Melvin Gordon I Won't Sit Out 2019 ... I'll Play 'Somewhere!'

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Melvin Gordon fantasy owners ... DON'T CUT HIM YET -- the running back says he's playing "somewhere" this season!!!

The Chargers superstar has been sitting out for the last couple months wanting a new contract in L.A. ... but as his backup, Austin Ekeler, tears it up on the field -- it doesn't seem the big bucks are coming MG's way anytime soon.

So, when the tailback went on Instagram Live on Tuesday from some park in San Diego ... he guaranteed you'd see him on the field this year -- just maybe not in Chargers colors.

"Going to play somewhere," Gordon said ... "It would be a waste of talent [if I didn't]."

Melvin's vid has since been deleted ... but we got the message loud and clear -- start trading for the guy in your fantasy leagues ASAP!!!

By the way, Melvin also spoke about the Chargers' lack of fans in the vid -- and you can tell he didn't love the support his team got in Los Angeles.

Maybe a new squad's fanbase will treat him a little better???

Rashad Jennings Encourages Melvin Gordon's Holdout ... 'Get It All!'


Melvin Gordon should stand strong in his holdout from the Chargers ... so says Rashad Jennings, who tells TMZ Sports the RB should do it until he gets a new, fully guaranteed deal!!!

MG has been playing hardball with Los Angeles for the past few weeks wanting a fresh contract ... and the negotiations appear to have gotten pretty ugly.

In fact, reports say the Chargers could ultimately end up trading the superstar tailback before the season begins.

Jennings -- a former NFL running back himself -- tells us Gordon should keep the fight going, even if it means a trade down the line ... saying, "Set a standard!"

"Matter of fact, get it all guaranteed, too!"

Jennings says it's rare that a player has this kind of leverage over a team ... and he's all for the player using it.

FYI, Gordon signed a 4-year deal back in 2015 with the Chargers for $10 million. He's set to make around $6 million this season after the team picked up his 5th-year option in 2018.

Chargers' Melvin Ingram Me, Bosa and Tillery?! 'Best D-Line In Football!'


L.A. Chargers defensive end Melvin Ingram REALLY likes his team's top draft pick -- telling TMZ Sports the addition of Jerry Tillery makes the Bolts "the best D-line in the league!!"

Ingram was out in L.A. over the weekend showing off his sick diamond chain, when we asked about Tillery -- the star defensive tackle from Notre Dame who was selected by the Chargers with the 28th overall pick in the draft.

Safe to say Ingram is PUMPED -- telling us multiple times how DOMINANT the Chargers defensive line will be now that it's stacked with himself, Joey Bosa and Tillery.

Tillery is a monster -- 6'6" and 295 pounds -- and he logged 8 sacks in 2018 while leading the Fighting Irish to an undefeated regular season record.

The 22-year-old is smart too -- he graduated from ND last May with a degree in economics.

As for the Chargers defense, they were already pretty stacked last year -- finishing 9th overall in total team defense, according to

And according to Ingram, they'll be a force to be reckoned with in 2019 too.

Keenan Allen Sings and Plays Piano ... Your Move, Le'Veon Bell!!!

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Remember when Le'Veon Bell posted one of his new rap vids, asked people what they thought about it ... and Keenan Allen hit him back with the brutal "this ain't it" response??

Well ... here's Bell's chance to get revenge ... 'cause the L.A. Chargers star posted a video of himself dabbling in music -- singin' a Daniel Caesar song and playing the piano!!

The initial exchange between the 2 NFLers got personal -- with Bell calling Allen a troll, and KA claiming he was just keeping it real.

Now, Allen has posted a video in croonin' to the Caesar and H.E.R. hit, "Best Part" ... while playing the piano himself.

As for Allen's performance, it's not bad though he acknowledges he needs to keep working -- adding the caption, "Practice Makes Perfect."

Plus, that ain't an easy song to sing -- especially with the high notes -- but Allen didn't do a bad job.

Curious to see how Bell feels about the performance though ...

Keenan Allen Rips Le'Veon Bell's Rap Skills ... 'This Ain't It'

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Le'Veon Bell innocently went to Twitter to ask his followers what he thought of his new song on Sunday ... and Keenan Allen did exactly that with a BRUTALLY honest response.

"I gotta keep it band bro. This ain’t it" (while adding a garbage can emoji).


The NY Jets star didn't take the public criticism lightly ... telling Allen to hit him up directly if that's how he really felt.

"if youu honestly felt that way, youu could’ve just txted me and said that," Bell responded, "but it seems even ppl with check marks wanna troll to seek attention for mentions now a days..."

"enjoy this buzz fuzz, it’s still all positive vibes."

Now, remember ... it's April Fools Day. So, is this all just a prank to get people all worked up?? The LA Chargers star's follow-up suggests otherwise.

"I was not trolling on my momma bro. I don’t troll. Like I said I speak facts. You shouldn’t have asked if you ain’t want the truth. All love over here bro"

So ... is Bell's song actually good or bad? We're just gonna post the video below and let you decide.

Melvin Gordon 'I'm the Best Running Back in L.A.' ... 'Facts'


In the running back battle of L.A., it's Melvin Gordon over Todd Gurley ... at least, according to Melvin Gordon.

The L.A. Chargers star is feelin' himself after a pretty solid 2018 season -- he only played in 12 games due to injury, but still managed to rack up 885 rushing yards and 10 rushing TDs.

Not bad!!!

Gordon's a cool guy -- and even when he was braggin' about himself, he still showed respect for Gurley, who's getting ready to play in the Super Bowl.

Gordon is also tight with his QB, Philip Rivers, so we had to ask if he gets presents for all of Philip's kids for Christmas ... and if you know about Rivers, you know that's a HUGE task considering the guy has like 47 kids!

Brandon Mebane Baby Daughter Passes Away After Battling Heart Defect

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L.A. Chargers defensive lineman Brandon Mebane rejoined his team Wednesday after taking time off to be with his hospital-stricken infant daughter, who passed away last week.

While still in the womb back in July, Mebane's daughter, Makenna, was diagnosed with a heart defect as a result of a chromosomal condition called trisomy 13.

The family moved to Omaha, Nebraska where Mebane's wife, Amena, and unborn child could be treated by doctors who specialized in the condition.

Makenna was born more than 1 month premature in November and later developed an intestinal infection known as Necrotizing Enterocolitis (also known as NEC) -- a fast-striking, devastating condition that can be fatal if not caught and treated immediately.

Doctors treated Makenna for weeks -- and Mebane used the team owner's private jet to travel to the last 2 regular season games when Makenna's health seemed to be stabilizing.

But unfortunately, her health took a turn for the worse earlier this month and she passed away on January 3.

Obviously, Mebane is devastated -- but says he plans to play in the Chargers' playoff game against the New England Patriots this weekend.


Chargers RB Melvin Gordon Serious Smack Talk from Uber Driver ... No Idea Who He Is!!!

Los Angeles Chargers

Melvin Gordon went head to head with his Uber driver over who's going to win Sunday's Wild Card matchup between his Chargers and the Baltimore Ravens ... and the guy didn't have a clue who he was talking to!

The video's hilarious -- the Chargers stud RB playfully goads his friendly driver to make predictions on the game and ends up getting some spicy trash talk out of him ... especially about Philip Rivers.

After praising Ravens QB Lamar Jackson and basically telling Gordon the Chargers QB sucks, he adds ... "I'm going to pull for Phil Rivers to get up off the ground because they gonna put him on the ground."

The driver also feels confident in Baltimore because they've been playing more as a team now that Flacco's on the sidelines, but clearly ... he doesn't have much info on that Melvin Gordon guy.

Even funnier ... despite making it clear he's pulling for the Ravens, the driver eventually admits he's from Texas, but he's "got to talk that crazy talk" since he's picking up Baltimore residents.

Dude knows how to get that 5-star rating.

Antonio Gates Not A Lock To Retire ... This Is Too Much Fun!!


Antonio Gates ain't sure he wants to hang up his cleats after this season ... 'cause the Chargers legend tells TMZ Sports he's having way too much fun to quit football!!!

A.G.'s 38 years old and it's clear he's WAY past his prime ... but when we got the tight end out in Bev Hills -- he says he's not ruling out playing another season in 2019.

"I'm having a lot of fun now. More fun than I had in my whole career to be honest with you."

It's interesting ... considering Gates has just 28 catches and 2 touchdowns this season -- but the Chargers are 11-4 and do still have a shot at the AFC's No. 1 seed.

Sounds like all that winning has Gates -- who nearly retired before THIS season -- thinking about playing another year with Philip Rivers -- even if he ain't ballin' like he used to.

"Right now, I'm just enjoying the moment, man. We in the postseason, we got a chance to the playoffs and win the championship. And, after that, I'll just see how it goes."

Stay tuned ...

Melvin Gordon Apologizes To Fantasy Owners 'I Couldn't Come Thru!!'

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If Melvin Gordon cost ya money last night ... the L.A. Chargers running back says he's truly sorry.

"To my fantasy owners ... who lost without my help I’m sorry," M.G. wrote on social media.

Gordon was a monster this year -- averaging 25.15 fantasy points per game -- but a knee injury sidelined him while many needed him the most in fantasy playoffs Thursday night.

Of course, the NFL superstar was probably the reason you were IN the fantasy playoffs in the first place ... but he's still apologizing nonetheless.

"Crunch time in these playoffs and I couldn’t come thru !!"

But hey, it coulda been worse ... at least fantasy owners had a heads-up a couple hours before kickoff to swap him out of the lineup.

As for his teammate, Keenan Allen ... the same can't be said -- and THAT'S the apology we're all still waiting for!!!

JK These guys don't owe us anything. Heal up, guys!!

LAPD Trolls Kansas City Police Dept. After Chargers Rob Chiefs

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The Kansas City P.D. was talking all sorts of crap about the Chargers before they took on the Chiefs Thursday night.

So, when K.C. choked away the game, the LAPD decided to rub some salt in the wound.

It all started before the big "Thursday Night Football" matchup ... when the KCPD threw shade at the Bolts for their lack of fan support in BOTH San Diego and L.A.

"While our football team doesn't have to move cities to get fans, we'd like to keep our city's traffic (both fans & commuters) moving during tomorrow's Chiefs vs Chargers game."

"Stadium full of people will be going to Arrowhead during rush hour. Plan alt. routes or extra time."

So, when Philip Rivers and company stormed into Arrowhead and silenced the 75,000 fans with a last-second, come-from-behind victory ... the LAPD decided to clap back.

"It’s ok...we’ll take the 11-3 playoff-bound @Chargers and their great win over the @Chiefs."


Of course ... L.A. cops weren't the only ones getting in on the K.C. trollin' -- Rivers made sure the fans at Arrowhead got some in person too!


The best news for all parties?? Both teams have clinched a playoff berth ... which means we could all get round 3 in just a few weeks.

Can't wait.

ESPN's Cari Champion Defends Stephen A. Smith ... After NFL Brainfart


Don't worry, Stephen A. Smith ... your colleagues got your back!

The ESPN star went viral on Thursday because of his DISASTROUS pregame analysis of the Chargers game ... which included a bunch of guys who weren't even playing.

It was a mess ... and HILARIOUS!

He mentioned Hunter Henry as a key player while noting the way he's played this year. The problem? Hunter's been out all season with a torn ACL.

Stephen also mentioned Derrick Johnson as a player to watch for the Chiefs -- despite the fact he hasn't been on the roster since 2017. Good times!

So, when we saw ESPN's Cari Champion at LAX, we had to ask ... WHAT HAPPENED?!

"Stephen A. is a very smart man. He has a lot going on and he is extremely smart," Champion said.

"I think Stephen A. has a lot to do ... a lot on his plate ... he knew exactly what he was talking about ... we all make mistakes."

She added, "[You] try doing live television 20,000 hours a day!"

For his part, Stephen A. called the situation a "brain-lock moment" and clowned himself on Twitter.

"It’s called a MISTAKE because I was think of Virgil Green, but mentioned Hunter because I was multi-tasking. That’s what happens when you’re doing a thousand things."

"But I don’t blame you if you told me to 'Stay Off The Weeeeeeedddddddd.!' That was a brain-lock moment."

NFL's Antonio Gates Burglars Strike L.A. Home ... While Kids Were Inside


Cops are on the hunt for the scumbags who broke into the home of L.A. Chargers star tight end Antonio Gates and his wife, Sasha, over the weekend ... while their kids were inside the house.

Scary situation ... surveillance cameras at the San Fernando Valley home captured multiple suspects climbing a gate and stalking around the property over the weekend.

We're told the men targeted Antonio's garage where they stole a number of items and rummaged through some of Antonio's high-end cars, including a Rolls-Royce.

All the while, we're told Antonio's kids were inside the home.

The burglars never made contact with the family -- but they stole a bunch of stuff including a hoverboard belonging to one of Antonio's kids.

Cops have the surveillance footage and are hunting for the suspects.

Sources connected to the investigation tell us it appears the men may have cased the property before they struck because they knew exactly where to head once they climbed the fence.

Gates is the latest high-profile burglary victim in the area -- as we previously reported, cops have made a bunch of arrests after stars like Yasiel Puig, Robert Woods and Rihanna were also burglarized.

Unclear if cops believe the suspects in the Gates incident have any connection to the other cases.

Shawne Merriman Heartbroken Over Chargers Owner's Death


Shawne Merriman tells TMZ Sports he's feeling pretty crappy today after learning Chargers owner Alex Spanos died ... saying, "Just really sorry for the loss, man."

Spanos -- who bought the Chargers back in 1984 -- passed away Tuesday morning at 95 years old ... just several weeks after his wife, Faye, died at 92.

"I sent text messages this morning to the family," Merriman, an ex-Chargers superstar, tells us.

"Very sorry to hear that. Alex Spanos has done so much for the organization."

Though Alex relinquished control of the Bolts to his son, Dean, in '94 ... Shawne says Alex and the rest of the Spanoses played huge roles in his development as a man after drafting him in 2005.

In fact, Shawne tells us the Spanoses are like family to him ... and he's hurting for them.

"Just want to send my love and condolences to the Spanos family."

George W. Bush also released a statement on Spanos' passing Tuesday, saying, "Alex was one-of-a-kind ... He was a wonderful citizen and friend, and the Bush family will miss him."


Landon Donovan Gunning to Bring MLS Team to San Diego


Bad news, San Diego ... the Chargers ain't coming back.

Good news, San Diego ... Landon Donovan's working on your replacement -- YOUR VERY OWN MLS SOCCER TEAM!!!

Philip Rivers and the rest of the Bolts packed their bags for L.A. last year ... and in their wake -- they left a giant plot of land for the city to use.

That's when Donovan stepped in and helped spearhead an effort to fill that space with a new stadium, restaurants, housing, shopping -- and a new MLS futbol team.

So, what'll it take for Landon to get all this done??

"If people in San Diego want this to happen and want this to be a part of the future of this city and impact people for decades to come," Donovan tells us, "then they can vote 'yes.' Our measure is Measure E."

The vote's Nov. 6 ... and Donovan's promising a space of land that will rival what L.A.'s got downtown by the Staples Center if it goes down.

Take that, Dean Spanos.

NFL's Corey Liuget Claims Trainer Injected Him w/ PEDs ... Sues For $15 MIL!!

Chargers star DL Corey Liuget claims his former trainer injected him with PEDs without his consent and cost him over $15 MILLION ... and now he's suing to get that cash back.

The NFL stud -- who's been with the Chargers since '11 -- was suspended for the first 4 games of this season after testing positive for a banned substance.

Now, Liuget's filed a lawsuit ... pointing the finger at his longtime trainer -- Ian Danney.

Liuget claims he went to get treatment for broken foot bones in November 2017 ... when Danney injected him with what he said was a "strong dose of an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory."

He says 2 days later he gave a urine sample ... and it came back dirty.

Liuget says he then confronted his trainer ... who admitted to giving him prescription medication -- but denied giving him a banned substance.

But, Liuget is still pissed ... and says it's cost him a fortune in salary and endorsements -- not to mention the public humiliation he says he's endured.

Liuget's asking for more than $15 MILLION in damages.

He's eligible to return to the field in 2 weeks.