Guess Who This Blue-Eyed Baby Turned Into!

Before this baby in her pajamas turned into a singing superstar with big blue eyes ... she was just a cool kid throwin' on her Donald Duck hat sideways and growing up in Santa Barbara, California.

She's mostly glitz and glam on her Instagram, but you must not forget it all started back in 2008 with just some cherry chapstick. She may be an American Idol but she'll only judge you based on your singing skills.

Need one more hint? She put on a stellar performance once ... complete with a viral dancing shark!

Can you guess who she is?

ADIVINA EN QUIÉN se ha convertido este bebé de ojos azules

Antes de que esta bebé en pijama se convirtiera en una superestrella de la canción con grandes ojos azules, era solo una niña adorable que se ponía su gorro del Pato Donald de lado y crecía en Santa Bárbara, California.

En su Instagram es pura ostentación y glamour, pero no hay que olvidar que todo empezó en 2008 con un simple lápiz de labios de cereza. Puede que sea una American Idol, pero sólo te juzgará por tus dotes como cantante.

¿Necesitas otra pista? Una vez hizo una actuación estelar... ¡con un tiburón bailando!

¿Adivinas quién es?

KELLYANNE CONWAY Extremadamente orgullosa de su hija Claudia ... "Un espíritu independiente"

¿Emprendedora o conejita playboy?

Kellyanne Conway no tiene nada más que grandes cosas que decir de su hija Claudia, a quien describe como una mujer independiente que está haciendo grandes movimientos.

Tuvimos a la ex Consejera Senior de Donald Trump la noche del miércoles en la Biblioteca Presidencial Ronald Reagan en California, después de que terminara el debate republicano.

Kellyanne nos contó cómo ha ido la carrera de Claudia, de 18 años, como cantante, unos años después de que se hiciera un nombre en la temporada 19 de "American Idol".

Fin de una etapa

Según Kellyanne, a Claudia le va muy bien fuera de la música también y añadió que se consiguió una beca en la Gran Manzana mientras se tomaba un año sabático de la escuela.

También le preguntamos qué le parece que su hija haya sido parte de Playboy a principios de este año, pero Kellyanne dijo que ella es una chica independiente y empresaria, de quien se siente orgullosa. Aunque asegura que sus días en Playboy podrían haber terminado.

drástica aproximación
Tik Tok/@claudiamconway

Parece que las dos tienen una relación mucho mejor por estos días. En 2021, Claudia secretamente filmó y publicó un video de Kellyanne gritando y maldiciéndola.

Tensión en casa
Tik Tok/@claudiamconway

Más tarde, publicó un video de Kellyanne hablando con los policías sobre su explosiva dinámica y fuentes policiales nos dijeron que los policías hicieron un control de bienestar luego de que se compartiera el intenso video.

Afortunadamente, todo eso parece estar en el pasado.

Kellyanne Conway Extremely Proud of Daughter Claudia ... 'An Independent Spirit'


Kellyanne Conway has nothing but great things to say about her daughter, Claudia ... calling her an independent woman who's making big moves straight out of high school.

We got the former Senior Counselor to Donald Trump Wednesday night at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in CA, after the Republican debate came to a close.

Kellyanne let us know how 18-year-old Claudia's career as a singer has been going, a few years after making a name for herself on season 19 of "American Idol."


According to Kellyanne, Claudia's doin' great outside music, too -- saying she got herself a fellowship in the Big Apple while taking a gap year from school.

We also ask her what she thinks about her kid being a part of Playboy earlier this year, but KC says her daughter's an entrepreneur and an independent gal, and she's proud of her ... although she claims Claudia's Playboy days might be over.

Tik Tok/@claudiamconway

It sounds like the 2 have a much better relationship these days. In 2021, Claudia secretly filmed and posted a video of Kellyanne screaming and cussing her out.

Tik Tok/@claudiamconway

Claudia later posted a video of Kellyanne talking with cops about their explosive confrontation ... and law enforcement sources told us cops did a welfare check after the intense video was shared.

Fortunately, that all seems to be in the rearview.

Guess Who This Gardening Girl Turned Into!

Before this cute girl with bangs "dug her key into the side of a pretty little souped-up four-wheel drive," she was just diggin' in the dirt and getting her hands dirty in the garden, singing at her local church and growing up in Checotah, Oklahoma.

Aside from this girl dressed in green evolving into an "American Idol" queen, she has since taken home 8 Grammys and is the face (and voice) of Sunday Night Football! Some hot music stars she's collaborated with include Miranda Lambert and Brad Paisley.

Need one more hint? "Before He Cheats!"

Can you guess who she is?

¡Adivina quién! ¿en quén se ha convertido esta jardinera?

Antes de que esta guapa chica con flequillo se dedicara a cantar, pasaba sus días cavando en la tierra, ensuciandose las manos en el jardín, cantando en su iglesia local y a crecer en Checotah, Oklahoma.

Además de convertirse en la reina de "American Idol", esta chica vestida de verde se ha llevado a casa 8 Grammys y es la cara (y la voz) del Sunday Night Football. Algunas de las estrellas musicales con las que ha colaborado son Miranda Lambert y Brad Paisley.

¿Adivinas quién es?

Nutsa Buzaladze 'Idol' Star Crushes National Anthem At Dodger Game ... Meets Magic Johnson!!!

Dodger fans had at least one thing to cheer about before falling to the Marlins on Friday ... 'cause "American Idol" star Nutsa Buzaladze had the whole stadium going wild after a killer rendition of the national anthem!!

The Georgian singer was a special guest at Dodger Stadium for the home team's contest against Miami ... getting the honor of singing the "Star-Spangled Banner" in front of 46,000 spectators.


Nutsa -- who's repped by agent/manager Darren Prince -- got to hang out with some high-profile peeps at the game ... including Magic and Cookie Johnson, Guggenheim Partners CEO Mark Walter and Dodgers pitcher Brusdar Graterol!! Small world, 'cause Prince also has repped the Lakers legend for nearly 30 years.

Of course, Nutsa made the top 12 of the famous singing show ... but after hearing her perform at the game, it's hard to figure out how she didn't go all the way!!

Even though the Dodgers got blown out 11-3, fans got to experience one good performance that night.

Tori Kelly Rushed to Hospital After Collapsing Doctors Find Blood Clots

Singer Tori Kelly is currently hospitalized and getting treatment for blood clots around her vital organs, with one source telling us the situation is "really serious."

Sources close to the Grammy-winning singer tell us she was at dinner in downtown L.A. Sunday night with friends when her heart started beating really fast. We're told Tori passed out, and was "out for a while."

Our sources say Tori's friends wanted to make sure she wasn't taken to a hospital downtown, and instead taken to Cedars-Sinai -- one of the country's premiere hospitals -- so they carried her outside, loaded her in a vehicle and sped to the hospital instead of calling an ambulance.

We're told Tori's getting care in the ICU, doctors have discovered clots in Tori's legs and her lungs ... and are still working to determine if any clots are around her heart. The singer's been in and out of consciousness during her hospitalization.

Tori's been in the biz for a lot of years -- both as a singer and a songwriter -- she took home Grammys in 2019 for Best Gospel Album and Best Gospel Performance/Song and won the Billboard Women in Music Breakthrough Artist Award in 2015.

Story developing ...

Katy Perry Good Genes or Good Docs?!

Katy Perry's looks over the years have shined bright like a "Firework!"

Here is a 26-year-old version of the bedazzled babe standing tall and having a ball during the "VH1 Divas Salute The Troops" in Miramar, California back in 2010 (left). This was around the same year she dropped her mega-hit song "Firework."

And, 13 years later the hot momma recently ignited her explosive voice -- looking like no time has passed for the pop icon -- during the U.K.'s Coronation concert at Windsor Castle (right).

"Cause baby, you're a firework!"

Mrs. Perry has definitely "bloomed" into a beautiful star, but the question is ...

Katy Perry...

Ryan Seacrest Early Talks To Replace Pat Sajak ... As 'Wheel of Fortune' Host

Ryan Seacrest is a candidate to take the reins from the outgoing Pat Sajak as the next host of "Wheel of Fortune" ... and we've learned discussions are in the very early stages.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Ryan is an option to replace Pat and he's been talking to Sony about potentially taking over for the retiring host. We're told Ryan has some time in his schedule now to possibly make this work, as he's no longer on "LIVE with Kelly and Ryan."

Sony owns "Wheel of Fortune" and there are reports about a field of unnamed candidates ... though it's unclear who is on the list aside from Ryan. Bloomberg was the first to report Seacrest was a possibility.

What's also interesting ... Ryan was a longtime pal of the late Merv Griffin, who created 'Wheel' -- so you gotta wonder if that factor is helping to propel Ryan's interest.

As we reported ... Pat announced this week he was going to step down as host in 2024 after 41 seasons running point on "Wheel of Fortune." Pat was hired as the host way back in 1981 by Merv.


Ryan, of course, has tons of experience hosting TV shows ... he was the original host of "American Idol" in its heyday and also hosted 'Live' with Kelly Ripa ... so he would make a lot of sense here.

Ryan's rep declined to comment.

'American Idol' Winner Just Sam I'm Singing In NYC Subways Again ... Embarrassed, But I Need $$$

Former "American Idol" winner Samantha "Just Sam" Diaz is living a bad case of deja vu ... singing in New York City subways for money.

Just three years removed from winning "Idol" in 2020, the non-binary singer says they're back to showing off their pipes in subway stations ... making a living off the cash and coins folks leave in their donation box.

MAY 2022
Instagram / @samanthadiaz

Just Sam is documenting the full circle moment on social media ... posting clips on Instagram showing themself covering different songs in NYC subway stations.

In a since-deleted caption, Sam says they were embarrassed to be reverting back to subway singing after winning the famous reality singing competition.

According to The Sun, Sam's deleted caption said, "Back in 2021, I was super embarrassed to be going back to the trains. I didn’t want people to know that I legit needed the money. I didn't want people to know that it wasn't optional. I was disappointed in myself for allowing myself to fall so low after winning Idol, but then I had to take it easy on me and remember that I started my journey with Idol at 20 years old."

Sam won "Idol" at the height of the pandemic, during a 2020 season that went remote midseason, and contestants performed while isolated. Sam beat out runner-up Arthur Gunn to win the show's 18th season.

While Sam's voice still sounds great, it's pretty sad to see them singing for straphangers.

Howard Stern Bashes Charles' Coronation Calls King a 'P****'

The Howard Stern Show / SiriusXM

Howard Stern had some terse words for King Charles and his coronation -- going so far as to say he thought the guy was a "p****" and that the whole thing was a waste of money.

The radio talk show host went in on the Brits for putting on such an extravagant show for their new monarch -- who was officially crowned over the weekend in what amounted to a 3-day celebration, capping off with a massive concert with a lot pomp and circumstance.

You figure that's exactly what a coronation calls for, which HS says he understands -- but at his core ... he finds the idea revolting, seeing how they're pouring money down the drain.

Howard also takes some personal potshots at Charles himself ... saying the guy is no war hero, even though he kinda gets treated like one anyway by his royal subjects. His cohost, Robin, was getting in on the dogpile too ... and they called out Queen Camilla as well.


The 'American Idol' moment -- in which both Charles and Camilla made cameos on the show -- was in their crosshairs too ... with Howard saying they looked like complete stiffs on there.

Howard's gripes seem to be steeped in what a lot of people -- particularly Americans -- say about the monarchy ... namely, that it's outdated and completely unnecessary in modern times, both in terms of reverence paid and the money spent to showcase the Royal Family.


He says he gets its tie to tourism and that it drives interest in Britain at large, but the dude's completely unimpressed by the institution  ... and definitely isn't a fan of HRH, Chuck.

Fortunately for him, he doesn't live there ... and it really isn't his issue. Problem solved!

King Charles & Queen Camilla Surprise, We're on 'American Idol'!!!


King Charles had a lot on his plate this weekend leading up to and following his Coronation, so it made it all the more shocking he popped up on "American Idol."

The King and Queen Camilla joined hosts Lionel Richie and Katy Perry Sunday night as they live streamed from Windsor Castle... right after Lionel and Katy's Royal performance..

Katy and Lionel, both judges on the show, kicked things off by recapping the weekend and the concert ... Lionel coyly said, "What a party, it was unbelievable. Now we are trying to figure out what we can do to bring something different to the show. So, I have a surprise."

Charles and Camilla both popped up on stage ... with huge smiles on their faces.


Charles said, "I just wanted to check how long you will be using this room for. I just wanted to check." Lionel's response ... "We have to give up the room up right away."

The appearance comes after Charles and Camilla watched LR and KP perform their hit songs from the royal box during the star-studded Coronation concert, which wrapped up the big weekend.

Of course, the events were centered around Saturday's Coronation ... watched by millions around the world.

Def a weekend for the books.

'American Idol' Winner Phillip Phillips 'Memba Him?!

American singer and songwriter Phillip Phillips was 21 years old when he was crowned the "American Idol" season 11 champ back in 2012. Not only did his winning song "Home" become a top-seller in "American Idol" history, but the track was used to cover the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The singer has performed live on "Good Morning America" and "The Today Show", as well as late-night TV shows, "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno." He's also opened shows for top players in the music game like John Mayer and Matchbox Twenty.

"Just know you're not alone, 'Cause I'm gonna make this place your home."

Guess what he looks like now!

Luke Bryan Good Genes Or Good Docs?!

Luke Bryan's looks over the years will make you wanna "Strip It Down!"

Here's a 31-year-old version of the singing stud showing some side eye at Stagecoach Country Music Festival in Indio, California back in 2008 (left). This was just one year after the release of his debut album "I'll Stay Me."

And, 15 years later the singing stud took a break from his judging duties and recently snapped a selfie on the set of "American Idol" ... showcasing his show-ready looks and pearly whites.

On Friday, Mr. Bryan took the stage at Stagecoach and gave the audience his notorious "Shake It For Me" dance moves, but the question is ...

Luke Bryan ...

Guess Who This Lil' Singing Star Turned Into!

Before this little singer's pipes blew away America (and Simon Cowell), she was just getting all dolled up in her white dress, gearing up for her big solo and growing up in Chicago, Illinois with her sister and brother.

From the American Idol stage to the big screen, this singing machine can also act, and she played the smart and comical assistant to Carrie Bradshaw (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) in "Sex And The City: The Movie."

Need one more hint? She was a "Dreamette" alongside Beyonce and Anika Noni Rose.

Can you guess who she is?

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