Warren Moon Russ Ain't Washed ... 'No Question'

Relationship Must Have Soured

Even though the Denver Broncos paid tens of millions of dollars for Russell Wilson to get off of their roster, Warren Moon says he's convinced the quarterback isn't washed ... telling TMZ Sports this week there's "no question, Russell can be very effective."

Moon -- a former Seattle Seahawk who stayed close with the franchise in retirement -- has seen the majority of Wilson's career up close ... and he seems sure that despite what the 35-year-old signal-caller has put on tape these past two seasons in Denver, he's still got juice left.

Moon says, though, it will take surrounding him with talent -- and a good offensive scheme -- to bring that all out.

Of course, there aren't too many organizations with those traits who are looking for a quarterback at the moment. Most have franchise guys they like -- and the ones that don't appear poised to select one of the top QBs in next month's loaded draft.

Plus, guys like Kirk Cousins and Justin Fields look like they might be available for QB-needy teams as well.

But, Moon says he thinks Wilson will land on his feet somewhere ... it just might take a minute.

As for if he could see Wilson settling for a backup job in 2024 -- Moon said he doesn't think that's a possibility. He believes Wilson would just hold out until a starting job opened up -- similar to what Joe Flacco did with the Browns last season.

Not In High Demand

Former NFL executive Marc Ross also talked with us about Russ this week ... and he says he's not so sure he'd bet on Wilson getting a starting gig in '24.

Wilson, meanwhile, will officially become a free agent next week ... and, reportedly, the Steelers have shown some interest in potentially signing him.

Russell Wilson Cut By Broncos

Russell Wilson's ride in Denver has come to an end ... the Broncos just announced they're cutting their quarterback.

In a statement posted to the team's X page, head coach Sean Payton and general manger George Paton said following a talk with the 35-year-old on Monday morning, they decided they were moving on.

"We thank Russell for his contributions and dedication to our team and community while wishing him the best as he continues his career," the two said.

The release will become official once the new NFL year starts on March 13.

As shocking as it is to see a nine-time Pro Bowler and one-time Super Bowl champ hit free agency ... the decision was not surprising at all. Remember, Payton had benched Wilson back in December, following two years of mediocre play.

Plus, Wilson's contract wasn't team friendly, to say the least.

For his part, Wilson took the news in stride, saying in a lengthy statement on his own X page that he was grateful for his time in Colorado.

"Over these last two years," he wrote in a message to Broncos fans, "you have welcomed my family and me with open arms and have embraced us as members of the community. This city will always hold a special place in my heart. Our family grew here, we made countless memories and friendships, and formed relationships that will last a lifetime."

It's unclear where Wilson will go next. Some pundits have suspected he could end up being a backup in 2024 -- while others think he could start in places like Pittsburgh, New England or Atlanta.

"Tough times don't last, but tough people do," Wilson added in his statement Monday.

"God's got me. I am excited for what's next."

Russell Wilson Sabía que era mi responsabilidad criar al hijo de Ciara...

Lo sabía

Russell Wilson dice que sabía desde el primer día que ayudar a criar al hijo de Ciara con Future sería su nueva responsabilidad en la vida y se comparó con el padre de Jesús.

El QB de los Broncos, cuyo futuro en Denver parece incierto en este momento, apareció esta semana en el podcast "I Am Athlete" donde habló de su matrimonio con Ciara y de su rol de padrastro con su hijo, Future Jr., que comparte con el rapero.

Escuchen esto porque es bastante revelador: Russ literalmente dice que sintió que Dios le hablaba para hacerle saber no solo que Ciara era la persona para él, sino que criar a su hijo también era algo a lo que estaba destinado a hacer.

Russell Wilson dice que lo supo desde el momento en que conoció a Ciara, que al parecer incluyó un encuentro con el entonces bebé Future Jr., así que estamos hablando de años.

Russ también dice que estaba teniendo una conversación con el hombre de arriba y sintió que Dios le hablaba y le decía que este sería su camino, es decir, convertirse en un hombre de familia. Y sí, él invoca el nombre de José, así como el de Jesús.

Si crees que estás aturdido por las palabras de Russell, espera a ver a Brandon Marshall, con quien Russ estaba teniendo esta conversación. Se puede decir que estaba bien sorprendido por lo que estaba escuchando.

Recuerden, Future Jr. es el hijo de Future, quien comparte la custodia de su hijo con Ciara. Aunque parece que lo vemos más con su madre, al menos públicamente.

Teniendo en cuenta la bronca histórica entre Future y Russ, algo nos dice que Future no se va a tomar esto muy bien. En cuanto a Ciara, aún no se ha referido a las palabras de Russ.

TMZ investiga
TMZ Studios

Por supuesto, sabemos que está feliz con Russ y que han formado su propia familia en los últimos años. Por lo que estamos escuchando aquí, sin embargo, Russell considera a Future Jr. su propio hijo también.

Russell Wilson I Knew Raising Ciara's Son Was My Responsibility ... Joseph Did Same for Jesus


Russell Wilson says he knew from day 1 that helping to raise Ciara's son with Future would become his new blessing and responsibility in life -- comparing himself to Jesus' dad.

The Broncos QB -- whose future there in Denver seems uncertain at this point -- appeared this week on the "I Am Athlete" podcast ... where he talked about his marriage with Ciara and the fact that he plays stepdad to her kid, Future Jr., who she shares with the rapper.

Take a listen, 'cause this is pretty eye-opening ... Russ literally says he felt God was talking to him to let him know that not only was Ciara the one for him -- but that raising her boy was also something he was destined to do as well.

RW says he knew this from the moment he met Ciara -- which apparently also included a meet-and-greet with a then-baby Future Jr. ... so we're talking years ago.

Russ also says he was having a conversation with the man upstairs about this -- and he explains that he felt God speaking to him and telling him this would become his path -- namely, becoming a family man. And yes, he does invoke Joseph's name, as well as JC.

If you think you're stunned by Russell's words, wait 'til you see Brandon Marshall -- who Russ is speaking with in this conversation. You can tell ... he's shocked by what he's hearing.

Remember, Future Jr. is Future's son ... and he shares custody of his kid with Ciara -- although, we seem to see him more with his mom, at least publicly and online anyway.


Considering the historical bad blood between Future and Russ -- something tells us Future ain't gonna take this very well. As for Ciara, she hasn't addressed Russ' words yet.

TMZ Studios

Of course, we know she's happy with Russ as they've grown their own family over the years. From what we're hearing here though, RW very much considers Future Jr. his own son too.

Denver Broncos Trade For Russell Wilson Is 'Worst Of All Time' ... Ex-NFL GM Says


No deal in the history of the NFL has been more awful than the one the Broncos made to get Russell Wilson ... at least, that's according to ex-NFL general manager Michael Lombardi, who tells TMZ Sports Denver's trade for the QB "is going to go down as the all-time worst."

The former Cleveland Browns decision-maker didn't mince words when discussing Wilson's benching with us this week ... explaining he believes the Broncos' 2022 swap with the Seahawks will now go down as a historic blunder.

"When you add the contract and the trade," Lombardi said, "it's the worst of all time."

The Broncos gave up a bevy of picks -- including a first-rounder and a second-rounder -- plus three other players in the move to acquire Russ before the '22 season. They then signed the 35-year-old to a massive $245 MILLION contract extension.

But, Russ played terribly in 2022 ... and wasn't all that much better in 2023 -- which forced Sean Payton to sideline him this week for Jarrett Stidham.

The head coach's decision likely signals the end of Wilson's Denver tenure -- and with it all but over, Lombardi's ready to dub it the most disastrous NFL deal ever.

Lombardi said prior to the Broncos' move, there had been other historically bad ones -- including the Vikings' infamous 1989 trade with the Cowboys for Herschel Walker -- but he said "none of those trades had contracts attached to them that impact the salary cap in future years."

"Russell will move from Denver," Lombardi said. "But his cap problems will remain for two more years."

There is at least good news for Wilson on the horizon, according to Lombardi ... the former NFL exec says the QB should have a market if/when the Broncos officially cut him.

Russell Wilson Benched In Denver

Russell Wilson has been sidelined in Denver ... the Broncos are benching the future Hall of Famer.

Head coach Sean Payton made the decision this week, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter, informing his team Wednesday that backup Jarrett Stidham will now be the starting signal-caller going forward.

Wilson has been largely a disappointment since Denver traded a bevy of picks and players for him prior to the 2022 season ... but, per Schefter, the move also has a lot to do with the 35-year-old's contract.

Schefter reported Wednesday that leaving Wilson on the bench will ensure he won't get injured -- and therefore $37 million of his contract will not become guaranteed in 2024.

The former Super Bowl champ had arrived in Colorado with huge expectations, but he was one of the worst QBs in the NFL in '22 -- throwing just 16 TD passes to 11 interceptions.

His 2023 campaign, however, had seen far more ups -- he's thrown for 26 TDs and just 8 INTs this season -- but the Broncos are still just 7-8 ... and have lost three of their last four.

Complicating matters further for Wilson, Payton was seen screaming at him on the sidelines during Denver's blowout loss to Detroit earlier this month.

Stidham, meanwhile, has played sparingly in his four-year NFL career ... logging just two starts. He'll get a chance to show what he can do next when Denver plays on Sunday against the Chargers.

Ciara, Russell Wilson Our Baby Girl Is Here ... Meet Amora Princess!!!

The Wilson family just got bigger ... 'cause Ciara and Russell Wilson have welcomed their new baby girl into the world -- revealing her name is Amora Princess!

The Denver Broncos quarterback and the singer announced on their social media pages their daughter arrived on Monday ... sharing an adorable photo of the newborn.

"Amora Princess Wilson," the couple said in a caption on the IG post. "9lbs 1oz. We Love You so much!"

Their friends -- and millions of fans -- were stoked by the wonderful news ... with Serena Williams writing in the comment section on the post, "Omg i love her already."

Ciara -- who married Russell in 2016 -- broke the news that she was expecting back in August ... showing off her baby bump in a video while dancing to her hit single with Chris Brown, "How We Roll."

This is Ciara and Russ' third child together ... she had their daughter, Sienna Princess, in 2017 and their son, Win Harrison, in 2020.

Ciara also has a son from her previous relationship with rapper Future.



Ex-NFL Star Willis McGahee I Had Suicidal Thoughts ... After Retirement

Former NFL running back Willis McGahee is opening up on the dark place he was in after his career ended in 2013 ... revealing he contemplated taking his own life "a couple times" as he struggled to find his purpose off the gridiron.

42-year-old McGahee -- who played in the NFL from 2003-2013 -- detailed his issues adjusting to life after football in an interview with The Athletic on Thursday ... saying, "When it’s gone, you really have nothing to fall back on."

"It’s just a lot coming at you, man, and it gets mentally tough."

McGahee was a stellar running back, but his career was plagued by countless injuries. Despite his recurring ailments, he managed to earn more than 8,400 yards and 65 touchdowns on the ground ... adding over 1,300 yards and another five touchdowns receiving.

Even though he felt like he could still play following the 2013 season, the league felt otherwise ... and he was forced to move on -- something he said he really struggled with in the years following.

McGahee said he has gotten better with his mental health struggles by going to therapy and focusing on his 10 children -- but his physical pain continues to this day, and he claims the NFL is abandoning players like him who need help through its disability benefits.

While McGahee said he is receiving line-of-duty benefits for substantial disability due to NFL activities, he said he is continuously getting shut down from collecting any sort of assistance for neurocognitive impairment -- which led to a lawsuit.

"It’s not benefiting the players who are really, actually hurt and going through stuff in life," McGahee said. "They’re not taking care of us. It’s a sham. I’m tired of it. Somebody has to step up and do something about it."

McGahee explained he would do it all again if he could ... but ultimately, a decision he'll have to deal with moving forward.

"I don’t regret it," McGahee said. "But it’s something I’ve got to deal with now."

If you or someone you know is struggling or in crisis, help is available. Call or text 988 or chat 988lifeline.org.

Broncos' Kareem Jackson Suspended Again ... After Violent Hit On Joshua Dobbs

Kareem Jackson has been suspended yet again ... this time, the NFL levied a four-game ban on the Denver Broncos safety after it says he illegally hit Joshua Dobbs during a violent play on Sunday night.

The tackle happened just seconds into Denver's tilt with the Minnesota Vikings, when Jackson launched himself into Dobbs' face while trying to bring down the QB.

Replays of the hit show Jackson tagged Dobbs in the chin area with the crown of his helmet -- a big no-no, according to the NFL exec Jon Runyan, who announced the suspension Monday afternoon.

"You had an unobstructed path to your opponent and the illegal contact could have been avoided," Runyan told Jackson when making the announcement.

"Illegal acts that are flagrant and jeopardize the safety of players will not be tolerated."

This is the second time Jackson has been slapped with a suspension for his play on the field ... back on Oct. 23, he was also banned four games for illegally hitting Packers tight end Luke Musgrave in the head and neck area.

Jackson, however, appealed the ruling ... and had the ban reduced to two games.

It's not yet clear if Jackson will appeal his latest suspension ... though most believe he will. If the punishment sticks, the 35-year-old will be sidelined without pay until Week 15, when the Broncos play Detroit.

Violenta pelea a puñetazos en las gradas DURANTE partido de los Bills

pelea en la sección 314
X / @KyleEllisWV

Las luchas de los Bills en el campo aparentemente han frustrado tanto a los aficionados de Buffalo, que ahora se han vuelto unos contra otros. Esto fue lo que pasó en una violenta pelea a puñetazos en el partido del lunes por la noche.

La salvaje pelea ocurrió durante la derrota de Buffalo ante Denver en el Highmark Stadium cuando varios aficionados claramente se molestaron con un hombre con una camiseta de Josh Allen.

Se desconoce lo que provocó la conmoción, pero se puede ver en el video filmado por alguien a pocas filas de distancia de todo, que los puños comenzaron a volar pocos segundos después de que se intercambiaron palabras.

Échale un vistazo al clip; el fan de Allen recibe un jab en la cara y se defiendo con un empujón, luego de eso, se desató la batalla.

En un momento dado, un hombre con una camiseta de Thurman Thomas saltó para tratar de ayudar al fa de Allen que estaba peleando solo, lo que llevó a un caos aún mayor.

Afortunadamente, parece que las cabezas más frías prevalecieron después de algunos unos segundos de lucha.

Nos hemos puesto en contacto con la policía para ver si se hizo alguna detención, pero hasta ahora, no hay noticias.

Buffalo Bills Josh Allen Fan Gets In Violent Fistfight ... During Loss to Broncos

X / @KyleEllisWV

The Bills' struggles on the field have apparently frustrated Buffalo fans so much, they've now turned on each other -- getting into a violent fistfight at the game on Monday night.

The wild scrap happened at some point during Buffalo's loss to Denver at Highmark Stadium ... when several fans clearly became upset with a man in a Josh Allen jersey.

It's unknown what sparked the commotion ... but you can see in video shot by someone a few rows away from it all, fists started to fly just seconds after words were exchanged.

Check out the clip ... after the Allen fan got tagged in the face by a jab, he threw some haymakers -- which led to an all-out melee.

At one point, a man in a Thurman Thomas shirt jumped in to try and help out the Allen fan, which led to even more chaos.

Thankfully, it appeared cooler heads prevailed after just a few moments of fighting.

We've reached out to cops to see if any arrests were made, but so far, no word back yet.

Denver Broncos Troll Kelce, Chiefs With T. Swift Song ... After Upset Win

Haters really ARE gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate -- the Denver Broncos told Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs to "shake it off" after their shocking upset loss on Sunday ... by trolling the hell outta them with a Taylor Swift jam session.

The Broncos stunned the Super Bowl champs in a 24-9 home win in Week 8 ... and right after the game clock hit zeroes, the Mile High Stadium speakers started blaring the tight end's new lady's hit song, "Shake It Off."

It's a clear shot at the hype surrounding Tayvis ... with many accusing NFL broadcasts of going overboard with coverage every time the pop superstar attends games.

Swift was nowhere in sight for the shocking loss ... so the theory that she's Kelce's good luck charm is starting to sound pretty legit.

TK had six receptions for 58 yards in the contest ... less than half the production he had a week prior with Swift watching from a suite.

Kelce was in great spirits prior to the loss -- rocking out to his boo's biggest songs following his appearance at Game 1 of the World Series in Texas on Friday.


It was the Broncos' first win against the Chiefs since 2015 ... so you could say their Wildest Dreams came true.

Taylor Swift No verá a Travis Kelce en persona este fin de semana Es tiempo de gira, cariño

Taylor Swift ha estado presente en un montón de juegos de Travis Kelce esta temporada, pero eso no se repetirá este fin de semana, pues su multimillonaria gira está a punto de volver a comenzar.

Fuentes con conocimiento directo nos dicen que Taylor no viajará a Denver este domingo cuando los Kansas City Chiefs se enfrenten a Russell Wilson y los Broncos, porque tiene que volver a concentrarse en sus actuaciones.

El primer show de Taylor está programado para el 9 de noviembre en Buenos Aires, Argentina, así que podrán imaginarse que tendrá algunos ensayos y reuniones antes de ello.

Taylor ha estado en un descanso de tres meses de su gira The Eras Tour, cerrando la primera etapa de conciertos en EE.UU., con 6 noches en el SoFi Stadium en agosto. Pero ahora va a estar de gira durante todo el próximo año en el extranjero con fechas en Brasil, Japón, Suecia, Australia, Canadá, Francia, Italia y un montón de otros países.

Como informamos, también acaba de conseguir el estatus de multimillonaria. Según Forbes, la cantante vale 1,1 mil millones de dólares gracias a su gira Eras y también destacan el hecho de que es una de las pocas artistas que ha logrado un hito así, únicamente con sus grabaciones y ventas de entradas para sus conciertos.

Por supuesto, también es probable que le haya hecho ganar un montón de dinero a la NFL esta temporada, en cuestión de nuevos espectadores y ventas de camisetas. Todo, gracias a que fue a un montón de juegos de su novio Travis Kelce, animándolo desde la suite privada con amigos, desde Sophie Turner hasta la esposa de Patrick Mahomes, Brittany.

Si las cosas siguen así entre Travis y Taylor es de esperar que ella se compre su propia suite para la próxima temporada, seguro que tiene dinero para hacerlo.

Taylor Swift Won't Watch Travis Kelce in Person This Weekend It's Tour Time, Baby!!!

Taylor Swift has been a fixture at a bunch of Travis Kelce's games this season, but that's not gonna happen this weekend ... cuz her multibillion-dollar tour is about to start back up.

Sources with direct knowledge tell us Taylor won't be making the trip to Denver Sunday when the Kansas City Chiefs take on Russell Wilson and the Broncos because she's gotta get back into tour mode.

Taylor's first show back from hiatus is slated for November 9 in Buenos Aires, Argentina -- so you gotta imagine there will be some serious rehearsals and meetings before then.

Taylor's been on a 3-month break from her 'Eras' tour -- closing out the first leg of U.S. shows with 6 nights at SoFi Stadium back in August -- but she'll now be touring off and on for the next year internationally with dates in Brazil, Japan, Sweden, Australia, Canada, France, Italy and a whole bunch more.

As we reported, she's also just hit billionaire status -- Forbes says she's worth $1.1 billion thanks to the "Eras" tour -- and credits her for being one of the only artists to hit the milestone solely off touring and recording sales.

Of course, she's likely made the NFL a bunch of money this season in new viewership and jersey sales ... attending a bunch of her boyfriend Travis' games and cheering him on from a private suite with friends from Sophie Turner to Patrick Mahomes' wife, Brittany.

If things keep up between Travis and Taylor, you might expect her to buy her own suite for next season ... she's certainly got the money handy.

Russell Wilson Happy Birthday, Ciara ... Waffle House Is Yours For A Night!!!


Forget nightclubs and fancy restaurants ... Russell Wilson took Ciara to a Waffle House for her birthday -- and she loved it!!!

The NFL star rented out the entire eatery on Wednesday night to celebrate his wife's 38th trip around the sun ... dolling up the chain food place with a red carpet, balloons and much more.

The bash was clearly a surprise for Ciara -- who couldn't believe Wilson put in the extra effort to make her cake day that special.

"Oh, my gosh," she said in a highlight video of the evening. "Babe! This is like next level. This is like top, top!"

"My honey knows how much I love Waffle House!"

The two sat down in a booth for CiCi's bday dinner ... and it seems Ciara's order featured hashbrowns, cheese, a sandwich and some pickles. And, of course, later in the night, it was all washed down with a platter of birthday donuts.

Wilson noted in Ciara's video that he knew she'd be a fan of his big plan ... saying he had an inkling her pregnant belly "wanted some waffles and eggs."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Wilson's perfect birthday for his wife didn't just begin at night, though ... earlier in the day, he penned a mushy note to her on Instagram, writing that she's truly "Heaven sent, the perfect mother to our children, and God’s blessing to me."

Take notes, men!

Russell Wilson Mushy Post For Ciara's Bday 'You Truly Are Heaven Sent'

Russell Wilson continues to remind everyone he's madly in love with Ciara ... sharing a mushy post on his Instagram page on Wednesday in honor of her 38th birthday.

The Denver Broncos quarterback threw up several photos of his singer/dancer wife ... all while using her latest hit song with Chris Brown, "How We Roll," as background music.

The pics showed the former Super Bowl champ with Ciara at football practices, on vacations, date nights and more.

"Happy Birthday to my Queen, @ciara ❤️," the 34-year-old signal caller wrote. "You truly are Heaven sent, the perfect mother to our children, and God's blessing to me as we get to do life together as Husband & Wife."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

"We are all truly BLESSED!! I'm so grateful that God put you into my life and we've been able to create an amazing (growing) family."

Wilson married Cici in 2016 and the family of five moved to Denver when the Seahawks traded the 9-time Pro Bowler to the Broncos last year. The two announced in August they're expecting a third baby together ... something Wilson begged her for on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" last year.

He's also a proud stepfather to Ciara's first son, Future Zahir.

"God has so much in store for you this year of life and I can’t wait to see how much good will come from your presence and joy!!!" Wilson said.

"I Thank Jesus for you every day! I Love You Mrs. Wilson."

Happy birthday, Ciara!

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