Soccer's Roman Burki Sick 1-Handed Catch ... At Seattle Fish Market

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Borussia Dortmund goalkeeper Roman Burki -- one of the best in the world -- put his hands on display at a famous Seattle fish market ... and the footage is trout of this world! 

Burki -- along with BVB teammate Marwin Hitz and former keeper Roman Weidenfeller -- volunteered to do some fish-catchin' Tuesday at the Pike Place Fish Market. 

Fish catchin' at Pike Place is one of the big draws to the market ... and it's HARD -- imagine trying to grip on a full-grown, scaly, slippery fish! 

But, when the salmon came flyin', Burki stepped up ... and caught the fish with ONE HAND! 

The crowd loved it, the staff loved it ... and the fish didn't know any better because it's dead. 

Who's hungry?!

The guys are all in the U.S. as part of an international tour -- in fact, BVB is taking on the Seattle Sounders of the MLS on Wednesday night ... followed by a friendly with Liverpool on Friday. 

Cristiano Ronaldo Flaunts Bulge For New Undies Campaign

It's that time of year again ... Cristiano Ronaldo is launching his new CR7 underwear line -- and shocker, he's thrusting his own man junk front and center of the new campaign! 

The soccer superstar stripped down to his skivvies to showcase his new High Summer collection of his CR7 undies ... and yeah ... they make more than his eyes pop.

Ronaldo says the design was inspired by summer sunsets, saying, “Summer is my favourite (he spells it weird because he's European) season and I love the time of day when the sun goes down and the sky is vivid."

"I wanted to capture that feeling in my HS19 campaign, using intense colour (again with the weird Euro spelling) that’s bold, rich and compliments my new collection. I wanted the campaign to have a really relaxed feel. Summer is the time of year when I have some time to chill out, so I wanted to reflect that.”

Ronaldo takes his looks about as seriously as his game ... and the dude is on a quest to make the most stylish underwear out there.

"Essentially, I want to create underwear that looks so good that I want to wear it on the beach, rather than covering it up with my swimwear!”

In case you're wondering ... Ronaldo's underwear usually costs about $38 for a 3-pack. 


Team USA's Rose Lavelle $23k from Secret ... 'Step In Right Direction'


Team USA soccer star Rose Lavelle says she's stoked about that $23k bonus check from Secret deodorant, but explains there's A LOT more work to be done! 

As we previously reported, Secret cut a $529k check to the USWNT Player's Association to help close the pay gap between the men's team. Each player will essentially walk away with $23k. 

So, when we saw Rose -- the 24-year-old phenom who scored that amazing 2nd goal in the World Cup final -- we asked how she felt about companies like Secret trying to help out. 

"I think it's great," Lavelle told us while walking around Washington D.C.

"I think it's a step in the right direction, but I think there's always work to be done."

We also asked Rose if there was ANY chance the team would be willing to end the feud with President Donald Trump ... but Lavelle seemed genuinely stumped.  

"I don't know," Lavelle said while chuckling at the question .... "I have no clue!"

While Rose acknowledged it would "be cool" for the team and POTUS to find a away to get along, she didn't seem too optimistic about it.

Remember, USWNT captain Megan Rapinoe said there was no way the team would go to the "f*cking White House" to celebrate the World Cup victory with Trump because she claims he's a divisive person who's bad for the country. 

Jennifer Lopez Steamy Lap Dance For USWNT's Carli Lloyd!!!

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Here's the best "thanks for winning the World Cup" gift EVER ... Jennifer Lopez brought USWNT star Carli Lloyd onstage -- and proceeded to give her a SEXY lap dance!!!

It all went down Friday night at J Lo's It's My Party Tour stop in New York City ... when the "Medicine" singer called for security to get Lloyd to the stage.

When Carli got up under the lights ... things took a very sensual turn -- 'cause Jennifer, pushing hair out of Lloyd's face, said, "I've got a little present for you."

"Are you ready for this? I don't know if you're ready for this."

Unclear if Lloyd was ever ready ... but J Lo sure brought it anyway -- dancing ALL UP ON Carli to Jeremih's "Birthday Sex"!!!

There was twerking, touching, hair flips and vigorous dancing ... and, yeah, good times were had by all.

Lloyd seemed to enjoy the moment, and tweeted about it all afterward, "A first for everything" with a crying emoji.

Of course, the dance is just the latest epic moment for Lloyd this month ... she won the World Cup, partied at a parade in NYC last Wednesday and even hit up the ESPYs with her squad hours later.

Oh, and Procter & Gamble just announced it'd be pitching in to help Lloyd and the USWNT get a big pay raise!

Best month ever?!?!

Procter & Gamble to USWNT How's About Half a Mil for a Pay Raise? ... Effort to Close Wage Gap


Megan Rapinoe and the rest of the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team are getting a bump from an unlikely source ... Procter & Gamble is vowing to fork over more than half a mil as a step toward equal pay.

The giant consumer goods corporation -- which supports U.S. Soccer through its Secret deodorant brand -- took an ad in The New York Times Sunday, calling on the U.S. Soccer Federation and others to pay the female players as much as the men.

Then, they upped the ante by promising to donate a cool $529,000 to the team to help close the wage gap after the USWNT won the World Cup this year. That's about $23k for each of the 23 players on the team ... not a bad bonus all things considered.

P&G's ad reportedly read, in part, "Let's take this moment of celebration to propel women's sports forward. We urge the US Soccer Federation to be a beacon of strength and end gender pay inequality once and for all."

This, of course, follows the women beating the Netherlands 2-0 in the championship game last week ... but with seemingly little to zero movement to get the ladies paid as equally as the men, who don't win nearly as often as the women do. Tons of folks -- including Rapinoe herself -- have been calling on U.S. Soccer and FIFA to balance things out, but their pleas appear to be falling on deaf ears thus far. 

And, just to give you a sense of the difference in pay -- reports say the women's team have contracts that guarantee them salaries of about $100k, with bonuses thrown in for wins. The men, meanwhile, reportedly have a pay-to-play structure, with much larger payouts for wins, and even guaranteed money for losses. 

According to The Washington Post -- which claims to have seen and analyzed these contracts -- a professional female soccer player would make just 89% of what her male counterpart would make if they both played and won 20 exhibition games. If they lost all of them, the pay would be equal at $100k. When it comes to FIFA ... their prize money to the winning teams for their tournaments has a discrepancy between men and women of about 10.5%. 

So in short, yes ... the women make less than the men here in the States. P&G is trying to rectify that though ... and urging the powers that be to do the same. 

Daniel Sturridge Takes Dog to Lunch After Burglary ... Alleged Hero Pissed

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Soccer star Daniel Sturridge is returning to normalcy after he was reunited with his beloved dog, Lucci, following a burglary at his L.A. home ... taking his pet out for a fancy lunch date. 

But, there's a big problem behind the scenes ... because the man who claims he FOUND the dog after the incident is saying Sturridge never made good on paying reward money. 

As we previously reported, the former Liverpool striker said money was no object -- he'd pay ANY amount if someone could help him find his Pomeranian following the burglary at the L.A. home where he's been staying. 

A rapper named Killa Fame posted photos of the dog on social media after claiming his nephew spotted the dog while going to the store around 9 PM on Tuesday. 

Sturridge was eventually put in touch with Killa Fame -- and he drove up and got the dog back

The problem now ... Killa Fame claims he was expecting Sturridge to cut a $30k check for the safe return of the dog, but it never happened. 

"Honestly I’m just disappointed @DanielSturridge offer of [$30,000] is a life changing amount of money," Killa Fame tweeted ... "especially when your without a home to live in with your family."

Fame is also pissed some people are accusing him of stealing the dog -- and he made a video to clap back. 

As we previously reported, the LAPD is investigating the burglary -- but so far they have not made any arrests, only noting that Sturridge did not think the person who returned the dog had a role in stealing him in the first place.  

U.S. Soccer Star Allie Long Hotel Room Burglarized Wedding Ring & Key To NYC Stolen


6:07 AM PT -- Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Sports ... Long is reporting around $4,000 in cash taken from the room. 

Long told investigators she only went down the hall for an hour to visit with someone else -- and that's when the burglary occurred. We're told, she left her door open using the hotel door latch to ensure the door wouldn't close. We're told cops are NOT ruling out an inside job. 

We're also told the Ritz has really good security -- so it's unlikely it's some random person who snuck up to her floor.

U.S. soccer star Allie Long's L.A. hotel room was broken into ... and her wedding ring, cash and her honorary key to NYC were stolen ... TMZ Sports has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us Long -- who was in L.A. for the ESPYs -- had her Ritz-Carlton hotel room burglarized Thursday afternoon.

We're told Allie's wedding ring -- worth about $15k -- along with the key to NYC awarded to her Wednesday for winning the World Cup were taken in the theft.

Sources tell us there were no signs of forced entry ... and police believe the door may have been left ajar.

Long -- a 31-year-old midfielder -- has played with the National Team since 2014.

LAPD is currently at the hotel investigating.

Originally Published -- 7/11 7:33 PM PT 

Megan Rapinoe Who Needs POTUS?! I'm Partying with the King!!!

Here's a picture that could raise President Trump's blood pressure -- two of his biggest critics partying TOGETHER in Los Angeles!

Fresh off her World Cup celebration tour, Megan Rapinoe hit up the UNINTERRUPTED party at The Hollywood Athletic Club ... where she grabbed a bottle of champagne and kicked it with LeBron James!!

Of course, both Megan and LeBron have been targeted on Twitter by President Trump -- back in August, Trump went after James and called him dumb. Earlier this month, he told Rapinoe to stop publicly criticizing him and focus on winning

Well, she won ... and dug in her heels about not going to The White House. Instead, she talked about wanting to meet up with like-minded people who can help unite the country. 

Rapinoe attended the event with her girlfriend, Sue Bird -- and they mingled with some huge stars  ... including 2 Chainz, Migos, Amanda Nunes, Dwight Howard, Odell Beckham, Patrick Mahomes and more. 

Team USA Women Poppin' Big Bottles of Bubbly ... at World Cup Parade

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Megan Rapinoe and Team USA celebrated their World Cup victory with some MASSIVE bottles of champagne ... downin' bubbly and partying it up at the parade in NYC!!

Of course, it's the 4th World Cup victory for Team USA -- but this seems to be the biggest celebration yet ... the ratings for the women's World Cup in the U.S. were the biggest ever!

The champs pulled out all the stops for their big party -- with Rapinoe and her teammates passing around the huge gold bottle of Ace of Spades in the early hours of Wednesday's event.

The team took the stage following the parade and received keys to the city ... and Rapinoe -- who has publicly shared her issues with President Donald Trump -- shared a message of love for the crowd in attendance.


Team USA defeated the Netherlands 2-0 in the World Cup final. Rapinoe won the Golden Boot for scoring the most goals in the tourney ... and the girls have been celebrating the huge accomplishment ever since -- including a pool party with a bunch of dancing and rapping on Tuesday!!

Music of choice?? Some old Migos and Lizzo!!


The win had President Barack Obama pumped up for Team USA -- showing off his awesome custom jersey and saying, "Proud to rep America’s best team! Congrats @USWNT and thanks for being such a strong inspiration for women and girls—and everybody—all across the country."


Soccer Star Daniel Sturridge I Got My Dog Back!! ... No Ransom Paid

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7:51 AM PT -- Law enforcement sources tell us ... Sturridge is adamant he did NOT pay a ransom because he believes the person who returned the dog is not connected to the burglars. Still unclear how this person came into possession of the dog. 

We're also told cops obtained surveillance video from a neighbor which shows multiple men in hoodies leaving the home the night of the burglary and fleeing in a black car. 

We're told none of the suspects have been identified -- cops are still hunting for more video and more leads. 

Great news for UK soccer star Daniel Sturridge -- who was REUNITED with his beloved Pomeranian after the dog was jacked from his L.A. home Monday in an apparent burglary. 

The 29-year-old, who's been staying in a home in West Hollywood, had gone to social media to beg for his dog's safe return -- saying he'd pay ANY ransom money to get his pet back ... "It don't matter the cost."


But, Wednesday morning, Sturridge got a call from someone who claimed they had found little Lucci ... and wanted to return him. 

The LAPD tells TMZ Sports ... Sturridge is now in possession of the dog and he told cops he doesn't believe the person who returned the pet is the one who stole him in the first place. 

Unclear if Sturridge paid the ransom money or how the person who returned the dog got possession of Lucci in the first place. 

Cops say no arrests have been made in the case. Unclear if cops have identified any suspects. 

Sturridge had posted footage after the burglary showing a smashed door in his home -- the apparent entry point where the bad guys broke in. 

The soccer star also claims the burglars took other personal items from the house. Unclear if those other items have also been located. 

Sturridge recently played for Liverpool and has reportedly made more than $40 million in his pro soccer career. 

Originally published -- 6:40 AM PT

Megan Rapinoe To President Trump ... 'You're Excluding People Like Me'

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Megan Rapinoe finally responded to President Trump on Wednesay -- telling POTUS she feels Trump is dragging America back to a time of bigotry and hate. 

The Team USA soccer superstar appeared on CNN with Anderson Cooper and delivered a message directed at Trump:

"I would say that your message is excluding people," Rapinoe said ... "You're excluding me, you're excluding people that look like me, you're excluding people of color, you're excluding Americans that maybe support you."

Both Rapinoe and Anderson Cooper are openly gay -- and pointed out how terribly gay people in America were treated in the past. 

Rapinoe touched on that in her message to Trump ... 

"I think that we need to have a reckoning with the message that you have and what you're saying about 'Making America Great Again.' I think that you're harking back to an era that was not great for everyone -- it might have been great for a few people, and maybe America is great for a few people right now, but it's not great for enough Americans in this world."

She continued ... "You have an incredible responsibility as the chief of this country to take care of every single person, and you need to do better for everyone."

Of course, Trump had criticized Rapinoe on Twitter after she said she wouldn't be going to the "f*cking White House" if Team USA won the World Cup. 

Cooper asked if she still felt that way -- and if other teammates stood behind her. 

"I would not go, and every teammate that I've talked to explicitly about it would not go," Rapinoe said.

"I don't think anyone on the team has any interest in lending the platform that we've worked so hard to build, and the things that we fight for, and the way that we live our life -- I don't think that we want that to be co-opted or corrupted by this administration."

However, Rapinoe says the team is interested in meeting with U.S. leaders in D.C. and WOULD accept invitations from other politicians. 

"So, yes to [Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez]. Yes to Nancy Pelosi. Yes to the bipartisan Congress. Yes to Chuck Schumer -- yes to anyone else that wants to invite us and have a real substantive conversation, and that believes in the same things that we believe in."

Soccer Star Daniel Sturridge Dog Stolen In L.A. Home Burglary 'I'll Pay Anything, I Want Him Back'

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Ex-Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge is begging the scumbags who STOLE HIS DOG during a burglary in L.A. to return his beloved pet ... saying he'll pay ANYTHING to get him back. 

The 29-year-old English soccer star says his adorable Pomeranian named Lucci was taken from his West Hollywood home on Monday night, along with other personal items. 

He posted video of the smashed door where the thieves likely broke in. 

"I want to know who took my sh*t. I want to know what's went on. I want to know why they've took my dog. I want to know why they've took bags from upstairs. I want to know what the f*ck's going on. I'm dead serious."

Sturridge says money is no object -- he's reportedly made more than $40 MILLION in his career -- and he's willing to crack open his wallet to get his 4-legged friend back. 

"Whoever knows who broke into my crib, I'll pay you anything. I'm dead serious," Sturridge says.

We reached out to the LAPD and they told us they're actively investigating the break-in -- but have no leads at this time. 

Hopefully someone in the area has surveillance video. Story developing ... 

In the meantime, there's a special place in hell for people who steal dogs. 

Michelle Akers Pay U.S. Women's Soccer Team More And, Spend More Marketing Them Too!!!


Soccer icon Michelle Akers says it's absurd to compare the U.S. Women's National Team to the men for 3 reasons: the women make less, have less marketing money ... and still win wayyy more!

The two-time World Cup champ joined us on "TMZ Live" and says the U.S. Women should be paid at least as much as the men, if not MORE, because they've been dominating the sport on a global scale for decades, while the men's team is in a different universe ... just struggling to get into the World Cup tournament most years.  

As you know ... the U.S. Women beat the Netherlands 2-0 Sunday to bring home their fourth World Cup title, sparking a huge debate about equal pay. The women will reportedly bank $260k per player for their big win, while the men would have raked in $1.1 million each if they'd won the whole thing.

Check out the clip ... Michelle not only rails against the huge pay gap, but adds the U.S. Soccer Federation should pour more cash into promoting the women. It's just a smarter investment than the men's team. 

No offense guys, but it's hard to argue with her today. 

Megan Rapinoe Pimp Walks Off the Plane ... In Return to USA

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The champs are here ... AND THEY BROUGHT THE BOOZE!!!

Megan Rapinoe, Alex Morgan and the rest of the U.S. Women's National Team just touched down in New York City on Monday after winning the World Cup ... and they're clearly ready to party!!

Rapinoe pimp walked off the jet onto a waiting red carpet with a glass of booze in hand -- SWAAGGGGG!!!

The scene was awesome ... the women were singing "We Are the Champions" and showing off their medals and trophy while wearing "World Champions 2019" shirts. 

At one point, one of the players screams out, "I love America!"

Morgan was feelin' herself too ... she grabbed Rapinoe's cup and took a sip for herself!

Of course, the women are still celebrating their 2-0 victory over the Netherlands in France ... where they secured their second straight World Cup championship.

They're in New York now to continue the party -- a victory parade is set for Wednesday morning in Manhattan.

As for if a White House visit is on deck, don't bet on it ...

Snoop Dogg Pay Team USA Women Already! ... Way Better Than Our 'Sorry Ass Men'


Snoop Dogg says it's about damn time Team USA women's soccer team got paid like the "sorry ass f*cking men" ... saying our champions are getting the shaft. 

After Megan Rapinoe, Alex Morgan and the rest of the U.S. Women's National Team beat up the Netherlands to win our 4th World Cup, Snoop Dogg fired up his IG to go off on the pay disparity. 

In his video, Snoop is referencing a report that said the U.S. women's soccer players only made $90,000 per player in bonus money for reaching the quarterfinals ... while the men would have made $500k for reaching the same stage. 

After winning the whole thing, the U.S. women's team will reportedly walk away with $260k per player ... while the men would have banked $1.1 mil each. 

Snoop is furious with the pay gap -- noting they're the BEST in the world at what they do ... while the U.S. men didn't even qualify for the World Cup in 2018. 

"The sorry ass f*cking men from the U.S. soccer team, they ain't ever won sh*t, ain't gonna ever win sh*t, can't get out the f*cking first round," Snoop said. 


Snoop added, "The women should be getting $500k per athlete. Snoop Dogg says so."

Obviously, his numbers are a little off ... but you get the point. 

Congrats to the women!

U.S. Women's National Soccer Team Alex Morgan Twerks In Locker Room After World Cup Win

3:10 PM PT -- The USWNT were ecstatic after winning the World Cup, and you can tell ... just check out star forward Alex Morgan twerking in the locker room afterward. She's surrounded by her teammates, most of whom are wearing champagne goggles, and they're cheering her on. Gotta love it!


2:21 PM PT -- Megan Rapinoe snuck a smooch in with her girlfriend, Sue Bird, after winning it all Sunday. Looks like Sue was up in the stands and met Meg halfway from down on the pitch. Talk about a picturesque moment, right? 


The U.S. Women's National Soccer Team are champions once more -- beating the Netherlands 2 to zip ... and proving yet again, they're the best in the biz.

Despite the score, it was a pretty close game throughout -- that is, until Alex Morgan was awarded a penalty kick after a Netherlands defender kicked her foot dangerously high in the box. After a VAR review, the ref blew the whistle and signaled a PK. 

Megan Rapinoe took the shot -- and, of course, sunk it into the back of the net. The game continued at 1-0 for a while until midfielder Rose Lavelle made a beautiful play up the field and took a strike that the top of the box that made its way past the goalie. 

Lavelle's goal put the USA up 2-0, and it stayed that way for the rest of the game ... despite some scary moments from the Dutch side that could've equalized things. 

Nothing went in for 'em though, and the USWNT went on to secure their second straight championship in 4 years. They went undefeated during this year's run to to the final.

Rapinoe -- a longtime vet, and one of the team's captains -- was given the prestigious Golden Boot award for scoring the most goals (6) in the least amount of time on the field. Her teammate, Morgan, scored the same number of goals and had the same number of assists, but got more playing time than MR ... so she got the silver boot.

Rapinoe is just the second American woman to win the Golden Boot -- the first was Michelle Akers in 1999. 

Cheers to the Women's National Team on holding it down for the U.S. of A -- here's hopin' the men take a cue as they play in their own championship later Sunday.