Machine Gun Kelly has unveiled his most dramatic tattoo yet -- a layer of solid black ink across almost his entire upper torso ... and yes, we've confirmed it's the real deal.

The rapper dropped his new look on IG Tuesday ... and you can see that the black ink saturates virtually half of his upper body ... with some of his OG inkings peeking through strategically placed paneled gaps down his arms and in between a cross symbol across his chest.

Machine Gun Kelly's decision to undergo this transformation was a deeply personal one, according to his tattoo artist ROXX who did this job for the artist -- and who tells TMZ that MGK had a "spiritual consultation". We're told he explained to her all his tatts were too chaotic for him now and he was seeking change and order in his life.

This is also something MGK makes clear in his IG caption ... explaining that the blackout cover-up was for "spiritual purposes only." FWIW, Kelly made sure no one could comment.

Oh, and if you're wondering whether it was painful ... ROXX praises him for being the toughest client she's ever had in 30 years. So, safe to say ... it hurt a lot.

Roxx tells us they started the process in mid-Dec with MGK coming to see her at her private L.A. studio 4 days a week for 13 six-hour sessions -- making it one of the biggest projects she's done in such a short time. She's not done yet either ... ROXX says she's got a bit more tattooing to do on him to finish the job.

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Bottom line ... MGK definitely knows how to make a bold statement. Nothing screams change quite like this.

Machine Gun Kelly estrena tatuaje en la parte superior del cuerpo con fines espirituales

Machine Gun Kelly ha revelado su tatuaje más dramático hasta la fecha... una capa de tinta negro sólido a través de casi toda la parte superior de su torso, y sí, hemos confirmado que es real.

El rapero reveló su nuevo look en Insta el martes y se puede ver que la tinta negra satura prácticamente la mitad de su parte superior del cuerpo, con algunos de sus tatuajes anteriores asomándose a través de espacios estratégicamente colocados en paneles por los brazos y en medio de un símbolo de la cruz en el pecho.

La decisión de Machine Gun Kelly de someterse a esta transformación fue profundamente personal, según su tatuadora ROXX -quien hizo el trabajo para el artista- le dice a TMZ que MGK tuvo una "consulta espiritual". Nos dicen que le explicó que todos sus tatuajes eran demasiado caóticos para él ahora y que estaba buscando un cambio y orden en su vida.

Esto también es algo que MGK deja claro en su pie de foto de Insta, explicando que el recubrimiento era para "fines espirituales solamente." Además, Kelly se aseguró de que nadie pudiera comentar el post.

Por si te estás preguntando si fue doloroso, ROXX lo elogia por ser el cliente más duro que ha tenido. Por lo tanto, podemos deducir que dolió mucho.

Roxx nos dice que comenzó el proceso a mediados de diciembre, cuando MGK fue a verla a su estudio privado de Los Ángeles cuatro días a la semana durante 13 sesiones de seis horas, y todavía tiene un poco más por hacer, lo cual lo convierte en uno de los mayores proyectos que ha hecho.

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En pocas palabras... MGK definitivamente sabe cómo hacer una declaración audaz. Nada grita cambio como esto.

Anthony Rendon Fans Drag MLB Star After He Admits Baseball's Not 'A Top Priority For Me'

Los Angeles Angels star Anthony Rendon is currently being pummeled by fans on social media ... and it's all 'cause he basically admitted on Monday he really can't stand baseball.

The third baseman got candid with reporters during a Q&A out at spring training practice in Arizona ... revealing the game that's made him over $160 million the past 13 years has "never been a top priority for me."

Rendon explained he views the sport as "a job," and not much more than that.

"I do this to make a living," he said. "My faith, my family come first before this job."

Of course, seamheads all over haven't taken lightly to his comments ... firing away on him on X for the remarks.

There were Spiderman memes of people who also claimed to hate their professions ... and others who compared his feelings on baseball to the way his teammate, Mike Trout, absolutely loves it.

But, if you think that's going to sway Rendon's opinion ... it almost certainly won't -- as he's been critical of the sport for a long time now.

In fact, back in January he said he wished the season would be considerably shorter ... saying, "It's too many dang games."

FYI, Rendon -- who signed a seven-year, $245,000,000 contract back in 2019 -- has not played more than 58 games in a season since joining LA ... something his fans have made him plenty aware of in the wake of all his recent comments.

Lil Jon Releasing Guided Meditation Album ... WHAAAT??!!

Lil Jon's finally answering his own age-old question ... turn down for what? Try meditation, because -- strange as it sounds -- he's got a new album on the way that's way more relaxing than his crunk sound.

Music industry sources tell TMZ ... Lil Jon's recorded a guided meditation album, and while that doesn't seem in line with his trademark yelling of words like, "Yeah!" or "Whaaat?" -- it's in line with his personal life.

We're told Jon's been making fitness and wellness a big priority in his life for a while now, focusing especially on his health ... and his decision to record a meditation album is a direct byproduct.

While this will catch a lot of folks off guard -- especially those who still vibe to crunk classics like "Turn Down For What" and "Get Low" -- our sources say the album is "truthful" to who Jon's become these days, and it makes sense for him.

Basically, it sounds like he's combining his 2 passions ... wellness and music.

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We're told Lil Jon's 10-track project is scheduled to drop Feb. 16, and that date doesn't sound coincidental.

As you know, Usher's performing the Super Bowl Halftime Show on Feb. 11 -- and Jon's widely rumored, if not flat out expected, to join him onstage for their smash hit, "Yeah!"

While no one's confirming his halftime cameo ... the fact Lil Jon's releasing his meditation album that same week, seems like a big clue.

Namaste tuned!

CLAUDIA JORDAN Down With PAGEANT AGE CHANGE ... Was Dated Concept!!!


Actress and model Claudia Jordan says it's about time the Miss USA organization broke the age barrier in beauty ... by finally permitting women over 28 to compete for the crown.

We spoke to Claudia, herself a former contestant, and she's glad the pageant's outdated message that women have an expiration date is over -- especially since she's known women racing against the clock, knowing they have one more year of eligibility to achieve their Miss USA goal.

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Claudia represented Rhode Island in Miss USA 1997, and says there's no way a man wasn't responsible for the initial age restriction ... blasting the notion that a woman over 28 is spoiled milk, and a woman with kids isn't their sexual fantasy anymore.

She wishes she could compete now because in her opinion she looks better now at 50, and there are a lot of women out there way past 28 who could compete.

She addresses the broader topic of double standards in beauty ideals between the sexes, saying it's unfair men have "spots on their heads, fat ass stomachs, and horrible toupées," but are still judged on their personality/talents ... while women have to achieve impossible standards across the board.

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At the end of the day, Claudia's thankful the inclusive new rules align with the acceptance of transgender women competing in the pageant -- which went into effect in 2012. Basically, she's saying let the best women win.

As for Claudia, her start in pageantry did her entertainment career wonders.

She's been in the running for the open co-host gig on "The Breakfast Club -- and the former "Deal or No Deal" briefcase model returns next month as a cast member on NBC's reboot, "Deal or No Deal Island."

La modelo Claudia Jordan está de acuerdo con el cambio de límite de edad de Miss USA

una nueva era

La actriz y modelo Claudia Jordan dice que ya es hora de que la organización de Miss EE.UU. rompa la barrera de la edad en la belleza, permitiéndole finalmente a las mujeres mayores de 28 años que compitan por la corona.

Hablamos con Claudia —una ex concursante— y está contenta de que el mensaje anticuado de que las mujeres tienen una fecha de caducidad ha terminado, sobre todo porque ella ha conocido a mujeres corriendo contra el reloj, sabiendo que tienen un año más de elegibilidad para lograr su objetivo de Miss USA.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Claudia representó a Rhode Island en Miss EE.UU. 1997, y dice que no hay manera de que un hombre sea responsable de la restricción de edad inicial, criticando la idea de que una mujer mayor de 28 años es leche en mal estado, y una mujer con hijos no es su fantasía sexual más.

Desearía poder competir ahora porque, en su opinión, tiene mejor aspecto a los 50, y hay muchas mujeres de más de 28 años que podrían competir.

Ella aborda el tema más amplio de la doble moral en los ideales de belleza entre los sexos, diciendo que es injusto que los hombres tiengan "manchas en la cabeza, panza, culo gordo, y peluquines horribles", pero todavía son juzgados por su personalidad y talentos, mientras que las mujeres tienen que alcanzar estándares imposibles en todos los ámbitos.

tmz investiga
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Al final del día, Claudia está agradecida por las nuevas reglas inclusivas alineadas con la aceptación de las mujeres transgénero que compiten en el concurso, la cual entró en vigor en 2012. Básicamente, ella está diciendo que las mejores mujeres ganen.

En cuanto a Claudia, su inicio en el concurso hizo maravillas en su carrera de entretenimiento. La ex modelo de maletín de "Deal or No Deal" regresa el próximo mes como miembro del elenco en el reboot de la NBC, "Deal or No Deal Island".

También es candidata a copresentadora de "The Breakfast Club".

Ian Ziering se deja ver por primera vez desde la pelea con motociclistas

Ian Ziering está repartiendo un poco de "Good Vibes", ya que fue visto por primera vez desde su encuentro aterrador con una turba de motociclistas despiadados en NYE.

La estrella de "Beverly Hills, 90210" parecía relajado durante un almuerzo en Bristol Farms el martes por la tarde, vistiendo una gorra de béisbol con el mensaje zen de positividad.

Sin embargo, su paz fue sacudida el domingo y TMZ publicó la historia... fue asaltado por un grupo de motociclistas cuando golpearon su carro mientras zigzagueaba a través del tráfico en Hollywood Blvd.

Las imágenes que obtuvimos muestran a los ciclistas dando violentas patadas y golpeando sus cascos contra el carro de Ian, todo mientras su hija de 10 años de edad, Penna, estaba sola en el interior mientras Ian peleaba al otro lado de la calle.

pelea con pandilla de motociclistas

La experiencia fue bastante aterradora para los espectadores, por no hablar de la pequeña Penna, que fue vista llorando y siendo consolada por su padre poco después.

ataque en grupo

Afortunadamente, el dúo padre e hija salió ileso del ataque. Ian apareció por Instagram el lunes para instar a las autoridades locales a tomar medidas contra la creciente ola de "vandalismo" en Los Ángeles.


Ian Ziering's trying his best to keep a positive attitude on the heels of his terrifying encounter with a mob of ruthless bikers in Hollywood ... as he gets out and about again for the first time since the street brawl.

The "Beverly Hills, 90210" star looked relaxed during a lunch outing at Bristol Farms Tuesday afternoon in WeHo ... donning a baseball cap branded with the oh-so zen message of "Good Vibes."

TMZ broke the story ... Ian's peace was massively interrupted Saturday as he ended up going toe-to-toe with a group of bikers, who he claims sideswiped his car while weaving through traffic on Hollywood Blvd.

Video footage we obtained shows the bikers violently kicking and pounding their helmets on Ian's car ... all while his 10-year-old daughter, Penna, was alone inside as Ian fought off others across the street.


The ordeal was frightening enough for onlookers ... let alone little Penna, who was seen weeping, and was consoled by her dad shortly after.


Luckily, the father and daughter duo emerged unscathed from the attack -- with Ian taking to IG Monday to urge L.A. officials to take action against what he sees as a rising tide of "hooliganism" in the city.

Cornel West Ye's a Genius, But Wrong About BHM ... Jokes Put Down the 'Symbolic Crack Pipe!!!'


Kanye West's desire to rename Black History Month is totally off the mark ... according to noted philosopher Cornel West, who's taking a moment to ring the school bell for Ye.

We got the former Harvard and Princeton professor Thursday at L.A.'s Sunset Plaza, and took a deeper diver with him into Ye's announcement that "FEBRUARY IS NOW BLACK FUTURE MONTH" ... instead of BHM.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Well, Prof. West started out by giving Mr. West some props, calling him a genius ... but adding he's "confused" in many ways. Cornel says the idea that BHM is only about Black people's past is misguided. Check out his explanation, but the Prof. says it's very much about the future as well.

C-Dub says he thinks Ye understands this concept, because he hears it in his music -- but, for some reason, he loses it outside of the studio. Or, as he put it, "There's a sense of which his artistry is so much more profound than his rhetoric."

It's clear he's got love for Ye, though -- he wonders if they're distant relatives -- and he compliments one of Kanye's tracks, in particular ... before playfully urging the rapper to "get off that symbolic crack pipe."


Yes, Cornel came in hot with the jokes. BTW, he also dropped some jewels for T-Pain, who told us he doesn't think there should be a Black History Month anymore.

Ok. Pencils down, class!!!

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