Chrissy Teigen Honors Late Son with Jack Wrist Tattoo

Chrissy Teigen will always have her late son, Jack, on her mind, in her heart ... and now on her wrist too.

Chrissy revealed a new tattoo on her right wrist honoring Jack. The ink is simple ... Jack's name in cursive. It's subtle, but placed in a prominent spot. It's unclear exactly when she got it, but Chrissy revealed the tattoo less than a week after opening up about Jack's death.

Just as she did with her essay about her pregnancy, Chrissy's tatt is inspiring her fans. When she posted a pic of it, one woman wrote, "I’ve been trying to find the best tattoo to represent my stillborn son for 13 years. I love your tattoo for jack." Chrissy replied, "Let’s help you find something you love. Maybe one s shape, a swirl of air around you."

The woman's responded with a picture of her tattoo, similar to what Chrissy had suggested.

As we reported ... in an open letter on Medium that "After a couple nights at the hospital, my doctor told me exactly what I knew was coming -- it was time to say goodbye. He just wouldn’t survive this, and if it went on any longer, I might not either."

Shareef O'Neal Shaq's Son ... Reveals 2nd Kobe Tribute Tattoo

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Shareef O'Neal -- Shaq's son -- just revealed his second Kobe Bryant tribute tattoo ... showing off the ankle ink in a social media post Sunday.

The LSU basketball player had already gotten a calf tattoo to honor the NBA legend ... but O'Neal clearly felt that wasn't enough and underwent the needle for more Mamba art recently.

And, the new tat came out great ... it's a depiction of a famous image of Kobe celebrating -- and it looks real as hell!!

As we previously reported ... Shareef was devastated over the passing of Bryant -- sharing that he actually received text messages from Kobe just hours before the tragic helicopter crash.

In an emotional post days after Bryant's passing, Shareef reflected on everything his father's former star teammate meant to him.

"You always wanted me to be the best I could be," Shareef wrote. "you always made sure I was happy, you put me before you put yourself and when we had our moments you made me feel like I was great."

"I love you , I thank you , I miss you."

Shareef's previous Kobe tat featured Kobe's brand logo, a silhouette of Bryant mid-jump shot, the #8 and #24, Gianna's "Mamba" jersey and the words, "Mamba Mentality."

Snoop Dogg New Lakers Championship Tattoo ... with Kobe Tribute

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"As promised, the Lakers win the 'ship, I'll go get that tat."

That's Snoop Dogg making good on his promise to the Lakers -- getting some brand new body ink to commemorate L.A.'s 17th NBA title.

The rap legend hit up his pal, Mr. Cartoon, on Monday night -- and got a pretty large piece on his right forearm.

The piece includes Kobe Bryant's initials on his wrist -- along with the Larry O'Brien championship trophy above that ... with the Lakers team logo right below the gates of heaven. Pretty cool tattoo.

"Anything for the Lakers, everything for the Lakers, all things for the Lakers," Snoop said ... "F*ck the Clippers."

"That's championship sh*t -- something the Clippers don't know nothing about!"

During the session, Snoop gave tons of love to his tattoo artist, Mr. Cartoon -- who's famously worked on stars like 50 Cent and Slim Thug.

"Only by the best man -- that's the only man who do my tattoos, the one and only. Mr. Cartoon."

After the ink was dry, Snoop threw on his purple and gold Lakers jacket and went on his way.

"We the west and we the best ... f*ck outta here!"


Ex-WWE Star Ryback Threatens Legal War W/ Zeke Elliott Over 'Feed Me' Trademark

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Ex-WWE star Ryback is threatening a legal war with Ezekiel Elliott ... claiming the Cowboys player has NO RIGHT to get a "Feed Me" trademark -- despite the RB's new tat.

"I'll tie him up for years," Ryback said this week. "He ain't using it. So he better get a good tattoo artist to go have him cover that sh*tty tattoo up on his stomach."

If you're unfamiliar, Ryback popularized the phrase "Feed Me More" during his time in the WWE -- and it became so big, crowds chanted it at arenas for YEARS.

Ryback claims he now owns the trademark for the phrase ... and when he heard Elliott applied for a similar "Feed Me" trademark this month, he was straight-up PISSED.

"This is exactly my phrase," Ryback said. "It's exactly. And it's the same meaning. And that will cause confusion."

Ryback says he believes Elliott -- a wrestling fanatic -- actually STOLE his whole "Feed Me" bit from watching him in the squared circle.

To be fair, this isn't anything new for Zeke ... he's been doing his "Feed Me" routine since he entered the NFL in 2016 -- and even got a massive tat on his belly to immortalize it this offseason.

Unclear how the trademark office will rule on the decision, but Ryback says he's more than willing to fight the legal battle against Elliott over the phrase.

In the meantime, he's slamming the NFL All-Pro for even attempting to make the move.

"I think it's low-life, scum sh*t, quite frankly," Ryback said ... "You're literally trying to latch onto somebody else's brand and then take it and make it your own."

Ryback continued, "It's like, come on, be a little more creative."

Matt Barnes Kobe and Gianna Tattoo Tribute ... from Famous Artist

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Matt Barnes is paying tribute to his friend and teammate Kobe Bryant with a brand new tattoo ... and it's incredible.

The ex-NBA star hit up legendary ink artist Steve Butcher -- who did the amazing Tupac work on Matt's hand -- in order to add a new image of Kobe and Gianna to his arm.

The image Matt's new tattoo is based from was a moment between Kobe and Gigi at the 2016 NBA All-Star Game in Orlando ... a moment captured on Valentine's Day.

Matt only played 2 seasons on the Lakers with Kobe (from 2010 to 2012) -- but they were friends and Barnes has talked openly about how much respect he had for Kobe on and off the court.

Barnes prepped for the tat sesh with a variety of goodies -- from joints to candy ... the works!

We're still waiting for the final reveal -- but it's already looking incredibly detailed.

Of course, Kobe had such an impact on generations of NBA players -- stars from LeBron James to Anthony Davis and Devin Booker have all had Kobe ink tatted on their bodies.

Kobe and Gianna passed away on January 26th in a helicopter crash in Calabasas.

But, their memories will clearly live on.

Orlando Bloom My Beloved Dog is Dead ... New Tattoo Memorializes Mighty

Orlando Bloom has ended his search for his beloved dog, Mighty, after finding his collar.

Orlando posted a heartfelt message to all the folks who were concerned or who helped in the search ... "Mighty’s on the other side now. After 7 days of searching from sunrise to sunset and into the wee hours, today, the 7th day ~the number of completion~ we found his collar."

@orlandobloom / Instagram

He went on ... "I have wept more this week than I thought possible, which has been very cathartic and healing... I left no stone unturned, crawled thru all the man holes, under the roads, searched every back yard and creek bed. Had two separate sniffer dogs do their best as well. I feel so grateful to have learned from my little Mighty man that love is eternal and the true meaning of devotion."

Orlando, who got a tattoo to pay homage to Mighty, thanked everyone in the Santa Barbara area who helped in the search. He thanked them for allowing him in their yards as he searched.

The dog was truly Orlando's best friend, and you could literally feel his pain through his postings. Orlando ended this way ... "I feel sure he was looking down on me whistling in every back yard and knowing that I was doing all I possibly could to respect our bond. He was more than a companion. It was a soul connection for sure. I’m sorry. I love you. Thank you. RIP my MIGHTY HEART my little fellow A ♠️’s."

RIP, Mighty.

NFL's Kenny Stills Gets Massive 'Black Lives Matter' Tattoo ... 'Stop Killing Us'

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Houston Texans WR Kenny Stills just revealed a new "Black Lives Matter" tattoo on his leg ... part of a bigger piece that tells the story of the Black struggle in America.

The tattoo starts on Kenny's hip and goes all the way down to his ankle -- featuring imagery from the recent BLM protests ... and other important moments in the Civil Rights movement.

Some of the protest signs tatted on Stills include, "Say Their Names" and "Stop Killing Us" ... mixed with iconic images including a protest sign from a school segregation protest.

28-year-old Stills -- one of the NFL players who continued to take a knee during the national anthem in 2019 -- added the new art to a previous tattoo which featured the mug shot of Congressman John Lewis, who was arrested in the 1960s for peacefully protesting segregation.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Below that image is the famous shot of a protester in Memphis holding a sign reading, "I Am A Man." The original photo was taken in 1968 by photographer Steve Schapiro.

The new ink is already going over well with some of Kenny's NFL pals including Odell Beckham who commented, "I wish I had more room!"

Hulk Hogan Shows Back Scars After 10th Surgery ... I'm Still Huge, Brother!!!

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He's been sliced and diced more times than a bad guy in a 'Wolverine' movie ... and now, Hulk Hogan is showing the world his battle scars from his 10 surgeries!!

"10 surgeries you can hang a MAC truck from my back and I’ll still take the whole WWE roster on brother," the 66-year-old said.

He's also showing off the "Immortal" tattoo he got around 2011.

Hulk's back issues have been well documented -- he started going under the knife back in 2009 after suffering extreme pain from all those years in the ring.

In fact, Hogan described in great detail all of the damage his body has endured from wrestling when he appeared on "OBJECTified" with Harvey Levin."


"I've had 17 surgeries over the last 10 years," Hogan said ... "My knees are fake, hips are fake, back is full of metal and part of my face is full of metal."

"I didn't get the memo about the fake wrestling,:" Hogan joked ... noting the physical punishment is VERY real.

Hogan even showed off teethmarks in his finger -- the result of a wrestling match from decades ago.

Hogan's most recent procedure took place at the end of 2019 ... and despite being told he would likely be out of the gym for 4 to 6 months, Hogan was able to lift again after 7 weeks!

Hogan hasn't wrestled since 2013 -- when he appeared in a match for "TNA Wrestling." He's talked about wanting his final match to take place in a WWE ring ... but so far, no word on if that will actually happen.

While Hogan has participated in WWE events, he hasn't wrestled for Vince McMahon since 2006.

Lamar Jackson Gunning for 'Truzz' Trademark ... It's Written On My Chest!!!


Lamar Jackson isn't messing around when it comes to building his brand -- he's already trying to lock up the trademark rights for "Truzz" ... the same words he just had tatted on his chest.

Remember, Lamar's Baltimore Ravens teammate, Mark Ingram, began referring to LJ as "Big Truss" during his insane 2019 NFL season ... and the nickname stuck!

But, someone else made a run on the "Big Truss" trademark -- so Lamar called an audible, made some spelling changes ... and now, he's filled an application to own "Truzz," TMZ Sports has learned.

We know Lamar filed the application back in January -- right around the time he got his new body art.

Gotta applaud his creativity and being business savvy!

The new spelling even caught Ingram by surprise -- who says LJ is a "trendsetter" who has a knack for starting popular trends ... "so 2 Zs it is."

There's more ... we also know Jackson filed for several other trademarks -- including:

-- "You are going to get a Bowl out of me, believe that!"

-- "Era 8 By Lamar Jackson"

-- "Not bad for a running back"

Jackson intends to use the trademark for apparel, accessories and sports equipment.

As for LJ's tattoo, we spoke with the artist, Lesly St. Clou, who tells us the ink was done at a private location BEFORE the COVID-19 quarantine began.

"The piece is representative of his faith, his love and admiration for his family, and his passion for the game he has given most of his life to and held him steady. This was all Lamar Jackson's idea and he came up with it before quarantine times."

Vanessa Bryant Praises Amazing Kobe & Gigi Tattoo ... 'BEAUTIFUL'

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Vanessa Bryant is blown away by a man's new tribute tattoo to Kobe and Gianna ... calling the piece "beautiful" and praising the artist for the work.

"Just came across this," Vanessa said Thursday. "So amazing. What a BEAUTIFUL tribute to my Gigi and Kobe. Kobe would never want to outshine our baby girl. Thank you for honoring them together❤️"

The man who did the ink -- Steve Butcher -- is famous in the tattoo world ... he's put down art on everybody from Matt Barnes to Lonzo Ball -- and has been tattooing Kobe tributes weekly since the NBA legend's tragic helicopter crash in January.

Butcher's pieces are insanely real ... and the skin work he did on a Kobe fan's leg this month really touched Vanessa.

"This is really beautiful," she said.

The artwork features a picture of a smiling Kobe with his daughter, Gigi. It also has butterflies and a portrayal of the night the Lakers left Mamba and Mambacita jerseys on courtside seats at Staples just days after their deaths.

Of course, celebs and athletes all across the globe have gotten tattoos to honor the Lakers legend ... everyone from The Game to Odell Beckham, LeBron James and Kobe's sister have new artwork for the Mamba.

NBA Star Devin Booker Immortalizes Kobe Bryant Autograph ... In Tribute Tattoo

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Touching tribute from Devin Booker to Kobe Bryant ... the Phoenix Suns superstar immortalized an autograph he got from the Mamba with a tattoo on his forearm.

Here's the deal ... back in March 2016, Devin -- a rookie at the time who grew up idolizing Kobe -- played Bryant in one of legend's final NBA games.

And afterward, Kobe had a long talk with the budding All-Star ... and gave him a pair of signed shoes with two messages on them.

One read, "To The Young Gun!" The other? "To Book Be Legendary"

Devin took the advice to heart ... and Tuesday, just over a month after Kobe tragically died in a helicopter crash, he got Bryant's "Be Legendary" autograph tatted on his arm.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

"Somethin to live by," Booker said of the ink.

A bunch of NBA guys loved the tribute -- which appears to be Devin's first-ever body art -- with Kobe's former teammate, Matt Barnes, writing, "Killer."

Devin was one of the NBA players hit hardest by Bryant's death ... in the Suns' game against the Grizzlies hours after the chopper accident, he had to fight back tears on the court.

"I just feel for the world, man," Devin said 2 days later in January. "I think we're all missing a piece of us moving forward that's going to be gone forever."

Kobe Bryant's Sister Tribute Tattoo ... for Kobe and Gianna

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9:49 AM PT -- Vanessa Bryant just showed her appreciation for Sharia's tattoo ... writing on her social media page, "Love you @shariawash - ❤️. #Gigi #Kobe 2~24 forever."

Kobe Bryant's big sister just got a permanent tribute to Kobe and Gianna -- a brand new tattoo with their numbers encircled by a Black Mamba snake.

Sharia Bryant Washington -- the oldest of the Bryant siblings -- hit up tattoo artist Peter Barrios for the work ... and it turned out pretty great.

You can see the numbers 2 and 24 (worn by Gianna and Kobe, respectfully) -- with the Black Mamba snake in the shape of the infinity symbol.

In other words ... Gianna and Kobe forever.

In the past few weeks, a bunch of people who knew Kobe and Gianna have opted for tats -- everyone from LeBron James and Anthony Davis to J.R. Smith and Shareef O'Neal.

Odell Beckham and rapper The Game also got Kobe-inspired body art.

Lamar Odom, who was extremely close with Kobe, told us he's strongly considering a Kobe tat and will likely get one soon.

It's been more than a month since Kobe, Gianna and 7 others passed away in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, Ca.

As we previously reported, Kobe's widow, Vanessa Bryant, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the company that operated the doomed chopper essentially blaming the pilot for the crash.

Originally Published -- 6:06 AM PT

The Game Reveals Kobe Bryant Face Tat

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The Game will pay homage to the late Kobe Bryant everywhere he goes from now on -- the rapper has revealed a new face tattoo in honor of the NBA legend.

Game added to his ink collection on Wednesday with a sideways 8 and Kobe's autograph above his right eyebrow ... which symbolizes "Kobe Forever."

Game -- who is still grappling with the loss of the L.A. icon -- has also planned a song to honor Bryant and has worn his jerseys during his current tour.

The Compton native is no stranger to face tattoos -- he had a butterfly on his left cheek before covering it with an L.A.-inspired piece. He also has a tear drop under his right eye.

Game hit up Dark Ink Gallery in Glasgow ... just hours before his show at O2 Academy.

NBA superstars LeBron James and Anthony Davis put permanent art on their bodies in honor of Bryant ... with LBJ getting a snake with Kobe's numbers and "Mamba 4 Life" underneath it.

J.R. Smith, Shareef O'Neal and 2 Chainz have also commissioned Bryant memorials on their bodies.

Post Malone Check Out My New Face Tattoo!!! It's Really a Cut Above

Post Malone found some more real estate on his face to add some fresh ink ... and this tat celebrates one of his biggest albums.

Posty is showing off a new face tattoo of a slightly-bloodied buzz saw, and we're told the singer got the piece Wednesday night following his concert in Kansas City. Check out the pics, it's pretty sick!!!

If the symbol looks familiar, that's because it's from the artwork for PM's "Beerbongs and Bentleys."


Post had a night to remember in KC. As we reported, he raged his face off with the Super Bowl champion Chiefs backstage, and there was an epic dance party and, of course, beer pong!!!

Hanging with NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce is pretty cool ... and Post also met Paul Rudd!

But, the cherry on top's gotta be that face tat ... a pretty painful cherry though.

You'll recall, Post told us new face ink was on deck in 2020 -- didn't take long for him to follow through.

Shareef O'Neal Tattoo Tribute to Kobe and Gianna

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12:51 PM PT -- Shareef just posted pictures of the nearly-finished tattoos ... and they feature Kobe's brand logo, a silhouette of Kobe mid-jump shot, the #8 and #24, Gianna's "Mamba" jersey and the words, "Mamba Mentality."

Shareef says the art will be getting background ink soon.

Shareef O'Neal is honoring Gianna and Kobe Bryant by tattooing their jerseys on his body ... and the pictures are amazing.

As we previously reported, Shaq's son became VERY close with the Bryants -- he basically viewed Kobe as an uncle.


Shareef has been deeply affected by their deaths and has been searching for ways to pay tribute to the Bryants. He's been posting a lot on social media. He went to the Bryant tribute at Staples Center. And now, he's inking their numbers on his leg.

Check out the pic ... you can see Gigi's #2 jersey she rocked for her Mamba Academy team. He also added Kobe's #8 and #24, the two numbers he wore with the Lakers.

Of course, LeBron James and Anthony Davis have also inked Kobe tributes on their legs -- both got imagery of a Black Mamba snake with the words, "Mamba 4 Life."

Originally Published -- 6:32 AM PT

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