Michael Irvin I Love D.K. Metcalf ... Could Be Next 'Elite' WR


Seattle Seahawks rookie phenom D.K. Metcalf officially has the Michael Irvin stamp of approval ... 'cause The Playmaker tells TMZ Sports he LOVES the guy!!!

In fact, the Hall of Famer says he believes D.K.'s playoff performance last weekend against the Eagles is the start of NFL STARDOM!!!

"I think it's the beginning of his journey towards the elite areas of the NFL," Irvin says.

Metcalf posted a stunning 7 catches for 160 yards and a TD to lead the 'Hawks into the Divisional Round this weekend ... and Irvin tells us he's super impressed with the wideout.

And, why? Outside of the dude's insane skill set, Irv just loves how Metcalf didn't get down on himself after he slipped out of the first round in last spring's NFL draft.

"He put that chip on his shoulder, he went out, worked out with Russell Wilson, 5:30 in the morning, catching passes with Russell Wilson and he's produced this year."

Metcalf could have a tougher time repeating his Wild Card performance this week ... the Packers have a MUCH better secondary than the Eagles -- and it's supposed to be snowing like crazy for Sunday's game.

But, if he is able to still shine? Irvin's message to DeAndre Hopkins and Michael Thomas seems clear -- MAKE ROOM FOR D.K.!!!

Seattle Seahawks DBs Rack Up $17,500 Bill At Rookie Dinner ... Steak & Booze!!!

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Welcome to the league, rooks!

The Seattle Seahawks' defensive back core held its annual rookie dinner Monday night ... and a pair of first-year NFLers were hung with a $17,500 check!!!

The booze-and-steak-filled night all went down at Daniel's Broiler in Bellevue, Wash. ... and according to some of the vets, it was the most expensive rookie dinner in a while.

The receipt is absolutely nuts ... the guys bought a TON of expensive food and alcohol, piling up $11,000 worth of Louis XIII alone.

There was also Wagyu steaks, lobsters, calamari and all the fixin's ... and in total, the bill came out to $17,579.10!!!

As for the guys who whipped out the credit cards for the check ... Ugo Amadi and Marquise Blair were saddled with that task -- but neither seemed to be too pissed (at least judging by the videos we've seen).

Of course, perhaps they should've been ... neither is signed to that big of a contract -- Amadi is on a 4-year, $3,165,196 deal, while Blair inked a 4-year, $6,236,648 one.

But, hey, at least the vets seemed to appreciate the gesture ... with second-year corner Tre Flowers saying, "I been waiting on this day for a year lol."

The rookie dinner is nothing new in the NFL -- it's been going on for decades ... with Hall of Famer LaDainian Tomlinson previously telling TMZ Sports he had to pony up some major dough when he was a rookie in 2001.


"The late Junior Seau and the veterans hazed me by taking me to dinner and spending $18,000 of my money!" LT said.

Good thing he's rich!

NFL's Josh Gordon Fails Drug Test, Suspended Pete Carroll Says No Signs Of Relapse

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Seattle Seahawks

3:20 PM PT -- Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll just addressed the suspension minutes ago ... calling the whole situation "unfortunate" ... and says there were no signs of any sort of relapse.

"We heard today that it was coming," Carroll told reporters on Monday. "Our heart goes out to Josh having to face this again and the fact that he's up against it and all this poses a great challenge to him."

"Fortunately, he'll have the benefit of all the league's resources to support him and help him. We wish him the very best in taking care of business."

When asked if there were any signs of a relapse, Carroll said, "We saw Josh at a really high level the whole time he was here. The work ethic he brought was one, but getting along with people and being good to work with and talk and all that and deal with on a regular basis, he was great."

"We were not aware that there was anything to be concerned about other than the history, in which we knew about."

That's a wrap for Josh Gordon ... again.

The insanely talented wide receiver has just been suspended again by the NFL after failing another drug test, league officials say.

"Josh Gordon of the Seattle Seahawks has been suspended indefinitely without pay for violating the NFL policies on performance-enhancing substances and substances of abuse."

Unclear exactly what Gordon tested positive for -- but his battle with substance abuse over the years is no secret.

The 28-year-old star missed the entire 2015 and 2016 NFL seasons for substance abuse issues back when he was with the Cleveland Browns.

The Browns eventually had enough of the drama and traded him to the New England Patriots back in 2018 ... but his problems didn't stop there.

At the end of the 2018 season, Gordon violated the league's drug policy again and missed the entire postseason ... including the Super Bowl, when the Pats beat the Rams.

The Patriots eventually cut Gordon during the 2019 season and he was picked up by the Seahawks.

Unclear if the Pats knew a suspension was coming when they cut him ... but now it seems like they knew something was wrong.

Story developing ...

Johnny Gill I Loved Seahawks' New Edition Dance ... 'Freakin' Hilarious!'


Johnny Gill says he was watching LIVE when the Seahawks receivers paid homage to New Edition with their TD celebration on Monday ... and tells TMZ Sports he loved every second of it!!!

The 'Hawks turned the gridiron into a dance floor after a 3rd quarter touchdown to David Moore ... re-enacting the iconic "If It Isn't Love" choreography from the boy band's 1988 hit music vid.

The Internet went crazy after the TD celly and the R&B legend appreciated it even more -- not only 'cause he's a Seahawks fan ... but also because they killed it!!!

"That was freakin' hilarious," Gill tells us. "But, you know what's so funny is that they're one of the few that I actually saw, like, they actually had the form and everything down."

"I was watching the game, and I'm going, 'OK! OK! AIGHT!'"

Gill says it was obvious how much time Moore, Tyler Lockett, DK Metcalf and Jaron Brown put into perfecting the dance.

"They really honestly took time and they practiced. I was like 'Yo, they're right in sync and the form is correct.'"

Gill gets serious for a second, pointing out the dance just goes to show how timeless the group's music really is ... and that's what made it even more special.

"True testament to our work, for anybody, when generations come and they’re aware of you and can appreciate what you’ve done. That’s a true testament to the hard work we put in and obviously you can’t even put it into words."

Gill says the group of guys have done a great job all season -- including their 'NSYNC "Bye Bye Bye" tribute.

We also asked Gill if he's ever down to join the WR corps next time they put on a New Edition rendition ... and ya gotta hear his response!!!

Russell Wilson Futbol In Mexico With Ciara ... During Seahawks' Bye

There's no football for Russell Wilson this week ... so he decided to get in a little futbol during the Seahawks' bye -- hitting Mexico for some soccer with Ciara!!!

The Seattle superstar grabbed his fam and smokin' hot wife and headed down to Cabo for a little R&R ... and the Wilson clan seemed to be having a blast on the Seahawks' off week.

Wilson had the guns out ... Ciara was in a bikini top ... and the whole crew looked thrilled to be getting some kicks in away from the rain in Seattle.

Of course, it ain't like there was much else Russ needed to escape in the Pacific Northwest  ... the QB is having the season of his life, and is a front runner for the NFL MVP award.

But, hey ... when you can go to Cabo with a bikini-clad Ciara -- nobody's gonna have a problem with that!!!

Stay winning, Russ!!!

Geno Smith Clearly Called 'Heads' And the Controversy Is Stupid

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There are people claiming Seattle Seahawks player Geno Smith called "tails" during the coin toss in Overtime during "Monday Night Football" ... but the ref thought he said "heads."

The coin ended heads up (and the Seahawks ended up winning the game) ... and some people are fuming, claiming the refs screwed the 49ers ... mostly due to a video with crappy audio that's floating around.

But, LISTEN TO A CLEAR VERSION OF THE AUDIO -- it's obvious Smith said "heads."

And, then make this all stop, please.

Sorry. It's early. We haven't had our coffee yet.

Also, the Seahawks won the game 27-24 because the 49ers' kicker botched a 47-yard game-winner.

Don't blame the coin toss.

Seahawks' D.J. Fluker Gunning To Clown Teammates Over Alabama-LSU ... Hilarious Bets!!!


Forget 49ers-Seahawks ... Alabama vs. LSU is an even bigger matchup this weekend for some in Seattle's locker room -- 'cause D.J. Fluker says there's some hilarious wagers going on!!!

D.J. -- an OL who cut his teeth at 'Bama -- tells us he's going to make some bets with LSU alums Al Woods and Ethan Pocic this week that could have some seriously embarrassing ramifications.

"We talking about full-fledged LSU, full-fledged Alabama gear -- somebody's going to wear it," Fluker says. "I'm going to take a picture of it; hopefully we get to post it all on social media!"

Fluker tells us while that might seem hilarious on the outside ... he says to SEC diehards like himself, it's straight-up demoralizing!!!

The game kicks off on Saturday at 12:30 p.m. PT ... and some are hyping it up as one of the greatest regular-season matchups in the last DECADE!!!

As for who's going to win it ... Fluker's confidence level in the Tide is high -- but he admits things could get hairy if Tua Tagovailoa has to sit because of an ankle injury.

No pressure, Mac Jones ...

NFL's Malik McDowell Pleads Guilty In Cop Fighting Case ... Could Avoid Jail Time


NFL defensive lineman Malik McDowell just pled guilty to charges in his violent cop fighting case ... but there's a chance he won't spend any more time behind bars.

McDowell -- a 2017 Seattle Seahawks second-round pick -- was busted back in February in Lathrup Village, Mich. after a traffic stop turned with a cop turned violent.

McDowell was pulled over at a gas station after cops say he was speeding and driving recklessly ... but when he refused to cooperate with one of the officer's commands, a brawl ensued inside the convenience store.

You can see in video, obtained by TMZ Sports ... McDowell roughed up the officer to the point where the cop was forced to tase him ... but even that didn't stop the 6'6", 300-pound D-lineman.

Eventually, more officers arrived on scene to help subdue McDowell ... and ultimately, Malik was arrested.

The 23-year-old was hit with a slew of charges for the incident ... including felony assaulting and resisting and misdemeanor operating while intoxicated.

To make matters worse for the guy ... he ended up getting arrested a SECOND time in April after Michigan cops suspected him of stealing a $75,000 2019 Ford F-150 Raptor.


He was eventually charged with felony receiving and concealing stolen property in that case.

But, according to court records, McDowell pled "guilty as charged" in both cases at a hearing Wednesday.

It's unclear what McDowell's punishment will be for the pleas ... but a rep for the Oakland County Prosecutor's Office tells us a diversion program instead of jail time IS on the table.

McDowell is due for a sentencing hearing in court later next month.

Malik -- who's currently an NFL free agent -- has yet to play a down in the league after injuries ultimately led to his cut from the Seahawks in 2018.

Lofa Tatupu I'd Make NFL Comeback ... If League Legalized CBD


Lofa Tatupu says his body feels so good right now after using CBD ... he could make an NFL comeback TODAY -- and tells TMZ Sports he'd legit consider coming out of retirement if the league legalized it!!!

"If it's accepted in the next CBA," the former linebacker All-Pro says, "You might see a comeback -- I'll be 38 by then, but I don't care!"

Lofa was a superstar for the Seahawks from 2005 to 2010 ... earning 3 Pro Bowl selections and an All-Pro honor -- but injuries and concussions ultimately cut his NFL career short.

But, when we spoke with Tatupu earlier this week ... he says he's been taking CBD to cure his issues -- and he's never felt physically better in his life.

"I feel -- and I'm not lying -- better than my three Pro Bowl years," Tatupu says.

In fact, Lofa -- who's launched his own CBD company called ZoneIn CBD -- says he's feeling so good ... he thinks he could withstand the rigors of the NFL once again -- at nearly 40 years old!!!

Seahawks are doing pretty well without him ... but if the NFL makes the call on CBD official -- a little Lofa depth at inside linebacker definitely never hurt anybody!!!

'NSYNC's JC Chasez Approves Hawks' 'Bye Bye Bye' Dance It Was Great, Great, Great!!!


It ain't no lie ... that "Bye Bye Bye"-inspired TD celebration the Seahawks pulled off has 'NSYNC's stamp of approval ... 'cause JC Chasez tells TMZ Sports he loved the tribute!!

'Hawks players Tyler Lockett, DK Metcalf, Jaron Brown and David Moore pulled off what might be the best TD celly of the 2019 season after Brown scored during last week's win over the Browns.

The guys perfectly copied the uber-popular boy band's choreography from their 2000 mega-hit ... so when we saw Chasez out at Alfred Coffee in Studio City, we had to get him to weigh in on their moves.

"I thought it was fun," JC tells us. "It was great to see."

As for whether the players perform an encore of the viral performance or take on another smash hit from the band's discography ... JC leaves it up to them.

But, might we recommend "It's Gonna Be Me" next time?? That song STILL goes in.

Shaun Alexander Deserves HOF Consideration ... Says Nate Burleson


Does Seattle Seahawks legend Shaun Alexander deserve a bust in Canton?

Nate Burleson says the ex-running back definitely deserves consideration for it ... telling TMZ Sports, "Not first ballot, but should you consider him second ballot? Yeah."

Shaun rushed for 9,429 yards and 100 TDs in 119 career games for the Seahawks from 2000 to 2007. He also won the league MVP in 2005.

But, most NFL experts believe he's NOT a Hall of Famer ... saying he just didn't do enough for long enough to be among the league's all-time legends.

So, when we got Burleson -- who played with Shaun in Seattle in 2006 and 2007 -- we had to get his thoughts on Shaun's candidacy ... and he broke it all down for us.

"With Shaun Alexander, there's three tiers," Nate says. "Was he one of the best of his draft class? Yes. Was he one of the best of his era? Yes."

"And, can you write the story of football without him? That might be up for debate."

Nate says because of all that ... he believes HOF voters should definitely take a deeper look at Shaun when the next round of voting begins, telling us, "He should be considered."

By the way ... while Nate ain't 100 percent sure of Shaun's status as a Hall of Famer -- he tells us a former St. Louis Rams receiver DEFINITELY belongs there!!!

NFL's Malik McDowell Back In Custody After Judge Says He Tampered With Ankle Monitor


Malik McDowell -- the ex-NFL D-lineman who attacked a cop during an arrest earlier this year -- is in more trouble ... he's back in custody after a judge ruled he intentionally tampered with his ankle monitor.

McDowell has been fighting multiple charges stemming from his February arrest where he got violent with a police officer ... but he had been out on bond while his case played out in the Michigan court system.

But, TMZ Sports has learned McDowell was ordered to be back in custody after a judge ruled he violated the terms of his bond.

A rep for the Oakland County Prosecutor's Office tells us it appears McDowell left town for a longer period of time than he was permitted ... and when he got back, he tried to tamper with his ankle monitor to cover it up.

At a hearing this week, a judge ruled it to be an intentional act ... and McDowell was thrown back in jail.

The rep says it's likely McDowell will remain in custody until he's due back in court next month.

As we previously reported, McDowell is facing 2 counts of felony assaulting and resisting, 1 misdemeanor count of operating while intoxicated and 1 misdemeanor count of driving on a suspended license for his cop fighting case.

The former Seattle Seahawks' second-round pick is also facing criminal charges in Michigan for his alleged role in the theft of a pickup truck earlier this year.

Brandon Marshall On Retirement ... 'We'll See What Happens'


Could Brandon Marshall's epic run in the NFL be over??

Maybe ... the 6-time Pro Bowl wide receiver tells TMZ Sports, "We'll see what happens, man ... We'll see what happens."

35-year-old Marshall just had a workout with the Indianapolis Colts a few weeks ago (he said it went well) -- but it doesn't seem he's getting a whole lot of interest from teams beyond that as the season kicks off this week.

So, we had to ask ... is retirement coming???

Marshall wouldn't say ... only telling us he's happy with his roles on "Inside The NFL" and in the fitness industry.

"I'm doing what I love to do right now," Marshall says. "I've been doing that for some time now. And, there's always a lot to work through."

If it is indeed the end of Marshall's career ... it sure was a good one -- the guy played 13 years and logged 12,351 receiving yards, 83 TDs and 970 catches.

Begs the question, if it's over -- is his next stop in Canton???

Seahawks' Brandon Browner Sued by Ex-GF For Multiple Attacks On Top of Attempted Murder


Brandon Browner is now being accused of much more than attempted murder of his ex-girlfriend -- 'cause she's suing him, and claiming multiple instances of domestic violence.

The former Seattle Seahawks star was just sued by his ex for multiple alleged attacks that she says occurred between 2016 and 2018 -- including the attempted murder case last year, for which he was convicted and is currently serving 8 years in prison.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ Sports, the woman says she'd suffered numerous acts of violence at the hands of Browner dating back to July 2016, when she says they were still a couple. Three alleged incidents she details from that year include him hitting her across the face on one occasion, making her lose consciousness on another, and inflicting a carpet burn on her face on yet another.

In 2017, Browner's ex claims he attacked her two different times while she slept -- once, allegedly picking her up by the neck, slamming her onto the bed and then chasing her through the street in her undergarments. During a separate incident, she says he punched her repeatedly in the thigh while she slept, leaving severe pain and bruising.

Come 2018, the woman alleges Browner broke into her home one month before the attempted murder and pinned her down to a couch for 15 minutes, threatening to hurt her and eventually making off with her phone and keys. In July, she says he broke in again ... and tried killing her in front of their kids.

The details are harrowing -- Browner's ex claims he broke into her place through a window, dragged her back into the house, smothered her face into the carpet to the point she almost lost consciousness ... and then brought her and their two kids out to the living room to petrify them further.

A month later, Browner was arrested and booked for domestic battery but was eventually charged with attempted murder. He ultimately pled no contest to that and 2 other charges in court.

Chargers' Tre'Von Johnson Choked By Sister Cops Say In Fight Over Laundry


The sister of LA Chargers linebacker Tre'Von Johnson was arrested back in March after cops say she choked the NFL player in a fight over laundry ... TMZ Sports has learned.

According to police documents, Tre'Von and his sister, Tkeyah Johnson, got into a scrap when she wanted to wash her clothes at Tre'Von's Denton County, Texas home ... but he prevented her.

Cops say Tkeyah grabbed Tre'Von by his neck in a rage over not being allowed access to the washing machine ... and when he had trouble breathing -- he pushed her, causing her to fall to the floor.

Cops say marks were visible on Tre'Von ... and when they determined on the scene that Tkeyah was the primary aggressor in the altercation -- they arrested her.

Tkeyah was charged with domestic assault involving choking -- a felony in Texas -- and later posted bond.

Tre'Von has bounced around the NFL since signing with the Arizona Cardinals as an undrafted free agent out of Weber State in 2017 ... playing for the Dallas Cowboys, Seattle Seahawks and Chargers the past 2 years.

The 24-year-old -- who played in 4 games for the Chargers this past season -- has 3 career tackles.

Russell Wilson Buys Mom House For Mother's Day 'I'm Going To Pee Myself!'

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Russell Wilson won Mother's Day ... the dude surprised his mom with her very own house -- and she lost her mind when the Seahawks superstar handed over the keys!!!

The moment is amazing ... Russ passes Tammy Wilson the key ring to the new home's front door -- and when she asks what it's for, the QB tells her, "it's the key to your house."

When Momma Wilson realizes her son ain't playin' around -- she loses it.

She goes from shocked to elated to nearly peeing herself (for real, watch the clip) to bawling. It's incredible.

"All these years you have never asked me for anything... only thing you ever wanted is for me to LOVE," Wilson said of the gift afterward ...

"Well thanks for loving us the way you do. This ones for you. I love you momma. #HappyMothersDay #GodIsGood"

Russ' wife, Ciara, added, "What a beautiful day and moment. Tears of Joy! The perfect Mother’s Day. God you’re a good good father."

Unclear where the new pad is or what the specs are for it ... but you can bet the place is probably pretty awesome.

And, why? Wilson just inked a 4-year, $140-MILLION deal with the Seahawks -- the richest contract in NFL history!!!

Happy Mother's Day!!!