NFL's Nigel Bradham Weed Bust Arrest Video ... Shows Cops Seizing Gun From Corvette


TMZ Sports has obtained video of Nigel Bradham's weed bust arrest ... and in the footage, you can clearly see cops seizing a firearm from the NFL player's Corvette.

The stop all went down in Leon County, Fla. on Nov. 13 ... after police say they discovered the tag on his sportscar did not belong to the ride.

During the stop ... officers say they found 3.5 pounds of marijuana as well two guns in the expensive whip.

In the police dashcam footage from the scene, you can see one officer pulled a gun from the glove box right after pulling over the former Philadelphia Eagles linebacker.

Later, after putting 32-year-old Bradham in the back of a squad car, officers can be seen pulling bags of what looks like weed from the vehicle.

At one point during the video, you can hear an officer claiming he found a second gun in the car -- saying into his mic, "He told me there wasn't another one, and there's another one. Frickin' A bud."

Bradham was eventually arrested and hit with two felony weed charges -- as well as one felony gun charge. Cops say one of the firearms removed from the car came back as stolen when they checked the system.

According to records, Bradham -- who played in the NFL from 2012 to 2020 after being drafted by the Buffalo Bills -- pled not guilty to the charges in court last week.

Eagles Star Jason Kelce Slams Ben Simmons ... 'Just Play Better, Man'

Philadelphia Eagles

Eagles star Jason Kelce clearly ain't pleased with the way Ben Simmons is handling business with the Sixers ... telling reporters Thursday he thinks the NBA star should shut up and "play better."

Simmons has been a problem in Philly for the past few months -- wanting out of the city so badly, he actually got thrown out of practice this week and then suspended by the team.

Kelce, though, says he's got the perfect solution for Simmons to fix all the woes -- and it's simply to just be a better basketball player.

"Everybody can bitch and complain about how tough this city is to play in -- just play better, man," the 33-year-old Eagles O-lineman said. "This city will love you."

Kelce added, "If I go out there and play really good, nobody's going to have any choice but to love me or appreciate me as a player."

Seems Simmons really ain't even down to try that route ... 'cause the point guard was spotted at Sixers practice this week loafing around and appearing to go through drills with his phone in his pocket.

And, with the 25-year-old's star teammate, Joel Embiid, saying he "doesn't care about" Simmons anymore ... it all looks like the guy will be jettisoned soon.

For Kelce -- who's Travis Kelce's big bro, by the way -- he clearly thinks that's a shame ... and perhaps even a cowardly way to bow out of Philadelphia.

"It's a travesty any way you put it," Jason said ... "It's a pretty good example of how to not handle the Philly media at the very least."

Eagles' Jalen Reagor Insane 1-Handed Catch In Practice ... Move Over, OBJ!!!


Jalen Reagor did his best Odell Beckham Jr. impression during Eagles practice Tuesday ... hauling in a pass with one hand -- and the grab was absolutely INSANE!!!

The Philadelphia wideout snagged the football over Patriots defender Michael Jackson Sr. ... getting up several feet in the air to haul the football in with his right paw.

Reagor was clearly impressed with the reception ... he posted video of it to his social media page -- and it's now got everyone wondering, did it top Odell's famous 2015 catch?!

Of course, OBJ gets more points 'cause his was actually in a real game ... but still, Reagor's was, after all, worth six points in a joint-practice with the Pats!!

Either way ... the grab is a great sign for Reagor and the Eagles -- 'cause, you'll recall, Philly has been widely panned for picking the former TCU star over guys like Justin Jefferson and Tee Higgins in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft.

Reagor has been a star so far in Eagles camp ... he made a similar eye-popping, one-handed catch just a few days ago.

Regular season games start in September ... something tells us Jalen Hurts is REALLY hoping the catches continue then.

NFL's Jordan Mailata Shows Off Sweet Baby Angel Voice ... At Eagles Team Meeting


Yup, NFL lineman Jordan Mailata can still REALLY sing ... his Eagles squadmates filmed him belting out "Tennessee Whiskey" at a team meeting this month -- and it's downright incredible!!

The 6-foot-8, 346-pound tackle has never been shy about showing off his voice ... and he did it again this week in front of teammates who couldn't have been more impressed.

Check out the video filmed by linebacker Shaun Bradley -- despite not being a rookie anymore, Mailata grabbed the mic at Philly's "Rookies Sing" event and absolutely slayed Chris Stapleton's classic tune.

There were high notes, low notes and runs ... and the Eagles peanut gallery couldn't stop gushing over the guy.

"Dayyummmm!!" Bradley wrote of the karaoke performance. "I felt that mf note in my soul."

Of course, this should come as a surprise to no one ... 'cause Mailata has performed beautifully at Eagles camps in the past.


You'll recall, the dude sang 53 seconds of Mark Lowndes' "Hold" during his rookie year in 2018 ... and, yeah, it's still amazing to listen to.


Giants Vs. Eagles Football Argument Sparks Deadly Shooting ... At Cheesesteak Joint In Philadelphia

A man was shot and killed at a popular cheesesteak joint in Philly on Thursday morning ... and one witness says it all happened 'cause of an argument over the Giants and Eagles.

The general manager of the legendary Pat’s King of Steaks in Philadelphia, Tom Francano, explained the horrifying scene to The Philadelphia Inquirer ... saying a passionate talk in his restaurant line about the NFL turned absolutely terrifying.

"They were arguing and it turned into a fight," Francano said. "One guy grabbed the other guy and got him in a grip, and the other guy pulled out a gun and shot him in the torso."

"It was one shot. The cops came right away."

Police in Philadelphia say it all went down at 12:55 AM ... saying they responded to the scene and found a 23-year-old man with a gunshot wound in his lower back.

Cops say he was rushed to the hospital, but later died due to his injuries. Police added they did arrest the shooting suspect.

"My employees are pretty shaken up," Pat’s owner Frank Olivieri told the Inquirer. "I don't understand what goes through people's minds."

"It's a fricking tragedy when anyone dies senselessly."

Cops say an investigation into the incident is currently underway.

Eagles QB Jalen Hurts Deadlifts 620 Lbs ... With Ease!!!

Well, Jalen Hurts is clearly ready for the 2021 season to begin ...

The Philadelphia Eagles QB was spotted in the gym this month putting on a serious display of strength ... deadlifting 620 pounds!!!

It's unclear exactly where Jalen was throwing around the iron ... but the lift is impressive as hell nonetheless -- considering the 22-year-old tips the scales at just 6'1", 223 lbs.

Check out the clip of the rep ... Hurts is able to get the weight up with a perfect form and not a whole lot of energy spent.

Seriously ... the guy made it look easy!!

Of course, it's a great sign for the Eagles ... because after the team traded Carson Wentz this offseason -- its '21 success is basically riding on whether or not Hurts can officially handle QB1 duties.

You'll recall ... the dude stepped in for Wentz at the end of last year and played pretty well -- finishing the season with 1,061 passing yards, 6 passing TDs and 3 rushing TDs in 4 starts.

Maybe some added bulk this summer can help improve on those numbers?? Philly's fingers are certainly crossed!!

NFL's Dallas Goedert Punch Suspect Gets Slap On Wrist ... For KO'ing Eagles TE

The man who knocked out Eagles TE Dallas Goedert last year is breathing easier today ... he was just sentenced for the punch, but received nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

A South Dakota court official tells TMZ Sports ... Kyle Hadala -- the 30-year-old who rocked Goedert's face at a bar in June 2020 -- pled guilty to misdemeanor simple assault earlier this month and was sentenced that same day.


His punishment, though, was light -- considering he was facing up to 1 year in jail and a potential $2,000 fine.

According to the court official, Hadala was sentenced to 60 days in jail ... but if he keeps his nose clean for the next year, he won't have to spend a single day behind bars.

We're told Hadala also had to pay court costs and fines that totaled $336.50. He was ordered to have no contact with Goedert for 1 year as well.

As we previously reported, Hadala punched Goedert on June 19 at Zoo Bar in Aberdeen, SD ... after he says Dallas threatened one of his friends during a night out drinking.

Sources close to Dallas -- who had to go to the hospital after the punch but was NOT seriously hurt -- tell us the 26-year-old was simply trying to play peacemaker before he was KO'd.

Goedert ended up putting the situation behind him months later during the 2020 season ... playing in 11 games and recording 524 receiving yards and 3 TDs.

Carson Wentz Emotional Goodbye To Eagles Fans ... 'An Amazing Journey'

Carson Wentz just poured his heart out to his old teammates, fans and the Philadelphia Eagles organization ... thanking everyone for their love and support after being traded to the Colts.

Wentz was shipped to Indianapolis in exchange for a couple draft picks earlier this week ... officially ending his 5-year career with the Eagles.

The 28-year-old bid farewell to his first NFL home on Friday in a lengthy message, saying, "As one chapter closes, another one begins."

Wentz first thanked his Eagles teammates -- "I appreciate every one of you and will never forget the relationships and memories made over the years."

"So many lifelong relationships have been formed in that locker room. Thank you for the fellowship, the camaraderie in the locker room, and the daily battles out on the practice field!"

Wentz then showed love to the city of Philly ... adding, "You have been my home for the past five years. It has been everything a kid from Bismarck, North Dakota could have dreamed of."

"My family grew here, had a lot of fun, ate a lot of great food, got to be a part of an incredible church, and so many more memories off the field."

He continued ... "On the field, we brought the Lombardi trophy home to Philly and hopefully brought a lot of joy to the city over the years."

"Thank you to the amazing Eagles fans across the World that have supported my family, our foundation, and our football team through all of the wins and losses. It was an honor to play in a city whose passion and love for their football team is unrivaled."

Lastly, Wentz thanked the team that drafted him #2 overall back in 2016 and making his NFL dream a reality -- "Thank you Mr. Lurie, Howie Roseman & the Eagles front office, Coach Pederson & all of my coaches, our training staff, our equipment staff and all of the support staff at the Nova Care Complex."

"It has been an amazing journey and I wish you all the best."

Wentz says he's stoked for the new journey ahead with the Colts ... and it's easy to believe it -- he's already reached out to his new teammates via text and FaceTime!!

Shannon Sharpe Weighs In On Wentz Trade To Colts ... Both Teams Win!!!

12:29 PM PT -- Shannon Sharpe says the trade was the "best move for both parties involved" ... as the change of scenery was absolutely necessary for Wentz's career.

The co-host of "Undisputed" on FS1 says the next step for Wentz is to get his confidence back ... after the Eagles mentally broke him after getting benched.


We also spoke with Sharpe about Deshaun Watson's future and if the QB should hope to land with his Denver Broncos ... and you're gonna want to hear what Shannon has to say.

Carson Wentz is out in Philadelphia -- reportedly traded from the Eagles to the Indianapolis Colts ... for a pair of draft picks.

The deal is a little complicated but essentially comes down to this ... in exchange for Wentz, the Eagles get a 2021 3rd-round draft pick and a 2022 conditional 2nd-round pick that COULD turn into a 1st rounder.

How, exactly?

If Wentz takes 75% of the snaps at QB for the Colts in 2021 -- or if he takes 70% and the Colts make the playoff -- the 2nd rounder becomes a 1st rounder.

But, that's not really a guarantee -- since Wentz played poorly in 2020 and seems to be injury-prone.

Just to compare ... when the L.A. Rams traded for Matthew Stafford, they gave up Jared Goff PLUS two 1st round picks and a 3rd round pick.

Plus, the backup QBs in Indy aren't exactly scrubs -- Jacoby Brissett (who's now technically a free agent) has flashed real potential and Jacob Eason (the Colts 4th-round pick in 2020) could become a real contender for a starting spot as well.

Remember, at one point Wentz -- the 2nd overall pick in the 2016 Draft -- was an NFL MVP candidate ... and the Eagles liked him so much, they signed him to a 4-year, $128 million contract in 2019.

Now, Jalen Hurts will have a real shot to compete for the starting job in Philly -- though there are rumblings the Eagles are looking to draft a top-flight QB in April.

Originally published -- 8:59 AM PT

Patrick Mahomes Perplexed By Eagles' Apparent Tanking ... 'It Did Kinda Confuse Me'

KCSP 610 Sports Radio

Even the best football player alive can't believe what the Eagles did Sunday night ... with Patrick Mahomes saying he was straight-up perplexed by Philly's apparent tank job against the WFT.

The K.C. Chiefs QB explained his feelings on the matter to KCSP 610 Sports Radio on Monday ... saying when Doug Pederson pulled Jalen Hurts from a winnable game, he just didn't get why.

"You never know what's going on inside the team or the organization," Mahomes said, "but, I mean, just watching how he played the last few weeks, it did kinda confuse me at the time."

Mahomes made it clear he would've wanted Jalen to play the final 4th quarter of the season ... even if it meant it could cost the Eagles a few spots in the 2021 NFL Draft.

"For me, I would have wanted to play and finish out the season, no matter what our record was," Mahomes said. "But, whatever the coach thought was best for the team, he did, and you have to back that as a guy on the team."

For Pederson's part, he's adamantly claimed he was trying to win the game despite the Hurts benching.

There's more ... Mahomes also raved about Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, praising the coach as a "vital" piece of K.C.'s puzzle and promising he'll be a successful head man if he gets the opportunity.

"He's a guy that will hold everybody in the organization accountable, he's going to build the culture the right way and obviously he knows how to call the plays and do that stuff and produce on the field. There's no real negative about it."

Ya' listening, New York Jets???

NY Giants Coach Joe Judge Blasts Eagles for Tanking ... 'We'll Never Do That'

New York Giants

3:59 PM PT -- NY Giants head coach Joe Judge just went scorched-earth on the Eagles -- and Doug Pederson -- saying they straight-up disrespected the game by tanking on Sunday night.

Ya gotta watch the video ... but Judge essentially says this year has been especially taxing on players, coaches and families -- and Pederson should be ashamed of his efforts for not repaying his players by doing everything possible to win the game.

"To me, you don't ever wanna disrespect those players and our effort, disrespect the game. The sacrifices they've made to come into work everyday and test before coming in, to sit in meetings spaced out, to wear masks, to have shields over those masks ... to go through extensive protocols, to travel in unconventional ways, to get text messages at 6:30 in the morning telling 'em practice will be canceled, we have to do a virtual day. To tell them please don't have your family over for Thanksgiving, please avoid Christmas gatherings, we know its your wife's birthday, let's make sure we put that one off to the off-season."

"To disrespect the effort that everyone put forward to make this season a success for the National Football League ... to disrespect the game by going out there and not competing for 60 minutes to doing everything you can to help those players win -- we will never do that as long as I'm the head coach of the New York Giants."

The New York Giants are PISSED the Eagles kept them out of the playoffs with an apparent tank job Sunday night ... with one NYG star straight-up callin' Philly's actions "sickening."

Here's the deal ... after NY beat the Dallas Cowboys Sunday morning, all they needed was a Philadelphia win over the Washington Football Team to lock up a postseason spot.

But, the Eagles didn't appear to take their game with WFT seriously at all ... they rested nearly every one of their star players -- and even benched QB Jalen Hurts before the pivotal 4th quarter even began.

In fact, Philly's actions were so perplexing -- the guys calling the game for NBC, Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth, questioned head coach Doug Pederson on-air!!

"Al, I couldn’t have done it," Collinsworth said on the broadcast. "I couldn’t have done what Philadelphia did."

"I simply just could not have done it. You’ve got men out there that are fighting their guts out trying to win the game. And, I’m not saying -- I’m not blaming anybody. I, personally, could not have done what they did."

Philly ended up losing a very winnable game, 20-14 ... and while the scene was playing out, the Giants were HEATED.

Receiver Darius Slayton said on Twitter, "Why on gods green earth is Jalen Hurts not in the game." He later wrote, "This is sickening."

Star running back Saquon Barkley added, "Can someone make it make sense to me what’s going on....?"

Both Golden Tate and Eli Manning responded to that ... with Manning writing, "This is why we don’t like the Eagles."

For his part, Pederson said he actually was trying to win the game, telling media after the loss, "Yes, I was coaching to win."

Sure, Doug. Sure.

Sorry, New York.

Originally published -- 8:04 AM PT

Eagles' Coach Doug Pederson Jalen Hurts Will Start at QB After All

10:39 AM PT -- Doug Pederson has made up his mind ... announcing Jalen Hurts will start for the Eagles in their Week 15 game against the Arizona Cardinals.

Seems everyone in Philly is ready to anoint Jalen Hurts the next starting QB of the Eagles ... except the one guy who matters.

Eagles head coach Doug Pederson says he still needs to "take a look" at the game film before making a decision -- despite the fact Hurts led the Birds to a 24 to 21 win over the 1st place New Orleans Saints in his very first NFL start.

Hurts was 17 for 30 with 167 yards, a TD and most importantly ZERO interceptions in the victory ... not bad against one of the best defenses in the league!

But, when asked Monday morning if Hurts will be QB1 next week instead of Carson Wentz, Pederson wouldn't commit.

"I'm gonna take a look at yesterday," Pederson told SportsRadio "94WIP" ... "I'm gonna look at a lot of different things before I make that determination this week."

What? Why? Hurts plays great! Carson Wentz has been struggling like crazy. Seems like an obvious move to most people.

Pederson was complimentary when asked about Jalen's performance ... saying "There was some really, really good plays. He played well. He managed the team, he did everything we asked him to do."

"He played smart, he played physical with the run. Some of it was designed run, some of it was just him being him and what he can do. It's gonna be a really good film for him to look at and learn from and get better but I thought he did a really nice job."

So, start him!

Originally Published -- 6:42 AM PT

Asante Samuel Time For Eagles To Bench Wentz ... Go With Hurts!!!


Carson Wentz's time as the starter in Philly should be over -- at least for now -- so says Asante Samuel, who tells TMZ Sports the Eagles should play Jalen Hurts!

"If it was my decision," the former Philly defensive back said, "I think I'd go with the rookie."

Wentz has devolved this year into one of the NFL's worst quarterbacks ... he leads the league in interceptions with 15 and has the Eagles underperforming at just 3-8-1.

But, head coach Doug Pederson has been non-committal about sitting the QB in favor of Hurts (their second-round pick) ... and Samuel tells us he thinks that's a mistake.

The ex-Eagles star says a QB swap could inject some life -- and wins -- into a team that still has a very good shot at winning the NFC East crown.

"It's all about the W," Samuel says. "It's all about winning. It's all about production. If we have to bite a big cap loss, give away a lot of money and we think we got to move forward to make our team better, that's what I think you definitely have to do."

Pederson DID make the switch from Wentz to Hurts late in the Eagles' loss to the Packers on Sunday ... and Hurts seemed to be comfortable under center, throwing for 1 TD and 1 INT and rushing for 29 yards.

It remains unclear if Wentz will get the reins back this Sunday against the New Orleans Saints ... but, if it were up to Samuel, he's making it clear the decision would've already been made.

"That would be my move."

NFL's Dallas Goedert Eagles TE Got In Face Of Bargoer Before Violent KO ... New Video Shows


TMZ Sports has obtained more video from the night Dallas Goedert was knocked out inside a South Dakota bar ... and the new footage shows the NFLer got in a patron's face before the attack.

In the clip, you can see Goedert -- wearing a black shirt and holding a drink -- puts his finger on a man's chest, walks him backward and then gets nose-to-nose with him.

Seconds later, Goedert puts his hand on the man again and appears to push him backward ... and that's when the 25-year-old tight end got violently rocked in the face by another man.

However, our Goedert sources are adamant the TE was simply trying to play peacemaker before he was KO'd.

As we previously reported, the whole scene went down on June 19 at Zoo Bar in Aberdeen, SD ... and Goedert had to go to the hospital due to injuries he suffered in the skirmish.

Fortunately for the Eagles tight end, he was NOT seriously hurt in the altercation.

But, 30-year-old Kyle Hadala was arrested and charged over the punch ... ultimately getting hit with a simple assault charge for throwing the haymaker.

Hadala has pled not guilty to the charge ... and has fought the case heavily in court -- arguing he only threw the punch because he was just trying to defend his friend.

"They picked out my smaller colleague from the group, got in his face, and made very threatening remarks toward his personal well-being," Hadala told TMZ Sports back in July.

"Then one of his crew told my other colleague, and I quote, 'You’re just a fat f**king pussy. I'll beat the s*** out of you.'"

Hadala is due in court Wednesday for a bench trial in the case ... and we're told he's hoping the video from the bar helps him beat the case.

We've reached out to Goedert's reps for comment ... but so far, no word back yet.

Brett Favre Eagles Screwed Up Wentz vs. Foles Decision ... I Woulda Kept Nick!!!

Brett Favre says the Eagles' woes since winning the Super Bowl in 2018 can be explained pretty simply -- they screwed up the Carson Wentz vs. Nick Foles decision.

You'll recall ... back in the '17 season, Wentz had Philly rollin' -- he led the Birds to an 11-2 start -- but he had to sit the bench the rest of the way due to an ACL injury.

Foles went on to lead the team to a title over Tom Brady's Patriots in Wentz' stead ... but the Eagles decided to turn back to Carson when he was healthy the following season nonetheless.

And, when it came time to either pay Foles to keep him around or let him walk after the 2018 season ... Philly chose to punt -- and now, Favre says that was a decision that doomed the franchise.

"I actually thought that they should have kept Nick Foles rather than Carson Wentz just based off of production and where they got to," Favre said on ESPN's "First Take" on Tuesday.

"You know, they won a Super Bowl with Foles. And, that was a little bit surprising."

Foles hasn't done much of anything since he left the Eagles for Jacksonville ... he had an injury-plagued season with the Jags in 2019 and now he's sputtering with the Bears this year.

But, Wentz hasn't been much better ... the Eagles were 9-7 in 2019 and are just 3-4-1 this year -- AND Wentz leads the league in interceptions this season with 12.

Favre says injuries to the QB's weapons have played some role in Wentz's struggles ... but he explained Carson should be just flat-out better regardless.

"How many more years do you let it linger before you stick with him or you cut bait?" Favre said. "That's the question [the Eagles] only can answer."

Eagles Superfan Shows Off Insane Game Day Cave ... Spent My Savings!!!

Maybe Next Year, Wavelength Productions/Virgil Films & Entertainment

How far will one fan go to support his Philadelphia Eagles??

How about spending his LIFE SAVINGS to come up with the most badass at-home game day setup -- complete with a full bar!!

Die-hard fan Barry "The Hatchet" Vagnoni opened the doors to his incredible Eagles shrine in Reading, PA for the upcoming doc, "Maybe Next Year" ... which follows Philly fans during the 2017 Super Bowl run.

73-year-old Vagnoni says in the doc (set to release on Nov. 10) he got his inspiration to come up with the perfect viewing experience after watching the movie, "Field of Dreams" ... essentially saying if he builds an outlandish sanctuary, Eagles fans will come.

So, that's exactly what he did -- convincing his wife to spend their savings to make an addition to their home for friends and fam on game day -- and it's WILD.

The place is decked out from floor to roof in Eagles decor and can seat a BUNCH of people.

"The passion for the Eagles came from my dad -- he loved the Philadelphia Eagles," Barry tells us. "He wasn't over the top like I am. I've grown into a coo-coo."

"On game day, I have the energy of a 16-year-old. I'm running around the room and I'm dancing."

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