Ja Morant Cops '12SKII' Diamond Chain ... Matching AP Watch!!!

Ja Morant is celebrating the start of the NBA season with some new ice -- a black and white diamond pendant reppin' his nickname ... with a matching Audemars Piguet watch!!

TMZ Sports has learned ... it all came to be when the Memphis Grizzlies superstar was talking to an owner at Ice Box on Instagram Live about making him a one-of-a-kind diamond watch.

During the convo, the two came up with the perfect idea -- not only would the hooper get a watch, but he'd also get a custom chain to match!!

Ice Box Diamonds & Watches

The brainstorming sesh resulted in Morant's new black and white diamond Miami Cuban chain with an iced-out "12" clamp and pendant ... representing Ja's jersey number.

Morant -- who calls himself "12SKII" -- also got the word SKII on the bail of the pendant.

Twitter / @memgrizz

We're told the pendant comes with 20 carats of black and white VS quality diamonds and the Cuban link has 60 carats. Both pieces are made with 14-karat white gold and weigh an overall 400 grams.

As for the 22-year-old's new watch ... we're told it's worth over $100k and fully customized to Ja's liking with black diamonds.

Of course, buying jewelry from the Ice Box in Atlanta is a hobby for Morant -- he just bought some bling in August while congratulating a newlywed couple.

In April, he went on a $55k shopping spree and took some tequila shots with rapper, Gunna.

But, what can top this new "12SKII" set? An NBA championship ring, maybe?!

Ja Morant Tequila Shots!!! Celebrates With Newlyweds In Jewelry Store

Ja Morant knows the perfect way to celebrate a marriage -- the NBA star congratulated a newlywed couple he met at a jewelry store this week with shots of Casamigos!!!

It all went down on Thursday at the famous Icebox store in Atlanta ... which happens to be Ja's go-to spot when it comes to coppin' new bling.

The Memphis Grizzlies guard was doin' just that when a couple pulled up ... and Morant realized they had a lot to celebrate.

You can see in the video ... a staffer introduced Morant to the newlyweds, which resulted in downing some Casamigos.

"Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!" Morant said. "I got some tequila shots if y'all wanna take some."

Of course, the new husband and wife didn't turn down his offer ... and they all came together for a toast.

"Congrats to y'all," Morant said. "One day I hope I can get married."


BTW, this ain't the first time the 23-year-old took down some tequila at Icebox ... in April, during his $55k shopping spree, Morant had some Don Julio with Gunna.

Note to self: if you meet Morant at the Icebox, expect to take some shots!

Zach LaVine Praises Ja's Confidence ... But Prime MJ Would Win In 1-On-1!!!


NBA star Zach LaVine is giving Ja Morant all the props in the world for thinking he'd "cook" prime Michael Jordan in 1-on-1 ... but tells TMZ Sports if his money was on the line, he's rolling with the GOAT all day!!

The Grizzlies guard made headlines this week after saying he'd love to face off against '90s MJ ... praising #23 for his mindset and work ethic -- but making it clear he thinks he could take him on the court.

We spoke to the Bulls' high-flyer about Ja's take ... and he's laughing it off.

"I wish I had Ja's confidence," LaVine told us at LAX.

"I think it's all just love and fun at the end of the day. We're talking about stuff that you'll never know because you never get to play him."

But, if he had to pick a side in the hypothetical matchup ... ZL is sticking with the easy answer.

"Michael Jordan, man -- he's the best of all time."

We also spoke with LaVine about his new 5-year, $215 million deal with the Bulls ... and he has a great plan for who he's going to spend it on!!

Ja Morant On Prime MJ ... 'I Would Have Cooked Him'

Ja Morant says if he were born a few decades earlier ... he would've given Michael Jordan hell on the basketball court -- saying he straight up would've "cooked" His Airness in his prime.

Morant made the eyebrow-raising comments while speaking with Bleacher Report's Taylor Rooks this week ... after the reporter had asked a line of questions about MJ.

In their conversation, Morant praised Jordan for everything he did for the game of basketball ... and then said he would have loved to have taken the floor against the NBA's GOAT while he was starring for the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s.

"I heard he was like -- just how he go about the game, just that mindset that he had, I would like to play against him," Morant said.

"I would have cooked him, too."

Morant didn't expound on how he would've taken down Jordan 1-on-1 ... but he did say he's just that sure of his own abilities.

"Nobody got more confidence than 12," Morant said. "I'm definitely not going to go and say somebody is going to beat me in 1-on-1 on any day."

The 22-year-old Memphis Grizzlies star added he'd be that confident in himself if he were asked to go 1-on-1 in a soccer match against a guy like Lionel Messi!

No response yet from Jordan ... but if there's anything we learned from "The Last Dance" doc -- it's that he's been known to take these kinds of comments personally.

Klay Thompson Blasts Grizzlies Player Amid Title Celebration ... 'Frickin' Bum'

Golden State Warriors

Klay Thompson took time out of celebrating his NBA championship victory to call out a Memphis Grizzlies player who gloated about a win over the Warriors earlier this year ... blastin' the dude as a "frickin' bum" and a "frickin' clown."

The target of Thompson's animosity was Jaren Jackson Jr., who tweeted a dig at the Warriors following a 123-95 win back in March.

"Strength in numbers," Jackson Jr. said, clearly mocking the Warriors' famous rallying cry after the victory.

Thompson revealed on Thursday night after beating the Celtics in Game 6 of the NBA Finals that the tweet REALLY pissed him off ... and he was super happy to be able to rub it in Jackson's face after lifting the Larry O'Brien Trophy.

"There was this one player on the Grizzlies who tweeted 'Strength in numbers' after they beat us in the regular season," the Warriors star said to reporters, "and it pissed me off so much."

"I can't wait to retweet that thing. Frickin' bum. I had to watch that, and I'm just like, 'This frickin' clown.'"

Thompson continued, "Sorry, that memory just popped up. Gonna mock us? Like, you ain't ever been there before, bruh. We've been there, we know what it takes. So, to be here again, hold that."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The 32-year-old has yet to officially press the RT on Jackson Jr.'s tweet ... but we're sure it's coming.

As for Jackson Jr., no attempt at a clapback yet ... but really, what more is there to be said??

Rapper Al Kapone Steph Can't Use 'Whoop That Trick' ... Not Against Memphis!!!


Memphis-born rapper Al Kapone -- most famous for his hit song "Whoop That Trick" -- says Warriors superstar Steph Curry can't use his signature line ... especially against his hometown Grizzlies!!

TMZ Sports spoke with the Southern MC after Memphis' 134-95 blowout win over Golden State Wednesday night ... and asked him how he felt about Curry saying his game plan heading into Game 5 was, "Whoop that trick."

"To be honest with you, I had two different feelings," Kapone said. "One feeling was, 'Wow, Steph Curry just said whoop that trick.' That was one feeling. Like, 'Man, this is pretty big.'"

"But the other side was -- you can't say that against my team. [I] was excited on one end, 'cause it was Steph Curry. But on the other end, you can't use that against my team."

Kapone -- who debuted the banger in 2005 -- said the Grizzlies tapped him to perform the record Wednesday night ... and once he saw Curry on the court, he knew what he had to do.

"I'm running around the court like I normally do," Kapone said, "getting the crowd pumped, and I just so happen to look up and notice -- there he is right there."

"I gotta make you eat those words right now, for Memphis!!!"

Of course, the song is a big deal because of its Southern roots ... but also because Terrence Howard performed it in the hit movie "Hustle & Flow" featuring Taraji P. Henson.

"It's amazing to have a song that's on the level of 'We Will Rock You,'" Al said. "It's amazing to know I birthed something that's iconic, and I'm here for every moment of it."


Speaking of TH, Al tells us he would love to share the stage with Howard and perform the legendary song together ... whether at a concert or a Grizzlies game.

"I talked to Craig Brewer, who is the writer and producer of Hustle and Flow, and we have had that conversation," Kapone said. "We're definitely trying to make that happen."

AK added he's not sure if the Grizzlies will be pulling up to Game 6 in some of his custom "Whoop That Trick" shirts, which he sells on his website, but he's predicting a victory for Memphis on Friday -- and a series win next week.

Grizzlies' Dillon Brooks Suspended ... After Hard Foul On Gary Payton II

The Grizzlies will be without Dillon Brooks against the Warriors on Saturday -- the Memphis forward was just suspended one game after he injured Gary Payton II during Tuesday's game.

NBA exec, Byron Spruell, says Brooks is suspended without pay for "having made unnecessary and excessive contact against" Payton, which resulted in substantial injury to the son of the Hall of the Famer, Gary Payton.

GPII was running the court on a fast break when he received a pass from Draymond Green in transition ... then the lefty got vertical for a finish at the rim.

Brooks -- who presumably was trying to make a play on the driving Payton -- ended up clobbering Gary over his head ... causing him to land awkwardly and violently on his left arm.

As a result, Brooks hit the showers early ... as the refs assessed a flagrant 2 foul on the play and ejected him from the game.

Coach, Steve Kerr, was not pleased with Brooks' move on Payton -- a key member of the Dubs' rotation -- accusing Dillon of "breaking the code."

Payton II has since been diagnosed with a fractured elbow ... and is expected to miss a month of action, according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski.

The Grizz went on to win Game 2 behind an impressive 47-point performance from Ja Morant ... but with the series shifting to the Bay Area, Memphis will have to look to steal Game 3 without a member of their frontcourt.

Draymond Green Fined $25K For Flipping Off Grizzlies Fans


12:05 PM PT -- 5/5 -- Green now knows what his gesture will cost him ... the NBA announced Thursday it's officially fined the Dubs star $25,000.

Draymond Green unloaded a double-barrel, middle-finger salute on some heckling Grizzlies fans during a playoff game Tuesday night ... and he refused to apologize for it afterward, admitting the gesture "felt really good."

The Warriors star flipped the birds just minutes into the Dubs' playoff game against Memphis in Nashville ... shortly after he had been inadvertently elbowed in the face.

As Green was walking into the locker room to have trainers look at the damage caused to his eye -- Memphis fans began the jeering ... poking fun at him for getting injured.

Green was clearly furious over the crowd's reaction ... and used both his middle fingers to express his disdain.

Following the game, Green said he didn't regret his actions one bit ... explaining he'll happily pay the fine that NBA officials will inevitably hand his way over it all.

"If you're going to boo somebody who got elbowed in the eye and had blood running down their face, you should get flipped off," Green said. "So, I'll take the fine. I'll go do an appearance and make up the money."

Courtesy of NBA

"But," he added, "it felt really good to flip them off."

No word on what it'll cost Green (Kyrie Irving was fined $50,000 for a similar gesture last month) ... but he told media members the price tag truly won't matter.

"I make $25 million a year," he said. "I should be just fine."

As for the action on the court, Green's Warriors ended up taking the L -- falling to Ja Morant and the Grizzlies, 106-101 ... much to Grizzlies fans' delight.

Originally Published -- 5/4 6:07 AM PT

Drake DMs Troll's Wife After Defending Ja Morant's Dad ... 'I'm Here For U Ma'

PSA for all the Internet trolls out there -- if you come at Drake, he WILL DM your significant other ... and the 6 God proved it during a heated debate over NBA star Ja Morant's dad.

Here's the deal -- Drizzy hit the Instagram comments to defend Tee Morant over a meme criticizing his support for the Grizzlies guard throughout the playoffs, which some have deemed "annoying."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Drake was having none of it -- saying, "Imagine your son makes the league and heโ€™s Ja Or Melo (Ball) or Lonzo (Ball) all you can do is be elated and competitive and over supportive and itโ€™s a right of passage to that the OGโ€™s talk s*** ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚."

"I know Iโ€™mma be this way even if my son is in a rubix cube competition ๐Ÿ˜Ž."

One troll thought it would be wise to crack back at Drake by referencing the rumor he doesn't write his own songs ... saying, "ya son prolly play with ghost writers."

Big mistake -- 'cause Drake fired right back in the most ruthless way possible.

"I just followed your girl cause she prob miserable and needs some excitement in her life."


And, get this -- Drake wasn't kidding ... because the troll later posted a screenshot of his wife getting a DM from Champagne Papi himself, which read, "I'm here for u ma."

Chalk this one up as a win for Drake ... and a teachable moment for anyone else looking to go after him.

As for Tee, he clapped back at the negativity surrounding his support for Ja ... wearing a "Proud Supportive Black Dad!!!" shirt for Memphis' huge win over the Warriors.

Ja Morant Sorry For Mean-Mugging Little Warriors Fan ... I'll Send Him A Jersey!!!

Memphis Grizzlies / Courtesy of NBA

Ja Morant is as ruthless as he is athletic -- the Grizzlies star savagely mean-mugged a kid in a Warriors jersey during Memphis' game Tuesday night ... but he's at least now apologizing for the cold shoulder.

In the fourth quarter of the Grizzlies' game against Golden State ... Morant took over, and hit a huge clutch bucket to extend Memphis' lead.

As his momentum carried him into the crowd, though, a young kid in a Warriors jersey was hoping to slap hands with the 22-year-old phenom after the sweet layup.

But, Ja paid the youngster no mind -- and instead, appeared to hit him with a death stare!!

"He was disrespectful with that jersey on," Morant said of the interaction in a postgame interview. "We in Memphis. It looked like he wanted to cheer but he had that jersey on."

But, Morant did eventually say he was sorry ... and added that he was hoping to get the kid's information so he could send him some Grizzlies gear to replace the Dubs colors.

Ja -- who had been receiving MVP chants all night at the FedExForum -- finished the contest with 29 points ... ultimately helping Memphis get the 116-108 win over GSW.

Halsey Rips Bane For Trash Talkin' LeBron ... 'Big Ass F***in' Mouth!!!'

Halsey is not letting Grizzlies player Desmond Bane get away with coming at the King ... ripping the guard for being rude to LeBron James and having a "big a** f***in' mouth."

23-year-old Bane was clearly chirping throughout the Lakers' home game against Memphis ... and it got so heated at one point, LBJ shoved the guy for continuously running his mouth.

The award-winning singer -- who's a die-hard Lakers fan -- was sitting courtside through it all ... and had some words for DB after the game.

"Courtside observations: Bane got an unnaturally loud and rude big a** f***in mouth," Halsey said via Twitter.

Grizzlies fans quickly replied with shots of their own ... but Halsey wasn't having it.

"Bruh shut the f*** up," Halsey replied, "This man LeBron almost had to give him a masterclass in decorum."

"Everyone s*** talks but word on the court was 'heโ€™s a problem.'"

FYI, Bane -- who's in his second season with the Grizz -- replied to Halsey's analysis with a few laughing emojis and a thumbs down ... but he later deleted the tweet.

Halsey couldn't have been happy with the night overall -- the Lakers came up short, 127-119 ... with LeBron dropping 35 points, but the rest of the squad failing to provide enough support for the win.

NBA's Ja Morant Gets Baby Giraffe Named After Him ... Meet Ja Raffe!!!


9:31 AM PT -- Ja has officially met Ja Raffe -- with the Grizzlies star hitting up the Memphis Zoo to hang out with his new friend on Friday.


The team posted the adorable introduction ... with Ja getting selfies and even entering Ja Raffe's cage to feed him.


"'Ja' Raffe was born a legend," Morant said of his new friend.


This is the type of content we love to see.


You win Rookie of the Year, you get the giraffe -- or should we say, Ja Raffe!! -- 'cause Grizzlies star Ja Morant officially has a baby giraffe named after him at the Memphis Zoo!!

And, we must say ... it's JA-mazing!!

The zoo announced its newest addition to the fam on Thursday ... saying it welcomed a baby boy on Nov. 10.

Fresh off Ja's JA-dropping rookie campaign -- he averaged nearly 18 points and 7 assists a game for Memphis -- the place decided to JAnor the 21-year-old with the long-necked namesake.

"We have some new hooves on the African Veldt. His name is Ja Raffe to celebrate @memgrizzโ€™s @JaMorant winning @NBA Rookie of the year," the zoo said on Twitter ... revealing the cute baby giraffe in a video.

Ja hasn't spoken about the big token of JA-ppreciation from the zoo just yet ... but we're sure he's JA-st thrilled.

We take it they're saving the bear naming for when Ja wins MVP??

Originally Published -- 11/19 7:46 AM PT

NBA's Justise Winslow Stoked About Trade To Grizzlies ... 'I Love Memphis!'


Most dudes wouldn't be too happy to leave South Beach ... but Justise Winslow tells TMZ Sports that ain't the case -- saying he's elated to join the Memphis Grizzlies!!!

Of course, Winslow played his whole career with the Heat before getting shipped off to Elvis' old stomping grounds as part of the Andre Iguodala deal.

We spoke with the 23-year-old over the weekend about the move ... and he's stoked for the fresh start.

"It's great!," JW tells us. "I love it here! Everybody's been very receiving and excited for me, so I just continue to try and get healthy and make an impact."

It's gonna be a minute before Winslow takes the court for the Grizz -- he's currently recovering from a back injury that's kept him out for a chunk of the season. But it's clear he's excited to join his team on the court when he's ready.

We asked about adjusting to the big differences between Miami and Memphis ... and Grizzlies fans should be excited about his response.

Ja Morant Trolls Steph Curry With Pic Of KD ... Amid Iguodala Beef

Ja Morant might still be a rookie, but he's a seasoned vet in TALKIN' TRASH ... 'cause he just clapped back at Steph Curry for getting involved in his beef with Andre Iguodala with an epic troll job!!!

To get y'all up to speed ... 36-year-old Iggy is currently a member of the Memphis Grizzlies, but it was understood he'd be traded to a contender of his choice before Thursday's trade deadline.

The situation has current Grizzlies players pissed, with Dillon Brooks saying "I can't wait 'til we find a way to trade him so we can play him and show him really what Memphis is about."

Ja echoed Brooks' comments ... and Curry went to Instagram to defend his ex-teammate by posting a pic of Andre holding the NBA championship trophy along with a "shut up" emoji.

20-year-old Morant didn't back down though ... clapping right back with a pic of Kevin Durant, insinuating the Warriors wouldn't have all those rings if it weren't for KD.

As entertaining as it would be for Morant to go out and just start disrespectin' the Dubs dynasty, the young hooper made it VERY clear he's a fan of Curry's game ... and was just keeping it real.

A lot more can go down before Thursday's deadline ... and we're guessing the drama keeps coming.

Zach Randolph Calls Off NBA Comeback Plans ... After 17 Seasons


It's a wrap for Z-Bo ... Zach Randolph tells TMZ Sports he's ending his NBA comeback plans once and for all.

It's not Earth-shattering news considering 38-year-old Randolph hasn't played in the league since the 2017-18 season, but he had been floating the idea of a return for months.

In fact, back in June, Randolph seemed interested in a comeback, telling us he was "back to training" and was hoping to sign a deal with a team for the 2019-20 season.

But, that didn't happen ... and when we saw Randolph at Staples Center for the big Lakers vs. Clippers Christmas Day matchup, he was pretty matter of fact about his future.

Randolph had a pretty stellar career -- he was a 1st-round pick in 2001, a 2-time NBA All-Star ... and became a Memphis Grizzlies legend during his run there.

As for cash, he reportedly made nearly $200 MILLION on contract money during his career ... so yeah, NOT BAD AT ALL!!

So, what's next for Randolph? He's growing his music label ... but really, when you have $200 mil, you can do whatever you want!!

Oh, we also spoke with Randolph about NBA rookie sensation Ja Morant -- and shocker, Randolph thinks he's got all sorts of potential!

NBA Mom Toya Holiday I've Got 3 Sons In the NBA ... LaVar Can Do It Too!!!


Jrue Holiday -- New Orleans Pelicans

Justin Holiday -- Memphis Grizzlies

Aaron Holiday -- Indiana Pacers

Yes, all THREE of Toya and Shawn Holiday's sons are CURRENTLY on NBA rosters -- it's an AMAZING feat -- and now, they've got some advice for LaVar Ball on how to make it happen for him!!!

Crazy part is ... Toya and Shawn actually KNOW LaVar and his family because of the UCLA connection -- where Aaron and Jrue played their college ball.

Remember, Lonzo played at UCLA ... and so did LiAngelo (for a short time).

So, how did Toya and Shawn help their kids make it all the way to the pros?

"We didn't get the 3 in there. They got THEMSELVES in there from their talent and hard work," Shawn tells TMZ Sports ... "We just kinda coached them."

Toya noted, "It's by God's grace."

But, when it comes to LaVar -- who's been highly criticized for the way he's managed his sons' careers -- the Holidays SUPPORT everything he's doing.

"I think as parents, you know your children. He has to do what he has to do to get his children there."

One question we didn't ask, which we should've, is ... WHAT THE HELL DO YOU FEED THREE NBA PLAYERS GROWING UP?!? ... that poor woman's refrigerator.

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