Ricky Watters, Ex-Philly Star I Give Eagles QB Advantage Over Hobbled Mahomes But Patrick's Still Amazing


Philly legend, Ricky Watters believes the Eagles have the quarterback edge over an ailing Patrick Mahomes, who's nursing a high ankle sprain. But, it's razor close and the former NFL MVP is still incredibly dangerous!

"I think you can say that [Eagles have QB advantage], but Mahomes, he been playing, even with his ankle sprain, he's still great!" Watters told Babcock on the "TMZ Sports" TV show (airs weeknights on FS1).

"That's what's so crazy about him. He's such a great quarterback and I think he will feel better because he will have some time to heal up and I'm sure they're gonna be working that ankle over and over all the way up to game time."

Of course, the 27-year-old Super Bowl champ was injured during the Divisional round game against the Jaguars ... still managing to throw for 326 yards and 2 touchdowns against the Bengals. Mahomes also ran critical yards in the waning moments of the game, setting up the game-winning field goal.

Speaking of the injury, Ricky says he's beyond impressed with Mahomes' toughness ... but at the end of the day, the 5x Pro Bowler played with the Eagles, so there's no question about who he's rooting for come Super Sunday.

"That's the worst ankle sprain you can have is a high ankle sprain so for [Mahomes] to do what he's doing, he's a warrior and I love him as well. I really do, so it's really hard to go against him because I love him so much, I love watching him play but you know, I gotta go with my Eagles. You know I gotta see the Eagles fly, baby."

As for Jalen Hurts, Watters is blown away by how well he's played this season.

"[Jalen] does not look like a 24-year-old, that's for sure. He looks like a well-seasoned veteran," Ricky told us ... before explaining why Hurts is so damn hard to contain.

Watters won a Super Bowl in 1995 ... so he knows what it takes to win the big game. We asked him what advice he'd give to the Philly players.


"Look, you deserve to be here. Look at how you played all year. Your team believes in you. The whole city believes in you."

Empire State Building Lights NYC Mayor Laments Eagles Colors ... 'That Got Away From Us'


The mayor of New York City is admitting it probably wasn't the best idea to light up the Empire State Building in Eagles colors on Sunday -- saying Monday, "That got away from us."

The building rocked green and white at its top following Philadelphia's NFC Championship win over the San Francisco 49ers ... and it was immediately met with a ton of backlash, considering the Eagles are one of the New York Giants' biggest rivals.

To make matters worse for bitter backers of the G-Men, officials wrote on the building's social media page, "Fly @Eagles Fly!"

When Mayor Eric Adams was asked about it all during an appearance on "CNN This Morning" ... he made it clear he was not exactly thrilled that it happened.

"Unfortunately," he said, "someone did not get the memo at the Empire State Building."

Adams said the building -- which shifted its lights to Chiefs colors after K.C.'s AFC Championship win over the Bengals -- should have featured Giants shades following the games.

"That blue should have been there," he said.

No word yet on who exactly was responsible for it all -- but check out the Empire State Building's reaction to Barstool Sports' Dave Portnoy's criticism ... an apology doesn't seem to be coming at all.

Meek Mill Disses Niner Fans With Freestyle ... 'F*** Ya Clique!!!'

Instagram / @meekmills

Meek Mill celebrated the Eagles' big win with a freestyle rap on Sunday ... taking shots at 49ers fans by dropping bars on one of the most iconic diss tracks of all time.

The Philly rapper posted his video to Instagram right after Philly whooped San Francisco 31-7 in the NFC Championship game ... punching their ticket to Super Bowl LVII.

Meek used the beat from Tupac's "Hit 'Em Up" to send his message to the Niners ... which, of course, was a diss track to Notorious B.I.G. -- and to this day, remains one of the top verbal attacks in the rap game.

"This for all my 49ers fans right here ... First off, f*** ya clique and the team you claim," Meek starts off.

"Northside, Southside this an Eagles game. Y'all claim to keep it playa, but we packed ya bag -- plus the other quarterback, y'all couldn't even pass it back."

Of course, Meek is referring to S.F. rookie quarterback Brock Purdy, who injured his elbow in the first half. To make matters worse, his backup, Josh Johnson, left the game in the 3rd quarter with a concussion.

BTW, Meek was watching the game in the Lincoln Financial Stadium suite with an A-list crowd -- Kevin Hart, Lil Baby, James Harden, Joel Embiid, Michael Rubin, and former Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson.

E-40, Too Short, and all the other Bay Area rappers aren't gonna be happy with Meek's impromptu track ... we're waiting for your response!!

Philadelphia Eagles Fans Party In Streets After Win ... Crash Through Bus Stop


9:12 AM PT -- The Philadelphia Police Dept. tells TMZ Sports ... five arrests were made during the title game celebration ... saying, one was for violation of the firearms act, two were for assault on police, and two others were for vandalism on city property.

Greased light poles be damned, Eagles fans hit the streets of Philadelphia in the minutes after the Birds won the NFC Championship -- and, at one point, they went so hard, they crashed through a local bus stop!

The hectic scene all went down after Philly handily beat the San Francisco 49ers ... when droves of Eagles supporters took to Broad Street near City Hall to celebrate the big victory.

Fans packed into the roadway like sardines -- and, eventually, they climbed onto a bus stop to catch a better view of the party.

Unfortunately for them, the stop couldn't hold the weight of everyone, and it gave way -- sending Philly supporters crashing to the ground.

It's unclear if anyone was injured -- or if any arrests were made -- we've reached out to authorities for comment, but so far, no word back yet.

In other parts of the city, fans were seen climbing light poles ... despite cops' best efforts to deter the popular celebration.

You can see in one fan's footage of the calamity, six people climbed to the top of one light pole -- just days after police said they'd be greasing the poles in an effort to stop people from going up them.


Of course, Philly fans had every reason to go crazy Sunday night ... they smashed the 49ers 31-7 -- and are now headed to their second Super Bowl in the last five years.

Originally Published: 06:08 AM PT

Travis Kelce Rips Bengals After Chiefs Win ... 'Burrowhead My Ass!!!'

Courtesy of NFL

6:10 AM PT -- 1/30 -- Mayor Aftab Pureval heard Travis Kelce's response loud and clear ... admitting, "Yeah. Deserved that."


"Congrats to KC on a well-fought win, and good luck in Arizona," the mayor said in a tweet. "Proud of our fans and our @bengals for the energy all year. Who Dey!"

Travis Kelce had strong words for the Cincinnati Bengals AND their mayor after the Kansas City Chiefs secured a spot in the Super Bowl ... shutting down all "Burrowhead" talk following the AFC Championship game.

Patrick Mahomes and Co. snuck away with a nail-biting 23-20 victory on Sunday ... and the team made sure to send a message to Bengals defensive back Mike Hilton for previous comments he made about Joe Burrow "owning" Arrowhead Stadium.

Kelce interrupted Mahomes' postgame interview to respond to the bulletin board material ... shouting, "Burrowhead my ass!!" into the cameras.

"It's Mahomes' house!!"

Mahomes followed up by adding, "We showed this place, it's Arrowhead, it's not Burrowhead out here."

But, Kelce didn't stop there -- he also clapped back at Mayor Aftab Pureval for joining in on the smack talk with a social media post on Friday ... in which he asked Burrow to take a paternity test to find out if he was Mahomes' dad.


Kelce channeled The Rock to trash the disrespect ... saying, "Know your role and shut your mouth, you jabroni!!"

The Chiefs will now face off against the Eagles in Super Bowl LVII on Feb. 12 ... and don't expect Philly players to be running their mouths -- or Kelce will have something to say.

Originally Published -- 1/29 7:53 PM PT

Philadelphia Eagles Fly for First Lady Jill Biden ... Going to the Super Bowl!!!

The Philadelphia Eagles' wings were working just fine Sunday afternoon -- they won the NFC Championship and are on their way to the Super Bowl ... which Dr. Jill Biden loves to see.

The First Lady was in attendance for the big game at Lincoln Financial Field, where the Eagles faced off against the San Francisco 49ers ... and completely blew them out in a very lop-sided matchup. It wasn't even close in the end -- the final score was 31-7 ... yikes.

The thrashing Philly put on for the home crowd was watched by thousands in the stands, including a handful of celebs who rolled through -- Bradley Cooper was one of the famous faces who was flapping, but DJB was by far the most prominent person in attendance.

In fact, she had one of the best seats in the house ... sitting next to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, no less, and chatting him up during the broadcast. No sign of Joe anywhere -- looks like FLOTUS was on her own for this one ... even though they're both PA peeps.

And yes, Jill's a big Eagles fan ... and made that known before she even got to the stadium. There are shots of her exiting Marine One earlier Sunday in Delaware, where she was rocking an Eagles shirt under her coat. She's from NJ originally, but grew up in Willow Grove.

Welp, the City of Brotherly Love didn't disappoint the most powerful woman in the country ... and, of course, the team is stoked to get their ticket to SB LVII -- set to go down Feb. 12.


The only question is ... who are they gonna go up against? Joe Burrow or Pat Mahomes??The AFC Championship is about to get underway, so we'll know here soon enough.

Ex-Eagles TE Trey Burton Jalen Hurts Is Great ... But Jason Kelce Is Philly's MVP!!!


No, the Eagles' MVP ain't their star quarterback ... it's actually their best offensive lineman -- so says ex-Philadelphia tight end Trey Burton, who tells TMZ Sports Jason Kelce is more deserving of the honor than Jalen Hurts.

Don't get it twisted ... Burton wasn't shading Jalen at all -- he called the guy "spectacular" this year -- he just thinks that highly of Philly's center.

"I've played on a couple teams," said the 31-year-old, who was a teammate of Kelce's for years in Philadelphia. "There hasn't been one guy that is comparable to Jason Kelce."

Burton said the 35-year-old future Hall of Famer does it all for the offense in Philly -- explaining to us Kelce calls out protection schemes in both the running game and the passing game.

"When you go to your battle you hope you have him standing next to you," Burton said. "And, you can look at him and everything's going to be all right. Just this calming presence that he has."

Hurts likely wouldn't disagree -- Kelce has been a big reason he's had a breakout year ... helping give the QB enough time to throw 22 touchdowns while rushing for 13 more.

Of course, Hurts -- not Kelce -- is up for the league's real MVP award this year ... alongside Joe Burrow, Patrick Mahomes, Justin Jefferson and Josh Allen.

Voting for the honor has already closed -- but if Sunday's game against the 49ers did factor in, Burton believes it'd only help the signal-caller's cause ... telling us he thinks there's a chance Jalen and the Birds blow out S.F. in the NFC Championship Game.

Eagles' Miles Sanders Rocks Damar Hamlin Tribute Cleats At Practice ... Bills Safety Approves!!!

Instagram / @boobiemilesxxiv

The Bills might be now outta the playoffs -- but the Damar Hamlin tributes are still pouring in ... this time, Eagles running back Miles Sanders rocked some spikes to honor the injured safety, and he loved 'em!!

The 25-year-old tailback showed off the feet heat on his Instagram page Thursday ... and the pair of tribute shoes are awesome.

One cleat features a portrait of Hamlin surrounded by a heart. The other has his No. 3 jersey number. There's also an ode to the famous "Did we win?" line he uttered to doctors in the days after he suffered his on-field medical emergency during the Jan. 2 Bengals-Bills game.

Both cleats have "Love For Damar" written on them as well -- with Hamlin's foundation, "Chasing M's," on the back.

Hamlin clearly loved the shout-out and the design, re-sharing Sanders' vid on his social media page while writing, "unreal."

Several NFL players have shown the 24-year-old love since he suffered the cardiac arrest ... including Tom Brady, who donated $10,000 to Hamlin's toy drive foundation that's currently at $9 million and counting.

A mural was also made by a local artist in Buffalo, and celeb jeweler Gabriel Jacobs gifted 80 gold #3 pendants to the Bills team.

Unclear if Sanders will get to wear the Damar spikes on Sunday when the Eagles face the San Francisco 49ers ... but Philly will now certainly have some fans pulling for them in Buffalo regardless.

LeSean McCoy 'Dak Is Ass' He's Playing Like 'Trash!!!'

LeSean McCoy just shaded the hell outta Dak Prescott ... calling the Dallas Cowboys quarterback "ass" and claiming he's playing like "trash" after a loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The ex-Philadelphia Eagles star unloaded on Dak during his appearance on FS1's "Speak" this week ... bluntly saying #4 is not living up to expectations as the leader of America's Team, and certainly not playing like a man deserving of a 4-year, $160 million contract.

"Dak is ass," McCoy said. "Can I say that on TV? 'Cause he is ass ass."

LeSean's gripe comes on the heels of Dak's pick-six that handed the Jags the win in overtime on Sunday ... even though the interception was more due to receiver Noah Brown failing to secure the pass.

But, McCoy says the first pick Dak threw earlier in the Week 15 matchup was "terrible" ... and he criticized the vet for failing to secure the ball in crunch time and blowing a 17-point lead.

McCoy says Dak's decision-making has been an issue all season ... and blames it for Dallas' loss to the Green Bay Packers last month as well.

"The picks he's throwing, he's not even trying to fit the ball through the needles or smaller windows," McCoy said. "These are like, easy passes. They run the ball well. What else can you do? I'm paying you $160 million, that's how you play?"

"If you tell me that's outstanding, I don't know what to say. I'm lost for words.

Dak has thrown 11 INTs in 2022 in just nine starts ... two picks away from his career high, which he set in 16 games back in 2017. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said after the Jags loss he would love for his team to stop turning the ball over, so it's not like McCoy is just biased against the Cowboys for being a Philly guy.

Roquan Smith Cries, Cuts Press Conference Short After Robert Quinn Trade

Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears linebacker Roquan Smith showed raw emotion over his friend, Robert Quinn, getting traded to the Philadelphia Eagles ... breaking down in tears and ending his press conference after hearing the news.

32-year-old Quinn -- who had 18.5 sacks in 2021 -- was shipped to Philly in exchange for a fourth-round pick on Wednesday ... and Smith was in the middle of his media availability when he got wind of the deal.

"It sucks," 25-year-old Smith said as he tried to compose himself. "I'm gonna take a second for a second, if you don't mind."

"I have a great deal of respect for that guy, you know ... damn. Crazy."

Smith waited several more moments before deciding to get up and leave the room.

Quinn now joins an undefeated Eagles team that's sitting pretty at the top of the NFC East ... which is a much better situation than the 3-4 Bears.

Smith and his Chicago teammates will now try to improve their record without their star defensive end.

As they say -- that's the nature of the business, folks.

Eagles' Darius Slay Gives INT Ball To Meek Mill ... On 'SNF'

Darius Slay Jr. sent Meek Mill home from "Sunday Night Football" with a gift ... the Philly rapper got the Eagles stars interception ball as a souvenir.

The Eagles had been leading the Cowboys, 17-0, on "SNF" ... when Slay intercepted a Cooper Rush pass intended for wide receiver Michael Gallup.

After a short return, Slay, with his teammates nearby, approached Meek and gave the INT ball to the "Dreams and Nightmares" rapper after dapping him up.

Meek -- who had performed his iconic "Dreams and Nightmares" song before the game -- had good reason to celebrate throughout the night ... Philly was dominating the Cowboys.

In his third year with the team, Slay is having a monster season in the Eagles' secondary ... and has made it a tradition to hand over INT footballs to A-list celebs at home games.

Earlier this season on "Monday Night Football," 31-year-old Slay gifted 76ers star James Harden his INT ball after picking off a pass from Vikings QB Kirk Cousins.

Speaking of Harden, his Sixers teammate Joel Embiid -- who hit up the Phillies' closeout game against the Braves on Saturday -- got some facetime with Jill Biden at the game.

The First Lady led the "Fly Eagles Fly" song pregame ... standing alongside cancer survivors right before the Eagles and Cowboys battled it out for NFL East supremacy.

In the end, the Eagles defeated the Cowboys 26-17, improving to 6-0 on the season ... and they did it in star-studded fashion.

Eagles' Darius Slay Gifts INT Ball To James Harden ... Signs It Afterward!!!

Eagles star Darius Slay made sure James Harden left "Monday Night Football" a happy man -- because after intercepting Kirk Cousins, he gifted the 76ers point guard the INT football ... and then he signed it for him after the game!

Darius lived up to his "Big Play Slay" nickname on Monday night against the Minnesota Vikings -- picking off two passes --- and Harden had a front-row seat to witness the defensive masterpiece.

And, on Slay's first pick, the Vikings -- who had been trailing Philly 24-7 in the 3rd quarter -- were driving down the field ... but the DB stepped in front Justin Jefferson to nab Cousins' throw, and then he bolted over to James.

Slay handed him the ball and slapped his hand -- all while Harden had a big smile on his face.

After the game, Slay found Harden in the bowels of Lincoln Financial Field and autographed the pigskin for him.

"First Eagles game was lit!" Harden said of it all on Twitter afterward. "keep ballin bro @bigplay24slay."

Slay -- in his third season with the team -- had an epic night in the Eagles' secondary ... locking down Jefferson as Philly cruised to a 24-7 win.

Malcolm Jenkins I've Got Faith In Jalen Hurts ... Confident QB Will Lead Eagles To Division Title


Malcolm Jenkins thinks Eagles fans are in for a treat this season -- 'cause the former Philly star tells TMZ Sports he's a big believer in Jalen Hurts ... and thinks the QB will help the team win the NFC East.

We spoke with Jenkins out at LAX this week -- just days ahead of the Eagles' season-opener against the Lions -- and he told us despite all of the criticism surrounding the team's QB heading into this year ... he doesn't share many of the same concerns at all.

"He's got everything he needs," said Jenkins, who won a Super Bowl with Philadelphia in the 2017 season. "He's got the leadership, the ability -- he's got the weapons around him. And this season is the year where we need to see it."

Malcolm says the NFC East crown will ultimately come down to the Cowboys or Eagles, but he made it clear he thinks his former squad will win the title.

It's not the boldest prediction -- considering the Eagles got drastically better this offseason -- but many pundits have wondered if Hurts has what it takes to get the job done.

Namely, the detractors have said his accuracy just simply isn't good enough -- but Jenkins believes otherwise.

"They got a chance," Jenkins said. "They can make the playoffs by winning the division. Once they get in the playoffs, they got the pieces to do whatever they need."

Miami Dolphins Cancel Practice Due To Stomach Bug ... Players Puking

The Miami Dolphins were forced to cancel practice on Thursday ... and it's all because a bunch of players can't stop puking.

The 'Fins were set to have a joint workout with the Philadelphia Eagles ... but as it turns out, some guys could barely sleep because they were blowing chunks all night.

NFL Network's Mike Garafolo says some players thought all the vomiting was due to food poisoning ... but the team checked what everyone's been eating, and haven't found enough proof to back that theory.

Miami Dolphins

Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel says the team believes it's a stomach bug going around ... and to be extra cautious, they decided to keep everyone home to make sure it doesn't spread.

Miami and Philly are set to play against each other on Saturday ... and so far, things are still set to go down according to plan.

Coach says he wanted to take extra caution to get everyone healthy for the matchup -- especially because the last week of preseason is crucial for so many guys who are trying to make the team.

As for how many players were affected, McDaniel says it's more than a few, but not half the team.

It's pretty rare for an entire practice to be canceled outside of COVID -- so, here's hoping the squad starts to feel better soon ... 'cause Week 1 is right around the corner.

Rookie Jordan Davis Shows Off Vocals At Eagles Camp ... Singing Rick James!!!


NFL rookie Jordan Davis impressed the hell out of his Eagles teammates at training camp -- but it didn't happen on a football field -- the first-round draft pick sang his ass off to a Rick James classic ... during a performance in front of the whole team!

The impressive performance was caught on video Thursday ... when the 13th overall pick out of Georgia hit the stage at Eagles' camp at Lincoln Financial Field for his rookie performance ... when the vets force you to perform on stage.

Most guys aren't any good ... but the 6'6", 340 lb. defensive tackle isn't most. Dude has pipes.

His song choice? The 1978 Rick James classic "Mary Jane" ... and Davis hit all the notes, high and low, including the "Do ya? Do ya? Do ya?" part ... and his teammates were lit!

Now, rookie linebacker Nakobe Dean's performance didn't hit the same ... but it was still hilarious!

Dean -- 3rd round pick also out of Georgia -- chose Fantasia's "When I See You" from 2007 ... and even though he was off-key at times, the team found it humorous.


The rookies do this every year at Eagles camp (and so do most other teams). Remember, Jalen Hurts was booed during his performance when he attempted to sing "Before I Let Go" by Frankie Beverly And Maze.


Coldplay Majestic Performance of 'Fly Eagles Fly' ... At Philly Concert

The Eagles might go 17-0 this season ... and it's all thanks to Coldplay's beautiful performance of the team's "Fly Eagles Fly" fight song at their concert in Philadelphia.

The show went down at Lincoln Financial Field -- home of the Eagles -- on Wednesday ... as part of the band's "Music of the Spheres" tour.

The group made sure to give the hometown fans what they REALLY wanted ... pausing their regularly scheduled setlist to bring a tear to any Eagles fan's eye.

Of course, the tune is usually shouted out by any drunk fan wearing a Brian Dawkins jersey at the bar on NFL Sundays ... but frontman Chris Martin basically turned it into a Billboard Top 100 ballad.

The crowd clearly loved it ... chanting along as Martin even finished it off with the signature "E-A-G-L-E-S" chant.

Well done by the "Viva La Vida" crew ... but football fans can only hope they turn this into a tradition everywhere they go now.

Maybe the Eagles play this before every game from now on??

On second thought, they might have to ramp up the BPMs on their cover in order to make that happen ... but it would be a nice touch.

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