Larry Bird Upset Over Mural Remove those Tattoos!

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Larry Bird is adamant he's NOT a "tattooed guy" -- and he ain't happy with a new mural in Indiana that depicts him as a walking canvas.

The NBA legend's attorney has reached out to Jules Muck, the artist who created the Bird tribute on a Fountain Square building in Indianapolis ... an image that shows a young Bird with ink on his face, chest and arms.

In the mural, Bird looks like a SoundCloud rapper -- with tats showing everything from bunnies humping to the word "Indiana" on his forearm ... there's also a clover (Celtics) and a spider web.

The image is a play off of Bird's famous 1977 Sports Illustrated shoot, when he played for Indiana State.

But, Bird's attorney says the image is a problem because the REAL Larry doesn't have tattoos and Larry feels he "needs to protect" his brand.

"Larry’s position is he has elevated himself from where he began to where he is now through a lot of hard work. He has developed a brand that is marketable and he needs to protect that brand,” attorney Gary Sallee told IndyStar.

"The mural, as originally painted, was a departure from that brand."

The artist says she's conflicted about how she'll handle the issue -- she's still considering her options.

Imagine Dragons' Ben McKee My New Tattoo's Outta This World!!!

Dillon Forte

Imagine Dragons bassist Ben McKee is wearing his intuition on his sleeve ... literally.

The pop rocker recently hooked up with famed Los Angeles tattoo artist Dillon Forte for a super sick work of art stretching from Ben's left shoulder all the way down to his fingertips!!!

The sleeve's one cosmic creation -- it's inspired by a higher consciousness. What the hell does that mean? Well, smoke something if ya got it, and bear with us.

We're told the repeating pattern represents "the interconnectedness of all life and the unified field of vibrations resonating cosmic intelligence." Ummm ... puff, puff, pass?

Ben started his sleeve last year, and then decided he wanted the ink to run down to his fingertips. Remember, the universe is ever expanding -- so the musician sat down for a 4-hour sesh at Dillon's Sri Yantra Tattoo Studio in Venice.

Dillon Forte

Dillon's inked up tons of celebs with his super intricate artwork ... including Kat Von D, Chris Hemsworth and a head tattoo for Usher!

Ben's tat will definitely add another wrinkle to Imagine Dragons' already killer live shows. Just don't get lost in the cosmicness, dude.

'Bachelor in Paradise' Stars Dean & Caelynn Still Going Strong But Where's the 'Stache?!?


"Bachelor in Paradise" stars Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes have taken their show on the road but one thing's noticeably missing ... his porn mustache!!!

Oh yeah ... SPOILER ALERT!!!

We got pics of Dean and Caelynn hanging earlier this week at The Honorable Society Tattoo Parlor in WeHo. We're told Dean wanted to add a couple more tats ... including one on his calf of a man with a parachute. The other tat was going on his back, but we don't know what image he picked.

While Dean appeared stoked about the idea ... Caelynn looked less than interested. Witnesses tell us their interaction was kinda tense, but maybe she just hates his ink choices. In any event, the bigger story here is ... NO ROCK on Caelynn's hand!!! So, while the 'BiP' drama king and queen have kept their relationship going ... there's no engagement. Yet.

Sorry ... that deserved another SPOILER ALERT.


But, let's be honest ... most 'BiP' fans probs only wanna know why in the world Dean got rid of his classic 'stache. You'll recall he arrived on the show late but quickly got everyone's attention with his new look. Caelynn admitted on the show she wasn't a fan of his facial hair.

Guess we know who won that battle.

At least it appears she's -- finally!!! -- gotten past the whole Blake drama. True 'BiP' fans know all too well how she spilled the Blake tea to everyone and their mama.

Gotta say, Dean's killing it!!! Especially for an unemployed dude who lives in a van.

Paris Hilton's Ex Chris Zylka Covers Up Her Name Tat ... Goes Ape S***


Paris Hilton body art is a thing of the past for her ex-fiance, who replaced a tattoo of her name with something more primal ... or at least, primate.

Chris Zylka -- who was engaged to Paris for about 10 months or so last year -- popped into Chronic Ink Tattoo Shop in Markham, Ontario Sunday for a big project ... covering up his Disney-themed "Paris" tat that was spread across the bulk of his left forearm.

We're told Chris -- who's up north shooting a new Netflix show -- explained to the tattoo artist, Winson Tsai, that he wanted to cover up his "Paris" ink before he finishes his shoot by the end of the week ... while also admitting it was time for him to ditch the tat.


Welp, they definitely got the job done -- and in record time too, it seems. Chris' arm, which also featured a lion tat, now has a full-blown gorilla on it ... with leaves, for added effect.

Our sources say the work took about 6 hours total to complete, and that for this type of detailed tat ... it can run folks upwards of $1,300. It's unclear if Chris paid that though.

As for why he opted for an ape -- we're told it's because Chris felt it's a nice, peaceful animal, and his favorite one as well. RIP to that lion (and Disney "Paris" for that matter ) ... those tats are long gone from his arm now.

Chris and Paris have been over for nearly a year now. They split up back in November -- making it the heiress' 2nd failed engagement. Chris seems happy though!!!

Lonzo Ball Historical Figures Tatted On Arm ... Insanely Realistic!!

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Steve Butcher

Lonzo Ball just got the COOLEST accessory to go along with his new Pelicans jersey this year ... a sleeve of tattoos of some of America's greatest heroes -- and the ink is INSANELY real.

The New Orleans star hit up Steve Butcher -- one of the best photo-realism tattooers in the world -- and the guy didn't disappoint.

Lonzo's new ink is a tribute to legendary African-American figures -- Barack Obama, Malcolm X, Jackie Robinson, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. -- and all the ink looks like it's PRINTED on.

The whole piece is capped off with Nipsey Hussle's famous motto, "The Marathon Continues," at the top of his shoulder ... and Butcher called it an "honor" to do the work on the point guard.

"Completed this sleeve this week on @zo !" Butcher wrote of the piece ... "Was an honor to put these influential people on your arm brother."

The new art has to be a refreshing feeling for the ex-Laker ... remember, he hasn't had the most success with tats in the past -- he just got his famous Big Baller Brand ink covered up a few months ago.

Doesn't seem that'll be a problem with these new pieces ... 'cause NBA fans all over are already LOVING the new look!!!

'Black Ink Crew' Boss Ceaser Emanuel Arrested For Fake Driver's License in NYC


"Black Ink Crew" boss Ceaser Emanuel might be licensed to run a tattoo shop in the Big Apple -- but, apparently, he isn't licensed to drive there ... according to cops, anyway.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Ceaser (real name David Emanuel) was arrested Friday in NYC after police officers say they witnessed him blow a red light and fail to yield to pedestrians while driving through a residential neighborhood in Brooklyn.

We're told the officers immediately pulled him over, and asked him to produce a license. Our sources say he handed one over that read "Emanuel Thomas" with a date of birth that was off by 8 years, saying he was born in June 1971 ... as opposed to his real DOB, 1979.

Sources also tell us Ceaser failed to produce a valid insurance card, so he was arrested on the spot and booked for misdemeanor false impersonation and other traffic violations.

Ceaser runs the Black Ink shop in New York, where the hit VH1 reality series began in 2013. It's gone strong for 7 seasons, and its 8th is set to air in just a few days. The show has also spawned two spin-offs, one in Chicago and another in Compton.

It's unclear if cameras were rolling while Ceaser was getting busted -- presumably, VH1 is all wrapped up with filming the 8th season. What's that saying about publicity again though?

Bre Tiesi Removes Johnny Manziel Tattoo ... I'm Moving on


Bre Tiesi is moving on from her marriage to Johnny Manziel ... and to show she's serious, she's having the QB's initials laser removed from her body.

Back when they were still a couple, Johnny and Bre hit the ink shop to memorialize their love for each other in tattoo form. She got his initials, "J.M." along with another special tattoo.

Johnny also had a special tat inked on his body for Bre -- though it's unclear if he plans to keep it.

As for Bre, the model announced she was leaving Johnny back in March -- after accusing him of breaking their wedding vows. She never got specific with the details but you can put 2 and 2 together.

So, this week Tiesi hit up the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group to have the "J.M." laser erased from her hand ... and our sources tell us she can't wait to have a clean slate.

Bre still isn't spilling the beans on exactly what happened in her marriage -- but we're told there's about a ZERO PERCENT CHANCE for a reconciliation.

Bre and Johnny began dating in 2016 and got married in a small ceremony in March 2018. They split a year later.

Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner Memorialize Waldo in Ink ... 'R.I.P. My Little Angel'

Getty Composite

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have memorialized their dog, Waldo, with a tattoo tribute just days after the Alaskan Klee Kai was struck and killed by a car.

Joe just revealed his fresh ink, with the message, "R.I.P. my little angel." As for Sophie, she got a matching portrait and posted, "I miss you, Waldo. Rest In Peace my little baby." The tattoos are matching portraits of Waldo. It's the first time Joe or Sophie Turner have publicly addressed Waldo's death.

We saw the two of them over the weekend looking emotional on the set of Joe's music video in NYC, while Sophie clutched the couple's other pooch, Porky.

TMZ broke the story ... Waldo was out on a walk with a dog walker in New York last week when he got loose and ran into the street. He was struck and killed by a car. Joe and Sophie went and filed a police report ... but not before getting therapy.

Law enforcement sources tell us the driver of the vehicle that killed Waldo will not be charged.

Genie Bouchard Meets Fan With Tat of Her Face ... 'This is Insane'


Genie Bouchard met her biggest fan on Wednesday ... and if you had any doubts about that, check out the massive Genie Bouchard tattoo on the dude's forearm!!

The tennis superstar came face-to-face with a man named Michael in Switzerland recently ... and he showed off his permanent tribute to his favorite athlete.

"This is insane," Genie says. "How did I get to a point to deserve such a dedicated fan that they would get a tattoo of me on their body?"

"If you told 8-year-old me playing my first tournament that I would one day affect someone so much that they would permanently alter their body in my honour... I would not have believed it."

The fan explains that Genie is his biggest inspiration to get out of bed and grind it out everyday ... so he decided to give her a spot on his body!!

"Hearing this makes my heart the happiest it could ever be. Part of me also thinks you’re completely psycho Michael"

"I hope you don’t regret this! And now, you are forced to be a fan for life lmao," Bouchard joked.

Just one BIG issue with the artwork ... Genie says it makes her look BALD because it doesn't have a braid ... so we take it the fan's tattoo artist will have some more work to do.

Charles Manson Tattoo of Death for Pen Pal Fanboy ... Burnt CM Specks Included!!!


Charles Manson LIVES ... on in ink, now featured on the arm of a weirdo who made sure to get the mass murderer's burnt up particles poked deep into his own skin. 

Get ready for a morbid body art tale -- 'cause that's exactly what this is. Artist Ryan Almighty tells TMZ that he recently gave one of Manson's longtime fanboys an arm tattoo for the ages -- which featured the real (dead) guy's leftover ashes from his cremation.

Ryan says a friend of his by the name of John Michael Jones -- who claims to have been one of Manson's pen pals before he died -- wanted to get a tat of the killer's face plastered on his arm, so Ryan did him a solid, and then did him one better ... throwing some of Manson's actual ashes into the ink, free of charge. Nice guy!!!!


We're told John drove up from Boston to Ryan's tattoo shop in rural New York -- where he parked it for 6 hours of needling. The ashes were mixed into the ink that Ryan used.

Check out the final product ... creepy AF, if ya ask us. Which is fitting, of course.

BTW, this ain't the first time Ryan's done some strange Manson art. He put together a blood painting of Manson last year (which also featured some of his ashes), which ended up in Zak Bagans' Haunted Museum in Las Vegas. 

Not sure how much more of Manson's ashes this guy has stored away in his cupboards (or under his pillow) but something tells he'll have another "masterpiece" pop up down the line. 

Usher My New Tattoo's a Head Turner!!!

Usher doesn't have eyes on the back of his head ... but he DOES have a super sick work of art.

The R&B superstar hooked up with famed L.A. tattoo artist Dillon Forte for his latest masterpiece that apparently required Usher to carve out precious real estate on his dome.

The result's a beaut -- a tat inspired by sacred geometry and an ancient Berber stone that marks the cardinal points in the sky, which allows travelers to find their way across vast distances. World history, look it up.

Usher and Dillon -- who has also worked on Chris Hemsworth and Kat Von D, among others -- met through Jennifer Love Hewitt's hubby, Brian Hallisay. It wasn't long before an introduction was made and the singer sat down for a 3-hour sesh last weekend at Dillon's Sri Yantra Tattoo Studio in Venice.

Ya gotta imagine, given the tat's location, it had to hurt. Probs worth it ... when your head can now count as a masterpiece.

MLB's Mike Clevinger Jimi Hendrix Tattoo On Finger ... Pops Out Of Glove!!!

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MLB hitters now have something interesting to look at while Mike Clevinger is pumping fastballs their way -- a sick tat of Jimi Hendrix's face on the stud pitcher's finger!

The Cleveland Indians superstar just got Hendrix's mug inked on his left hand's pointer finger Tuesday ... and the art is pretty awesome.

It's an image of Hendrix's stoic face ... and it's placed so strategically -- it pops out of Mike's glove when he's on the mound!!

Clevinger has yet to say why he got the piece done, but he did post Hendrix's famous "If 6 Was 9" lyrics with photos of the ink, saying, "let me live my life the way I want to."

Of course, batters will have to wait a few more weeks to get an up-close look at the tat ... Clevinger's still a month or so away from returning from a back injury.

But, when he gets back ... enjoy the view of Hendrix's face -- and that nasty slider!!!

'Black Ink Crew: Chicago' Sued Stars Kicked My Ass At Boozy Party ... Now I'm Fighting Back in Court!!!


The stars of VH1's "Black Ink Crew: Chicago" allegedly beat the hell out of a guest at a party for their show ... and now the dude's fighting back with a lawsuit.

According to legal docs obtained by TMZ ... Ronnie Spates claims he was viciously attacked by 'Black Ink' stars Ryan Henry, Van Johnson, Don Brumfield and Junior Diaz during a December bash in Chicago ... and he says the reality show's production company wanted a fight to break out to make better TV.

Spates claims he was an invited guest minding his own business at the party when Henry, Johnson, Brumfield and Diaz began kicking the crap out of him. He says the brutal beatdown left him licking serious wounds.

Spates claims show producers fueled the party with loads of booze and actively sought to encourage situations that would lead to conflict, verbal spats and physical altercations ... just so they could create explosive content.

TMZ broke the story ... cops were called to the party after it allegedly got violent. Our law enforcement sources say Junior Diaz was accused of sucker punching a guest, presumably Spates. Police say when they arrived at the scene, they found Spates bleeding from the mouth and disoriented, and he was taken to a hospital for stitches.

Spates is suing the reality stars and Big Fish Entertainment over the incident ... and he's seeking a big payday.

We reached out to Big Fish Entertainment for comment ... so far, radio silence.

Kim Kardashian Freed Prisoner Says ... Job Offers Rolling in!!!


One of the prisoners Kim Kardashian helped free is now in global demand ... job offers are pouring in everyday ... such is the power of the Princess of Prison Reform.

The freed inmate, Paul Algarin, tells TMZ ... he's been getting hit up by people all over the world -- from Nigeria, the UK and beyond -- who want to team up with him in some fashion. Among the offers -- modeling and work in a tattoo parlor.


Paul's also been approached to help with prison reform. He benefited immensely after writing a letter to Kim after learning about her prison reform work. To his surprise, she responded and he was freed April 19 ... after serving 7 years at Central Prison in North Carolina.

As we reported ... Kim and Kanye West visited Paul and his family earlier this month in Charlotte. Kimye also brought a doctor to help start the face tattoo removal process so he can have a fresh start post-incarceration. Kim and Kanye are covering costs for the procedure.

Paul says the visit alone proved incredibly inspiring to one day get to Kim and Kanye's level.

Audrey Hepburn's Son Ariana Grande Imitating Mom for Givenchy ... I'd Fire Her Team!!!


Ariana Grande as the spitting image of Audrey Hepburn for Givenchy has set off strong feelings from Audrey's son ... who applauds the tribute, but also thinks Ariana should fire her team.

Audrey's son, Sean, tells TMZ ... he's happy with the tribute to his late mother, but he's baffled that Ariana's team wasn't more creative to build something original. Sean says he'd fire her team if he could because all they did was make Ariana a look-alike.

As you know by now ... the French luxury fashion house tapped the "7 Rings" singer as the new face of its 2019 Fall and Winter campaign that'll be unveiled in July. Givenchy announced the news Friday with an Ariana video ... featuring her in a black dress super similar to the one Audrey wore in "Breakfast at Tiffany's." Ariana's also posing kinda like Audrey did in the opening scene.

The double nod to Audrey didn't go unnoticed, and it's also no surprise given Ariana's obsession with the film. She has the movie's famous phrase "mille tendresse" (meaning a thousand tendernesses in French) tattooed on the back of her neck. It's Ariana's favorite movie ... and if you needed more evidence, the opening lyrics to "7 Rings" goes, "Yeah, breakfast at Tiffany's and bottles of bubbles."

Don't get it twisted ... Sean's down with the tribute because it's clear Audrey Hepburn and Givenchy will forever be synonymous because he says Audrey and designer Hubert Givenchy not only collaborated but built the brand together.

It's true ... Audrey's black dress in 'Breakfast' was designed by Givenchy ... as was the wardrobe she wore in "Sabrina," "Funny Face" and "Love in the Afternoon," among others.

That being said ... Sean thinks this was a complete missed opportunity by Ariana's team to build her own identity with the brand instead of stepping into Audrey's larger-than-life shoes.

Kim Kardashian Helping Ex-Con Get Fresh Start ... Tattoo Removal On Me!!!

Kim Kardashian is making house calls to some of the inmates she's recently helped free -- as one of them in North Carolina just discovered -- and she's pitching in to get their lives back on track.

This is pretty incredible -- Azaria Algarin's twin brother, Paul, got out of Central Prison in North Carolina on April 19 after serving 7 years, but while he was locked up he asked for Kim's address so he could send her a letter because he'd heard of the prison reform work she's been doing.

Azaria says she thought her bro was being ridiculous and it was a pipe dream that Kim would even read his letter, let alone respond. Turns out she did ... with a personal visit to meet him and his family.

Kim and Kanye West flew to Charlotte Tuesday -- the day after attending NYC's Met Gala -- to meet Paul, Azaria and their mom. She also brought a doctor to discuss removing Paul's face tattoos so he can have a fresh start post-incarceration. Kim and Kanye are covering the cost for the procedure.

Azaria's floored by the gesture, saying ... "Never in a million years did I think Kim would write him back (or even read his letter), fly in right after the met gala (not to mention her 4th baby is due at any minute), invest in our family & laugh / relate to us over the smallest things."

Azaria tells TMZ the group had lunch at The Lights Juicery & Cafe, then went to MedSpa nearby for Paul's first lasering session to remove his facial ink.

She says ... "I’m so proud of my brother for taking steps in the right direction," and she's grateful for Kim's involvement in "such a special day that I will forever cherish."

As we've told you, Kim's more popular than ever with prisoners and their families thanks to helping 17 inmates gain freedom over the last 3 months.