Carson Wentz Who Wants My Eagles-Mobile?!? Pimped Out Dodge Challenger For Sale!!!

Did you know ... Philadelphia Eagles QB Carson Wentz has a super-customized green Dodge Challenger, with his jersey number etched into the seats?!

It's true ... but now he's parting with his pimped out whip and it could be yours if you've got $150,000 to spend!

Wentz has decided to sell off his 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Coupe -- which features a SuperCharged 6.2-liter HEMI SRT V8 engine.

If that's too shop-talky for you ... here's what you need to know -- it can do a quarter mile in 9.65 seconds and has a top speed of 199 mph!!!

Unclear when Wentz got the car but it seems he's selling it because his wife's pregnant and they don't feel it's an appropriate family vehicle. Asking price, $149,984.

The good news, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Wentz's AO1 Foundation -- a religious-based charity that helps various groups of people, from special needs children to impoverished communities.

The sale is being run by Barbera on the Boulevard in Northeast Philadelphia. A rep says there's already a ton of interest. So, better move quick!

NFL's Jay Ajayi I'm A Pro Gamer Now!!! ... FIFA 20

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Super Bowl champ Jay Ajayi is taking his talents to video games ... 'cause the NFL running back is becoming a professional FIFA 20 player!!

The 26-year-old Pro Bowler and current free agent is staying competitive in a different sport by officially signing with the Philadelphia Union for the 2020 eMLS Cup campaign.

Ajayi addressed the move in a statement, saying, "Philadelphia will always hold a special place in my heart. I am blessed to be able to represent the city through e-sports and to be one of the first pro athletes to become a professional gamer."

"Representing the Philadelphia Union for eMLS combines two of my greatest passions outside of football, soccer and gaming. I’m a competitor, so you’re going to see me give my all for the Union at every eMLS event this year."

Tons of traditional mainstream athletes are becoming serious gamers -- with NBA stars like Gordon Hayward, Karl-Anthony Towns and De'Aaron Fox showing off REAL skills on the sticks.

And, with legends like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Shaquille O'Neal, Alex Rodriguez and other guys INVESTING in Esports, you might see other pro stars making the jump, too!

As for Ajayi, he's not giving up his NFL career just yet -- he briefly played with the Philadelphia Eagles at the beginning of the 2019 season before getting cut.

Of course, he spent several seasons in the NFL before that -- playing with the Dolphins from 2015 to 2017 and later winning the Super Bowl with the Eagles in 2018.

Carson Wentz Cleans Out Locker After Eagles Loss ... Looks Okay After Concussion

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Carson Wentz arrived at the Eagles facility in Philadelphia on Monday to clear out his locker -- and while the situation was sad for the players, the good news is the QB appeared okay.

Of course, Wentz was knocked out of Sunday's wild-card round playoff game in the 1st quarter after suffering a concussion from a controversial hit from Seattle Seahawks star Jadeveon Clowney.

In the minutes after the game, Wentz reportedly went around the locker room apologizing to his teammates for letting them down -- though most of the players agreed there was nothing to apologize for!

Now that the season is over for Philly, the players returned to the team facility on Monday for the annual cleaning of the locker room.

In footage shot by 6ABC's Jamie Apody, you can see Wentz interacting with his teammates -- including Zach Ertz -- before leaving.

Ertz told Apody they feel for Wentz -- explaining that head injuries are scary and not something to mess around with.

27-year-old Wentz signed a 4-year, $128 million contract extension with the Eagles over the summer that will lock him through 2024 ... so he'll be back under center next year for sure.

Ron Jaworski Antonio Brown To Eagles ... 'Could Have Been Disastrous'


Ron Jaworski is praising the Eagles for NOT signing Antonio Brown when they were down in the dumps this year ... telling TMZ Sports that move could have been a train wreck.

"Short term, it might have been a good move," Jaws says. "But, I think long-term, it could've have been disastrous."

Jaws says he certainly considered the idea of his ex-team adding the troubled superstar ... especially when Philly was 5-7 and its wideouts were dropping like flies due to injuries.

But, Jaworski tells us once he really broke it down ... he realized the move could have SERIOUSLY damaged the Eagles' locker room.

"Antonio Brown is a fantastic football player, but he's also an incredible distraction," Ron says.

"And, when you build your team on guys of high character and team focus, it's hard to bring an outsider in, despite all that talent, and think he's going to integrate into your culture in a short period of time."

It appears Jaws -- and the Eagles' brass, for that matter -- made the right call, 'cause the team ended up winning the NFC East without Brown ... and has a real shot to beat the Seattle Seahawks in their Wild Card game Sunday.

As for that matchup, Jaworski tells us he's confident Carson Wentz can replicate what Nick Foles has previously done for the team in the playoffs -- saying CW is more physically gifted than the Super Bowl LII MVP.

In fact, Jaws says he's so confident Wentz can get it done ... he's picking the Eagles to upset the 'Hawks, 23-20!

NFL's Brandon Brooks Anxiety Forced Me Out Of Game ... Vomiting Wouldn't Stop

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"The nausea and vomiting came back until I left the field, and I tried everything I could to get back for my teammates but just wasn't able to do it."

That's Philadelphia Eagles star Brandon Brooks talking about how an anxiety attack forced him out of a key game against the Seahawks on Sunday ... and the offensive lineman says the whole situation sucked.

"I woke up, and did my typical routine of morning vomiting," Brooks said. "It didn't go away like it normally does."

30-year-old Brooks -- who has openly battled anxiety issues for years -- says he was able to get the nausea to calm down once he got to the stadium ... but when the game started, he couldn't control it.

Brooks was forced to leave in the 1st quarter ... and he did not return. The Eagles lost 17-9.

It was the first time the 6-foot-5, 346-pound guard has been forced out of a game because anxiety issues since 2016 -- when he missed two contests as a member of the Houston Texans.

"Listen, this is a real-life issue," Eagles coach Doug Pederson said on 94WIP on Monday. "This is not a football issue with Brandon. This is a real-life issue that he has come out and publicly acknowledged and kind of shared his story a few years back."

Pederson added, "It's something that he's dealing with each and every day of his life. You never really know what triggers it. We’re here to support him, we love him."

Brooks -- who's made back-to-back Pro Bowls and is arguably the best guard in the league -- said he suffered a "setback" ... but made it clear he's not ashamed of his battle with anxiety.

"I've had this under control for a couple of years, and had a setback yesterday," Brooks said. "The only thing I'm upset about is that when my team needed me, I wasn't able to be out there with and for them."

It's unclear if the Eagles expect the star OL to make it back for their game against the Dolphins on Sunday.

Brooks has started every game for Philadelphia since he joined the team in 2017 ... and just recently signed a monster four-year, $54.2 MILLION contract extension.

Malcolm Jenkins Fires Back At Scandrick After Criticism ... 'Motherf**ker'

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Malcolm Jenkins is clapping back at Orlando Scandrick ... callin' BS on his former teammate's criticism of him -- saying straight-up Scandrick is a "motherf**ker!"

If you missed it, Scandrick was picked up by the Eagles a few weeks ago ... but his tenure crashed and burned this week when Philly cut him after its epic loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

OS went on FS1's "Undisputed" on Friday to explain what went wrong ... and one of Scandrick's biggest gripes with the Eagles was with Jenkins -- a team captain.

Scandrick said Jenkins was a selfish player who had ZERO accountability for when he screwed up big plays ... and ripped him apart on the show with Skip Bayless.

"I think when you wear a 'C' on your jersey, it's your job to bring guys along," Scandrick said of Jenkins. "It's your job."

Scandrick also blasted the team's locker room and called out several other players ... and when media got around to asking Jenkins about the comments -- he was PISSED!!!!

"Look, I really give two s**ts about people that ain't here," Jenkins said.

Malcolm went on to insist he's actually a GREAT teammate ... and added he's glad Scandrick got cut because, "For us to move on as a team, we can't have motherf**kers like that in the room."


So, who won this battle? Well, neither. Scandrick's still teamless and Jenkins' Eagles still suck ... but, hey, at least they can chirp with the best of them!!!

NFL's Fletcher Cox Grabbed Shotgun To Fend Off Bat-Wielding Home Intruder

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Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher Cox grabbed a shotgun to to scare off a man trying to enter his home last week ... and it seems the suspect was pissed about a woman.

According to court documents obtained by Action News in Philly, a man identified as Corbyn Nyemah arrived to Cox's home -- baseball bat in hand -- looking for his ex-girlfriend, who he believed was inside.

Nyemah allegedly used the bat to attack the woman's car -- and also threw rocks at Cox's front door. Cox says the man tried to force his way into the home multiple times, so he grabbed his shotgun and called police.

Nyemah fled the scene in a Porsche SUV and led cops on a wild chase through town -- but once officials were able to identify the suspect, they stopped pursuit to avoid a dangerous situation. Nyemah was arrested at a later date by U.S. Marshals and is now facing criminal charges.

Action News tracked down Nyemah at his home -- and reportedly fessed up to most of the allegations against him.

He's due in court later this month.

Nyemah's ex-girlfriend has since obtained a restraining order against the suspect.

It's not the first time Cox has been caught up in a love triangle -- he was previously sued by a man who claims Cox hooked up with his wife while they were still together.

The man went after Cox for alienation of affection, claiming the NFL star is essentially a homewrecker.

Cox denied any wrongdoing claiming the he didn't force the woman to cheat on her husband -- and their relationship was mutual.

Ex-Eagles Star Hollis Thomas Fired from Philly Radio Gig Suggests Racial Discrimination

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Ex-Philadelphia Eagles star Hollis Thomas says his firing from his gig on a Philly sports radio station may have been racially motivated ... and a lawsuit is at least crossing his mind.

The 45-year-old former defensive tackle (who spent 10 seasons with the Eagles) made regular appearances on 94.1WIP -- until recently. Many wondered what happened -- and on Tuesday he went on Josh Innes' podcast to explain.

Long story short ... Hollis says he caught flack from WIP for appearing on Green Legion Radio, which WIP considers to be a competitor.

Thomas also says the station was upset because he didn't make a scheduled promotional appearance for the station ... but Hollis says the station didn't give him the details about the appearance until he was already booked to do something else.

Thomas says he was a part-time employee and felt he was allowed to take side gigs for extra money.

"Don't act like you all-in on Hollis Thomas. Because if you're not all-in with me, I'm not all-in with you."

Thomas also suggested a racial component to his firing.

"I could sue for discrimination because I am the only black guy up there .. and it looks real bad when you single out the one black guy who's just trying to make a little bit of cheese."

Innes, who is white, told Thomas not to sue because it would be a bad look for him. Thomas didn't completely dismiss the idea.

We reached out to WIP for comment. So far, no word back.

Nelson Agholor No Hard Feelings To Baby-Saving Hero ... Come To A Game, Bro!!!

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Think Nelson Agholor has bitterness toward a Philadelphia hero who clowned him after saving babies from a fire???

HELL NO ... the Eagles wide receiver is straight-up impressed -- and wants the dude to get VIP treatment at a Philly game soon!!!

Here's the deal if ya missed it ... Hakim Laws heroically helped kids flee from a burning building over the weekend, and afterward, he shaded the hell out of Agholor.

"I see a guy hanging out the window screaming that his kids were in there,” Laws told CBS 3 in Philly.

"My man just started throwing babies out ... and we was catching them, unlike Agholor and all his mishaps."

Of course, Nelson's had the dropsies for the Eagles in the past two weeks ... he blew the chance at a game-winning TD pass vs. the Falcons in Week 2 and had a few more mistakes in a loss to the Lions on Sunday.

But, Agholor took Laws' shade in stride ... and asked Twitter to help him find the guy, saying, "Thank you for being a hero in the community, would like to invite you and your family to the next home game."


Unclear if Agholor has found Laws yet ... but really cool gesture from the 26-year-old receiver!!

Philly Man Saves Babies In Fire 'We Was Catching Them, Unlike [Nelson] Agholor'

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A Philadelphia man heroically saved a bunch of children from a burning building on Sunday ... and used his 15 minutes of fame to hilariously roast the hell outta Eagles receiver Nelson Agholor.

The man -- Hakim Laws -- says he was walking down the street in West Philly around 2 AM when he noticed flames coming out of a 2nd story apartment building window ... and sprang into action.

“I see a guy hanging out the window screaming that his kids were in there,” Laws told CBS 3 in Philly.

But, what the dude said after that has to be considered an all-time best local sports news quote ... with Laws taking a huge shot at the Philly WR when explaining his heroic actions.

“My man just started throwing babies out ... and we was catching them, unlike Agholor and all his mishaps.”


Of course, the man is referring to Agholor dropping a Week 2 TD as well as dropping a major 3rd-down pass and coughing up a fumble in Sunday's loss to the Lions (he did catch 2 TDs, though) ... and the dude ain't over it even after saving lives.

Maybe the Eagles should give this guy a shot ... we know he's got hands!

Warren Moon Donovan McNabb Is A Hall Of Famer ... No Need To Campaign!


Warren Moon has a message for Donovan McNabb ... you WILL be a Hall of Famer -- so stop campaigning for it!!!

D-Mac stirred up the football world just a few months ago when he told the guys on the "TMZ Sports" TV show (airing weeknights on FS1) that he belongs in Canton.


Moon saw the interview ... and wishes McNabb had been a little more neutral on his stance -- saying there's ZERO need for D-Mac to plead his case.

"I think he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame," Moon told the guys. "If you look at his numbers and what he did over the course of his career -- he went to four NFC championship games, he went to a Super Bowl."

But, Warren added, "I just think when you start campaigning for this, it's not a good look."

McNabb was just named one of 122 finalists for the 2020 Hall of Fame ... and he immediately took to Twitter saying, "Let's make sure we go out and vote. 'Fly Eagles Fly.'"

Moon thinks that's just unnecessary, saying, "I wish he would have never made any comments about it."

By the way, we also asked Moon how he'd fare in today's NFL ... and you gotta hear why the former Oiler thinks he'd put up some OBSCENE numbers as a passer in 2019!!!

Martin Gramatica Carli Lloyd Could Make NFL Roster ... I'll Train Her!!!


Be afraid, NFL kickers ... Martin Gramatica says after USWNT star Carli Lloyd hit a 55-yarder at Eagles' practice Tuesday -- she can legitimately take someone's job and make a team's roster!!!

Oh, and the legendary kicker says he's willing to help her do it!!!

After Lloyd showed off her insane leg at Philly's workout this week ... we had to give Gramatica a call to get his thoughts on her giant boot -- and, no surprise, the guy was impressed.


In fact, 43-year-old Martin tells us, "If she put her mind to it and started training, I could see her going all the way."

Gramatica says he's seen Lloyd kick footballs before and was impressed with her ability back then ... but he had no idea she had a 55-yard range.

"55, that's impressive," Martin says ... "I think a lot of the NFL guys better be ready. Better watch their jobs. I know there's some openings, so be careful out there!"

Gramatica says he does see some flaws in her form that he's willing to help fix ... and he knows she'll have to adjust to learning how to kick with pads on.

But, Martin tells us if she truly devotes herself to the craft ... he could see her on a real NFL field someday.

"I'm glad I'm not an active kicker," Gramatica says. "I'd be worried right now."

Carli Lloyd Hits 55-yard FG At Eagles Practice ... 'Unreal Stuff!!!'


Carli Lloyd stays winning on the soccer pitch AND the football field ... the USWNT star buried a 55-yard field goal at Eagles' practice -- and Philly's kicker himself was impressed!!!

Lloyd was at Eagles' practice Tuesday to cheer on her favorite football team (she's from New Jersey) and she decided to take a few kicks with Eagles stud kicker Jake Elliott after the workout.

Turns out, Carli's soccer skills translate to the gridiron ... 'cause she was nailing field goals all over the place -- including one from 55 yards out!!!

Oh, AND it was on a goalpost WAAAAYYYY smaller than regulation size!!!

"Unreal stuff!" Elliott said after the kicks ... "@CarliLloyd is very much #ForTheBrand."

Carli seemed to enjoy the day as well, writing of the practice, "Thank you to the @Eagles for having me out! Thanks to @JustinTuck @jake_elliott22 @MayorRandyBrown for the good time and tips!"

Elliott's job with the Eagles seems safe for now -- dude's made 52 of his 62 kicks the last two years -- but if he messes up, we think we know who Doug Pederson's calling first!!!

NFL's Zach Ertz Proud of Wife's 13-0 Soccer Win ... Keep Smashin' Em!

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"It would be a crime for them to take the foot off the gas!"

That's Eagles superstar Zach Ertz -- whose wife, Julie, is a stud on the US Women's National Team -- going scorched earth on soccer critics who say Americans ran up the score on Thailand!!

If ya missed it ... Alex Morgan and the U.S. ladies went OFF on the Thai team earlier this week in their World Cup opener -- piling on 13 goals in a shutout win.

The slaughter was met with backlash from fans all over the globe ... saying the USWNT shouldn't have run up the score so badly on such an inferior squad.

Enter Ertz ... who said to a group of reporters at his locker Wednesday that his wife and her teammates did absolutely nothing wrong -- and, in fact, should have kept scoring more!!!

"The first tie-breaker in the World Cup in the group stage is goal differential. So, it would be a crime for them to take the foot off the gas and then finish second in the group because they took the foot off the gas."

As for all the celebrating after the goals -- even when it was clear the U.S. team had won?? Ertz says he was fine with that too, saying it builds great team chemistry!!

For their part, the women have defended their actions ... with Morgan saying to ESPN on Wednesday, "I think it's disrespectful if we don't show up and give our best and play our game for 90 minutes."

"It's disrespectful to the Thai team. And, I believe they wanted us to play them straight-up."

NFL's Jabar Gaffney Cuts Deal ... In Lito Sheppard's Car Vandalism Case


Former NFL WR Jabar Gaffney just cut a deal with prosecutors after his ex-teammate, Lito Sheppard, accused him of wrecking his car ... and he'll avoid jail time if he keeps his nose clean for the next few months.

For the record, Jabar still DENIES the allegations ... saying prosecutors had the wrong guy all along.

Here's the backstory -- Lito says last year, on June 17 ... his 2013 BMW suddenly stopped working in the middle of the road when he was on his way home from a restaurant in Jacksonville.

Sheppard says when he viewed surveillance footage of his car in the restaurant's parking lot ... he claims he saw Gaffney and Gaffney's GF pouring sugar into his gas tank and slashing his tires.

Cops arrested Jabar a few weeks later ... charging him with felony criminal mischief -- and he was facing up to 5 YEARS behind bars for the offense.

But, Gaffney -- who was teammates with Lito in Philadelphia in 2006 -- just cut a deal with prosecutors last month ... agreeing to enter into a pretrial intervention program -- this according to court records and a rep for the state attorney's office.

Gaffney's attorney, Seth Schwartz, tells TMZ Sports the ex-WR will have to pay around $840 in restitution to Sheppard as part of the deal ... but if he keeps his nose clean for the next 6 months -- the charge will be dropped.

As for Jabar, he adamantly denies he was the man seen on video destroying Lito's car ... saying the guy looks nothing like him.

In fact, Jabar's attorney says in surveillance photos prosecutors relied on to build their case ... there don't appear to be tattoos on the alleged suspect's left neck ... but Jabar is covered in ink.

So, why did Jabar take the deal? Schwartz tells us it would have cost Gaffney thousands of dollars to take the case to trial and fight the charge.

"The cost of trying the case was extreme," Schwartz says ... "But this was a not guilty all day."

Jabar played 11 years in the NFL ... piling up 5,690 receiving yards and 447 career catches. He retired after the 2012 season.

Terrell Owens Donovan McNabb In The Hall of Fame??? ... 'Who?'

SORRY ... WHO???

Think Terrell Owens is ready to bury the hatchet with Donovan McNabb and endorse the QB's candidacy for the pro football Hall of Fame???

Think again ... 'cause when we got TO out at LAX this week and asked about D-Mac's claim that he's a for-sure HOFer -- Owens responded with just one word ...




Of course, Owens and McNabb have hated each other since they were teammates with the Eagles ... with TO recently saying it all started when Donovan didn't throw him the ball during a game.

TO told Skip Bayless on FS1's "Undisputed" last year, "I go back to the huddle and I was like, ‘Dude, I was open.’ And you know what his response was to me? ‘Shut the F up.’"

"That was disrespectful."

Clearly, Owens can hold a grudge ... 'cause it's been some 14 years since they last played together in Philadelphia -- and dude is still throwin' shade at the QB!!!!!