiders ... Trust Me!!!


The Golden Knights have proven ... just because you play in Vegas doesn't mean you'll be consumed by hookers and blow!

In fact, the Knights did damn well in 2018 (with really no major off-the-ice issues) ... so, when we saw star defenseman Nate Schmidt at the ESPYs, we asked if he had any essential advice for the Raiders.

Of course, the Silver and Black are moving to Sin City in the near future -- and even team owner Mark Davis knows there's potential for trouble there.

But Schmidt has some pearls of wisdom ... and says the NFL squad is gonna love playing and living in one of the best cities in the world.

Oakland Raiders Owner Hits Golden Knights Game Commitment to Vegascellence

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Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis was sitting right up on the glass at the Vegas Golden Knights game Wednesday night ... and even though the team lost, it's probably another big win for him.

The Raiders have been on a PR push to win over Vegas fans before the Silver and Black move into town -- they've taken out newspaper ads and put up billboards.

But, having Davis with his face pressed against the glass (sitting next to Jim Gray) is another good look for the Raiders ... especially since he's been to a TON of Knights' regular season games.

He's also supported other Vegas teams -- attending the WNBA's Las Vegas Aces game on Sunday night. That's commitment!

Don't worry Bay Area teams ... Mark's been courtside cheerin' on the Warriors this season -- he just likes Vegas better now.

And you would too, if this was your future home!!

U.S. Senator Dean Heller We're Building Raiders Staduim ... By Blowing Crap Up!!!


Get ready for your daily testosterone injection ... 'cause U.S. Senator Dean Heller from Nevada is about to tell the world how he's helping to build the Raiders' new home ... and it involves blowing stuff up.

We got Heller in D.C. and he told us he's really enjoying the construction of the Raiders' new stadium, partly because it involves him getting to be the triggerman on some really big fireworks.

"They're detonating 800 pounds of dynamite everyday. They let me push the switch that imploded 800 pounds of dynamite ... I got to tell you as a male that was pretty fun."

First off, we're sure plenty of ladies would love to blow some stuff up, too. Secondly, 800 POUNDS A FREAKIN' DAY!!!! Seems a little excessive to us.

But, hey, it's Vegas right? What's a little excess.

Jon Gruden Inking $100 MILLION Contract ... To Coach Raiders

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Today's Gruden Grinder goes to JON GRUDEN'S AGENT -- who's reportedly landing a $100 MILLION contract for Chucky to coach the Raiders.

Just win, baby!!!!

The deal is reportedly $100 mil for 10 years, the longest coaching deal in NFL history according to Adam Schefter.

Gruden hasn't coached in the NFL since 2008 and has since worked as a color commentator and featured on-air personality for ESPN, where he's reportedly one of their highest paid employees.

Gruden famously won Super Bowl XXXVII with the Tampa Bay Bucs back in 2003 ... when he beat the Raiders.


Marshawn Lynch Poundin' Sand With Fast Feet Dude ... Intense Beach Training


Beast Mode ain't playing around about this NFL comeback -- running crazy footwork drills IN THE SAND with a legendary footspeed specialist ... and it's scary good.

Marshawn Lynch hit the beach with Luis Badillo Jr. -- who's said to have the fastest feet in the world. He's trained world class athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo, Asafa Powell and tons of NFL players.

This time, he flew up to the Bay Area to put in some work with the Oakland Raiders star -- and it's clear these dudes ain't messin' around.

NFL watch out ... Feet Mode is coming.

John Madden Marshawn Could Be Huge for Raiders

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John Madden says Marshawn Lynch could be a game changer for the Oakland Raiders -- and kinda took a shot at Pete Carroll in the process!

The NFL legend and former Raiders coach was asked why bringing Beast Mode to the Silver and Black would be a big deal. Here's what he said:

"One of the worst things in pro football now is short-yardage and goal line offense," John said.

"Teams can’t get 1st downs by running and they get down on the goal line and they’re down there on the 1-yard line throwing the ball! What’s that about?!"

BOOM! (Super Bowl 49 anyone?)

"I think if Marshawn Lynch can take them out of that, if he can get 1st downs on third downs, and if he can get touchdowns on goal line, that’ll be a great big deal for the Raiders."

Gareon Conley Admits 'Brief Oral Sex' with Accuser ... Not Intercourse


Oakland Raiders draft pick Gareon Conley is telling investigators he did receive "brief oral sex" from his accuser on the night of the alleged sexual assault ... but insists it was consensual.

We're told Conley says he was the recipient and that he did NOT force himself on the woman.

The former Ohio State football star is currently being investigated for rape -- after his accuser told police he sexually assaulted her in a Cleveland hotel room on April 9.

Conley's attorney, Kevin Spellacy, says the two did engage in a "consensual sexual event" -- but says it was NOT intercourse.

The accuser told police they did have vaginal sex -- claiming he grabbed her, spun her around and raped her from behind. A rape kit was administered following the incident.

Meanwhile, Conley met with police on Monday and provided a DNA sample and a voluntary statement.

Tim Brown on Gareon Conley: Raiders Better Be Right!


Tim Brown says he REALLY hopes his beloved Oakland Raiders chose wisely by taking a chance on Gareon Conley ... saying, "If it goes bad for him, it's gonna go bad for the Raiders also."

The Raiders raised some eyebrows Thursday night by selecting Conley in the 1st round -- despite the fact he's in the middle of a rape investigation.

Conley insists he's innocent and the Raiders clearly believe him ... and Brown says he's "hoping and praying" the team made the right bet.

Brown raised an interesting point ... saying former Raiders owner Al Davis was never afraid to take guys who were in trouble because he felt those guys would end up being the most loyal to him.

Makes you wonder if Al's philosophy rubbed off on his son, Mark Davis, the new guy in command of the Silver and Black.

Marshawn Lynch Hosting Oakland Block Party ... I'm a Raider!!!


Marshawn Lynch is going full BEAST MODE in his return to the Bay Area ... throwing a HUGE block party in Oakland on Thursday with big stars, new teammates and thousands of crazy fans!

We're told the guest list includes names like Michael B. Jordan, E-40 and Derek Carr -- not too shabby!

The party will take over 3 city blocks surrounding Marshawn's Beast Mode Apparel store near downtown. As one source put it, "It's gonna be bonkers!"

That's not all ... our sources say some of the Golden State Warriors are also expected to join in on the fun.

Just win, baby!

Marshawn Lynch Lookin' NFL Ready At Charity Trip in Haiti

While Marshawn Lynch to the Oakland Raiders rumors circulated the Internet, Beast Mode was helping his old Seahawks teammates host a football camp in Haiti!!

Marshawn is reportedly a physical exam from joining the Silver and Black ... and as the 'Hawks and Raiders work out a deal, he and Michael Bennett helped Cliff Avril host his annual camp.

The NFL stars taught kids fitness skills, helped build houses in the area, donated supplies to a local school and many other charitable efforts.

The boys spent the week in Haiti ... and now Marshawn is headed back to the States to get checked out by the Raiders.

Watch out, NFL ... looks like Beast Mode is back in football shape.

Wayne Newton Vegas Raiders Have My Blessing ... And My Voice To Sing Anthem!!!


Huge moment for the Raiders ... Wayne Newton says the team has his blessing 100% to take over Sin City, and he's willing to kick it off by signing the squad's first national anthem.

We got Wayne looking extremely well preserved out in Beverly Hills, and asked him about the Raiders coming to to the city he's become synonymous with.

Wayne says he's "thrilled" for the city and the team, and when we asked if he'd be willing to kick off the new era with the national anthem, he said he hasn't been asked, but would love the chance.

Hey Raiders, do the right thing.

Willie McGinest LOVES Marshawn Lynch to Raiders Move


Willie McGinest says the best thing the Raiders could do is sign Marshawn Lynch -- explaining why Beast Mode would send that high-octane Silver and Black offense into overdrive!

McGinest also gives his take on why a Lynch to the Patriots deal probably has little hope.

There are reports the Raiders and the Seahawks have agreed to work out a deal so Marshawn can sign with Oakland. Could be very interesting.