'Hustlers' Real Destiny Rips Strip Club, You Stiffed Dancers During Filming!!!


"Hustlers" is making bank at the box office, but the real-life stripper behind Constance Wu's character is slamming strip club owners for shorting dancers during movie filming.

Rosie Keo, the stripper-turned-madam Constance plays in the flick, tells TMZ ... Show Palace in New York's Long Island City should have demanded more cash from movie producers to compensate strippers when the club was shut down for shooting, because lost wages are hell for sex workers.

Show Palace is taking tons of flak for turning its back on its strippers when "Hustlers" rented out the establishment for a week of filming -- effectively cutting off their cash flow -- and Rosie says the least owners could do was scrap the house fee dancers pay when they were allowed back for work.

The way Rosie sees it ... Show Palace management needs people who know how to hustle, like the girls working the poles and VIP sections.


But, Rosie's hate is mostly aimed at the strip club, and not at anyone associated with the movie ... unlike Samantha Barbash, the inspiration for Jennifer Lopez's role.

Rosie says she hasn't spoken with Samantha in at least 5 years, but she understands why Barbash despises the film and J Lo's performance.

Petty grievances aside ... Rosie hopes "Hustlers" brings similar stories into the mainstream.

Stormy Daniels Columbus Cops Are Getting Their Due ... For Bogus Strip Club Bust


Stormy Daniels is getting a taste of justice after the Ohio cops who busted her at a strip club last year are now facing some consequences ... but she ain't done with them yet.

The ex-adult film star was beaming Friday night as she strolled through LAX -- without any makeup at that -- as she reacted to the news that five of the officers who went undercover and arrested her at a strip joint in Columbus will be reprimanded by their department.

When a pap asks how she feels about the update a year later -- she actually corrects him with a more precise time frame (387 days, to be exact) ... so yeah, she's definitely been keeping tabs on the case.


She also doubles down on what's come to light about the arrest since it went down -- that it never should've happened, and it was completely bogus. Stormy was a guest at the venue she was performing at -- she was just booked for a special appearance -- and the no touching law the Columbus cops tried nabbing her on only applies to regular employees.

The charges were dropped, and since then ... Stormy also sued some of those officers, and she tells the photog here that the lawsuit's still on. In the filing, she claimed the cops targeted her for speaking out against Trump ... alleging the arrest was purely political.

She obviously wants damages, but funny enough ... there's one other thing they could give her that might smooth things over.

As for DT, her former attorney Michael Avenatti and the upcoming presidential election -- well, she's got some thoughts on all of the above. Check it out ... classic Stormy.

UFC's B.J. Penn 911 Calls From Club He's Trying To Fight The DJ!!!


UFC legend B.J. Penn tried to get into a scrap with a strip club DJ before he ultimately got into a street brawl with the bouncer ... this according to 911 calls obtained by TMZ Sports.

Penn was involved in a melee at Club Femme Nu in Honolulu last week ... with the UFC Hall of Famer mounting a man and shoving his elbow into the guy's throat.

JUNE 2019

Cops were called to the scene ... but since no victim came forward -- Penn was never arrested, and charges haven't been filed.

But, now, we're learning more about the incident ... with a 911 caller telling dispatch Penn had tried to fight the club's DJ before he got into the street fight outside.

"So B.J. Penn is here causing a fight with the DJ," a woman tells dispatch.

The woman is clearly annoyed with Penn ... and goes on to say he had been stirring up problems throughout the night, saying, "It's really pissing me off."

"He's just running around with shorts and no shirt on. Screaming and yelling and trying to cause problems again."

In another 911 call obtained by TMZ Sports ... you can hear a man clearly concerned about the fight Penn was in outside, with the guy telling dispatch they need help separating the two.

We've reached out to B.J. and his team for comment on the incident, but so far, no official word back yet.

UFC's B.J. Penn Fights Strip Club Bouncer In Street ... New Police Audio


6/26 10:02 AM PT -- TMZ Sports has obtained dispatch audio from the incident in which you can hear a law enforcement official tell officers, "BJ Penn is back there trying to fight everybody. No weapon."

When cops arrived to the scene, the officers told dispatch Penn had "ran off" and was no longer at the club.


8:31 AM PT -- Law enforcement sources tell us ... cops DID, in fact, respond to the club after receiving a call about an "argument at an adult night club."

However, we're told Penn was NOT arrested -- and a warrant for his arrest has not been issued.

In fact, we're told the victim has not come forward to police and cops are not currently investigating.

It's possible the victim could still go to cops ... but seems unlikely at this point.

In other words, they scrapped and it's over.

UFC Hall of Famer B.J. Penn got into a fight with a bouncer at a strip club in Honolulu late Monday night ... with the altercation spilling onto the street ... and TMZ Sports has the video.

We spoke with the owner of Club Femme Nu who told us Penn was escorted out of the bar around midnight because he was acting "very drunk."

While the 40-year-old MMA legend was being escorted out, things turned physical -- and Penn began to fight the door guy.

Multiple witnesses watched as Penn -- a former UFC lightweight and welterweight champion -- smothered the door guy to the ground and took control over the other man. At one point, you can see Penn shoving his forearm into the other man's throat.

Several men can be heard asking B.J. to stop fighting and let the guy up -- but he never does.

One of the bystanders finally decides he's seen enough and begins punching Penn in the head in an attempt to end the fight ... but the other men call him off, so B.J. and the bouncer can finish their fight 1-on-1.

Eventually, someone calls the cops and we're told several squad cars arrived at the scene -- but B.J. had already left the premises by the time the officers got there.

Attempts to reach Penn for comment were unsuccessful.

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Cardi B I Plead Not Guilty, Your Honor ... Faces Judge in Strip Club Case


1:08 PM PT -- Cardi has officially left the building ... with plenty of love from her fans.


Cardi B is entering her plea on all the new charges in the strip club beatdown case.

Fresh of her Album of the Year win at the BET Awards ... Cardi arrived at the courthouse in Queens decked out in a black pantsuit. Inside the judge told her she's being charged with attempted assault in the 2nd degree and various other charges.

The judge gave Cardi the option of having all the charges read aloud in court. Her attorney said that would not be necessary -- and then Cardi said, "Not guilty sir, honor"

As we reported ... Cardi was indicted last week on 12 charges, including 2 counts of felony attempted assault with intent to cause serious physical injury. Other charges include misdemeanor reckless endangerment, assault, criminal solicitation, conspiracy and harassment.

This came after the rapper was initially charged with just 2 misdemeanors for allegedly ordering an attack on 2 strip club bartenders who are sisters -- Jade and Baddie Gi -- back in August 2018.

However, after Cardi rejected a plea deal that would have given her a conditional discharge in return for pleading guilty to a single misdemeanor ... a grand jury was convened and eventually handed up the 12-count indictment.

There are 2 codefendants in the case and they were also arraigned today -- both plead not guilty.

TMZ broke the story ... Cardi was arrested in October for her alleged role in the strip club incident, in which the 2 women claim they were injured when Cardi's people began throwing bottles and chairs.

If convicted on the new felony charges, we're told Cardi faces up to 4 years in prison.

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Kandi Burruss' Hubby Taking My Daughter to the Strip Club ... Brings Us Closer Together!!!


'Real Housewives' fans chewed out Kandi Burruss' husband for bringing his adult daughter to a strip club to celebrate her birthday, but hear him out ... he has an interesting defense.

'RHOA' star Todd Tucker says he has ZERO regrets about taking 23-year-old Kaela to see some T&A up close for her big day -- despite the fact he was getting dragged over it on social media after posting a video of the, umm ... unique father-daughter outing.

Don't worry ... ya don't see anything too raunchy here, and it looks like his kid isn't even looking at the dancer's booty in this shot. Still, it caused quite a fuss in the Insta-verse.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

We asked Todd why he thinks it was appropriate to bring his daughter to such a sexually-charged environment and he tells us quite simply ... it makes for great bonding.

Check out his answer ... Todd says more parents should follow his lead, and if they did, they'd have better relationships with their kids. The way he sees it, smacking "a couple of booties" with your kid could be the best way to maintain close ties, especially as they get older.

Todd also says this kinda family outing is in his genes!!! Really. You gotta hear what his mom did for him.

Maybe he's on to something, here ... but probably not.

Hodor from 'Game of Thrones' Man of Few Words During DJ Set ... Let the Music Do the Talkin'

Larry Flynt Hustler

Hodor from "Game of Thrones" must've still been in character during his DJ set this weekend -- he didn't talk much ... but there was A LOT of noise coming from his booth.

Actor Kristian Nairn came through for his DJing gig Friday night at Larry Flynt's Hustler Club in Vegas, where he'd been booked to perform for a Rave of Thrones event ... in honor of the Comic-Con going down, of course. It was a rooftop affair, full bar included.

Musically speaking, Kristian didn't disappoint. The dude did his thaaang well from behind the turntable, mixing in a bunch of EDM hits, and the crowd ate it up on the dance floor.

Like we mentioned earlier, Hodor wasn't in a chatty mood -- at least from what we can see in this video. Not even a courtesy "Hodor" mumble on the mic ... kind of a bummer, really.

BUT ... Kristian was cordial, waving at patrons who, naturally, shouted out his character's name. It also looks like folks showed out in full 'GoT' attire, with some even taking a seat on a makeshift Iron Throne.

Luckily, nobody endured death by flesh-eating white walkers this time around. Yeah, Hodor holds the door ... and holds it down pretty much everywhere else, including here.

Cardi B Strip Club Case Goes to Grand Jury ... Could Face Stiffer Charge

Exclusive Details

Cardi B's strip club beatdown case just got way more serious for her -- potentially, anyway -- because of a grand jury ... a sign prosecutors want her to face stiffer charges.

The rapper was decked out in pink as she arrived Friday at the courthouse in Queens. Inside the court, the judge revealed Cardi's case is now being heard by a grand jury. That's a big deal because she was only facing misdemeanors -- for assault and reckless endangerment -- but with a grand jury on the case, the charges could be upgraded.

Prosecutors tell TMZ ... they decided to present the case to a grand jury after "further investigation." They would not say what was uncovered during the investigation.

As we've reported, Cardi's accused of ordering an attack on sisters Jade and Baddie Gi last August. The women were bartenders at a strip club, and say they were attacked by Cardi's people because Cardi thought Jade had slept with Offset.

As we reported ... prosecutors offered Cardi a plea deal in April, but she swiftly shut it down. The offer was to plead guilty to a single misdemeanor. She would have dodged jail time, but agree to a conditional discharge and avoid trouble for some period of time. She wasn't having it.


Cardi was arrested and booked in October for her alleged role in the strip club incident.

A lot has happened since then, including Cardi and Offset breaking up and reconciling, the bartender sisters enjoying the publicity and Jade becoming Tekashi 6ix9ine's GF ... and getting tattoos to prove it.

J Lo & A-Rod Made It Rain On Strippers ... For Research

Here's A-Rod talking about how he and J Lo have gone to multiple strip clubs together and spent thousands on dancers ... but he SWEARS it had nothing to do with getting freaky.

It was all for "research" ... and Alex says it was the BEST work he's ever done!

Of course, Lopez is starring in the upcoming stripper flick "Hustlers" -- and Alex told the guys on "The Breakfast Club" he was more than happy to help Jen get ready for the role.

"I was out in L.A. She's in New York. She says, 'Baby, I'm going to the strip club.' I said, 'WHOA!! I'll be there on Thursday. We can go Thursday and Friday,'" Alex said.

"I mean, it's part of due diligence, right?"

Alex says Lopez was a total pro -- and tried to learn everything she could about dancers ... but Alex says he's kind of an expert when it comes to the booty club.

"She read and read and read [about strippers] ... I said, 'Baby, stop reading and just ask me. I got the info!'"

Alex says he almost knew "too much" about the stripper world -- "which was kind of scary."

Inside the clubs, Alex says the couple would pay THOUSANDS to women ... not to dance, but to talk.

"We sat down with the girls, and we literally just interrogate them, ask them questions. Then, we would hit 'em up with $400 or $500 or $600. We weren't there for dancing, we were literally there for work."

Best job ever???

Roger Stone The Naked Truth ... Strip Club Gigs Paying My Defense!!!

Roger Stone is under the gun and under-funded for his legal defense -- so, ironically, he's ripped a page out of Stormy Daniels' playbook -- making big money at a Virginia strip club.

Don't worry, President Trump's former campaign adviser remained fully clothed Saturday night at Papermoon Southside Gentleman's Club in Richmond. He was the guest of honor, though ... taking photos with fans and signing autographs ... sometimes right on dancers' asses.


The club's director of special events, Mike Dickinson, tells TMZ ... Roger was paid a flat fee to show up for the night and do quick meet-and-greets with fans. Entry to the event was $25 a pop, and that included a photo and autograph, if you wanted one. All in all, Dickinson estimates Stone was able to raise high 5-figures for his legal defense against a 7-count federal indictment.

Stone was there with his longtime associate, ex-madam Kristin Davis ... who got wrapped up in Robert Mueller's investigation. Stone is accused of soliciting stolen emails from WikiLeaks that could've helped the Trump campaign in the 2016 election.

He's pled not guilty to all the charges -- and touted that again during the strip club appearance.

Cardi B In Court for Strip Club Fight ... Shove Your Plea Deal, Okurrrrr!!!

Breaking News

Cardi B is in NO mood to make a deal with prosecutors in her strip club beatdown case -- at least not the one she was offered Friday morning in court.

She was all business -- decked out in white -- as she walked through the rain, and into an NYC courthouse. As you know, Cardi's accused of ordering an attack on 2 strip club bartenders -- Jade and Baddie Gi -- last August. Cardi allegedly thought Jade had slept with her man, Offset.

Inside, prosecutors tried to play let's make a deal. The offer -- plead guilty to a misdemeanor, and get a conditional discharge. That would mean no jail time, but Cardi would have to stay out of trouble for some period of time.

That didn't appeal to her, and she rejected the deal before they could even discuss how long she'd have to keep her nose clean. The hearing didn't take long, and Cardi strolled back out ... silent as fans and photogs showed her love.


Cardi was arrested and booked in October for her alleged role in the strip club fight. She's facing charges of assault and reckless endangerment ... both misdemeanors.

Jade and Baddie G enjoyed some publicity after allegedly being attacked -- hanging out with Tekashi 6ix9ine and appearing in a Nicki Minaj music vid.

Rapper G Herbo Arrested for Getting Physical with Ari Fletcher


4/19 -- G Herbo was released from jail late Thursday night, and went on Instagram Live to talk about the altercation.


Rapper G Herbo is facing a battery charge after an argument with his baby mama, Ariana Fletcher, allegedly turned physical ... TMZ has learned.

According to Atlanta Police ... the rapper and Ari got into it Wednesday morning -- mostly yelling at each other -- but at some point, cops say Herbo assaulted her. Cops say he then left the location with their son but later returned ... and after officers spoke to him, they arrested him for simple battery.

Cops say Ariana sustained minor scratches during the altercation, and right now it's unclear what triggered the alleged assault. Cops are continuing their investigation.

Perhaps complicating matters for G Herbo is the fact Ari is now dating boxer Gervonta Davis ... and is actually about 14 weeks pregnant with his child.

What's interesting is Ari and Gervonta were out partying Tuesday night at Allure Gentlemen's Club where G Herbo also happened to be. The trio was NOT there together. It's unclear if any encounter there might have led to the alleged assault the next morning.

Herbo is still in jail. His bond has been set at $2,000.

Originally Published -- 4/18 10:06 AM PT

Bre Tiesi Forget Manziel ... I'm Goin' to the Booty Club!!!

Breaking News


How do you get over Johnny Manziel? Strippers. Lots of strippers.

That's how Johnny's wife Bre Tiesi distracted herself from the split over the weekend -- throwing money at some very talented twerkers ... all while Johnny was making his debut in the AAF.

Ya probably know the backstory by now ... Bre went OFF on Johnny on social media over the weekend, essentially accusing the QB of cheating on her. She had already scrubbed him from her Instagram page.

So, while Johnny hit the field with the Memphis Express on Sunday -- a HUGE step in his goal to make it back to the NFL -- Bre wasn't in the stadium or even watching on TV.

Instead, she was making it rain and slapping butts in a strip club while celebrating a friend's birthday.

As for Johnny, the 26-year-old looked pretty solid in his AAF debut -- talking trash to opponents while completing 3 of 5 passes, rushing for 20 yards ... and creating a few highlights in the process.

Seems he's poised for a comeback on the field -- as for his marriage? Unlikely at this point.

Jennifer Lopez Goes Pole Dancing A-Rod Shoots Clutch Video

Breaking News

Today we salute Alex Rodriguez ... for having the presence of mind to pull out his phone and start recording when Jennifer Lopez decided to go pole dancing.

It's glorious.

49-year-old J Lo is training for her role in the upcoming flick, "Hustlers" -- where she plays a stripper -- and decided to hit the pole to put in some work.

Alex clearly liked what he was seeing and posted footage to social media. Excellent job, sir.

As for the movie, it was inspired by the famous New York Magazine article, "The Hustlers at Scores" -- which chronicles a crew of dancers and their Wall Street clients in the wake of the financial crisis.

The flick also stars Constance Wu from "Crazy Rich Asians."

Lopez said on "Ellen" she went on a crazy diet to tone up for the role -- and it looks like it worked!

Cardi B & Offset Get Freaky on Valentine's Day ... Our Love's the S***!!!


Offset spoiled Cardi B on Valentine's Day with lobster, steak, champagne and diamonds -- but he also spoiled her attempt to drop a deuce! Yep, love stinks.

The Migos rapper spared no expense Thursday night, showering Cardi with TONS of gifts and romantic gestures. Fresh outta the doghouse ... Offset set up a candlelit bathtub session, and had his wife dripping in diamonds -- practically from head to toe.

But, the highlight of the night was Offset busting into the bathroom while Cardi attempted to, ummm ... clear the decks. Offset made it clear ... there was more than love in the air at that moment.


Check out the vid, 'cause in the end ... everything ended up exactly as you'd think.

The rappers hit up a strip club for some more booty action. It's kinda their thing.

Stripper Bowl Hip-Hop Stars Make $$$ Rain Down ... On ATL's Finest Strippers

Exclusive Details

2/6 -- Turns out the absurd amount of money spent on strippers at "Stripper Bowl" may have been even more ridiculous than we previously thought, according to one of the strippers working that night. 5 Star Jazzi posted a photo after the fact, claiming that she and her coworkers actually made a cool $3 MILLION Monday ... and split their earnings 25 ways. That's $120k per stripper!!!

However, other strippers there insist she's just fronting for the 'Gram, and that between the 111 strippers working that night, they all left with $2k each.

Big difference but, either way, not a shabby payday for 1 night's worth of work.


Pardon the stupid question, but do you wanna see what it looks like when more than half a million's floating around a club? Welcome to the Stripper Bowl!

ATL's own Quality Control Music, which reps Migos and Lil Baby, threw the ultimate send-off Monday night at the Gold Room club for all the exotic dancers who came to town for Super Bowl Weekend. We say the "ultimate" send-off, because they promised a full downpour of $500k ... and you gotta see how they delivered.

The bash drew a bunch of hip-hop stars -- Boosie Badazz, 2 Chainz, T.I. and Tiny, YFN Lucci, Trey Songz ... as well as Saints superstar Alvin Kamara.

The trophy for best entrance arrival easily goes to Lil Baby, though -- chopper for the win!

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

We're told QC's Pierre "Pee" Thomas was personally handing out stacks of cash to make it rain on the talent, and in the video you see several bankers boxes full of singles getting ripped open.

When it was all said and done, our sources say close to $600,000 was tossed, and you can see it all lining the club floor and bar surfaces.

Offset was there too, but as we told you, he's under a strict "no groupies" ordinance right now ... so tough environment, we're guessing. He and Cardi B hit up another club together earlier in the weekend but, surprisingly, no sign of her at Stripper Bowl.

Guess the AVNs are more her style.

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