Middle-Aged Tech Guy I Pay $2M/Year To Keep My Bod Looking 18!!!

Benjamin Button's got nothing on this guy ... a software developer well into his 40s claims he's aging backwards, but the catch is it costs him 7 figures annually to do it!!!

45-year-old Bryan Johnson says his bio-hack is costing him $2 million per year -- and with a team of 30 doctors, he maintains a strict regimen which apparently gives him the heart of a 37-year-old, the skin of a 28-year-old and the fitness of an 18-year-old.

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He says his daily routine includes waking at 5 AM, and taking 2 dozen supplements, following a vegan diet with a high-intensity exercise routine ... and he goes to bed at the same time every night.

Bryan says his doctors closely monitor his vital signs and he does a ton of monthly tests ...  including blood tests, ultrasounds, MRIs and colonoscopies.

He also tracks things like his body fat and weight each day... while sleeping with a machine that tracks his nightly erections. Umm ... TMI, Mr. Johnson!

He told Bloomberg, "What I do may sound extreme, but I’m trying to prove that self-harm and decay are not inevitable.”

Bryan reportedly racked up a ton of cash in his 30s by selling his payment processing company Payment Solutions to EBay for $8M, and decided to spend his fortune finding the fountain of youth.

He calls his initiative "Project Blueprint" and he hopes to eventually have all major organs working as they did when he was in his late teens -- including his brain, liver, kidneys, teeth, skin, hair, penis and rectum.

Again, we coulda done without those last 2.

Floyd Mayweather Shows Off 'GOATED.' Dance Moves ... In New Armani White Vid

If you make a song called "GOATED.," it's only right you get one of the greatest of all time to be in the music video ... and that's exactly what rapper Armani White did -- enlisting none other than Floyd Mayweather to bust a move in his new visuals!!

TBE makes a quick cameo in the West Philly M.C.'s project that dropped Thursday night ... showing the boxing legend working out at BOXR Gym in Miami -- hitting the bag, doing push-ups and even dancing along to the track, which features Denzel Curry.

The 50-0 champ looks like he's having a helluva time in the vid ... even giving Blanco a few training tips throughout the song. Whatever he told Armani must've worked -- 'cause the next scene shows the "Billie Eilish." rapper knocking out a goat mask-wearing opponent in the boxing ring.

AW also gives a tribute to another G.O.A.T. -- Michael Jordan -- shooting another scene at a gymnasium where he dons a custom black and red #23 jersey.

The track is pretty solid ... and if it catches fire like Armani's discography in the past, it's just a matter of time before it floods TikTok.

Texas H.S. Football Coach Accused Of Forcing Players To Do 400 Push-Ups ... Several Students Hospitalized

Several Texas high school football players were hospitalized after their coach allegedly forced them do 400 push-ups as a form of discipline, according to multiple reports.

John Harrell, head football coach at Rockwall-Heath High School, was suspended and placed on administrative leave after a group of his players required medical attention following an off-season workout, according to FoxNews4.

Harrell, who's been with the program since 2019, is accused of making the students do "a large number of push-ups" as punishment for the athletes.

The alleged incident occurred on Friday during an off-season workout program. School principal Todd Bradford sent a letter to parents saying students "needed medical attention," with "some" requiring hospitalization.

The Dallas Morning News reports at least eight students were hospitalized.

One parent, whose child is hospitalized, says the players were made to do hundreds of push-ups in just an hour with no water or break.

The parent, who didn't wish to be identified, said their child was diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis, a severe medical condition that occurs when damaged muscle tissue releases its proteins and electrolytes into the blood. Rhabdomyolysis can be fatal or result in permanent disability.

However, not everyone believes the coach was wrong. Junior team captain, Brady Luff, told media water was available to the players, and they could've left if they wanted.

"[Coach Harrell's] treated us with nothing but respect, and he loves every single one of us like his own," Luff said.

Meanwhile, the school district hired an "independent third party" to investigate the incident. They also issued a statement, saying, "The district is also taking interim action, including but not limited to, placing Coach Harrell on administrative leave while the investigation is pending and notifying appropriate outside agencies."

Lizzo MY BODY IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS ... It's My Work of Art!!!


Lizzo has a lot to say to the folks who won't stop talking about her figure ... she's tired of all the body shaming and says she's not here to fit anyone's beauty standards.

The singer just went on a long rant on social media, posting a video in a bikini where she sounds off on anyone and everyone who has something to say about her body.

Lizzo says she's tired of the discourse around bodies ... rattling off all the different things she hears about her own body. Her point -- no matter what she does, someone always has something to critique.


Remember ... Kanye West and Aries Spears trashed Lizzo's body last year, and she even responded to their comments during a show in Toronto.

Lizzo doesn't mention anyone by name in her rant, which has been her MO on this topic, but she addresses her haters, celebs and otherwise, calling them "delusional."

The way Lizzo sees it ... she's not here to conform to anyone's beauty standards, and she's going to do whatever she wants with her body, which she says is a work of art in itself.

Lizzo says folks are wasting effort commenting on all her Twitter posts ... and she proposes charging $5.99 for every comment on her tweet.

Paging Elon Musk.

Equinox Shuts Out New Members On Jan. 1 ... Snub to Short-Term Clients

Fitness company Equinox is catchin' heat online after launching a day-long campaign to lock out newcomers, blasting that all too common New Year's resolution -- hit the gym, and then quickly give up.

Those looking to start 2023 off with a bang would've been met with a message to stop you in your tracks ... that is, if you tried getting an Equinox membership -- because the company's "We Don't Speak January" campaign was plastered all over its site.

Equinox said it wasn't signing up new clients on January 1, calling the month a "fantasy delivered to your door in a pastel-colored box."


The company says life doesn't start at beginning of the year -- and neither does Equinox, apparently.

An interesting concept ... but one that was met with negativity online. One potential client called the campaign "super cringe and pointless," and another said, "I hate equinox for many reasons, but this is definitely a new low."

The point of the campaign was to drive dedication to the brand, according to Brian Collins -- who worked on the concept ... as a way to "snub short-term resolutions."

Clearly a polarizing ad campaign, but hey -- it ain't Jan. 1 anymore, so get that sweat on!

Bodybuilder Big Boy I'm Gonna Knock Tito Ortiz Out!!! ... 'Retire His Ass'


Bodybuilding star Big Boy -- who has millions of followers on social media -- is dead serious about boxing Tito Ortiz ... telling TMZ Sports he's gonna knock the ex-UFC legend into retirement!!!

The two sides have been jawing back-and-forth on the Internet recently ... with Ortiz claiming last month he didn't start the beef, but he's willing to settle their differences in the ring.

Instagram / @titoortizig

As for Big Boy, he insists it's Ortiz who started running his mouth ... and he tells us he actually has a lot of appreciation for what he's done throughout his career -- but that doesn't mean he doesn't wanna knock the dude's block off.

"I respect all fighters, 100%," Big Boy tells us. "He's a world champion, I've looked up to him and I respect him. But I think he's past his prime."

"I think I'm more explosive. I'm stronger. I got more game than him. Everything all in one. I just think it's his time, man. I'm gonna really retire his ass."

In fact, Big Boy says he's gonna make quick work of Tito ... guaranteeing a first-round knockout.

While Big Boy is mostly known for his iron-pumping, he says he's been hitting the mitts with huge names in fighting like former heavyweight champ Andy Ruiz in hopes of landing a fight ... and now, it sounds like he'll get his wish in 2023, 'cause Ortiz is on board.

"This guy wants smoke, let's light this s*** up, let's find a promoter, let's get it done," Tito says. "I'll get back in the gym. I'll start boxing. I know I could do some work and make it look easy."

Big Boy is so confident he'll come away with his hand raised ... he tells us he's already got his next opponent in mind -- Jake Paul.

Dude's gonna have to get in line!!!

Stars Getting Their Health On ... Minds Right, Bodies Tight!

With it officially being a new year, the stars are manifesting all things 2023, and at the top of their resolutions lists is getting their health and fitness on. Safe to say ... 2023's motto is 'health is wealth,' so get after it and make this new year yours!

Up in the gym ... NBA player Klay Thompson slipped out of his jersey and threw on some gym attire during his time off the court. Kate Upton also worked on her fitness regime and picked up some iron and to no one's surprise, Dwayne Johnson looked swole AF and Rock-ed a pair of short shorts.

Khloe Kardashian is all about prioritizing her mental health and fitness and showed off her Klassic Kardashian Kurves ... rowing right into the new year!

And, Chris Pratt got his blood pumping with the assistance of celebrity fitness trainer Simon Waterson and made sure to snap the sweaty proof ... pics or it didn't happen, right?!

Check out our gallery of stars getting their minds right and their bodies tight!

Rulon Gardner, Wrestling Legend Gunning To Return To Olympics ... At 51 Years Old


Rulon Gardner won gold in wrestling in arguably the biggest upset in Olympics history ... and now the American hero, who's 51 years old, tells TMZ Sports he's making a comeback, and the goal is the Summer Games!

"I still wanna give more back to the sport, the sport that I love and that's wrestling. When you have a goal like wrestling it makes you get into shape so I've lost a substantial amount of weight, getting healthy again, getting back after it, and now it's getting on the mat," Gardner said.

"Every day it hurts like heck but it's so fun to be able to get out there and throw with these young kids. It's crazy 'cause I'm wrestling kids half my age."

If you don't know Rulon's story ... he won a gold medal in Greco-Roman wrestling during the 2000 Games in Sydney. But, that doesn't even begin to tell the story ... 'cause Gardner beat the most dominant and feared wrestler of all time, 6'3", 286 lb. Aleksandr Karelin.

"The Russian Bear" was thought to be unbeatable. He'd won the previous 3 gold medals. He hadn't lost a match since entering the international competition in 1988. For crying out loud, he hadn't given up a single point in 6 years. To this day he's regarded by most as the greatest amateur wrestler ever.

But, somehow, someway ... David slayed Goliath. And now, Rulon wants to do something perhaps equally hard -- compete at a world-class level in his 50s.

The journey started as a way for Rulon to lose weight ... and he tells us he's down about 150 lbs. An incredible achievement, but not his goal.

"Our goal is to go out there and show we can still compete with the top-level wrestlers of the world. I know I can compete with the guys in the U.S., the question is do I have what it takes in my 50s to get back to the Olympic games?"

If he can complete the comeback, we asked Rulon where the achievement would rank in the history of Olympic competition.

"Dara Torres, she did it a few years ago as a swimmer in her 40s and nobody has ever thought about doing it in your 50s and especially a combat sport. It's not easy on the body. Your talking about getting hit in the head, you're talking about getting hit in the body, shoulder, and knees. There's just so many body parts."

"Last year, I started throwing people and I'm like oh my gosh, I was throwing guys and my body is saying, 'what are you doing?' It still says that but it's like getting back on the bike and it feels normal again."


The next Summer Olympics go down in Paris in 2024. Will Rulon Gardner be part of the team? It's a lofty goal, but are you gonna bet against the guy who slayed The Russian Bear?!

Mark Wahlberg Hits The Beach & The Weight Room During Barbados Vacation

Mark Wahlberg is all sun, smiles and muscles this holiday season -- hitting the beach with his family in tow.

Mark and his wife, Rhea Durham, were spotted in Barbados this week getting a little rest and relaxation before hitting the water to cool off. The two seem to be recharging before 2023 -- and what better spot to do it than on the Caribbean island.

Always a health junkie, the 51-year-old recently revealed he's altered his workout routine ... now waking up at 2:30 in the morning instead of 3:30 to complete his daily exercise.

No word on if he slows things down at all while on vacation, but judging by his pump on the beach -- it's probably safe to assume a must-have on his hotel amenities list is a solid gym.

'BELOW DECK' CAPT. LEE ROSBACH I'm Getting My Muscly Sea Legs Back ... After Major Health Scare


"Below Deck" star Captain Lee Rosbach is doing boatloads better after telling his crew he had to step off the boat due to serious health issues ... now he's liftin' weights like a champ!

"The Stud of the Sea" was seen Wednesday pumping some major iron at the gym ... lifting 175 lbs on a chest press -- just a couple of days after his departure announcement aired on the Bravo show.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... the bombshell announcement on the most recent episode was shot back in February, and he was in pretty bad shape at the time -- but he's made nothing but progress ever since.

We're told Rosbach's been working with a team of experts to help with his mobility -- and he's been hittin' the gym every day to get his strength back.


Leaving the boat was one of the hardest mountains he ever had to climb. Nonetheless, Captain Lee isn't ready to hang it up -- and he hasn't ruled out a return to the luxury yacht life.

Way to go, Cap ... you're on your way to gettin' those sea legs -- again!!!

The Liver King Lifts Weights in L.A. Traffic ... And Yeah, I'm Still Juicing


The Liver King isn't going to let his steroids scandal bring him down -- in fact, he's stepping right up ... to TMZ ... to explain that he's still on the juice. 💀

We got Brian Johnson -- the influencer behind the internet personality -- out on Rodeo Dr. Saturday, where the dude was shirtless (per usual) and about to start pumping iron in front of everybody ... which he promptly did, right in the middle of traffic. Dead lifts, baby!

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

After a few reps, we invited TLK to come chat with our Celebrity Tour patrons ... and he did. Before hopping on, though, we asked him some hard questions -- like why he lied about not being on the stuff for years, and why folks should believe anything he says now.

He's got answers for all that, basically saying ... look, believe me or don't -- but my workout regimen and supplement program will get ya jacked and feeling great. That's basically his message.

Instagram / @liverking

Then, a bombshell ... Liver King admits he's still on 'roids!!! When we ask why -- especially since it's caused him so much reputational damage -- he says he has to ween off it, and that he can't just cut it out cold turkey.

If you're unfamiliar with this whole saga ... Brian recently copped to being on steroids, this after years of denying it and insisting that his program was the only thing giving him results on his physique.


He still backs his core tenets of fitness and nutrition -- including eating liver -- and he's gonna keep on keeping on, we suppose. Flex on 'em, dude. 💪🏽

Liver King Undergoes Tests To Prove Abs Are Real ... After Steroid Confession

Instagram / @liverking

The Liver King's gimmick might not be 100% legit, but his abs certainly appear to be ... 'cause a top plastic surgeon says the fitness influencer's shredded core is NOT fake.

Along with being accused of using steroids (which just so happened to be true), people have speculated LK's washboard abs were actually a result of implants.

In hopes of putting an end to all the speculation, Liver King -- real name Brian Johnson -- hit up Dr. Daniel Barrett, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, to administer a series of tests.

"I have an obligation to my tribe (you)... to take massive goddam action and do whatever it takes to earn back your trust," Johnson wrote on Instagram about the visit to the doc.

In LK's video, you see Dr. Barrett prodding at LK's abs with his fingers and a machine ... and eventually, he concludes that based on his expertise and what he sees and feels, there's no indication Liver King has ab implants.

Remember, Johnson, who was already a millionaire long before the viral Liver King persona was created, had to come clean about his steroid use after YouTuber More Plates More Dates exposed the "ancestral lifestyle" influencer.

Liver King's entire sales pitch was built on his "9 ancestral tenets" that he credited for his incredible physique -- but after he got exposed, many questioned if it was all a huge lie.

For what it's worth ... once he got caught, Brian admitted that he used steroids ... saying that he "f***ed up" and that he "misled a lot of people."


Recently, Johnson said on "TMZ Live" he fully expects his company's sales to be affected by his lies ... but what's most important to him, as he tries to regain the trust of his supporters, is that they're eating and living the right way.

All that being said, the tests don't confirm whether or not LK has had any ab etching done ... which is a procedure that sucks unwanted fat from the tummy to showcase the muscles more clearly.

Etching or no etching -- doc says there are no implants.

Brittney Griner Dunks In 1st Workout Since Release ... But, WNBA Future Uncertain

Brittney Griner is back in the U.S. -- and back dominating on a basketball court -- dunking in her first workout since her release from Russia ... though her WNBA future still remains uncertain.

Griner's agent, Lindsay Kagawa Colas, told ESPN that the 32-year-old Phoenix Mercury superstar grabbed a pair of Chuck Taylor sneakers and hit a court in San Antonio on Sunday for her first hoops sesh in nearly 10 months.

The workout was said to be "light" -- though it clearly went well ... considering she was still able to rattle the rim.

Colas, though, said Griner has yet to reveal her intentions about her basketball career going forward -- just days after she was officially traded for Viktor Bout in a prisoner swap with Russia.


"If she wants to play, it will be for her to share," Colas said. "She has the holidays to rest and decide what's next without any pressure. She's doing really, really well. She seems to have endured this in pretty incredible ways."

Colas said Griner, who has yet to make a public comment since touching down in the U.S., is expected to release a statement this week.

As for how her return has gone, Colas said the hooper has been spending time with her wife, Cherelle Griner, and other family members -- while enjoying barbeque diners ... and some of her other favorite snacks like Cheetos and Reese's.


Colas also revealed Brittney got her recent haircut cleaned up by the San Antonio Spurs' team barber on Sunday morning.

Cherelle, meanwhile, posted a lengthy thank-you note Saturday to all the people who assisted or played a role in returning Brittney home.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Some of the names she shouted out included congressman Greg Stanton, congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, congressman Colin Allred, Robin Roberts, Angela Rye, Gayle King, Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson and Tamika Mallory.

"As BG and I start our journey to heal our minds, bodies, and spirits -- I wanted to personally say thank you to some of the hands; seen and unseen, that helped make it possible for me to see my wife again!" Cherelle said.

"I appreciate each and every one of you! Let’s continue to use our hands, voices, platforms, and resources to bring Paul and all Americans home. All families deserve to be whole!"

Tekashi 6ix9ine Shows Off Boxing Skills ... No Interest In Celeb Fight

Instagram / @blackbox.dxb

Tekashi 6ix9ine has been spending a ton of time in the boxing gym recently ... but those looking to see him settle his many beefs in the ring are SOL -- 'cause TMZ Sports is told the rapper is NOT interested in taking a celebrity fight.

The New York rapper hit up the Black Box Gym in Dubai earlier this week ... getting in a workout with 17-3 Iranian boxer Mohammad Ali Bayat Farid.

You can see the 26-year-old look throwing a couple of right hooks at Farid's mitts and working some defensive moves ... all while wearing Crocs.

Despite Tekashi's effort to improve his skills, it's not for any particular reason aside from staying in shape -- even though one would think he could be gearing up for a bout after his recent brawl with DJ Lucasdirty in Dubai.

Tekashi tells us he has "nothing brewing in the boxing world" ... and he's just doing his best to keep off the pounds.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

A few years back, Tekashi felt some type of way about being fat-shamed online and vowed to make a change.

"I've been gaining a lot of weight and a lot of people have been calling me fat," Tekashi said in 2018. "They're drawing pictures of me. Instead of drawing me like the regular Tekashi, they're drawing me like fat Tekashi."

"I've been making a lot of money and haven't been caring about my physical appearance. So I want my fans to, like, join me."

Sorry Tekashi fans, no celebrity boxing match from your boy ... but it's nice to see him in good shape!

Insane Gym Fight Men Brawl, Pummel Each Other's Faces ... In Wild Weight Room Brawl

Two grown-ass men beat the hell out of each other for nearly two minutes during a wild brawl at a gym earlier this week ... and the insane fight was all captured on video.

The scrap went down at a Fitness Connection facility on Tuesday -- when an apparent disagreement in the weight room turned incredibly violent.

Footage shows a man in a white t-shirt and another guy in an all-red 'fit squared up -- and then traded blows ... all while astonished gymgoers looked on.

The two both socked each other in the face repeatedly ... before the man in the white shirt was staggered by a huge right hand. A woman then attempted to intervene -- but all that did was give the man in the white shirt a chance to get up and continue the melee.

The two eventually locked arms -- and threw knees at each other. Finally, however, after pummeling each other for around 100 seconds, the tilt was broken up.

No word on if police were called ... or if anyone suffered significant injuries.

A spokesperson for Fitness Connection tells TMZ Sports the org. is aware of the incident and "strongly condemns any acts of violence, especially within our facilities." It's unclear if the combatants will be booted from the gym permanently.

Liver King Comes Clean On Steroid Use ... 'I F***ed Up'


Liver King -- the viral "ancestral lifestyle" influencer -- is fessing up to using steroids ... apologizing to his followers for misleading them into believing he was completely natural.

45-year-old Brian Johnson gained a ton of followers through his primal living routine ... which includes eating raw animal organs, 9 ancestral tenets, and barbarian challenges.

The dude is undeniably buff as hell ... and despite numerous accusations of using steroids in the past, he continued to claim he earned his physique without any additional help.

But, LK was forced to face the music after YouTuber More Plates More Dates released a video exposing the influencer's steroid cycle earlier this week ... which alleged he was injecting $ 12,000 worth of stuff into his body.

MPMD even came with email receipts ... which appear to show what exactly the Internet star was taking.

Now, Liver King is coming clean about his steroid use ... releasing a 6-minute long video to his millions of followers to try to explain himself.

"I'm making this video to apologize because I f***ed up, because I'm embarrassed and ashamed, because I lied and I misled a lot of people." Liver King said.

LK -- who had a successful supplement company prior to becoming a viral personality -- says he struggled to handle being in the public eye once he blew up ... and he decided to cut corners in order to keep up with his audience's expectations.

"It's been tricky as f*** to navigate," he added. "Well, clearly, I did it wrong and I'm here now to set the record straight -- yes, I've done steroids and yes, I'm on steroids monitored and managed by a trained hormone clinician."

LK says he continued to run with the façade for those dealing with mental health issues who look up to him ... hoping ancestral living would provide a solution to their problems.

"While spreading the message, I've been on several podcasts, and when asked if I've ever taken steroids, I've always said, 'no. I don't touch the stuff. Not going to touch the stuff. Never touched the stuff.' That was a lie. I've convinced myself this had nothing to do with the ancestral message."

FYI -- Liver King has previously said he makes millions of dollars a month -- including his supplement brand.

He says he trained clean for decades ... but in 2021, he wasn't feeling 100% physically, so he made the decision to use steroids. LK says he kept it private, because he didn't want to spread the wrong message or have his previous fitness success overshadowed.

"I fully own that I f***ed up. I am as sorry as a man can be, and all I can do is take extreme ownership right now, be better, and lead myself to a better life as a better human."

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