Team USA's Caeleb Dressel Massive Leg Tat ... Took 14 Hours!!!

Famously tatted Team USA superstar Caeleb Dressel just got some new ink -- in the form of a MASSIVE leg piece that took 14 HOURS to complete!!

Remember, TMZ Sports spoke with the 7-time gold medalist fresh off dominating the 2020 Olympic games back in August ... and he hinted he was looking to add to his trademark body art.


Now, we know just what the 25-year-old was envisioning ... showing off a wild Western-themed piece complete with a skeleton cowboy, cacti, an eagle and flowers.

The tat is huge ... so naturally, it took more than half a day to finish.

"It was a long 14 hours but I had some great company with @travisbrucetattoos," Dressel said via Instagram on Thursday.

"Things got weird for sure but we had good music and good conversation, can’t ask for more than that. Thanks for bringing this idea to life."

We do have one question, though -- how is the bathroom break sitch??

Anywho ... the piece looks incredible, but there's more patience needed from Dressel -- he says he's still gotta get the whole thing colored!!

Charles Manson Ashes Used For Matching Tattoos ... Portraits For Fan Couple

Some of Charles Manson's remains are part of a couple's creepy tribute to the mass murderer ... they paid for his ashes to be used in their matching, portrait tattoos.

Patrick Boos, the Niagra Falls man who got inked up, tells TMZ ... his wife Deanne wanted to be the first woman with a tattoo featuring Manson's ashes, and he didn't want her to go it alone, so he got one too.

As you can see, the couple both got CM portraits ... Patrick's is on his thigh, and Deanne's is on her lower leg ... and the couple says the special ink set them back about $1,600 total.

Tattoo artist Ryan Almighty tells TMZ ... Manson's ashes are mixed in with the red ink and black outlining on the tatts.

As we've reported, Ryan says he copped ashes from CM's cremation ... and he used some last year to give Patrick at "Helter Skelter" face tatt. Ryan obtained the macabre remains from people who scooped up ashes when they were scattered at Manson's funeral.

Patrick says he's gotten mixed reviews about his 'Skelter' tattoo ... some people say it's cool, while others have gotten pissed off and made rude comments.


Despite the criticism, Patrick says he's thinking about getting another CM tatt with more ashes ... potentially one of the Manson women, like Leslie Van Houten.

The way Patrick sees it ... these tattoos are the same as collecting memorabilia.

Tyron Woodley Gets 'I Love Jake Paul' Tat On His Middle Finger

10:44 AM PT -- We spoke to the newly tatted Tyron Woodley ... who explained why he decided to get the "I Love Jake Paul" ink.



Tyron Woodley stayed true to his word and FINALLY got "I Love Jake Paul" tattooed on him ... with the UFC star having the phrase inked on the inside of his middle finger!!

Of course, it took a lot to get here -- Tyron initially claimed he would hold up his end of the tat bet only if Jake gave him a rematch after his split decision loss back in August.

Woodley said he was down to get the ink right after the bout in Cleveland, but no one was around after the fight to make it happen.


But, even after Jake shut him down and moved on to negotiations with Tommy Fury (which ain't going so hot, BTW), Tyron revealed last week he was going to follow through and get the tat this weekend -- rematch or no rematch.

Woodley clearly wasn't bluffing, 'cause now he's showing off the new work on Monday ... which shows an up-close shot of his new piece.

"I love you son," Woodley captioned the post on Instagram. "Now come and get this ass whippin cause i heard you been talking back to your elders. @jakepaul #ManOfMyWord"


No word on if this is enough to persuade Jake to take the rematch ... but we're sure he's bound to respond at some point.

Originally Published -- 9:29 AM PT

Tyron Woodley Getting Jake Paul Tat This Weekend ... Rematch Back On?!?

Tyron Woodley says his body will officially say "I Love Jake Paul" this weekend ... revealing he is still going to follow through on his tattoo bet after losing to the YouTube boxer last month.

So, now the question is ... rematch back on?!

As we previously reported, Woodley claims he tried like hell to get inked up in Cleveland after JP won via split decision ... telling TMZ Sports he waited and waited, but no one was around to do the job.


Despite TW's efforts, Jake said Woodley didn't hold up his end of the deal and moved on from rematch talks to focus on Tommy Fury ... but negotiations have gone essentially nowhere.

With Jake's next opponent up in the air, Woodley told MMA reporter Ariel Helwani he's STILL going to get the tat -- and he thinks a rematch with Paul is still the smartest move for both sides.


"Tommy Fury should have never even been in position for the bag," Woodley said Wednesday night.

"I’m gonna just let the week go through and see what happens. I think the most sensible thing to do is run it back."

Woodley says he's finally getting the tat on Saturday because "it's the solid thing to do" ... so it sounds like it's for sure happening even if a Jake rematch isn't in the cards.

As for the location of the tat, Tyron says he's still not sure where to get it on his body ... but it sounds like he has no plans to get it removed in the future.

"To me, it's like this ... if a dude want to pay me to whoop his ass -- since he supposedly paid me and promoted the fight -- then I love you!!"

Well, Jake?? How about this rematch??

Tyron Woodley Tried To Get Tattoo Night Of Paul Fight ... Artist Never Showed Up


Tyron Woodley isn't only prepared to pay off his tattoo bet with Jake Paul ... he says he actively attempted to get it the night of the fight, waiting in the hotel until the early morning hours, but the tattoo artist never showed up.

TMZ Sports talked to the 39-year-old Woodley ... and the future UFC HOF'er called cap on Paul, who recently said the rematch was off after Tyron refused to uphold his side of their wager and get some "I Love Jake Paul" ink.

"I wasn't willing, I was waiting," Woodley explained, adding ... "We was in the basement of the hotel waiting, no food, up late, looking stupid. Nah, it was not willing, it was waiting. I was waiting on him to follow through with they end of the deal."

FYI, Jake's tattoo artist, Tatu Baby, previously told us she'd be on hand at the fight, ready to ink up the loser.

But, Tyron says she never showed ... so there was nothing he could do.

For what it's worth Tatu Baby told us late Tuesday night she stayed for an hour after the fight to do the tattoo, but left when she believed neither fighter was down to get ink.

Despite all the confusion, The Chosen One is still down to get the tat ... and even told us he'd do it live on Instagram -- with Jake on the stream.

As for the location on Tyron's body, the fighter says he's reserved a bit of real estate on his hand for the new artwork.

"I should get it on my knuckles so when I punch him in the face, he'll see how much I love Jake Paul. I'm gonna put these knuckles all across his little temple and that big ass jawline."

There's more ... T-Wood says he's down to fight Logan, too, but not until he rematches his younger bro.

"Logan, you can get it, too! They both could to be honest but I gotta beat Jake up first because that's just something, I just hate that he can walk around and say he beat me in anything."

"Thumb wrestling, craps, dice, spades. I just hate that he can say that because I don't feel like he won."

Kat Von D's Tattoo Parlor Narrowly Avoids Another Car Crash ... Barbershop Not So Lucky

Kat Von D's tattoo parlor must have 9 lives ... a car slammed into the barbershop right next door to her place -- and while it's total deja vu to Kat, the barbers just kept on cutting through the crisis.


The former "L.A. Ink" star owns the famous High Voltage Tattoo in West Hollywood, and the pigment parlor just missed getting smoked by a wayward car Tuesday -- by just a few feet, it ended up crashing into Trendsetters Barbershop.

That would seem like a pretty good reason to call it a day, but this is Hollywood, baby ... and the show must go on!

As you can see, barbers were still cutting heads on one side of the shop ... while a silver Infiniti and smashed glass was on the other.


It's not the first time Kat's tattoo shop has narrowly avoided an outta control vehicle. As we reported, way back in 2007, the business next to Kat's was hit by a truck. It's the same exact address as the barber, but back then it was an Edible Arrangement store.

Flirting with disaster, but still smelling like a (tattoo'd) rose!

Jake Paul No Rematch w/ Woodley After Failed Tattoo Bet ... Eyeing Fury Next

Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley II will NOT happen -- at least not in the foreseeable future ... 'cause Paul just said a rematch is off ... after Woodley wouldn't get an "I love Jake" tattoo.

The Problem Child broke it all down on the "Full Send Podcast" this week ... explaining he's not going to fight Woodley a second time after Tyron refused to honor their initial ink bet.

"The tattoo was the bet before this fight," Paul said. "It was the loser had to get the tattoo. So, now, all the sudden he's trying to change it to make it for the rematch?"

"[A rematch] doesn't make sense," Paul continued. "If he would've gotten the tattoo, like, now, and that clip goes viral, and everyone's like, 'Jake, do it! Do it!' I'd be like, 'I kind of have to do this.' But he f***ed up."

Paul added, "He's saying, 'Oh, I'll get it once we sign the contract.' No. You f***ed up. Just get the tattoo and let me decide from there."

If you missed it ... Paul and Woodley initially agreed that the loser of their Aug. 29 fight would have to get a tat of the winner somewhere on their bodies.

In fact, the two even flew in famed artist Tatu Baby to draw the ink on the guys directly after the fight.


But, Woodley has yet to go under the needle -- and it's now clear because of that, Paul has his sights set on a different opponent for his next bout.

As for who that might be, Jake said Tyson Fury's little bro, Tommy Fury, is "at the top" of his list.

"He's skilled," Paul said. "He's undefeated. And then, yeah, he's [Tyson Fury’s brother]. And he’s a real boxer. And he has like 4 million followers on Instagram which is good engagement."


Good news for Jake ... Tommy told TMZ Sports just last week he's all-in on that fight.

So, let's get it on, gents!

Jayson Tatum Celtics Star Gets Kobe Tribute Tat ... '24' In Mambas

Jayson Tatum has become the latest NBA superstar to honor Kobe Bryant with a tribute tattoo ... and the Boston Celtics superstar's new artwork is AWESOME.

The 23-year-old revealed the ink this week ... showing off two black mamba snakes on the inside of his knee that form the shape of a "24" -- Kobe's old jersey number.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The tattoo artist who did the piece, Steve Wiebe, tells TMZ Sports ... Tatum got the work done in Los Angeles this month -- sitting for an hour and a half to get it all completed.

Of course, Tatum is a HUGE fan of Kobe's ... he's said often Bryant was his favorite player growing up -- and he's talked glowingly of the time the two spent together.

In fact, Tatum and Kobe would work out together from time to time in offseasons ... and Tatum has said the drills with the Lakers legend helped mold his game.

As we previously reported, plenty of NBA players have gotten Kobe ink on their bodies after the Hall of Famer died in a helicopter crash in January 2020.

LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Matt Barnes all got tats after the tragedy. Vanessa Bryant and celebs like The Game and Snoop Dogg also famously got tribute ink as well.

RIP Mamba.

'Ink Master' Star Tatu Baby I'm Tattooing Paul Vs. Woodley Loser ... On Fight Night!!!


The loser of the Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley tilt will get "I love Jake/Tyron" ink on their bodies directly after their scrap ... so says famous tattoo artist Tatu Baby, who tells TMZ Sports she's flying in to do the piece on fight night!

The former "Ink Master" star -- who has 1.7 MILLION followers on Instagram -- said Paul reached out to her recently with the idea ... after he made the infamous bet with Woodley at a pre-fight media event back in July.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Tatu Baby -- real name Katherine Flores -- says Jake asked her to create some mockups for the potential ink ... and she delivered with three incredible designs.

Tatu Baby tells us both Woodley and Paul have agreed to get one of her pieces on them if they lose ... and she says they also agreed to go under the needle right after the final bell.

"As soon as the fight is done, I'm tattooing the loser," Tatu Baby says.

"After a painful fight and a painful loss, [they'll get] a painful tattoo that's going to be on you for the rest of your life."

The designs -- while certainly embarrassing for the loser -- are actually awesome ... and Tatu Baby says the art should take anywhere from 30-60 minutes to complete.

As for the location of the ink and whether they'll be in color or black and white and ... Tatu Baby tells us that'll all be up to the loser.

The fight finally goes down on Sunday in Cleveland, Ohio ...  hope you've got your popcorn ready!

Jonah Hill got myself a new 'body love' tat ... And a Surfer Boy 'Do Too!!!

Jonah Hill has slowly been turning into a surfer bro right before our eyes -- and now, the transformation is complete ... behold!

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The actor just posted a new photo of himself on the 'Gram -- a shirtless one, at that -- and he's showing off some new artwork on his back. Specifically, it's a tattoo that screams surfer vibes ... but it's really nothing compared to what's atop his noggin in the pic.

Check it out ... Jonah's tat reads "Body Love" and it's got a "rock on" hand sign attached (in color, too, BTW). JH seems proud of the new ink -- but he's kinda ignoring the headline ... namely, that his hair is now platinum blonde, beard too for that matter. Looks like he's been baring his blonde locks for a quick minute ... since at least early July, apparently.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Jonah's got a few different photos of him in blonde on his IG page -- and, boy, is it something.

He looks like a wild man of the water, frankly, which is appropriate ... because the dude HAS been shredding the gnar in recent years -- hitting up Malibu and other remote surf spots in and around SoCal to get his wave-riding on. He seems to be getting pretty good too.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Oh, and we know what you're thinking ... is this new look for a movie or something??? That doesn't appear to be the case ... Jonah doesn't have any roles coming up (that we can see) which would require him to rock this sort of 'do/vibe. So, it seems to be all him ... and au naturel.

Surf's up, y'all.

Mets' Tomas Nido Tattoos Pet Dog On Leg ... I Love My Louie!!!

Dog lovers will appreciate this ... New York Mets catcher Tomas Nido just showed major love to his adorable pup -- by getting a tattoo of the canine on his leg!

TMZ Sports has learned the baseball player wanted to get some ink to celebrate his beloved pet last week ... so he hit up artist Keith Hernandez from Bang Bang Tattoo in New York City.

We're told the 27-year-old handed over a portrait of his Yorkie, Louie, that he got 8 years ago ... and Hernandez then went to work.

The artist took a few hours to do the piece ... and it all ended up coming out pretty incredible!!

Check out the details ... the drawing of Louie -- which will now sit on the inside of Nido's shin forever -- looks SUPER real, right down to the fluffy hair and little dog outfit.

We're told Nido got one more tat while he was in the shop ... getting the letter "E" inked behind his ear -- a shoutout to his 8-month-old daughter, Eleni.

In total, Nido ended up sitting in the chair for about 3 or 4 hours ... and we're told he's planning to head back to the shop in the near future to get more ink done.

In the meantime ... can you can spot Louie on Nido during the next Mets game broadcast??

Blueface's Jeweler He Doesn't Owe Me a Dime ... And, F*** Tekashi69!!!

Blueface's jeweler wants to make it crystal clear, the rapper doesn't owe him any money -- contrary to the online digs from Tekashi 6ix9ine ... and Tekashi can go shove it, according to the jeweler.

We got Gavriel D., the founder and CEO of NYC Luxury, Monday in NYC ... and he stopped to give us the 411 on Blueface tatting the name of Gavriel's company on the side of his head.


You'll recall the "Bleed It" rapper raised eyebrows last week with the tat on his dome, and drew Tekashi out of his troll hole to comment. He insinuated Blueface is broke and can't afford to pay for his bling, so he turned to human billboarding.

Gavriel says that's total BS ... and says there's only one logical explanation for the tat -- Blueface loves the brand!!! It's true. Blueface is known for giving his favorite brands serious real estate space on his dome. He's done it with Corvette and Yves Saint Laurent.

@nycluxury / Instagram

The celeb jeweler also told us a while back he joked with Blueface about his Corvette tattoo and that he should get an NYC Luxury one too. We're told Blueface one day, out of the blue, FaceTimed him and voilà ... there he was on the table getting the tattoo done.

And, how's this for a zinger ... Gavriel claims Tekashi's desperately tried to line up some jewelry from him --- even before Blueface's head tattoo -- but, to no avail.

Tekashi 6ix9ine Sued You Trashed My Good Name ... Called Me Heroin Addict!!!

Tekashi69 is a reputation slayer ... so says a Japanese tattoo artist in a new lawsuit claiming the rapper jacked his name and defamed him by calling him a heroin addict.

The tattoo artist, Takashi Matsuba, filed legal docs in NY claiming his reputation is in danger thanks to Tekashi69. According to docs, obtained by TMZ, Matsuba claims 6ix9ine "has created confusion and the false public perception that" Matsuba is associated with Tekashi69. He says he’s not.

Matsuba says the confusion is easy to see … the rapper’s moniker is substantially similar to Matsuba's first name. Only 1 letter's different.


Matsuba says in the Hulu documentary "69: The Saga of Danny Hernandez" ... there's a scene where the tattoo artist's name "TAKASHI MATSUBA" is superimposed on the screen. He claims the director's then heard saying "Peter's roommate, a Japanese tattoo artist named Takashi would inspire Danny's new persona, Tekashi69."

Matsuba also has beef with Showtime, claiming the documentary on that channel defamed him in the March documentary "Supervillain: The Making of Tekashi 6ix9ine."

Matsuba says Tekashi's heard in the doc saying, "There was this tattoo artist named Takashi from our neighborhood. And he was this heroin addict. He did heroin to create. He did it to get himself in his little world. He did it to be himself. And that’s where I got the name Tekashi from. And that’s who I am.”


Matsuba says the quote is false and defamatory because he has never used heroin.

The tattoo artist says the quote is damaging to his profession because "tattooing requires the use of needles, and heroin is connected in the public’s mind with hypodermic needles.”

Matsuba says he demanded producers to edit the documentary to remove his image, name and likeness from the Hulu doc ... but says they've refused. He's suing for damages.

We've reached out to Tekashi and Showtime for comment, so far no word back.

Vanessa & Natalia Bryant Mother, Daughter Tattoo Session ... to Honor Kobe & Gianna


Vanessa Bryant and her daughter, Natalia, spent their Tuesday night getting new tattoos to honor Kobe and Gianna ... with the help of one of the best ink artists in the biz.

It appears Nikko Hurtado made a house call for his VIP clients -- and hooked the Bryants up with some pretty cool body art.

Vanessa -- who already has several pieces from Nikko -- added the word "Mambacita" to her forearm ... a tribute to Gianna, who earned the nickname through her obvious basketball talents that reminded people of her dad!

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

18-year-old Natalia -- who just recently signed a deal with IMG Models -- got two tattoos during the session.

The first, located on her finger, says the word, "Muse" -- which happens to be the name of Kobe's documentary he released back in 2015.

She also got another tattoo on her wrist -- but it's hard to tell the design.

But, with Hurtado working the needle, there's no doubt it's quality work.

At the end of the session, the Bryants gifted Nikko with some special Kobe 6 Protro sneakers ... and a little "thank you" for the work.

Antoine Winfield Jr. Bucs Star Gets Lombardi Trophy Tattoo ... After Super Bowl Win


Antoine Winfield Jr. wasted NO time immortalizing the Bucs' Super Bowl win ... the Tampa Bay star just got a Lombardi Trophy tatted on his arm -- and it's awesome.

The rookie safety, who balled out in TB's victory over the K.C. Chiefs on Feb. 7, went under the needle to commemorate the big game this week and showed off the incredible artwork Monday.

The tat goes from Winfield's wrist up to the start of his bicep ... and it features the Bucs' emblem, praying hands and the Super Bowl LV logo.

Winfield Jr. was clearly happy with how it all turned out ... posting vids of the finished piece with a fire emoji.

FYI -- Winfield Jr. might not be the last Bucs star to permanently rock the Lombardi on his skin ... wide receiver Mike Evans promised before the game he'd get inked if Tampa secured the trophy.

We're still waiting to see that piece ... but the bigger question is -- will Tom Brady follow suit?!?!

'Selling Sunset' Star Ink-credible V-Day Gift for Tarek ... As Good Ass It Gets!!!

"Selling Sunset" star Heather Rae Young didn't leave much to the imagination with her Valentine's Day gift to Tarek El Moussa ... with a tattoo dedicated to Tarek on her ass.

The high-end real estate agent and Netflix star showed off the new ink not-so-subtly positioned above her left butt cheek, and the message is crystal clear ... she's all in for Mr. El Moussa now and forever -- or until she needs to find a tattoo remover.

Anyway ... Heather, who has been engaged to the "Flip or Flop" star for 7 months, wasn't done with just the ink work. She had more up her sleeve with a romantic night set up for Mr. El Moussa.

She previewed a bit of it with an Instagram Story ... showing a hallway lined with rose petals and candles. Someone's getting lucky!


These two have been inseparable since they started hanging out in the summer of 2019. The relationship's gone so swimmingly ... Tarek's openly talked about the idea of doing a new TV show with bae Rae.

No word yet if Tarek's gonna need a matching tat first. Yes, ma'am?

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