Chargers' Tyrod Taylor Hits OC Hotspot W/ Draya Michele ... After 45-0 Drubbing

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How'd Tyrod Taylor get over an embarrassing 45-0 loss on Sunday??


Just hours after the Chargers were pummeled by the Patriots at SoFi Stadium ... Taylor decided to date the pain away by hitting up an Orange County hotspot with his model GF.

The two were all smiles as they strolled into Lido Marina Village in Newport Beach ... and yeah, doesn't seem like L.A.'s backup QB was too hurt about his team's horrendous loss earlier in the day.

Then again ... how could you NOT smile on a night out with Draya?!?!

Michele posted about the evening on her social media page ... sharing a video of the couple's cocktails and writing, "Last night to dine out in LA."

Michele and Taylor have been linked for the past couple months now ... and it seems the two are going strong despite the global pandemic and the Chargers' abysmal season.

Nice to see at least SOME people are enjoying 2020.

Justin Herbert R.I.P. Luscious Locks!!! ... Shocking New Look

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Los Angeles Chargers


Los Angeles Chargers rookie Justin Herbert just chopped it ALL off on top ... with the QB debuting a brand-new look on Wednesday.

The 22-year-old signal-caller has made a name for himself since his Oregon days for his skills on the field ... but was just as attention-grabbing when the helmet came off.

Matter of fact, the guy had such great flow ... he got an endorsement deal from Head and Shoulders!!

But, that is all a thing of the past ... with Herbert straight-up buzzing it all off.

So ... why?!

"No particular reason," Herbert told reporters. "It was just time and it was getting too long, so it was time to cut it."

JH added it had nothing to do with the Chargers' 3-game losing streak ... saying he's not a superstitious guy.

"Honestly, it was just getting long and time to cut it."

So long, hair. We'll miss ya.

Dr. Oz Tyrod Lung Injury More Common Than You Think ... Accidents Happen!!!


Dr. Oz says L.A. Chargers QB Tyrod Taylor's lung injury is really unfortunate, but likely nothing to freak out about ... telling TMZ Sports these accidents happen!!

Taylor was a late scratch prior to last weekend's game against the Chiefs ... after the 31-year-old suffered a punctured lung while receiving a painkiller injection for a cracked rib.

This isn't an everyday injury, so we hit up the Doc to make sense of it all ... and he gives a great explanation of what exactly happened.

But, the REAL question on everyone's mind -- is TT gonna be okay?? Oz is optimistic.

"Every doctor who has ever numbed someone's ribs knows it's a potential complication," Oz tells us.

"I don't think Taylor is gonna be getting many more injections in there, I suspect, and I'm hoping the hole is a very small one because the needles we need and use to numb up the nerves are very small."

"So hopefully it recovers on its own and by game 3 or 4 rather, it will be forgotten

As for the doctor responsible for the mishap, Oz thinks it'll be a learning experience moving forward, saying, "I mean, doctors make mistakes. The key for us is that we own it and improve from it."

Get well soon, Tyrod!

Report: Tyrod Taylor Chargers Doc Punctured QB's Lung ... In Botched Injection

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Terrible news for L.A. Chargers QB Tyrod Taylor ... he reportedly suffered a PUNCTURED LUNG while getting a painkiller injection from a team doctor before Sunday's game.

Taylor was receiving treatment for a cracked rib prior to kickoff before the Bolts' game against the Kansas City Chiefs ... when he started to experience chest pains.

The 31-year-old was taken to a nearby hospital to get checked out ... and rookie QB Justin Herbert became the last-minute starter for L.A.'s 23-20 loss to the defending world champs.

Now, ESPN's Adam Schefter is revealing Taylor's condition was all caused by a team doc who accidentally punctured the quarterback's lung while giving the injection.

Taylor -- who suffered the cracked ribs in Week 1 against the Bengals -- has been listed as "week-to-week" while he recovers from the punctured lung ... but ESPN reports doctors are saying Taylor should sit indefinitely while he recovers.

Whenever Taylor DOES get back to 100%, Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn says he'll get the starting gig back from the rookie.

No word on whether the doc responsible for the injury is still working on other players at the moment ... but the NFL Players Association is investigating.

Chargers Coach Anthony Lynn Reveals COVID Diagnoses ... I Was 'Coughing, Aching'

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L.A. Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn revealed he was diagnosed with COVID earlier this year -- and only got tested after hearing about a golfer with similar symptoms.

51-year-old Lynn spelled it out on the season premiere of HBO's "Hard Knocks" -- and though he didn't specifically say WHEN he tested positive.

"I can't promise you you're not going to get infected," Lynn told his players during a video chat meeting ... "I got infected."

He continued, "What I want to do is limit your exposure, but then when that whistle blows, let's go kick somebody's ass and play some football."

Later in the show, Lynn was asked about his symptoms -- and how he realized he had coronavirus.

"I’m coughing a little bit, then my body started aching a little bit. I couldn’t get comfortable in my bed," Lynn said.

Lynn then explained that he was watching a golf match and saw that a golfer had pulled out after experiencing similar symptoms -- and laster tested positive for COVID.

"I said, 'sh*t. My body kinda felt like that.'"

"If I hadn't been watching the golfing game and saw that golfer complain about backaches and soreness ... I never even would have gotten tested And I would have had this and never even known it. And probably got people infected."

Lynn says he was more worried about being branded an "outcast" than batting the virus itself.

"All the sudden, I'm the problem. I'm used to fixing the problem, now I'm the problem."

Lynn was eventually cleared to return to work -- where his players are staff are tested for COVID every day.

Lynn also joins New Orleans' Sean Payton and Philly's Doug Pederson as the only NFL coaches to test positive for the virus.

Rams & Chargers Hang Monstrous Scoreboard At SoFi ... 2.2 Million Pounds!!!

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Move over, Jerry Jones ... there's a new king in the scoreboard world -- the Rams and Chargers just officially hung their video beast, AND IT'S 2.2 MILLION POUNDS!!!

The L.A. NFL squads made the joint announcement Wednesday ... saying their one-of-a-kind jumbotron is now fully functional at the new SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, Calif.

And, according to the teams ... it's gaudy.

The board is the largest EVER in sports history (yes, even bigger than the one at Jerry World in Dallas) ... coming in at 120 yards long and featuring 70,000 square feet of LED technology.

The teams also say it's hooked up with 260 speakers ... and holds enough power to keep 1,500 home theater systems running!!!

Unclear if any fans will be able to watch it this season -- coronavirus cases are spiking like crazy in California and with the regular season's kickoff set for only 2 months from now, things ain't looking promising.

But, hey ... the teams say the new digs will be complete by the end of this summer regardless -- so getcha popcorn ready just in case -- AND WEAR YOUR MASKS!!

L.A. Chargers Kaepernick Fits Our System ... Head Coach Says

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Could Colin Kaepernick's return to the NFL start in Los Angeles?

Chargers coach Anthony Lynn told reporters Wednesday it's certainly a possibility ... saying, "Colin definitely fits the style of quarterback for the system that we’re going to be running,"

LA Chargers

Of course, Lynn -- who has yet to speak with Colin about a potential tryout -- says the Bolts have a pretty full QB room already ... so a signing seems unlikely at the moment.

But, Lynn insinuated if something should happen to one of their top quarterbacks ... Colin would be one of the first guys they call for a workout.

"It would be crazy to not have him on your workout list," Lynn said ... before adding, "I’m very confident and happy with the three quarterbacks that I have but you can never have too many people waiting on the runway."

Colin -- who's been out of the league since 2016 -- has yet to have any truly serious offers since he last played ... even despite a workout in front of several NFL scouts in 2019.

Kap's made it clear he feels he's been blackballed because of his kneeling protests ... but in an interview with ESPN this week, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said he's now encouraging teams to sign the QB.

We're told Kaepernick is still training like a madman to get back in the league ... waiting for his opportunity.

Melvin Gordon Roasts Chargers' L.A. Support ... I'm Used To No Fans In Stands!!!

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Melvin Gordon didn't hold back when he was asked about the possibility of playing in fan-less stadiums in 2020 ... saying it used to happen to him all the time in his Chargers career!!

"Bro, we didn't have fans anyway!" Gordon said with a laugh.

Of course, MG ain't really wrong ... Chargers games over the past few seasons became famous for being overrun by opponents' fan bases -- but hearing Gordon say it so bluntly was still SAVAGE!!

"We didn't have many Chargers fans, I'm going to be honest," Gordon explained in an interview this week with his former Wisconsin teammate, Marcus Cromartie. "We didn't have many Chargers fans at the game."

Don't worry, L.A. faithful ... Gordon still praised the few of you out there, saying, "Much loyalty, love, but we didn't have many!"

Gordon added, "I ain't really missing out on much!"

This isn't the first time the running back has taken a shot at the Chargers' lack of support at their own games ... remember, he was publicly pissed at his former squad for playing the Steelers' rally song during their own HOME game in 2019.

Gordon doesn't have to worry about any of that anymore if the COVID-19 pandemic subsides ... he's in Denver now -- where fans are notorious for being loud as hell at games.

Sorry, L.A.

Tom Brady's Reps Meet W/ Raiders, Chargers, Others ... Gisele Ponders New City

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1:59 PM PT -- Gisele just commented on the possibility of Tom playing elsewhere in 2020 ... saying she hopes her hubby picks a nice city if he chooses to leave the Pats!


"Well, I would love to know where I'm going to be living this year," Gisele said Thursday. "But, I don't know that yet. But, hopefully somewhere nice and wherever my husband is happy playing. So, we will see."

And here ... we ... go!!!!

Tom Brady might really be on his way outta Foxborough ... 'cause his agents have been busy meeting with potential suitors while in Indy for the NFL Combine, this according to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport.

Talks of TB12 leaving the Patriots intensified on Thursday ... with ESPN's Jeff Darlington going as far as to say he'd be very surprised if the 6-time champ returned to New England.

Now, the NFL Network is naming names ... with Rapoport saying the Colts, Raiders and Chargers have met with Brady's longtime agents, Don Yee and Carter Chow, about their superstar client.

In fact, TMZ Sports spoke with Brady's old teammate, Willie McGinest, who also believed the 42-year-old QB could either retire or end up elsewhere ... so don't be shocked if it actually happens.

As for Brady ... he's probably gonna troll the hell outta everybody until he makes his decision -- whether it be Hulu ads or triggering comments on Keenan Allen's IG posts.

Take a deep breath, Pats fans ... and remember the man brought you 6 rings.

Also, if you think Pats owner Robert Kraft is simply going to let Tom walk out the door without making a solid effort to re-sign him, you clearly didn't watch our shaky, hard-to-hear 12-second BOMBSHELL clip from a few weeks ago.

Originally Published -- 1:12 PM PT


Cam Newton Predicts Tom Brady Will Be A Charger ... Says Shawne Merriman


Cam Newton believes Tom Brady will be an L.A. Charger next year ... this according to Shawne Merriman, who says the Panthers QB predicted it to him at the Super Bowl this month!

"He thinks that Tom is going to come to the Chargers," Merriman tells TMZ Sports.

Of course, it really could happen ... L.A. just gave Philip Rivers the boot, and TB12 is a free agent.

Merriman, though, says he doesn't see it going down that way -- the Chargers legend jokingly says he HATES Tom -- and tells us the right fit to replace Philip is actually Cam himself!!!

"Tom's a great quarterback, he's just not a great quarterback for the Los Angeles Chargers," Merriman says ... "I think if you're going to move from a different direction from Phillip, you go in and get somebody that could do a little bit more -- a little more athletic."

Merriman added, "I just brought up one name, I think Cam Newton is a -- could be a really good choice. Even for the short term. And, you can still go draft."

But, the ex-Bolts superstar doesn't see either Brady or Cam ultimately coming to the Chargers ... telling us he doesn't see the Panthers letting Newton go.

As for his old teammate, Rivers ... Merriman tells us he's sure the guy will land on his feet somewhere -- saying he knows of at least NINE teams that could use Rivers as their starter in 2020.

Philip Rivers Gets The Axe From Chargers ... Time To 'Turn The Page'

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The L.A. Chargers are moving on without Philip Rivers ... the team just announced it's parting ways with the QB, saying it was time to "turn the page."

"As we talked through various scenarios," Bolts GM Tom Telesco said Monday, "It became apparent that it would be best for Philip and the Chargers to turn the page on what has truly been a remarkable run."

38-year-old Rivers -- who's been a Charger since 2004 -- is coming off arguably his worst season as a starter ... throwing 20 INTS to just 23 TDs.

And, with L.A. having a top 6 pick in this spring's NFL draft ... Telesco and the Bolts made it clear they won't be looking to re-sign the guy this offseason.

"We agreed that making this decision well before free agency would allow everyone to put themselves in the best position for success in 2020," Telesco said.

For his part, Rivers was classy about the exit -- saying in a statement, "We had a lot of great moments ... I wish my teammates and coaches nothing but the best moving forward."

As for Rivers' future ... it seems retirement could be an option, although Telesco said he believes Philip could still be a starter somewhere in the league.

"I'm not sure what the future holds," Rivers said, "but my family and I look forward to seeing what God has planned for us next."

Willie McGinest Warns New England ... Tom Brady Could Be Done!!!


Could Tom Brady REALLY have played his last down in New England??

TMZ Sports went straight to one of TB12's best Patriots buddies, Willie McGinest, to get the answer ... and he told us it wouldn't shock him!!

"There's a lot of us that played for the Patriots that became free agents or were traded or left the organization," Willie said. "At some point, you either retire or move on."


Of course, Willie left the door open for the possibility that Tom could return as well ... saying everything will hinge on a season-ending meeting between the G.O.A.T. and the Pats' brass.

If it is the end of the New England road for Brady ... McGinest says he could see the guy fitting in with the Chargers next season, telling us, "It's a good football team."

"The business side of it too [for the Chargers], you gotta sell jerseys, you gotta fill up seats, you got a new stadium you're moving into -- I wouldn't count anything out."

Keep holding your breath, Pats fans ... it could be a long offseason in Foxborough!

Antonio Gates Loves Idea of Tom Brady to Chargers 'Hopefully' He Comes Here


Antonio Gates says he's ALL about the possibility of Tom Brady coming to the Chargers -- telling TMZ Sports, "If he does, I'll be one of his biggest supporters."

"I heard that he might come out here and bless us with his presence," Gates told us on the way out of Bootsy Bellows nightclub in West Hollywood.

"... and if he does that, that would be a great sight to see in L.A."

Interesting comments from Gates who spent his entire career with the Bolts catching passes from Philip Rivers, who's about to become a free agent when the 2019 NFL season officially ends.

Don't get it twisted, Gates didn't say anything negative about Rivers -- but it's clear that Antonio wants his former team to jump on the chance to sign Brady if the opportunity presents itself.

"If [Brady] comes here, I'm gonna be a big fan."

Of course, Gates made headlines of his own this week when he announced his retirement from pro football after 16 seasons in the NFL.

Gates was an 8-time Pro-Bowl tight end, 5-time All Pro and owns the record for most career TDs for a tight end with 116.

What's more impressive ... Gates was an undrafted free agent out of Kent State, where he was a college basketball player. He didn't play a single snap of college football.

Now, he's destined for Canton ... but we had to ask Antonio what his next career move will be. Obviously, he's got a plan.

Chargers' Dean Spanos We're Not Moving To London!! ... 'Total F**king Bulls**t'

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Chargers owner Dean Spanos is LIVID over a report that says his team is exploring a full-time move to London ... telling media the article is "f**king bulls**t!"

"It's total f**king bulls**t, OK?" Spanos said Tuesday. "We're not going to London. We're not going anywhere. We're playing in Los Angeles. This is our home. This is where I'm planning to be for a long f**king time. Period."

The Athletic posted a story on Monday saying NFL sources told the outlet the league is considering the possibility of relocating the Chargers from L.A. to London full time.

But, Spanos called immediate BS on that in a no-cameras-allowed meeting with media Tuesday ... saying, "We plan to be in L.A. for a long f**king time. That was bulls**t, that story."

Of course, the Chargers famously moved from San Diego to L.A. back in 2017 ... but they haven't exactly been welcomed with a warm embrace by the city.

Their games are regularly packed with opposing fans ... and at one point earlier this season, Chargers players were mad at the way team officials handled playing an opponents' rallying song on the jumbotron mid-game.

Because of that ... The Athletic's report seemed to have some teeth -- but Spanos could not have shot it down harder in a heated rant.

In fact, the Chargers' Twitter account even backed its owner with a hilarious post ... throwing up the famous clip of Leonardo DiCaprio in "The Wolf Of Wall Street" telling his employees "I'm not f**kin' leaving!"

Lauren Summer & Kayla Lauren WS Boob Flashers Get VIP Treatment ... at L.A. Chargers Game

Flashing your boobs to the whole country at the World Series definitely has its perks... 'cause models Lauren Summer and Kayla Lauren got the VIP hookup at the L.A. Chargers game!!!

Of course, just last week the ladies made global headlines for exposing their chests while Gerrit Cole was on the mound during Game 5 of the Fall Classic.

MLB booted them from the ballpark and banned them from all MLB events FOR LIFE --  but apparently, they're still welcome at NFL games!!!

So, Lauren and Kayla threw on some Keenan Allen jerseys and hit up the Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, CA on Sunday where they got special field access during warmups before the Bolts took on the Packers.

Don't worry, they kept it PG this time.

No sign of Julia Rose at the game, so the trifecta wasn't totally complete ... but 2 outta 3 ain't bad!

For the record, it's unclear if the women were invited by the Chargers -- or if they got hooked up from someone else. We reached out to the team for comment but haven't heard back.

Seems the women were good luck charms for the Chargers -- considering L.A. easily handled the Pack in a 26-11 victory with Aaron Rodgers having one of his worst games of the season.

Maybe he was just distracted.

Nick & Joey Bosa's Dad Raves About Sons Dominating NFL ... 'I Still Pay For Dinner!!!'


Nick and Joey Bosa are setting the NFL on fire -- they each have 7 sacks and are widely regarded as two of the best defensive players in the league.

So, how does their ex-NFL player dad feel about the family domination?


We spoke with the former NFL 1st round draft pick about his sons killing it for the 49ers and the L.A. Chargers ... and it's obvious John couldn't be more proud of his boys.

"Sometimes it's actually hard to believe how blessed I am to have 2 sons who are doing what they love," John tells TMZ Sports ... "It's amazing."

John -- who interestingly enough has 7 career NFL sacks -- says he always knew his boys had special athletic talent, but he could never have predicted this level of success.

But, it ain't just God-given ability. John says what sets his boys apart is their work ethic.

"They're absolutely relentless on trying to hone their skills and being the best they can be," John says.

"This is Joey's 4th year in the league and he's a miserable S.O.B. after practice if he didn't feel he had a great practice."

John hits all sorts of topics in our conversation. Here are some of the highlights ...

-- John explains why the family doesn't consider themselves "football fans"

-- John talks about why he hates "Thursday Night Football"

-- Why Nick owes a lot of his NFL success to his big bro Joey

-- Why John tries to stay out of his sons' business affairs

-- The 49ers are the PERFECT for Nick, starting with the coaching staff.

The whole interview is pretty great and sheds some light on what life is like for the Bosa gang.

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