Oklahoma Body Cam Footage Police Captain Busted For DUI ... Whispers To Cop, 'Turn The Camera Off'


An Oklahoma City police captain put on a show after he was busted for allegedly driving drunk ... and it was all caught on body cam video -- which he desperately tried to suppress.

Check out the footage, released Thursday by Oklahoma City PD, showing Capt. James French getting pulled over at his home by a police officer last weekend after cops said he was swerving as he drove down the road.

Right from the get-go, French tried to weasel his way out of trouble by identifying himself as a police captain and whispering to the officer to turn off his body cam. But, the cop refused and asked French if he had been drinking because he was slurring his words.

French changed the subject and made a second attempt to get the camera switched off.

But, the officer was in a no-nonsense mood. He sternly said, "I'm not turning my camera off. You got to be kidding me."

Things only got worse for French, who explained that he had consumed 3 to 4 beers at a poker game earlier that night and had drunk his last brewski about 2 hours before he was stopped by the officer.

Then came the dreaded field sobriety tests, which, of course, French failed. During a balance test, French lifted up his leg only to stumble forward. He then asked the cop to switch off the camera a third time.

But, the officer stood his ground again, saying that he had taken an oath to uphold the law and would not show favoritism to anyone -- even the President of the United States.

That didn't stop French from urging the cop to kill the camera one last time. And, predictably, he got another "no" from the officer.

French was eventually placed in handcuffs and booked into the county jail for driving under the influence of alcohol. He was later released after posting bond.

Oklahoma City Police Chief Wade Gourley praised the officer for his professionalism and for following the department's body cam protocols.

Gourley also said that French was put on administrative leave with pay pending the outcome of an internal investigation.


'Honey Boo Boo' BF Arrested For DUI, Police Chase ... While She Was In The Car

The boyfriend of Alana Thompson -- AKA Honey Boo Boo -- has been arrested for DUI ... following a police chase with Alana riding in the same vehicle.

21-year-old Dralin Carswell was cuffed Tuesday in Monroe County, according to police ... who says 17-year-old Alana was in the car with Dralin when the tags on his Dodge Charger were run by police, which showed the owner of the vehicle had outstanding warrants.

Monroe County Lt. John Thompson says an officer then attempted to do a traffic stop on Dralin, but instead was led on a chase that went about 3 miles -- ending in a pit maneuver, spinning the car out.

Officers say they found marijuana and Dralin was arrested for DUI and fleeing from cops, as well as outstanding warrants out of Wilkinson County. Another passenger, Julian Malik Divon Williams, was also arrested for outstanding warrants.

Alana reportedly wasn't taken into custody, and was later picked up by her sister, Pumpkin. Monroe County Reporter first had the story.

As we reported, Alana and Dralin were going to have a weight-loss procedure together last year ... something Mama June told us she didn't approve of.

Jeff Hardy DUI Case Closed ... License Reportedly Suspended 10 Yrs

Jeff Hardy is putting his most recent legal problem behind him -- the wrestling star's June DUI case in Florida was officially closed on Thursday, TMZ Sports has confirmed.

According to the Volusia County court records, Hardy submitted a written no contest plea ... meaning he accepted a conviction and punishment for the crime, but didn't admit guilt.

Hardy was sentenced to 38 days in jail ... but was given a 38-day credit for time already served, and had his license suspended for 10 years, according to Wrestling Observer.

The outlet says Hardy was sentenced to two years probation, court-mandated DUI school or drug rehab program, and community service, and he has to pay $4,586 in fines and court fees.

Hardy -- who was suspended by All Elite Wrestling (AEW) a day after he was arrested for his third DUI -- will also have to wear an interlock device for two years.

Jeff -- who starred for WWE and TNA before joining AEW -- was arrested last June after officers from the Florida Highway Patrol found that he was driving under the influence.


FWP officers administered two tests to Hardy and claim he blew a .291 and .294, well above the legal limit (.08) permitted in Florida, and even had to pull out their service weapons during the stop.

Thankfully, no one was injured, and Hardy was booked without incident. The 45-year-old still remains suspended by AEW -- and there's no word on when he'll return.

Vernon Davis Vontae's 'Doing Well' After Arrest ... 'I'm Going To Keep Him In My Prayers'


Despite the horrifying images that came out of Vontae Davis' arrest earlier this month ... his older bro, Vernon Davis, tells TMZ Sports the ex-NFL star is now "doing well" and taking steps to remedy a "very tough situation."

Vontae was put into custody in Broward County, Fla. on Feb. 4 after cops say he drunkenly crashed his Tesla into the back of a disabled Toyota truck. In photos and video we obtained from the scene, you can see Vernon's younger brother appeared to be asleep on the highway following the accident -- and then seemed to struggle to stay awake during ensuing questioning.

At one point, a cop grew frustrated with the ex-Indianapolis Colts cornerback ... and told him, "You almost killed somebody."


Vernon told us out at a Super Bowl event in Arizona on Thursday night that he's spoken to Vontae since everything went down ... revealing, "he said he was doing well."

"He's just taking care of everything behind the scenes," the former 49ers star tight end added.

As for what he told his bro ... Vernon said, "I just told him I'm going to keep him in my prayers and continue to wish him the best and hope that he continues to do the right thing."

Vontae is facing a misdemeanor count of DUI in the case. Court records show he's entered a plea of not guilty to the charge.

Vontae Davis Crash Scene Photos Show Ex-NFL Star Asleep ... Near Wrecked Vehicles

Ex-NFL star Vontae Davis seemed to be sound asleep on the side of a highway near two wrecked vehicles after he was accused of drunkenly crashing his Tesla during an accident on Saturday morning ... new photos, obtained by TMZ Sports, show.

In the pictures -- snapped just minutes after Davis allegedly rammed his ride into the back of a Toyota truck in Broward County, Fla. -- you can see Davis appeared to be unconscious on the pavement.

Wearing a mint-green corduroy set with his shoes still on, the 34-year-old former Indianapolis Colts defensive back was balled up with his head laying in his hands and his eyes closed.

A witness tells us that even as people moved around him -- including first responders, a clean-up crew and police -- Davis remained fast asleep ... until cops woke him up and put him in a squad car.

In Florida Highway Patrol dash cam footage we obtained, you can see Davis appeared to be having trouble staying awake there too.


During questioning, the two-time Pro Bowler seemed to fade in and out of consciousness ... and when one officer eventually began telling him why he was being arrested for DUI -- the cop said, "Your eyes are bloodshot. Your speech is slurred. You can barely stay awake. All right? You almost killed somebody."

Other photos from the scene we obtained show just how fortunate everyone is to have come away from the wreck alive -- you can see in the pics, Davis' Tesla was mangled ... as was the back of the Toyota.

Davis did admit to cops he had drank two "mixed drinks" before getting behind the wheel, but he said he had no recollection of the car accident.

The former football player, who spent 10 seasons in the NFL from 2009 to 2018, was ultimately arrested and booked on a charge of DUI.

Davis has since pled not guilty to the charge, court records show.

Vontae Davis DUI Arrest Video Cop Scolded Ex-NFLer ... 'You Almost Killed Somebody'


A police officer was blunt with Vontae Davis during his DUI arrest on Saturday ... telling the ex-NFL star straight up, "You almost killed somebody."

The stern chat with Davis was captured on Florida Highway Patrol dash cam footage, obtained by TMZ Sports, after officers said the two-time pro bowler had crashed his Tesla into another car during a wreck on a highway at around 7:50 AM.

In the video, you can see Davis appeared to be dozing in and out of consciousness as officers attempt to question him about the leadup to the accident.

They asked him where he had been, if he had been drinking, if he was injured, and if he'd submit to field sobriety tests. Davis answered some of the questions -- others not so much. He seemed to be slurring some of his words during his replies.

At one point, the video shows he told a cop he had been to a club and had consumed two "mixed drinks" prior to getting behind the wheel. He said he left the venue at around 2 AM, and had no recollection of a car crash.

Officers eventually told him he was under arrest -- and when Davis asked why, one of the cops didn't mince words.

"Your eyes are bloodshot," he said. "Your speech is slurred. You can barely stay awake. All right? You almost killed somebody."

When Davis said he "didn't almost kill nobody" -- the officer responded, "Yeah, man. They were in a truck on the side of the road. You took them completely out. And there was a father and son there on the shoulder."

Davis, who played 10 seasons in the NFL with the Colts, Dolphins, and Bills, was ultimately arrested and booked for DUI.

Court records show he pleaded not guilty in the case on Monday.

Ex-NFL CB Vontae Davis Arrested For DUI In Florida Cops Say He Was Asleep On Side Of Highway

Former NFL cornerback Vontae Davis -- who last played with the Buffalo Bills in 2018 -- was arrested for DUI in Florida, TMZ Sports has confirmed.

A spokesperson for the Florida Highway Patrol tells us ... officers responded to a crash involving two vehicles on State Road 821 in Florida on Saturday, Feb. 4 around 7:51 am.

Once officers arrived on the scene, they noticed a black 4-door Tesla with heavy front end damage and a bronze pickup Toyota truck with heavy rear end damage.

According to police docs, Davis, who was identified as the driver of the Tesla, failed to maintain control of his vehicle ... and collided with the pickup truck.

The force from the collision caused the pickup truck to hit a nearby pedestrian ... who sustained multiple injuries and was transported to the hospital.

Law enforcement authorities say they observed Davis -- who played ten seasons in the NFL with the Colts, Dolphins, and Bills -- laying down sleeping on the right shoulder of the road.

When police were interviewing Davis, they say they noticed his eyes were bloodshot, and he needed to lean on the barrier to prevent himself from falling to the ground.

Police say they asked Davis if he had been drinking ... he replied, "Yes, I had two drinks. Two mixed drinks."

Officers say they asked Davis if they could administer a standard field sobriety test ... but the ex-NFL CB refused, saying, "No."

Davis was placed under arrest and booked for DUI in Broward County ... where his bond was set at $500.

Ex-Titans OC Todd Downing Reports To Jail ... Serving Time For Nov. DUI Arrest

Former Tennessee Titans offensive coach Todd Downing has turned himself in ... and will begin serving his 48-hour sentence stemming from his DUI arrest in November.

TMZ Sports has confirmed ... Downing surrendered to the Williamson County Sheriff's Department Tuesday and is in police custody at the Williamson County jail.

Tennessee Highway Patrol officers claimed Todd was "traveling at a high rate of speed" on Interstate 65 at around 2:30 AM.

Tennessee Titans

Downing was arrested in November ... just hours after the Titans defeated the Green Bay Packers on Thursday Night Football.

Downing, 42, was arrested and booked on DUI and speeding charges.

At the time of Downing's arrest, head coach Mike Vrabel said the Titans have a policy in place that provides rides to members of the org. if they ever need one.

Downing has been in the NFL since 2003 ... starting out as a football systems analyst with the Vikings before working for the Rams, Lions, Raiders, and Titans.

The Titans fired Downing in early January.

Ex-NFL Star Aldon Smith Cuts Deal In DUI Case ... Facing Up To 16 Months In Prison

Aldon Smith cut a plea deal in his DUI case on Thursday morning, TMZ Sports has learned ... and the ex-NFL star is now facing prison time over it.

The San Mateo County District Attorney tells us ... Smith agreed at a hearing in Northern California to enter a plea of nolo contendere to a felony charge of drunk driving causing injury.

In exchange, the court agreed it would not impose a sentence on him higher than 16 months in state prison.

The D.A. noted probation and a county jail sentence are also on the table for Smith following the plea agreement.

The 33-year-old is slated to learn his fate at a sentencing hearing in March.

As we reported, Smith was initially hit with two felony DUI charges in the case back in December 2021 ... after he was accused of driving drunk and slamming his GMC Sierra pickup truck into the back of a stopped vehicle on a freeway off ramp in Redwood City.

Officials said the collision caused injuries to the other driver's back, wrist, knee, leg and foot. They also said Smith told the alleged victim at the scene that he "cannot have cops there."

Prosecutors claimed Smith had a BAC of greater than .15 at the time of the wreck. Smith had first pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Aldon, who was cut by the Seattle Seahawks just a few months prior to the DUI arrest, has not played a down in a regular season game since 2020 with the Cowboys. He's currently a free agent, though it's unclear if he has any goals of another NFL comeback.

Titans OC Todd Downing Arrested For DUI ... Hours After Win Over Packers


10:51 AM PT -- Titans head coach Mike Vrabel just spoke with media members about Todd Downing's arrest for nearly eight minutes -- but he largely avoided answering most questions, citing an ongoing investigation.

Tennessee Titans

He declined to reveal if alcohol was provided on the team plane following the win ... though he did say the Titans do have a policy in place where if someone needs a ride -- no matter the time of day -- the org. will get them one.


8:20 AM PT -- The Titans said in a statement they "are aware" of the Downing arrest and "are in the process of gathering additional information."


6:56 AM PT -- According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, officers observed Downing "traveling at a high rate of speed" on Interstate 65 at around 2:30 AM.


The THP says during an ensuing traffic stop, officers observed signs of impairment from Downing. They said they also smelled an odor of booze coming from the coach's vehicle.


Downing was then placed under arrest for DUI, the THP said.

Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator Todd Downing was arrested on Friday morning ... just hours after he helped his team beat the Packers on "Thursday Night Football," TMZ Sports has confirmed.

A police spokesperson tells us Downing was arrested by the Tennessee Highway Patrol in Williamson County, TN. on Friday morning ... and booked on charges of DUI and speeding.

Records show the 42-year-old bonded out of jail at around 6:46 AM.

Further details surrounding the arrest were not made immediately available.

Just prior to his arrest, Downing put on a great performance in Tennessee's 27-17 win over Green Bay at Lambeau Field. He dialed up several trick plays, and was partly responsible for a big night from quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who completed 22 of his 27 passes for 333 yards and two touchdowns.

The Titans have yet to publicly comment on the arrest.

Originally Published -- 6:44 AM PT

Owl Found in Car What?? I Bought It at Gas Station!!! Says Driver Busted for DUI

An Arizona driver sure doesn't seem to give a hoot -- cops say they found an owl in his passenger seat when they pulled him over for a DUI in Arizona ... and that's not even the strangest part of the story!

Payson PD says they found the little copilot early Thursday morning when officers performed the traffic stop. As they approached the vehicle they immediately noticed the bird of prey riding shotgun.

Here's the weirder part ... cops say the driver told them he bought the owl at a local gas station!!! The convenience stores really DO have it all.

Well, now it's not just a bizarre mystery -- it's potentially a crime. Payson police say it's illegal to transport, possess, buy or sell wildlife in the state unless expressly permitted under Arizona law.

The owl was reportedly picked up by the AZ Game and Fish Department after the discovery, but was apparently unable to be released back into the wild -- due to minor injuries.

As for the driver, cops say he was arrested for aggravated DUI, possession of methamphetamine and possession of wildlife.

If you've ever wanted to know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a jail cell ... sounds like this guy might find out!!

Chief Keef BENCH WARRANT ISSUED ... Legal Troubles Mounting

Chief Keef is in legal hot water ... a California judge issued a bench warrant after the rapper failed to show for a court date.

Chief Keef was MIA from a Wednesday court hearing relating to his DUI case, so the judge issued a $10K bench warrant.

Things seem to have been unraveling for Keef, legally speaking, since his arrest for DUI back in June 2021.

According to our sources, there was an outstanding warrant in that case from missing a court hearing. Law enforcement sources tell us cops were running plates during a routine traffic stop last month and pulled Keef over for driving on a suspended or revoked license. That's when officers saw an active warrant in the system from the DUI case, and Keef was booked and released without bail.

Our law enforcement sources tell us Keef was ordered to appear Wednesday in court but never showed, which led to the new warrant being issued.

We reached out to Keef's camp ... so far no word back.

Hope Solo Yanked Out Of Car During DWI Arrest ... Police Video Shows

A dazed Hope Solo was yanked from her car by cops after being uncooperative during her DWI arrest earlier this year ... new police video shows.

The footage -- obtained by Queen City News -- was captured on a Winston-Salem Police Officer's body-worn camera on March 31 ... just after he was called to a North Carolina Walmart parking lot over reports that a woman had been asleep behind the wheel of a running car with her kids inside.

Video shows when the officer walked up to the GMC Yukon at around 10:20 PM, Solo -- a U.S. women's soccer legend -- appeared to be passed out with her head resting on her driver's seat while her engine was on.

Solo immediately became alert following the officer's knock on her window -- and during ensuing questioning, she appeared to be completely out of it.

She mumbled, scrolled through her phone and even took a call. She insisted she hadn't been drinking -- and had only stopped to take a nap because she was tired.

The officer, though, suspected she was drunk -- and told her he smelled alcohol coming from her vehicle. She then began arguing with the man and another officer who had arrived on the scene to assist.

The cops asked her to step out of her car repeatedly, but she refused. Her kids, meanwhile, could be heard screaming and crying in the background.

Ultimately, one of the cops grabbed her by the arm and pulled her from the ride.

Footage shows Solo continued to be combative, refusing field sobriety tests. Cops then put her in handcuffs. She could be heard later in the video yelling while walking with an officer, "Oh my God, you don't need to f***ing touch me!"

Solo was eventually hit with three charges over the case -- driving while impaired, resisting a public officer and misdemeanor child abuse.

In July, she reached a deal with prosecutors to close out the case -- pleading guilty to DWI. In exchange for the plea, her other two charges were dismissed.

Solo was given a 24-month suspended sentence ... and was also ordered to pay fines and fees, among other stipulations.

Following the case's disposition, she said in a statement, "I underestimated what a destructive part of my life alcohol had become."

"I continue to be a student of the greatest school called life and I will continue to learn and grow from these experiences," she added. "I will continue to gain empathy, knowledge, and stories to share."

"I consider this a gift to pass it on to others because pain shared is pain lessened."

NFL's Lance Kendricks Arrested For DUI ... Allegedly Passed Out Behind Wheel

Former NFL tight end Lance Kendricks was busted for DUI in Santa Monica over the weekend ... after cops say they found him knocked out in the driver's seat with the engine running.

TMZ Sports has learned ... SMPD officers were dispatched around 2:15 AM on Sunday regarding a newer model Ford Bronco that was swerving.

Cops say they located the whip on Ocean Avenue and made contact with 34-year-old Kendricks, who they say was passed out.

Law enforcement sources tell us Kendricks eventually awoke and appeared drunk ... and after conducting field sobriety tests, it was determined he had driven while intoxicated.

We're told Kendricks took a breathalyzer ... and blew over double the .08 legal limit.

Kendricks, who last played in the NFL in 2019, was booked on a DUI charge.

TMZ Sports has obtained Kendricks' mug shot ... which shows the former tight end looking annoyed.

Kendricks played nine seasons in the NFL with St. Louis/Los Angeles Rams, Packers, and Chargers.

He made $5,000 bail and was released later Sunday morning.


It's not Kendricks' first run-in with police -- he was previously busted for weed in 2017.

NBA's James Bouknight Arrested For Driving While Impaired ... Found Unconscious In Parking Deck


11:50 AM PT -- James Bouknight was found unconscious in a parking deck around 12:44 AM, according to a police report obtained by TMZ Sports.


The report also indicates JB had a .40 gun, a Glock 23, with him at the time of the arrest. The report doesn't specify whether the gun was legal or illegal, though, it doesn't appear Bouknight was charged for the weapon.

Charlotte Hornets guard James Bouknight was arrested for allegedly driving while impaired early Sunday morning ... TMZ Sports has confirmed.

The 6'4", 160-pounder was booked around 1:51 AM, according to the Mecklenburg Sheriff's Office in North Carolina. His bond was listed at $2,500.

Bouknight was a star for the UConn Huskies before going 11th overall in the 2021 NBA Draft.

He averaged 4.6 points in 31 games in his rookie campaign ... including a 24-point performance against the Sacramento Kings.

Bouknight's arrest adds to a hellish offseason for the Hornets ... after star Miles Bridges was accused of abusing his girlfriend in front of their children. Former Charlotte forward Montrezl Harrell -- who recently signed with the Philadelphia 76ers -- was also busted for having marijuana in his car.

The Hornets released a statement ... saying, "We are aware of the incident involving James Bouknight and are in the process of gathering additional information."

"We will have no further comment at this time."

Story developing ...

Originally Published -- 10:03 AM PT

Phillies Fans Chant 'DUI' At Braves' Ozuna ... During Playoff Game

Phillies fans lived up to their ruthless reputation on Friday ... chanting "DUI" at Braves star outfielder Marcell Ozuna during Philadelphia's playoff game against Atlanta.

It all went down in the first inning at Citizens Bank Park in Philly -- Ozuna was up for his first at-bat of the afternoon ... when the fans trolled him over his August arrest.

"DUI! DUI! DUI!" the Philly faithful chanted in unison as 31-year-old Ozuna swung at an 81 MPH slider from Phillies' right-hander Aaron Nola.

Ozuna -- a 10-year MLB veteran -- was arrested for DUI after police in Georgia pulled him over for speeding and failing to maintain his lane while on the road.


Ozuna -- in his third season with the Braves -- told police on the scene that he was heading to a party at a nearby nightclub to celebrate his team's win over the Mets earlier.

Ozuna ultimately took responsibility for his actions ... telling the media that he was "disappointed" about the incident and expressing remorse to his teammates and family.

But despite the mea culpa, Philadephia fans seem adamant about jeering Ozuna at the plate ... as the Phillies and defending World Series champs, battle it out on the field.

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