'Floribama Shore' Kirk Medas Pulled Celeb Card During GA Bust ... Do You Know Who I Am?!??

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Here's "Floribama Shore" star Kirk Medas pulling the ol' "don't you know who I am?" card on cops during his arrest down in Georgia ... and it backfires in spectacular fashion.

Kirk was arrested for disorderly conduct this month in Woodstock, GA ... and he tried to tout his celebrity status as he was being hauled off in handcuffs.

Kirk yells, "I'm on a TV show by the way," as cops slap on a pair of cuffs and curious bystanders laugh as they try to figure out exactly what the hell he's famous for.

Kirk ain't lying ... dude was a regular on the "Jersey Shore" spin-off ... but it seems he doesn't really know his audience. The bystanders definitely didn't know him.

As for the arrest ... cops say they were responding to a call regarding a drunk and disorderly male, later identified as Kirk, who had been kicked outta Pure Taqueria.

Police say bar staff told Kirk he had to hit the road after he threw up, and that's when he allegedly became belligerent. Medas was cited for misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

In the video, you hear bystanders saying cops have their guns trained on Kirk ... but the cops say they just pulled out tasers.

Bad publicity is good publicity ... maybe you'll be recognized next time, Kirk.

Rapper Sheck Wes Arrested In NY Traffic Stop ... Cops Say They Found Gun, Weed


11:41 AM PT -- Sheck's attorney, Scott Leemon, tells TMZ, "This morning, Judge Moyne, in the Manhattan Criminal Court released Sheck Wes on his own recognizance, with no bail. His case was adjourned to August. During that period, we will conduct our own investigation into the charges."

Sheck Wes is facing 2 felony charges after getting busted in NYC ... where cops say he was toting a gun and drugs around town in his fancy whip.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Sheck was driving a 2019 Lamborghini SUV with 3 friends when he was pulled over early Wednesday morning in Harlem for excessive window tint.

Our sources say the car reeked of marijuana which prompted a search -- and officers found a loaded 9mm Smith & Wesson pistol in a bag, and a small amount of weed.

We're told prosecutors charged Sheck and another passenger with 2 felonies -- criminal possession of a loaded firearm and criminal possession of a weapon ... and Sheck and his co-defendant were arraigned and released without bail. They did not charge him for the pot.

Our sources say the "Mo Bamba" rapper was also cited for not having a driver's license.

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Aldon Smith On NFL Reinstatement ... 'I'm An Overall Better Person'


Aldon Smith says he's not worried about rust in his NFL comeback -- telling TMZ Sports he feels young, healthy and "blessed by God."

The 30-year-old pass-rusher was reinstated by the NFL after 5 years out of pro football due to several off-the-field issues including arrests stemming from substance abuse.

But, Smith -- a former 1st All-Pro -- says he's now clean and sober and focused on football. In fact, he's been busting his ass in L.A. with Jay Glazer and recently signed a 1-year deal with the Dallas Cowboys.

Some people would be concerned about readjusting to the speed of the NFL after 5 years off ... but Aldon says he's not sweating it at all.

"God has blessed me with talent," Smith tells us ... " And, one of the talents is my natural gift to play ball, to be an athlete."

"So, I still feel young. I don’t have the mileage on my body. I still feel great when I go to the gym. I still feel young and fresh. So, if anything, I’m looking forward to what I’m going to be able to do out there."

When asked if he thinks he has another 19.5 sack season in him -- the same numbers he posted back in 2012 -- Smith was confident about that, too!

"I’m an overall better person [than I was back then]," Smith says.

"I got 20 sacks ... 19.5 ... I say 20 because it was 20. But, I was able to play at a high level with a lot of other things going on in my life.  With how life is for me now, I’m just looking forward to seeing what I can do."

"My goal is to pick up where I left off. That just means I always work hard. I always play hard. I want the same thing out of my teammates and I’m sure those guys in the locker room feel the same way, and with that mentality, the sky is the limit. I think as long as we do what we need to do and everybody plays to their potential anything’s possible."

Virginia Shoplifters Getaway w/ Hollowed-Out Melon Masks ... Cops Make an Arrest

5:38 PM PT -- TMZ spoke to the police chief in Louisa, Tom Leary, and he tells us the one suspect in custody thus far is 20-year-old Justin Rogers ... who was booked on three charges -- misdemeanor larceny of alcohol, misdemeanor possession of alcohol by an underage person and felony prohibition of wearing a mask/face covering in public. Yep, that's super illegal there.

A couple of real-life melon heads thought it'd be a great idea to walk into a store wearing these homemade masks to jack some s*** -- luckily, cops might've already cracked the case.

Check out these two bozos out of Louisa, Virginia -- not too far from Washington D.C. -- walking into a gas station convenience store called Sheetz about a week or so ago and making off with some goodies inside -- with watermelon bandit disguises in tow, no less.

The Louisa Police Department was asking for the public's help in identifying the two larceny suspects -- who were caught on surveillance video before hopping in their getaway vehicle. The department wrote ... "On May 6, 2020, at 2135 hours, two subjects arrived at the Sheetz in a LIFTED 2006 Black Toyota Tacoma wearing hollowed-out watermelon rinds with holes cut out for the eyes into the store where they proceeded to commit a larceny."

Looks like their local citizenry recognized the seedless perps, 'cause an arrest was recently made and the cops thanked their community for the assistance.

Unclear what these boys might've taken, but it doesn't sound like weapons were used in the alleged grab and snatch. We're guessing they left their bananas at home for this heist.

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Redskins WR Cody Latimer Arrested on Assault/Gun Charges ... Already Bailed Out

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11:02 AM PT -- Cops say they got a call on possible shots fired from inside an apartment early Saturday, and when they arrived ... they found Latimer and two other people inside -- one of whom had minor injuries unrelated to a gunshot. All of them were detained, but only Latimer was ultimately arrested. No other info is available at the moment.

Washington Redskins star Cody Latimer was hauled off to jail this weekend after cops say he was involved in assaulting someone and illegally using a firearm.

The wide receiver was arrested early Saturday morning just after midnight in Englewood, Colorado, where cops were summoned to an apartment complex Cody was at. It's unclear what led up to the arrest or why police were called -- but Cody was taken into custody.

He was booked on several charges ... assault in the second degree, illegal discharge of a firearm, prohibited use of a weapon, reckless endangerment and menacing. He was processed at the Douglas County Detention Facility -- and has reportedly already bailed out on a $25,000 bond.

The Redskins have responded to Latimer's arrest, saying ... "We are aware of the situation and have informed the NFL League Office. We will continue to gather more information and have no further comment at this time."

Cody's had a run-in with the law before in Colorado -- he was arrested in 2016 during a domestic disturbance call he made on his GF ... back when he was a Bronco. Later, it was revealed Cody was only taken in on an outstanding warrant for a failure to appear in court from a traffic ticket.

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Dog Choked Cam Catches Man in Disgusting Act ... Attacking Ex-GF's Pet


A guy was caught on camera choking his ex-girlfriend's dog -- and now ... he's facing criminal charges for the sickeningly evil deed.

30-year-old Shane Mitchell allegedly took his ex's pup -- a Doberman named Rubyjean -- without permission, and when he showed up at the owner's front door with Rubyjean, the owner threatened him with a call to the cops. That set Mitchell off, and what happened next is disturbing.

While his ex remained behind her front door during the argument, her Ring doorbell cam recorded Mitchell angrily reaching down and yanking up the dog by its leash, suffocating it, and letting it dangle in front of the camera. The owner shrieks from inside, pleading for him to stop -- then, the video ends.

Cops in Slidell, Louisiana say Mitchell was eventually arrested and booked on animal cruelty charges after the clip made the rounds online, and even better news ... Rubyjean is okay.

She's back in her home and doesn't seem to have suffered any permanent damage as a result of the choking. The city's police chief issued a strong statement of the heinous act, saying ... "I was sick to my stomach watching that video." He added, "How someone can hurt a defenseless animal is beyond me."

The police say their investigation into the matter is still ongoing, and more charges could be brought against Mitchell.

Alberto Del Rio Arrested for Sexual Assault ... Allegedly Choked Woman, Burned Her Passport

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TMZ Sports has obtained the police report from the Alberto Del Rio arrest ... and it's very disturbing.

The accuser told police Del Rio exploded on her on May 3 in San Antonio, Texas -- accusing her of cheating on him with other men.

The accuser -- who cops say only speaks Spanish -- says Del Rio smashed her cell phone, her laptop and attempted to burn her passport in an attack that started at around 10 p.m. on May 3 and lasted until around 2:30 p.m. on May 4.

The woman also claims Del Rio attacked her, causing multiple injuries and left her, "feeling woozy and dizzy from the hits to her head."

There's more ... the accuser also claims Del Rio choked her and at one point "shoved a sock into her mouth, to keep [her] quiet."

The woman says, "When the sock was in her mouth, she could not breathe."

During the incident, the woman claims Del Rio also sexually assaulted her with his penis and other body parts. The woman is adamant she did NOT consent to sexual activity with Del Rio.

The woman told police that she is afraid of Del Rio and had planned on leaving the city as soon as possible.

The responding officer says he saw "multiple bruises" on the accuser's face, arms, legs and neck.

Del Rio -- real name Jose Rodriguez Chucuan -- was arrested for domestic violence and aggravated sexual assault. According to his booking sheet, the 42-year-old is listed at 6'4", 240 pounds. The accuser is 5'5", 132 pounds.

Del Rio was a WWE superstar from 2009 until 2016, winning the WWE championship, the 2011 Royal Rumble, and more. He's also an MMA fighter, who recently lost to Tito Ortiz in December 2019.

Ahmaud Arbery Case Georgia AG Asks Uncle Sam for Help Requests DOJ Investigates

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Georgia's top prosecutor says something's fishy about the Ahmaud Arbery case -- beyond the killing itself -- and he's asking the feds to step in to figure out who knew what ... and when.

Attorney General Chris Carr formally requested the U.S. Department of Justice -- led by the lead U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Georgia -- to conduct its own investigation of how Ahmaud's case was handled internally by lower-level officials early on.

In an open letter, Carr spells out major inconsistencies in what his office was told about the case in February, March and April -- long after Ahmaud was shot to death in cold blood by Travis McMichael, while accompanied by his father, Gregory, in late February.

He writes, "The request to the U.S. Department of Justice includes, but is not limited to, investigation of the communications and discussions by and between the Office of the District Attorney of the Brunswick Judicial Circuit and the Office of the District Attorney of the Waycross Judicial Circuit related to this case." Those departments' leaders, respectively, are Jackie Johnson and George Barnhill. Carr's got questions about Barnhill, especially.

Carr says correspondence between his office and Barnhill's office back in early April -- about a month or so after Carr's office formally assigned Barnhill and his team to investigate/prosecute the case -- appears to show Barnhill was not being forthright in how he was handling things up to the point he asked to be taken off, due to a conflict of interest.

Long story short, Barnhill told the AG that his own son -- who's a prosecutor in a neighboring district -- had handled a previous prosecution of Ahmaud, and that one of the defendants -- the elder McMichaels, per reports -- served as an investigator in that old case. Carr says Barnhill told him he learned of this development 3-4 weeks before his dated letter to the AG on April 7. Carr says Barnhill offered no reason why he didn't notify them sooner.

That's not the biggest issue, per Carr. He also says in that April 7 letter, Barnhill did not reveal that he had already been calling shots in the case, including the crucial decision to NOT make any arrests after he reviewed the evidence himself and decided against it.

Basically, Carr suggests there was a lot of stuff being done behind the scenes and seemingly in secret -- and he wants Uncle Sam to get to the bottom of it with a definitive timeline. Presumably, if the feds find something illegal was done during all this buck-passing ... charges could be brought against those same officials who were initially involved.

Ariana Grande & Mom Get Permanent Restraining Order


Ariana Grande will have a court-ordered force field around her for the next 5 years -- which will hopefully deter an obsessed fan who was arrested on her property 2 months ago.

A judge just signed off on a permanent restraining order for AG's mother, Joan -- which also extends to Ariana -- which will run through May 5, 2025. Under the order, Fidel Henriquez -- the man in question -- can't come within 100 yards of Joan's home, her vehicles ... and of course, her and Ariana. Basically, he's gotta stay the hell away.

The guy's also been instructed not to harass, threaten, intimidate or contact them in any other fashion -- which covers everything from written correspondence to phone calls as well as any form of electronic messages, including texts and social media DMs.

We broke the story ... Henriquez was hit with a TRO after he got busted for trespassing on their property back in March. They said they were scared for their lives and needed a judge to step in.

You'll recall ... Henriquez is alleged to have slipped onto the property by following a delivery truck through the gates, and once inside ... cops say he was rummaging through the garbage before knocking on Joan's front door, with a love note to Ari in hand.

He was arrested at the time for trespassing and battery -- this after he allegedly spit on the officers who responded.

NYPD Cop Brandishes Taser in Brutal Takedown ... During Quarantine Bust

NYC's Finest

Things got out of hand in NYC this weekend, where a bunch of cops broke up a crowd -- which ended up with a man being threatened with a taser and then beaten up.

Check out this video that was captured Saturday down in the East Village, where you see at least 4 plain-clothes officers yank a guy out of a building and throw him to the ground while people around them scream, and one woman insists the dude did nothing wrong.

While they're dealing with him, another man approaches the ruckus from the street, only to be met by a lone cop who gets up and tells him to back up -- brandishing his taser and even zapping it in what seems to be an effort to scare him. The guy didn't back down.

That led to the officer taking him down, putting him in a bear hug ... then slapping and punching him when he was on the ground. Another officer came over to help put cuffs on the bystander. Even more chaos ensues as the crowd grows and backup arrives.

NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea says this all started with a social distance infraction, which he says his cops were trying to break up. Now, this is being investigated by the department's Internal Affairs unit ... and one of the cops on video is on modified duty now.

Meanwhile, 3 people were arrested in the dust-up -- including the 2 guys taken down by the NYPD as well as a woman who allegedly had her own stun gun on her.

On the flip side ... the other side of town was also congregating en masse Saturday over in the West Village, but there weren't too many signs of rowdy, physical break-ups like we see here. The NYPD says they issued dozens of summons over these social distance breakers too, but we haven't seen video of any violence like these POC are experiencing.

They say coronavirus is disproportionately affecting minority communities, and that seems to be true from top to bottom.

IG Star Supreme Patty Arrested in Florida ... Allegedly Resisted, Had Guns on Him


Instagram's favorite dumbass, Supreme Patty, had a wild run-in with the law and got busted for gun possession, and cops say he didn't go easily either.

Patty -- who took credit for the record-breaking egg that beat Kylie Jenner for most likes -- was arrested Saturday outside Daytona Beach ... where cops say he was flying in his pickup truck at speeds of 100 MPH.

According to docs, obtained by TMZ, cops pulled SP over, ordered him out of the car and demanded he walk to them with his hands up. The cops say he was defiant, but eventually got to them ... and then further resisted when they cuffed him.

Cops say they searched his vehicle and found 2 firearms -- an AR-15 style pistol, and a Sig Sauer 9mm handgun. The police say Patty doesn't have a concealed carrying permit.

BTW, he's been known to post videos doing some pretty stupid stunts with guns ... including shooting a hole in a beer and then guzzling what's left of the can.


Patty was booked for felony carrying of a concealed firearm, misdemeanor resisting an officer and misdemeanor violation of an emergency order. Yep, they dinged him for breaking quarantine.

Patty, true to form, seemed pretty chipper about the whole arrest in his mug shot. He was released after posting $3,250 bond.

'Wolves and Warriors' Star Matt Simmons Arrested ... Cops Say Felon Had 15 Guns


Matt Simmons, the star of Animal Planet's docuseries "Wolves and Warriors" got busted for allegedly hoarding a massive cache of guns and ammo ... a big no-no for convicted felons.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Ventura County Sheriff's deputies served a search warrant Monday at Simmon's home for illegal possession of firearms and ammunition. We're told cops detained Simmons as he drove away from his residence, and deputies found a loaded .45 caliber handgun in his car and more guns and ammo in his home.

Our sources say deputies discovered 14 firearms inside Simmons' residence, including assault rifles, a sawed-off shotgun and thousands of rounds of ammo.

We're told Simmons is a convicted felon, meaning he's prohibited from owning or possessing any firearms or ammo.

Our sources say Simmons was arrested on a slew of charges ... including felon in possession of a firearm, felon in possession of ammunition, possession of an assault weapon, carrying a concealed firearm within a vehicle, carrying a loaded firearm in a vehicle, unlawful transfer of a firearm, and possession of substance, material, or any combination with intent to make any destructive device/explosive.

We're told Narcotics and Gangs Units assisted Ventura County Sheriffs in serving the warrant, as well as California State Parks.

Our sources say Simmons posted $100,00 bail and he's due in court June 11.

YouTube Star Vitaly Arrested For Felony Aggravated Battery ... Allegedly Attacked Woman


YouTube star Vitaly Zdorovetskiy beat the hell out of a Miami woman out for a jog on Easter Sunday ... according to cops, who arrested him for a felony.

According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Vitaly was arrested Sunday night ... after a woman told cops she was jogging by herself Sunday in Miami Beach when Vitaly suddenly jumped out and tackled her to the ground. She claims he straddled her and repeatedly punched her in the chest and face.

The alleged victim told police she screamed for help during the attack -- which she said was witnessed by several residents and passersby -- so Vitaly ran back inside a nearby home. According to the docs, he was later arrested there.

First responders treated the alleged victim for a cut above her right eye that will require stitches, according to the affidavit, and she also complained of pain and soreness to her chest area.

The alleged victim told cops she had never seen or met Vitaly -- who's infamously pulled pranks such as rushing the field at the World Cup in Brazil as well as a zombie prank in Miami.

Our law enforcement sources tell us Vitaly posted a $7,500 bond Monday and has been released from custody.

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