Lakers' Christian Wood Granted Temporary Restraining Order ... Claims Son's Mom Vandalized Car

Los Angeles Lakers big man Christian Wood was just granted a temporary restraining order against his model ex-girlfriend ... after he claimed the mother of his child made his life a living hell following their breakup in December 2022.

The allegations are all laid out in court documents obtained by TMZ Sports ... with the 28-year-old hooper accusing Yasmine Lopez -- who boasts more than a million followers on social media -- of causing not only mental and emotional stress, but also financial damage to his valuable property.

Wood claims on February 23, 2024, Lopez and her friends trespassed at his California residence by climbing a fence ... and she proceeded to scratch the hood and doors of his Mercedes-Benz.

He says Lopez then entered his other vehicle, opened the front gate and began walking in his yard -- and neighbors who witnessed the incident called the police, resulting in her arrest.

Wood -- who has an 8-month-old son, Kobe Sean, with Lopez -- says cops then told him to pick up his son from her friend's house to avoid being processed through child protective services... but she refused to hand him over and began "making allegations against me and misrepresenting facts to the media to gain favor."

Wood also details an August 2023 incident in which he says Lopez broke into his home in Encino ... destroying statues, glass and vases and attempting to hit him. He says friends who were present at the time called the police, who de-escalated the situation.

It doesn't end there -- Wood also accuses Lopez of trespassing at his home in January 2023, when he was a member of the Dallas Mavericks ... claiming she spray-painted his Lamborghini.

Wood believes Lopez is stalking him by using his publicized work schedule to track his location and vandalize his property.

Wood is also accusing Lopez of getting physical with him on numerous occasions and alienating him from their son.

He requested joint legal custody and primary physical custody of their child.

As part of the restraining order, the judge ordered Lopez to steer clear of Wood. She must stay at least 100 yards away from the hooper ... whether he's at home, at work, or even in his car. The one exception is for "brief and peaceful contact" ... which is permitted, but only when it comes to conversations about their child.

The TRO specifically directs Lopez to "not abuse" Wood, including any harassing, attacking, striking, threatening, or stalking of her ex-boyfriend.

There are several other boilerplate restrictions ... Lopez cannot possess a firearm while the order is active.

The temporary restraining order expires on March 20.

Kevin Durant Confronts Fan Who Called Him a 'Bitch'

Phoenix Suns superstar Kevin Durant had a pregame exchange with two fans ahead of Thursday night's game ... confronting the Mavericks supporters after being called a "bitch."

The whole exchange was captured on video ... showing KD running out of the tunnel for warmups -- but coming to a screeching halt after hearing the word hurled his way.

Durant quickly approached the two fans -- who appeared to have great seats for the game -- and they went back and forth for a good 30 seconds before the two-time NBA champ waved his hand in disgust and rejoined his teammates.

Of course, the NBA has a history of kicking heckling fans out of games at a player's request ... and it appeared the pair of Dallas backers were about to be escorted out of American Airlines Center before Durant returned to the scene and intervened.

It's unclear what was said between Durant and the fans ... but according to reporter Jonah Javad, the hooper saved them from getting the boot.

As for the game, Durant finished with 23 points and six rebounds ... but the Suns fell to the Mavs, 123-113.

TMZ Studios

So despite the pregame spat, those two fans probably went home happy.

Shawn Marion Defends Jason Kidd Luka Doncic Is Better Than Dirk!!!

TMZ Sports

Jason Kidd lit NBA Twitter/X on fire for saying Luka Doncic is better than Dirk Nowitzki ... but Shawn Marion is coming to his defense -- telling TMZ Sports the Mavs coach's comments were simply based on skill set, not accolades.

ICYMI, Kidd -- who started coaching the Mavs in 2021 -- recently said Doncic has surpassed Nowitzki in his eyes ... as the 24-year-old "does things that Dirk could never do."

Kidd was ripped for his comment ... especially since Dirk -- a 7-foot forward who can drain threes -- led the Mavs to their first NBA Finals title in 2011.

But Marion -- who was on that championship squad with Dirk and J. Kidd -- said people were mixing up what Jason truly meant ... and he doesn't think it was meant to downplay all Nowitzki did for the franchise.

"He's talking about the whole package," Marion told TMZ Sports. "He's talking about his skill set."

"He's not approaching [Dirk] in the accolades. There's no comparison [there]."

Marion is not taking anything away from Doncic ... pointing out the Mavs guard has amazing highlights at just the age of 24, including his recent 73-point game -- his career-high and franchise record.

Of course, old-school NBA fans would say Doncic can get so many points up because of the lack of defense in today's game ... but Marion -- who played 16 seasons -- says the game is just evolving at a faster pace.

"Layups are almost becoming null and void," the 45-year-old said. "They're making a conscious effort to get shots up within two passes."

"We ran systems, we had sets [in our era]. It's a big difference when you just running to score."

The 4-time NBA All-Star is not opposed to the new era's style of play ... and says hoop fans need to appreciate the skill set of current players, including Luka.

Kyrie Irving Takes Shot At NYC Mayor Eric Adams ... During Mavs-Nets Game

Why, Ky?
X / @Courtsidenets

Kyrie Irving went off in more ways than one in his return to Barclay Center Tuesday night ... dropping 36 points against his old Nets team AND also taking a jab at NYC Mayor Eric Adams!

And, no, this wasn't a random diss directed at the mayor ... there's some bad blood here.

The drama began when a fan sitting courtside asked Irving ... "Why you didn't play like this when you were on the Nets?"

The Mavericks star had a response ... "Thank Mayor Adams for that, bro."

Of course, Irving, an 8x All-Star, spent parts of 4 seasons with the Nets ... but despite having two of the best players in Kyrie and Kevin Durant, the team didn't win, and Ky was ultimately traded to Dallas last season.

Irving's response to the fan was certainly referring to Adams' COVID-19 vaccine mandate policy during the pandemic ... which meant Ky, who chose not to get the vax, couldn't play any home games (or games in New York).

Not having Kyrie was a blow to the Nets team on the floor during the 2021-2022 season ... but it was also the root of a ton of controversy, given the polarizing nature of the vaccine mandate issue.

Despite the shot during the game, after the game, 31-year-old Irving talked positively about his return to BK.

"I don't think about it too often now," Irving told reporters, adding, "Pretty much at peace with what happened and spending time here. I wish a lot of guys well and a lot of people that I've gotten a chance to get to know."

"Got to see a lot of smiles. Got to make some kids really happy and that's what this job's about."

Not everyone was smiling, though ... before Irving's shot at Adams, some fans booed their former star guard during player introductions.

Ky got the last laugh on the court ... the Mavs won, 119-107.

Jason Kidd Luka's Better Than Dirk Nowitzki ... 'In The Atmosphere Of MJ'

Jason Kidd just shoveled a mountain full of praise on Luka Doncic ... saying the Dallas Mavericks superstar is not only better than Dirk Nowitzki -- but he's approaching Michael Jordan territory as well.

The Mavs head coach -- who won an NBA title with Dirk in 2011 -- made the eyebrow-raising comments on 97.1 The Freak's "The Downbeat" on Tuesday ... explaining he truly believes Doncic is already the best player to ever wear a Dallas uniform.

"He does things that Dirk could never do," Kidd said ... adding, according to ESPN, "He's in the atmosphere of MJ, the best to ever do it, LeBron [James], Kobe [Bryant]."

Doncic has certainly made Kidd's stance one that's hard to argue with recently -- as he's coming off one of the greatest three-game stretches the Association has ever seen.

On Jan. 26 against Atlanta, he scored 73 points. The next day vs. Sacramento, he logged a triple-double with 28 points, 17 assists and 10 rebounds. And on Monday night while facing Orlando, he poured in another 45 points with 15 dimes and nine boards.

Kidd said it's all led him to believe the 24-year-old will win several titles in his career.

"He's a winner," Kidd said, "and his ultimate goal is to win a championship. And, he will get there and not just win one, but he will win multiple when it's all said and done."

Doncic and the Mavs will try to back up their coach's bold words next on Wednesday ... when they take on the Wolves in Minnesota.

Luka Doncic Ejects Phx Suns Fan For Heckling ... Then Beefs W/ Reporter

Luka Doncic was in a testy mood Wednesday night ... first, he ejected a fan for heckling him -- and then he beefed with a journalist for reporting on the incident afterward.

It all started during the Mavericks vs. Suns tilt at American Airlines Center in Dallas ... when a Devin Booker supporter allegedly ribbed Doncic from his courtside seat.

Luka said the trash talk happened throughout the game ... and, according to ESPN's Tim MacMahon, the Mavs superstar had enough after the fan had screamed for him to "get your ass on the treadmill!"

Video from inside the arena shows Doncic appeared to wave to a referee after the comment had been made ... before the guy was seen leaving the area.

Luka and the Mavs went on to lose, 132-109 ... and once he stepped to the postgame podium, it wasn't hard to see he was annoyed at MacMahon for sharing details of the incident with the public.

"I knew you would be the first one to point out something like that," Doncic said. "It's just funny. You always seem to be the first one to put some bad stuff about me."

Pressed By The Press

Luka seemed pissed that the treadmill comment was the only jab MacMahon had reported. But, when the 24-year-old was pressed to reveal what the fan had actually done/said to make him seek an ejection ... he declined to get into specifics -- only saying the barbs had flown all night long.

"I'm just saying," Doncic told MacMahon, "you seem to be the first one to always put something bad about me."

"I never would eject a fan," he continued. "They pay for tickets. But I had enough, you know? It's a little bit of frustration."

Good news for Doncic is he'll have a day to cool off ... as the Mavs don't play next until Friday against Atlanta.

Jennifer Hudson y Common Tomados de la mano en el partido de los Lakers... La pareja sigue en serio

Juntos en los Lakers

Jennifer Hudson y Common tienen un vínculo muy fuerte entre ellos. Ambos estuvieron tomados de la mano y muy pegados mientras veían un partido de los Lakers en la cancha.

La pareja se paseó de la mano en el Crypto Arena para el partido del miércoles contra los Mavericks de Dallas, dejándose caer en sus asientos para tener una experiencia en la primera fila y luciendo muy a la moda.

La cita de J-Hud y Common es una prueba de que siguen en serio como pareja. Ambos estuvieron sonriendo y conversando y Jennifer incluso le presentó a Common a otra pareja que estaba sentada a su lado.

LeBron James y los Lakers ganaron por 127 a 110, y Jennifer y Common salieron juntos antes del pitido final, mientras se despedían de algunas personas en su camino de salida.

Sentido común

Jennifer y Common han estado juntos desde hace un tiempo y esta salida significa que no están mostrando signos de desaceleración. Él ha dicho que podrían hacer un disco juntos eventualmente, pero tiene que suceder orgánicamente.

Echa un vistazo al video, ¡¡¡hacen una pareja muy linda!!!

Jennifer Hudson & Common Holding Hands At Lakers Game ... Couple Still Going Strong


Jennifer Hudson and Common have a strong bond between them ... they were holding hands and joined at the hip sitting courtside at a Lakers game.

The couple strolled hand in hand into Crypto Arena for Wednesday's matchup against the Dallas Mavericks, plopping down in their seats for a front-row experience ... and looking pretty fashionable.

J-Hud and Common's date night is proof they're still going strong as a pair ... they were smiling and chatting, and Jennifer even introduced Common to another couple sitting beside her.

LeBron James and the Lakers won in a blowout, 127-110, and Jennifer and Common hit the exits together before the final buzzer ... saying goodbye to some folks on their way out.


Jennifer and Common have been together for a while now, and this outing means they're showing no signs of slowing down. He's said they might make a record together eventually, but it's got to happen organically.

Check out the video ... they make a pretty cute couple!!!

Golden State Warriors Game Against Mavs Postponed ... After Coach's Death

The Warriors' home matchup against the Mavericks slated for Friday has been postponed ... with the NBA making the decision to move the game following Golden State assistant coach Dejan Milojević's tragic death.

The Association made the announcement just minutes ago ... saying the contest will be made up at a later date, and the Brooklyn Nets vs. Los Angeles Lakers game will air on ESPN instead.

The move is understandable -- the entire organization is grieving over the loss of Milojević ... with Golden State head coach Steve Kerr saying Wednesday it was "a shocking and tragic blow for everyone associated with the Warriors and an incredibly difficult time for his family, friends, and all of us who had the incredible pleasure to work with him."

As we previously reported, the team stated 46-year-old Milojević -- a former pro in Europe -- suffered a heart attack during dinner in Salt Lake City on Tuesday ... and he tragically passed away Wednesday morning.

The league also postponed the Warriors' game against the Utah Jazz, which was scheduled for Wednesday.

GSW's next game is Jan. 24 against the Atlanta Hawks.

Mark Cuban Shelling Out $35 Mil In Bonuses To Mavs Employees After Selling Stake In Team

Mark Cuban is making sure his Mavericks employees are being taken care of following his sale of the majority stake in the NBA franchise ... promising to dole out $35 million-plus in bonuses in the near future.

The former Dallas owner made the announcement in an email to Mavs staffers on Friday, according to ESPN ... explaining new owners Miriam Adelson and Sivan and Patrick Dumont will be helping to contribute to the large bonus pool as well.

Cuban said the payouts will be based on "a framework that took into consideration how long you have worked for the Mavs." He added the cash will be hitting bank accounts "in the very near future."

"I'm excited to continue our work making the Mavs the best franchise in all of sports!" Cuban said in the letter.

Of course, Cuban officially gave way to Adelson and the Dumonts late last month ... selling the families his controlling interest in the team for $3.5 billion.

The 65-year-old, however, still maintains a 27% stake in the org. ... and he told reporters after it all became official that he'll still have control of basketball operations.

As for why he made the surprising move ... he said it's simple -- he thinks the new owners can grow the business exponentially.

"When you get a world-class partner who can come in and grow your revenue base and you're not dependent on things that you were in the past," Cuban said, "that's a huge win."

Seems Mavs employees are already reaping the benefits of that vision.

Ex-NBA Player Eric Montross Dead At 52 ... After Cancer Battle

Eric Montross -- the ninth overall pick in the 1994 NBA Draft -- has passed away after a battle with cancer, his family announced Monday.

He was just 52 years old.

Montross was a star for the University of North Carolina Tar Heels ... winning a national championship in 1993 before playing eight seasons in the pros for the Boston Celtics, Dallas Mavericks, New Jersey Nets, Philadelphia 76ers, Detroit Pistons and Toronto Raptors.

"The family of Eric Montross (Laura, Sarah, Andrew, and Megan) is announcing that he passed away on Sunday, December 17, surrounded by loved ones at his home in Chapel Hill," a statement released by UNC said.

"Eric was diagnosed with cancer in March 2023, and his family is grateful for the tremendous support and the truly overwhelming love expressed by so many people as he battled with his signature determination and grace."

"They also thank the many members of the medical community -- and particularly those at UNC Lineberger Cancer Center -- who matched his fight with equal passion. To know Eric was to be his friend, and the family knows that the ripples from the generous, thoughtful way that he lived his life will continue in the lives of the many people he touched with his deep and sincere kindness."

Montross was an All-American for UNC ... and received All-ACC honors in 1993 and 1994.

He scored 2,071 points and recorded 2,159 rebounds over the course of his NBA career ... and went on to provide color commentary for Tar Heels basketball games after announcing his retirement in 2003.

Mark Cuban On Giannis, Pacers Spat ... Ball Should Go To Indiana Rookie!!!


Mark Cuban says if he were in charge of the ball at the center of the Giannis Antetokounmpo vs. Pacers tiff ... the Bucks superstar would be disappointed -- 'cause he would've given the memento to Indiana.

The Dallas Mavericks honcho didn't mince words when talking about the topic to TMZ Sports on Thursday ... saying, "if you have a rookie who's never scored before in an NBA game, that's a big deal that only happens once."

"So," he continued, "I'd give the ball to the rookie."

Of course, Giannis felt differently following Milwaukee's 140-126 win over Indiana at the Fiserv Forum on Wednesday night ... going absolutely ballistic when the Pacers wanted to hand the ball off to Oscar Tshiebwe for scoring his first NBA basket instead of to the two-time MVP who had just scored 64 points.

Antetokounmpo ran to the front of the Pacers' locker room to confront them -- before he sprinted back on the court to complain to arena officials about the ball some more.

Eventually, a basketball was given to Giannis ... though he told reporters afterward he wasn't sure if it was actually the one he used to drop a franchise-high mark for points during the game.

Cuban said the home team should ultimately be the one to make the call in the situation -- though he said he'd just have to give it up to the rookie in this instance ... but would still do something nice for Giannis.

"With situations like that," he said, "I'd take the box score, I'd get his teammates to sign it and I'd frame it for him."

He added that if Giannis really wanted the ball -- he recommended bartering with the rookie for it ... perhaps by signing a jersey or even forking over some cash.

"Sixty-four is a big deal," Cuban said. "It rarely, rarely, rarely happens. And for Giannis it was a big deal, but if it's my home game, unless the rookie says it's OK, I'm giving the ball to the rookie."

Luka Doncic Drops Another F-Bomb In Postgame Interview ... 'Ah, S***. My Bad.'

Luka Doncic is apparently having a difficult time keeping his postgame interviews PG ... letting yet another F-bomb fly on Wednesday night -- although, as he's done previously, he apologized right away.

The latest potty-mouth incident from the Mavericks superstar happened just after the Dallas point guard netted 40 points, 10 rebounds and 11 assists in a 147-97 win over the Utah Jazz.

Doncic was asked about the importance of the W after his squad had started December with an 0-2 record -- and that's when began cussin'.

"I said before the game, you know, we just can't f*** around," Doncic said.

Almost immediately, he realized his blunder -- and told the reporter on the floor, "Ah, s***. My bad."

To his credit, the journalist helped Luka brush off the embarrassing moment -- attributing it all to the lack of sleep he's gotten due to the birth of his first child.

Of course, Doncic has been doing this since well before his newborn arrived ... in fact, it just happened in late October, when he described a player's game as "f***ing amazing."

Doncic said he was sorry for that incident as well -- looking just as sheepish as he did Wednesday night.

Fines and/or punishments almost certainly won't be heading Doncic's way over it all ... and, hey, if he keeps putting up numbers like he did against Utah -- we're pretty sure Mark Cuban and the Mavs will let everything slide regardless.

Daymond John le da crédito a Mark Cuban por salvar "Shark Tank"

adiós shark

Daymond John ha predicho que el éxito de "Shark Tank" continuará mucho después de la salida de su coprotagonista Mark Cuban, a quien atribuye el mérito de mantener la serie a flote.

El fundador de FUBU no tiene reparos en la decisión de Mark de salir, diciendo que ya ha hecho lo suficiente por hacer lo que ningún otro multimillonario conocido hizo... creer en el espectáculo, mientras que estaba al borde de la cancelación de tres temporadas.

Daymond dice que la devoción de Mark era profunda, permaneciendo en el programa durante tantos años, con su entrada jugando un papel importante en hacer de él el fenómeno cultural que es hoy.

Lo que quiere decir es que si alguna vez has tenido sueños de lanzar su sueño en "Shark Tank", eso es todo Mark.

Claramente, Daymond ha forjado un fuerte vínculo con Mark los últimos años, diciéndonos que le desea lo mejor y añadiendo que el equipo quiere seguir con su duro trabajo para darle su asiento a la próxima generación de empresarios.

¿Quién podría hacerse con el codiciado asiento? El propio Mark ha respaldado a la socia de las Kardashian Emma Grede como su sustituta, elogiando su experiencia y carisma televisivo.

¡feliz navidad!

Por ahora, no hay ninguna palabra sobre cuándo comenzarán las audiciones para encontrar a su sucesor.

DAYMOND JOHN Mark Cuban Rescued 'Shark Tank' from the Brink


Daymond John has predicted the success of "Shark Tank" will continue long after the departure of his costar Mark Cuban ... whom he credits for keeping the series afloat.

The FUBU founder has no qualms over Mark's decision to leave ... saying he's already done enough by doing what no other well-known billionaire did ... believe in the show while it was on the brink of cancelation three seasons in.

Daymond says Mark's devotion ran deep ... staying on the show for so many years with his input playing a significant part in making it the cultural phenomenon it is today.

What he means is that if you've ever had dreams of pitching your pipe dream on "Shark Tank" -- that's all Mark.

Clearly, Daymond has forged a strong bond with Mark over the years ... telling us he wishes him well and adding the 'ST' team wants to pay his hard work forward by giving his seat to the next generation of entrepreneurs.

As for who could potentially snag the coveted seat? Mark himself has endorsed Kardashian biz partner Emma Grede as his replacement ... gushing over her experience and TV charisma.


As for now, there's no word on when auditions to find his successor will begin ...

Luka Doncic I'm A Daddy!!! Welcomes First Child With Fiancee

Congrats are in order for Luka Doncic and his fiancée, Anamaria Goltes -- the NBA star and the model just introduced their baby girl to the world!!

The Dallas Mavericks hooper and Anamaria shared the amazing news on Instagram on Friday ... captioning a picture of the little bundle of joy with one word -- "Gabriela."

This is the first child for the pair ... and their famous friends couldn't be happier for them.

"Congrats my man!" Patrick Mahomes said in the comment section ... with many others -- including Luka's mom, Mirjam Poterbin -- showing love as well.

Doncic is missing his first game of the season as the Mavs face off against the Memphis Grizzlies in a few hours. His absence was originally disclosed as personal reasons, but now we know it was for his daughter's arrival!

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Doncic has been dating Goltes since 2016 ... and the two first met in Croatia when they were just kids. On July 7, they announced their picturesque engagement in Slovenia.

It's only a matter of time before baby Gabriela gets a basketball in her hands ... after all, her daddy is one of the best players on the planet!!

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