NFL's Adam Thielen Auctioning Alex Trebek Tribute Cleats ... For Pancreatic Cancer Charity

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Adam Thielen is turning one amazing gesture into two ... the Minnesota Vikings star is now auctioning off his Alex Trebek tribute cleats to raise money for pancreatic cancer research.

The 30-year-old wide receiver rocked the spikes for a game just days after the "Jeopardy!" host died in November -- and the homage was awesome.

One of the cleats featured an image of Trebek with a halo. The other had a painted-on "Jeopardy!" style placard that read, "We Will Miss You, Alex."

Now, Thielen is taking the cool tribute one step further ... announcing Friday he's going to sell the footwear with all of the proceeds slated to help the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network find a cure.

As we previously reported, Trebek died due to the disease ... and urged "Jeopardy!" audience members just days before his passing to be wary of symptoms and get tested.


The auction for Thielen's cleats begins Friday and ends Jan. 18.

Happy bidding ... and big props to Thielen for the cool move.

Vikings' Justin Jefferson Hot Mic Catches WR Unloading On Cousins ... 'F**k, Kirk!!!'

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"F*ck, Kirk! Come on! Throw the ball!"

Vikings superstar Justin Jefferson UNLOADED on his quarterback, Kirk Cousins, after an errant throw during Sunday's game ... and the wideout's mini-rant was all caught on a hot mic.

Here's the deal ... in the 2nd quarter of Minnesota's 33-27 loss to Chicago -- Jefferson was open in the back of the end zone for a touchdown.

The problem? Cousins was scrambling to his left and couldn't make an accurate throw -- leading to an incompletion.

Justin -- who's absolutely BALLIN' OUT in his first year in the league -- was NOT happy about it ... and screamed at the QB.

The clip went viral ... and after the game, Jefferson wrote on social media the outburst should not cause people to label him a "diva."

"y’all love blowing stuff out off proportion," the 21-year-old said. "And I ain’t no diva don’t get it twisted."

Jefferson ended up finishing the game with 8 catches for 104 yards on 11 targets. The team's loss, though, puts Minnesota squarely on the outside looking in for a playoff spot.

Bruce Smith Stefon Diggs Has Changed Bills' O ... He's Been Amazing!!!


The Bills absolutely did NOT give up too much to get Stefon Diggs ... so says Bruce Smith, who tells TMZ Sports the wide receiver has completely changed Buffalo's offense!!

"[He's] doing an outstanding job," the Bills legend said of the former Vikings star. "I mean, he's making everyone around him better."

Buffalo gave up quite the haul to steal Diggs away from Minnesota this offseason ... trading away a shipload of picks -- including its 2020 1st-rounder -- for the 27-year-old.

And, at the time, many thought that was way too much to give up for a guy who hadn't necessarily proven he was a legit #1 wideout in Minnesota.

But, Smith says Diggs has been worth all of it AND more ... telling us the receiver is one of the biggest reasons Josh Allen and the whole Bills offense has lurched forward this season.

"He's making [Cole] Beasley better," Smith says. "He's making the running game better. He's making the offensive linemen better."

In fact, Smith praised the hell out of the Bills' brass for pulling the trigger on a trade not everyone loved initially!!

Diggs is tied for the NFL lead in catches with 90 and he's also 5th in the league with 1,037 receiving yards ... which, as Smith says, sure seems worth all those picks to us!

By the way, Bruce also gave us his pick for Sunday night's HUGE Bills vs. Steelers game ... and the dude is confident Buffalo will secure the victory to get to 10-3!

Vikings' Justin Jefferson Cops Insane Diamond Jet Pendant ... Amid Breakout Season

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How's Justin Jefferson rewarding himself for ballin' the hell out during his rookie season?!


TMZ Sports has learned the Minnesota Vikings star receiver just copped a new diamond chain featuring a jet pendant ... and it's AWESOME!!!

We're told the wideout hit up Leo Frost in Houston a few weeks ago to get the ice made ... and the famed jeweler sure as hell delivered.


The jet -- an obvious nod to Justin's "Jet" nickname -- is iced out ... while the chain features stars on the links.

All told, the piece is 14k gold with 37 carats of VVS diamonds!!

No word on what JJ paid for the drip ... but don't worry -- dude can afford it, he signed a 4-year, $13 MILLION deal this year!!

Yup, it's great to be rich AND a baller!

Vikings Star Adam Thielen Honoring Trebek With Custom Cleats For 'Monday Night Football'

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This wide receiver is rockin' custom cleats to honor Alex Trebek on "Monday Night Football" ...

If that were a clue on "Jeopardy!", the answer would be "Who is Adam Thielen?" ... 'cause the Minnesota Vikings star decided to pay homage to the late game show host by wearing the amazing footwear for his game against the Chicago Bears on Monday.

The cleat artist, Dan "Mache" Gamache, posted pics of Thielen's new spikes for the evening ... and they're pretty incredible.

On one of the cleats, there's an image of Trebek with a halo and the dates 1940-2020.

On the other, there's a painted-on, "Jeopardy!"-style answer that reads, "We Will Miss You, Alex" with a price of $19,000 -- a nod to Thielen's #19 jersey number.

"For #MNF pregame tonight my guy @athielen19 will be honoring the legend Alex Trebek who passed last week," Mache said of the cleats on social media.

"I feel like no matter where you were from I feel like Jeopardy was a part of all of our lives in some way."

As we previously reported, Trebek tragically died at 80 years old earlier this month after a lengthy battle with pancreatic cancer.

Tributes from all over the world have rolled in since his death ... with officials in his hometown of Greater Sudbury, Ontario already kicking around the idea of building him a statue.

Thielen appears to be the first NFLer to pay homage with his spikes ... maybe they'll lead to a Daily Double's load of touchdowns?

Minnesota Vikings No Fans At Stadium For Remainder Of 2020

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The Minnesota Vikings say they are shutting down plans to allow fans at their 4 remaining home games -- explaining it's just too dangerous right now.

The Vikings have only allowed 250 fans at U.S. Bank Stadium at home games so far this season ... but have been pursuing options to allow thousands more to attend -- with COVID-19 protocols in place.

But Wednesday, the team announced it is canning those plans in light of rising COVID infection rates in the state of Minnesota.

"We will no longer pursue hosting more than 250 fans for the remaining 2020 Vikings regular-season home games," the team said.

"While we have worked hard to develop a safe and responsible plan to bring back a limited number of fans, our decisions have been based on medical guidance with public health as the top priority," the team said in a statement.

"We take seriously Minnesota's rising COVID infection rates and increasing hospitalizations and believe closing the final four home games to fans is the right decision to help protect our community."

The Vikes say they are hoping to bring back fans in 2021 -- but in order for that to happen, the team says everyone needs to work together to prevent spreading the virus ... by wearing face masks, social distancing and limiting social gatherings.

Minnesota Vikings Honor George Floyd ... Moment of Silence Before Kickoff

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George Floyd was top of mind for the Minnesota Vikings ahead of their first game in a pandemic-riddled season -- and they paid tribute to him with his family in attendance.

FOX 9's Dawn Mitchell tweeted a video from high up in the stands of a mostly empty U.S. Bank Stadium -- which showed, before kickoff, all of the Vikings players standing shoulder-to-shoulder at the goal line as the announcer made some comments about Floyd's story.

George's family members were captured on the Jumbotron, standing together, as everyone looked on. The big screen also displayed snapshots of some of the many memorials/murals that have popped up around town in the wake of his death.

The Vikings' remembrance was one of the more stand-out ones across the leagues as games ramped up -- other teams had more scattered approaches to addressing social justice.

The Browns' Myles Garrett took a knee, all Patriots players stood together, Colts head coach Frank Reich knelt himself, and the Dolphins remained in the tunnel during the National Anthem. There's more games to come, but so far ... not everyone's on the same page.

Of course, any and all of these reactions are better than what some fans did during Thursday night's premiere match between the Chiefs and Texans ... fans booed when the players locked arms in unity.

Ah yes ... football is back.

George Floyd Vikings To Honor Family At Game After Black National Anthem

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The Minnesota Vikings will pay tribute to George Floyd's family prior to their season opener on Sunday ... announcing plans to host them for a powerful moment before the game.

Vikings players have been outspoken following Floyd's death in Minneapolis back in May ... with stars like Anthony Barr and Eric Kendricks demanding justice.

The team laid out its plan to bring more awareness to social justice on Friday ... revealing Floyd's family will be in attendance for a tribute following the rendition of the Black national anthem, "Lift Every Voice And Sing."

On top of the league-wide gestures -- helmet decals, end zone messages and pre-game t-shirts -- the Vikings will host music group "Sounds of Blackness" to perform the national anthem ... as well as honor community leaders who have fought for equality.

The league's decision to speak out comes after NFL superstars like Odell Beckham and Saquon Barkley demanded it take a stand against police brutality and social injustice ... and admit it was wrong in how it handled kneeling demonstrators like Colin Kaepernick.

NFL's Cameron Smith Undergoes Successful Open Heart Surgery ... COVID Testing Found Issue

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Great news for Minnesota Vikings LB Cameron Smith ... the team says he had successful open heart surgery Monday -- just a few weeks after COVID testing found a congenital issue.

Smith said earlier this month that after he was diagnosed with coronavirus ... his doctors did further testing and discovered he had an irregular valve in his heart that could have killed him.

"It is really a blessing that we found this," Smith said, "as my heart is severely enlarged and wouldn’t have lasted much longer."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Vikes head coach Mike Zimmer said Tuesday that Smith underwent the operation Monday and is still recovering at the hospital ... but added he's hopeful the 23-year-old can rejoin his teammates later this season.

Of course, Smith is out for the year and his future as a football player is in jeopardy ... but the former USC star has vowed to make every effort to one day get back on the field.

"By no means am I ready to be done playing football," Smith said. "There is still so much more I want to accomplish on the field."

"Im going to attack this like everything else I have in life. Already looking forward to the comeback! #SKOL"

Kirk Cousins Savagely Clowned In New TikTok Challenge ... Hilarious Videos!!!

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Poor Kirk Cousins!!

The Minnesota Vikings QB is the target of a new TikTok challenge ... with people clowning his throwing accuracy in hilarious videos -- and the clips are SAVAGE!!

The trend all began with the Vikings posting footage of Kirk rollin' out of the pocket and challenging social media users to "duet" the clip with them "catching" the pass.

The issue? Fans used the footage to troll the QB by pretending he overthrew them ... and the vids are laugh out loud funny!!!

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.

Check out some of the most viral ones ... watch the dude in the blue tank top getting overthrown -- it's just impossible to not crack up!!

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.

Other users also made fun of the throws in comical fashion ... and it's all seriously great.

Don't worry, we're sure Kirk's going to let this all roll off his back ... dude does have legit talent -- he just made the Pro Bowl last season.

And, if it really does affect him ... he's got a nearly $100 MILLION contract to fall back on with the Vikings.


Vikings' Dalvin Cook I'm Gunning For 2,000 Yards ... In 2020


Fantasy football nerds, take note ... Dalvin Cook tells TMZ Sports he's gunning for a MONSTER season in 2020!!!

"2,000 yards!" the Minnesota Vikings superstar told us out in NYC on Wednesday. "We could go like a 1,500 [rushing] and a 500 [receiving]. 1,500, 500. Or, 1,400, 600!"

Of course, Cook was awfully close to those numbers last season ... rushing for 1,135 yards and adding 519 more receiving -- and he did all of that in just 14 games.

But, Dalvin (and his pals who were with him on an NYC shopping trip this week) tells us he's living in the gym this off-season to try to top those numbers.

FYI, 2,000 all-purpose yards is a pretty insane number for backs ... only 3 dudes have done it the last two years -- Christian McCaffrey, Ezekiel Elliott and Saquon Barkley.

Yeah ... elite list, huh???

By the way, we also asked Dalvin if he was considering a contract holdout given the fact that this year is the final one on his rookie deal -- but watch the clip, it doesn't seem he's going to press the Vikes like that just yet.

Alabama's Trevon Diggs Gunning To Lock Up Big Bro Stefon ... When I Get To NFL!!!


Diggs breaks up a pass intended for ... Diggs?!?!

That's a situation Trevon Diggs is hoping this happens A LOT in 2020 ... 'cause the 'Bama draft prospect tells TMZ Sports it's his goal to shut down his big bro Stefon Diggs in the NFL!!!

"We've always been competing like that since I was younger, like high school," Trevon says. "It's just a competition thing. We always compete."

A Diggs vs. Diggs matchup ain't exactly a farfetched dream for the DB ... Trevon is expected to be a 1st-round draft pick who could be a starter for a team right away next season.

And, with Stefon playing receiver for the Vikings ... the matchup definitely could go down at some point in 2020!!

As for how Trevon will handle it if it does happen ... he tells us he's got trash talk already prepared.

"I just have to be annoying," Trevon says. "I know how to get under his skin."

Trevon, though, tells us it'll be nothing but brotherly love between the two until that point.

N.O. Saints Fans Pelt Refs w/ Trash After Non-PI Call In Playoff Game

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New Orleans Saints fans clearly felt they were screwed again in the playoffs ... throwing trash at the refs at the Superdome after another pass interference call didn't go their way.

In the overtime period of the Saints' Wild Card game against the Vikings, Kirk Cousins lobbed a pass up to Kyle Rudolph, who appeared to push off before catching the game-winning TD.

No flag was thrown ... and after the refs reviewed it, they still didn't call the play a penalty -- which pissed off A TON of Saints fans.

In a video captured from the lower bowl of the stadium ... you can see people in the stands firing various items at the refs as they were running off the field into the locker room.

At one point, one of the refs had to duck out of the way of what appeared to be a flying water bottle aimed at the guy's head!!

In fact, things got so bad, the PA announcer had to get on the mic and tell fans to NOT throw objects onto the field.

Of course, Saints fans are still bitter over the way Sean Payton's squad was booted from the playoffs in the NFC Championship Game against the Rams last season ... when a crucial defensive pass interference flag wasn't thrown there.

For their part, the refs defended Sunday's non-call ... with VP of Officiating Al Riveron saying, "There is contact by both players, but none of that contact rises to the level of a foul."

Riveron added, "This is consistent with what we've done all year long, we left the ruling on the field. We let it stand."

Dalvin Cook Insane Pendant For Breakout Season ... 'The Chef!'


How is Dalvin Cook celebrating his crazy breakout season???


The Minnesota Vikings superstar -- who's in the middle of a crazy year with nearly 1,500 yards from scrimmage and 11 TDs -- hit up Luxe Jewelers in Atlanta to have a piece done to commemorate his awesome 2019.

TMZ Sports has learned Dalvin specifically wanted a pendant of him in a chef hat -- his nickname, after all, is "The Chef" -- and the jeweler, Ali G, delivered.

We're told the drip has a stunning 1600 diamonds that weigh 14 carats.

As for the iced out Cuban link chain that holds the pendant, we're told it has 2400 diamonds that weigh 25 carats!!!

Cook also did some more jewelry shoppin' while he was getting the chain done ... we're told he bought a Rolex and a baguette bracelet to go along with the insane piece.

No word on the cost of it all ... but don't worry, 24-year-old Cook is in the middle of a 4-year, $6 MILLION deal -- so the dude can afford it!!!

Vikings Star Stefon Diggs Rocks Custom 'Joker' Cleats ... To Beat the Lions

Stefon Diggs was one happy man on Sunday -- he and his team beat the Lions at home ... all while wearing a pair of cleats that the Clown Prince of Gotham would greatly approve of.

The Vikings wide receiver turned heads out at Ford Field, not just because he was playing like a stud -- 7 catches and 142 yards by the end -- but probably more for his footwear ... a pair of custom "Joker" cleats,  with Joaquin Phoenix's mug painted on the side.

There was also a recurring theme from the hit movie written in as well ... "Put On a Happy Face."

What makes these Adidas even cooler is the fact that Stefon had them colored in to match the Joker's actual costume from the flick -- when he finally transforms, that is.

BTW, Stefon has a bit of a history of rockin' pimped out cleats -- literally wearing themes from Starbucks to-go cups to SpongeBob memes and almost everything in between. Props to his cleat guy ... always up to date on the latest trends, and with a nice touch.

Looks like they're working out for Stefon and co. -- the Vikings beat the Lions 42-30. Keep it going, bro!!!

Vikings' QB Kirk Cousins Victory Call from Donald Trump ... After Beating Giants

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Pres. Donald Trump took time away from tweeting about hating the Democrats and the Fake News media on Sunday to make a very important phone call ... to Kirk Cousins!?

Yep, it's true ... the Leader of the Free World decided to ring up the Minnesota Vikings QB to personally congratulate him on beating the lowly NY Giants (2-3) in an unremarkable Week 5 matchup.

Cousins played well ... completing 22 of 27 for 306 yards and 2 TDs in a 28-10 victory.

And, hey, that's great and all ... but why a call from POTUS??

It could be because Cousins has been a Trump fan for years ... the two actually got in a round of golf together back in 2017, with Kirk saying of the afternoon, "I didn't ever think that would happen."

OORRRRRR ... it could be because Trump has a rally in Minnesota this week and the call was just a PR move to help get the word out.

The two spoke only "briefly," according to WCCO in Minneapolis ... but the news outlet cites a source that says they also talked about the rally.

Cousins is reportedly NOT attending the Trump event ... he's gotta prepare for a big game against the Philadelphia Eagles -- but he was no doubt stoked for the call nonetheless.

Trump's next big rally is Oct. 17 in Dallas ... so, someone get Dak Prescott on the line??

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