N.O. Saints Fans Pelt Refs w/ Trash After Non-PI Call In Playoff Game

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New Orleans Saints fans clearly felt they were screwed again in the playoffs ... throwing trash at the refs at the Superdome after another pass interference call didn't go their way.

In the overtime period of the Saints' Wild Card game against the Vikings, Kirk Cousins lobbed a pass up to Kyle Rudolph, who appeared to push off before catching the game-winning TD.

No flag was thrown ... and after the refs reviewed it, they still didn't call the play a penalty -- which pissed off A TON of Saints fans.

In a video captured from the lower bowl of the stadium ... you can see people in the stands firing various items at the refs as they were running off the field into the locker room.

At one point, one of the refs had to duck out of the way of what appeared to be a flying water bottle aimed at the guy's head!!

In fact, things got so bad, the PA announcer had to get on the mic and tell fans to NOT throw objects onto the field.

Of course, Saints fans are still bitter over the way Sean Payton's squad was booted from the playoffs in the NFC Championship Game against the Rams last season ... when a crucial defensive pass interference flag wasn't thrown there.

For their part, the refs defended Sunday's non-call ... with VP of Officiating Al Riveron saying, "There is contact by both players, but none of that contact rises to the level of a foul."

Riveron added, "This is consistent with what we've done all year long, we left the ruling on the field. We let it stand."

Dalvin Cook Insane Pendant For Breakout Season ... 'The Chef!'


How is Dalvin Cook celebrating his crazy breakout season???


The Minnesota Vikings superstar -- who's in the middle of a crazy year with nearly 1,500 yards from scrimmage and 11 TDs -- hit up Luxe Jewelers in Atlanta to have a piece done to commemorate his awesome 2019.

TMZ Sports has learned Dalvin specifically wanted a pendant of him in a chef hat -- his nickname, after all, is "The Chef" -- and the jeweler, Ali G, delivered.

We're told the drip has a stunning 1600 diamonds that weigh 14 carats.


As for the iced out Cuban link chain that holds the pendant, we're told it has 2400 diamonds that weigh 25 carats!!!

Cook also did some more jewelry shoppin' while he was getting the chain done ... we're told he bought a Rolex and a baguette bracelet to go along with the insane piece.

No word on the cost of it all ... but don't worry, 24-year-old Cook is in the middle of a 4-year, $6 MILLION deal -- so the dude can afford it!!!

Vikings Star Stefon Diggs Rocks Custom 'Joker' Cleats ... To Beat the Lions


Stefon Diggs was one happy man on Sunday -- he and his team beat the Lions at home ... all while wearing a pair of cleats that the Clown Prince of Gotham would greatly approve of.

The Vikings wide receiver turned heads out at Ford Field, not just because he was playing like a stud -- 7 catches and 142 yards by the end -- but probably more for his footwear ... a pair of custom "Joker" cleats,  with Joaquin Phoenix's mug painted on the side.

There was also a recurring theme from the hit movie written in as well ... "Put On a Happy Face."

What makes these Adidas even cooler is the fact that Stefon had them colored in to match the Joker's actual costume from the flick -- when he finally transforms, that is.

BTW, Stefon has a bit of a history of rockin' pimped out cleats -- literally wearing themes from Starbucks to-go cups to SpongeBob memes and almost everything in between. Props to his cleat guy ... always up to date on the latest trends, and with a nice touch.

Looks like they're working out for Stefon and co. -- the Vikings beat the Lions 42-30. Keep it going, bro!!!

Vikings' QB Kirk Cousins Victory Call from Donald Trump ... After Beating Giants

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TMZ/Getty Composite

Pres. Donald Trump took time away from tweeting about hating the Democrats and the Fake News media on Sunday to make a very important phone call ... to Kirk Cousins!?

Yep, it's true ... the Leader of the Free World decided to ring up the Minnesota Vikings QB to personally congratulate him on beating the lowly NY Giants (2-3) in an unremarkable Week 5 matchup.

Cousins played well ... completing 22 of 27 for 306 yards and 2 TDs in a 28-10 victory.

And, hey, that's great and all ... but why a call from POTUS??

It could be because Cousins has been a Trump fan for years ... the two actually got in a round of golf together back in 2017, with Kirk saying of the afternoon, "I didn't ever think that would happen."

OORRRRRR ... it could be because Trump has a rally in Minnesota this week and the call was just a PR move to help get the word out.

The two spoke only "briefly," according to WCCO in Minneapolis ... but the news outlet cites a source that says they also talked about the rally.

Cousins is reportedly NOT attending the Trump event ... he's gotta prepare for a big game against the Philadelphia Eagles -- but he was no doubt stoked for the call nonetheless.

Trump's next big rally is Oct. 17 in Dallas ... so, someone get Dak Prescott on the line??

Donovan McNabb I'm A Hall of Famer 'My Numbers Are Better Than Aikman'


Donovan McNabb says he's "absolutely" a Hall of Fame player ... telling TMZ Sports his career yards AND touchdowns should make him a shoo-in for Canton.

"My numbers are better than Troy Aikman," the ex-Eagles superstar says.

McNabb joined the guys on the "TMZ Sports" TV show -- airing weeknights on FS1 -- and said he unequivocally expects to be wearing a gold jacket at some point in his future.

"I'm not hesitating on that. I am a Hall of Famer," McNabb says ... "My numbers speak for themselves."

Of course, D-Mac's been out of the league since 2011 ... which means he's been eligible for the Hall for the past few years -- but has been passed over every time.

When the guys asked Donovan why he thinks that is ... he says he often asks that question himself.

"When they look at my numbers, yeah, but then they always want to add other stuff into it. 'Was he an All-Pro? Was he this? How many Super Bowl opportunities?'"

"But, people don't realize how hard it is to get to the NFC Championship and to get there five times, and then make it to a Super Bowl? It's tough."

For the record, McNabb has 37,276 passing yards, 234 passing TDs and 117 career interceptions. Cowboys legend Aikman has 32,942 passing yards, 165 passing TDs and 141 career picks.

Good news for McNabb ... he says now that his old Eagles team officially has two Hall of Famers -- Brian Dawkins and Terrell Owens -- he thinks his HOF case will be taken more seriously now.

"Maybe that helps the cause going forward."

Anthony Barr Ready To Move On From Vikings?!? 'My Possibilities Are Open'


Anthony Barr says he has LOVED his time in Minnesota ... but the superstar LB admits his Vikings career might be over -- telling TMZ Sports, "My possibilities are open."

A.B.'s had a stellar past 5 seasons with the NFC North squad ... starting 71 games and earning 4 Pro Bowl selections.

But, Barr's set to be a free agent in a couple weeks ... and tells us he could actually see himself in another uniform next season.

"I love Minnesota, but I'm willing to play anywhere I find fit."

Anthony likely won't come cheap ... he's NFL.com's No. 11 available free agent this offseason -- and could net a deal somewhere in the $45 MILLION range!!!

Seems A.B.'s down to see who will offer him that cash ... soooo -- happy bidding, NFL teams!!!

NFL's Cayleb Jones Cuts Deal In Dom. Violence Case ... Still Faces Jail Time


Ex-Minnesota Vikings receiver Cayleb Jones just cut a deal in court in his domestic violence case -- but he's still facing serious jail time ... TMZ Sports has learned.

The 25-year-old was facing 3 pretty serious charges -- including felony theft by temporary control -- after he allegedly beat the crap out of his girlfriend at a Minnesota hotel back in August.

Officials say the 6'3", 209 pound WR roughed up his GF and when she tried to escape in an elevator to call 911 ... Jones intercepted her, stole her phone and fled before cops arrived.

Cayleb was in court Tuesday to face the charges ... but we're told he cut a deal -- and instead, only pled guilty to interference with an emergency call -- a gross misdemeanor.

In exchange, we're told his two other charges will be dismissed.

Cayleb -- who's already served 5 days of jail time -- still faces up to a year in jail and a $3,000 fine when he returns to court for his sentencing hearing in April. It's unlikely he'll be ordered to serve more jail time unless the judge really wants to throw the book at him.

It's been a rough year for the WR -- as we previously reported, Cayleb tried to restrain his brother, Buffalo Bills WR Zay Jones, after he allegedly tried to jump from a 30th story window in an L.A. building last spring.

MARCH 2018

Cayleb -- who's yet to play in an NFL game -- was cut by the Vikings in September ... and remains a free agent.

Vikings' Laquon Treadwell Claps Back At Cousins' Haters ... 'He A Baller'


You don't know football if you think Kirk Cousins ain't worth his $84 MILLION deal ... so says his teammate Laquon Treadwell who tells TMZ Sports the QB is "a baller."

Of course, Cousins had a pretty rough first season in Minnesota after inking a mega-contract ... losing a must-win game to the Bears that kept the Vikes outta the playoffs.

But, 23-year-old Treadwell -- the Vikes' 1st-round pick in the 2016 Draft -- says just because the first season didn't go according to plan doesn't mean the QB wasn't worth the money Minnesota paid him.

"That's a lie, man," Treadwell told us when we got him out at LAX this week ... "He a baller."

Cousins did throw for 4,298 yards and 30 TDs ... and Treadwell had his best season yet with the new QB -- and he tells us better years are coming.

"It's the first year. We was a little rusty, but we're going to bounce back. You know? We was learning each other. Chemistry."

We also asked Laquon about the upcoming NFC and AFC Championship Games -- and while he wouldn't mind seeing a Brees vs. Brady Super Bowl ... it sure sounds like he wants a Rams-Chiefs big game!!!

Greg Jennings Cousins Needs Playoff Win to Justify $84 Mil Contract


When a team gives you a guaranteed 3-year, $84 MILLION contract, you better give them a win in the playoffs -- at least, that's how Greg Jennings feels about Kirk Cousins' big contract.

The ex-Vikings WR tells us it doesn't seem like the QB's contract has been worth it to Minnesota based on the team's 8-6-1 record ... but there's more to his deal than wins and losses.

Jennings says what Cousins brings to the team in terms of leadership and other off-the-field qualities is valuable ... but the bottom line, he needs to get to the playoffs and win!

The Vikings are playing the Chicago Bears this weekend -- and it's an essentially must-win game.

There's more ... Jennings (who also played with Aaron Rodgers on the Packers) explains why the QB must share part of the blame for Green Bay's terrible season.

He also tells us what he REALLY thinks of Aaron's leadership style ... and why he doesn't love it.

Stefon Diggs Mom Gets Car, Brothers Get Diamonds ... Best Xmas Ever!!!

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Stefon Diggs won Son of the Year AND Brother of the Year awards in just a couple hours on Christmas ... 'cause the WR got his mom a new car and his bros diamond chains!!!

The Vikings superstar started his Santa impression Tuesday with a Mercedes ... delivering it to his mom on the holiday in a fashion she'll never forget.

"You get 1 mom... here’s something for the lady that put up with all my craziness. Merry Christmas everyone," Diggs wrote.

But, his bag of toys didn't end there ... the dude also had diamond shovels (get it, Diggs??) made by Al the Jeweler for his brothers!!!


It's a huge Christmas haul for the Diggs fam ... but don't worry -- we got a feeling this is a trend that'll continue for years -- Stefon just signed a 5-year, $72-MILLION deal!!

Yeah, Merry Christmas for sure!!!

Tom Brady I Loved Watching Belichick Tell Vikings Star To 'Shut The F*ck Up!'

Tom Brady couldn't help but laugh his ass off at seeing Bill Belichick cuss out Minnesota's star wide receiver on Sunday ... saying, "That was pretty funny."

During the Pats win over the Vikings ... Adam Thielen flipped out at Belichick for challenging a close spot in the 4th quarter -- to which The Hoodie replied, "Shut the f*ck up!"

Brady couldn't help but chuckle at the whole scene ... telling WEEI's "Mut & Callahan" show, "I’ve been on the other end of that a few times in my career."

"Pretty funny. … It’s competitive out there. It’s very feisty and everyone’s emotions are on their sleeves. You say something and there is just an emotional reaction. That was pretty funny.”

Of course ... Tom and Bill can laugh all they want now -- they ended up rollin' the Vikings and look poised to catch the Kareem Hunt-less Chiefs for the top seed in the AFC.

As for Minnesota -- their season's on the verge of crumbling ... but at least Thielen still looks like he's gonna be an All-Pro at the end of the year.

Good times.

NFL's Jared Allen Dead Serious About Olympic Curling ... After Bet with Buddies


Ex-NFL star Jared Allen says his new career as a pro curler -- the ice sport -- is NOT a joke ... and it all began after making a stupid bet with some buddies.

After Allen retired from football in 2016, the future Hall of Famer still had a burning desire to play sports -- so he tried to be a pro golfer, but quickly realized he's no Tiger Woods.

That's when he made a bet with a friend that he could become an Olympian -- and after watching the movie "Eddie the Eagle" ... he got serious about finding the right sport for him.

First, it was badminton ... Allen tells TMZ Sports he called up his good buddy and fellow NFL alum Marc Bulger, but they decided the sport was too tough on their bodies.

That's when they moved on to curling -- which is basically shuffleboard on ice -- and decided that was the place where they'd strike!

Since that day, Allen recruited a few other NFL friends including Pro Bowl linebacker Keith Bulluck and Pro Bowl tackle Michael Roos ... and they started a curling team.

Now, they're REALLY competing against other elite curling teams and Jared says they're dead serious about making it to the 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing, China.

In fact, Jared says they've hired a sweeping coach and train on the ice at least 2 hours a week.


"You have to sweep a lot," Allen says ... "I've been known for my cardio, sweeping is frickin' tough!"

So, what's the hardest part of the game for Jared?

"You're really not supposed to talk trash ... so that's gonna be hard for me."


Kirk Cousins Tells Bridgewater How Vikings Really Feel About You

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Cool candid moment between Kirk Cousins and Teddy Bridgewater on Sunday -- when the new Vikings QB told the old Vikings QB how they REALLY feel about him in Minnesota these days.

Teddy and the Saints were in Minnesota to play Kirk and the Vikings -- but after the game, Cousins tracked down Bridgewater and told him what the Vikings execs have been saying behind his back.

"Everyone here speaks really highly of you," Kirk said to Teddy ... "You left a good mark on the organization."

Yeah, they love him!

Of course, Bridgewater -- the Vikings' 2014 1st-round pick -- WAS the future of Minnesota ... before a gnarly knee injury nearly ended his football career in 2016.

Teddy fought to get back onto the field ... but wasn't able to start a game for Minnesota after the 2015 season and moved on to the Jets this offseason.

Bridgewater is now Drew Brees' backup after the Saints traded for him in the preseason ... and if you're listening to Cousins -- everyone in purple and gold couldn't be happier for him.

As for Teddy and his knee ... the QB told a Vikings staffer after the game, "I'm doing good, man."

NFL's Everson Griffen Police Video Shows Ambulance Escape ... Cops Trying to Help


TMZ Sports has obtained footage of Everson Griffen moments after he jumped out of an ambulance on his way to a mental health evaluation ... and you can hear cops talking football to Griffen in an effort to calm him down.

It all went down on Sept. 22 after cops had been called on the Minnesota Vikings star following a string of bizarre and troubling behavior in the Minnesota area.

As we previously reported, Griffen allegedly threatened to shoot somebody at a hotel, wandered into a teammate's yard and forced a stranger to drive him around town against his will.

Cops ultimately got Griffen to agree to take an ambulance to a nearby hospital to be evaluated -- but he jumped out during the ride fearing someone was trying to harm him.

When cops approach Griffen, you can hear him saying, "I jumped out because I was scared for my life."

Griffen then explains that someone in the ambulance was "digging in his pocket pulling out something. He was digging in his pocket pulling out something and I called him. They had gloves on there’s something in here and they tried to get me. I’m not crazy."

Griffen mentioned that he plays for the Vikings -- and cops began talking football with him. That's when everything starts to cool down.

Ultimately, cops got Griffen to agree to get back in the ambulance and they took him to the hospital without further incident.

Griffen has since apologized for the incidents and said he is "focused on resolving personal issues with which I have been dealing for a long time."

Rams vs. Vikings Crazy Fight In Stands Man Flung Over Bleachers


The war at the Coliseum wasn't just on the field Thursday night -- a bunch of fans got into a brawl in the stands ... with one guy getting tossed over several rows of bleachers!!

The standoff began just before the end of the 1st half ... a Rams fan got into it with several Vikings fans.

You can see the Rams fan smack a female Vikings fan in the face ... and then it gets crazy.

Punches are thrown, a beer gets tossed, a woman gets her hair pulled (hard!) and then the Rams fan grabs a dude ... and FLINGS HIM OVER 4 ROWS OF BLEACHERS!

The video is nuts -- and the guy who was tossed is lucky he wasn't seriously injured. In fact, he got up and continued to scream at the dude who chucked him.

We're told security responded and removed several of the combatants from the stadium. Unclear if any arrests were made.

The Rams ended up winning the game ... and we're guessing both the players and the fans had to ice up Friday morning.

Everson Griffen Apologizes for Hotel Incident Vows to Return to Field

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Everson Griffen says he's "focused on resolving personal issues" after being hospitalized for a mental health evaluation this week ... but has vowed to return to the field.

As we previously reported ... the Minnesota Vikings star was involved in a series of bizarre incidents -- including at the team hotel on Saturday -- which ended in the All-Pro being transported to a hospital for a mental health exam.

At the time, team staffers feared he could hurt himself or others.

Griffen broke his silence Thursday on social media ... apologizing for the incident and promising to address his issues.

This past week's events have raised many questions and I want to apologize to everyone who was impacted," Griffen says. "I am currently focused on resolving personal issues with which I have been dealing for a long time."

"Once I have had time to address those issues, I hope to share my story with everyone."

"I am extremely grateful for the support I have received from my family, the Vikings organization, my teammates and our tremendous fan base."

Griffen also apologized for missing the team's Thursday Night Football match-up with the Rams ... but Vikes head coach Mike Zimmer made it clear he wants to make sure Griffen is okay getting back on the field.

"I apologize for not being able to take the field with my teammates and do not have an exact timeline for my return. I promise, however, I will return as a much-improved person and player."