Jalen Ramsey Touches Down In Los Angeles ... 'I'm Feeling Good!'


JALEN RAMSEY HAS ARRIVED -- and you better believe TMZ Sports was at LAX for his grand arrival!!!

The stud cornerback touched down on Wednesday (sporting his new Rams hat) where he was greeted by L.A. Rams staffers and what appeared to be a team camera crew to capture the moment.

Ramsey was just traded to the Rams from the Jacksonville Jaguars in exchange for a couple of 1st-round draft picks and a 4th-round pick.

The big concern was the alleged injury to Ramsey's back -- which kept him out of his final 3 games in JAX.

But, when we asked the 24-year-old how he's feeling, he shot back -- "I'm feeling good ... I want to play football!"

Great news!!!

Unclear if Ramsey will suit up and play for the Rams this weekend, but they could sure use him after trading away Marcus Peters and losing Aqib Talib to injured reserve.

In case you need a refresher ... Ramsey is widely considered the best CB in the NFL. He's in his 4th year as a pro and already has 9 career interceptions, 2 Pro Bowl selections and an All-Pro honor.

Welcome to L.A.

Fred Taylor Pissed Off Over Jaguars List Snub ... 'What A Joke'

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Fred Taylor is LIVID over Tony Boselli being named greatest Jacksonville Jaguar of all time over him ... going scorched earth on social media and calling the list "a joke."

Fred famously played 11 seasons for the Jags from 1998 to 2008 ... and clearly felt he'd be named the franchise's best player ever when the team's website released its list this summer.

But, the Jags gave the No. 1 overall honors to legendary left tackle Tony Boselli ... leaving Taylor at the No. 2 spot.

When Taylor got word of the snub ... he wasn't happy.

"What were you guys doing for the 11 YEARS I carried the team," Taylor said ... "One day someone (other than me) will recognize how valuable I was."

"I did something only 21 players in history of the game done at my position. #WhatAJoke"

Fred rushed for 11,271 yards and 62 touchdowns in his time with the Jags ... and ranks 17th on the NFL's all-time rushing yards leader list.

But, Fred was never an All-Pro and only earned Pro Bowl honors once ... while Boselli was a 3-time All-Pro and 5-time Pro Bowler.

So, did the Jags get it right???

NFL's Jalen Ramsey Pulls Up to Jaguars Camp In Armored Brinks Truck

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Jacksonville Jaguars superstar cornerback Jalen Ramsey is out for a big contract this season ... and to drive that point home, he reported to training camp Wednesday in a BRINKS TRUCK!

"Ya'll know what time it is," the driver of the truck said on a bullhorn while announcing Jalen's arrival to the crowd.

"This man's coverage is so good, he's gonna have his own cell phone service! The man's so good, they're gonna give him his own jail called Jalen County because these receivers are on 24-hour lockdown."

"If you check his pockets, he's got 8 Master Locks in his pocket, they are on lockdown all season."

Finally, it was time to announce "the man, the myth, Jalen Ramsey" ... with the hype man telling the crowd, "It's time to get this money, money!"


Jalen has made the Pro Bowl the past 2 seasons and is widely considered to be one of the best cornerbacks in the league.

He's entering the 4th year of his rookie contract which will pay him a $3.6 million base salary in 2019. He's expected to make $13.7 mil in 2020.

But, Ramsey has previously stated he's gonna be a monster when it comes to renegotiating his deal ... saying, "I'mma ask for so much money, they have to put me on layaway."

We'll see!

Nick Foles Wife Gave Blessing to Return to Jags ... Days After Miscarriage

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Nick Foles says the decision to return to Jaguars workouts just 4 days after his wife suffered a miscarriage was his wife's idea ... telling reporters, "She wanted me to come here."

Nick and his wife, Tori, lost their baby on Sunday in the 15th week of her pregnancy. Nick stayed home from Jags team activities for a few days but returned on Thursday.

On Friday, Nick was asked why he decided to get back to work so soon ... and he essentially explained that his wife felt it was best for Nick.

"It was my wife," Foles said ... "Talking to her, she knows I'm going to get home, she knows how important family is to me. But, she also wanted me to be here with the team."

"It was really up to her. She wanted me to come here and be with the team for a little bit."

Foles says he's rushing back home right after practice to be with his family ... and they have a great support group around them.

"We have a lot of support. Her mom is in town. My mom is coming into town helping out. There is obviously a healing process she's going through, but that's my wife."

NFL's Nick Foles Wife Suffers Miscarriage ... 'Traumatic Loss'

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Jacksonville Jaguars QB Nick Foles is revealing why he's been MIA at team workouts this week -- saying his wife suffered a miscarriage in her 15th week of pregnancy and the family is devastated.

Nick's wife, Tori (who was pregnant with their 2nd child), penned an emotional statement on social media explaining how she felt sick on Sunday morning after fighting some sort of "virus" ... but things escalated quickly.

"I went into sudden labor and knew something was wrong," Tori says ... "Not long after we learned we had miscarried our baby boy."

"To fully labor and deliver and even see our baby boy was a pretty devastating process."

Tori says he later found out she had contracted an infection of pneumonia in her blood.

On Wednesday, Tori said she's back home after being released from the hospital and she's continuing to recover "physically from the infection with antibiotics (already much better) as well as emotionally from this traumatic loss."

She added, "The emotions go back and forth from immense and overwhelming sadness, confusion and anger to a firm belief that God has this fully in his hands and will use this for good. We cannot always understand or explain, but we know that is true."

Nick also issued a statement saying, "Tori has written a beautiful heartfelt post explaining what we have gone through this last week. We are grateful for all the love, support and prayers."

Leonard Fournette Gets Slap on the Wrist In Car Wash Arrest Case


Leonard Fournette's car troubles seem to be officially behind him ... the Jaguars star just copped a plea deal in his car wash arrest case -- and he won't have to spend any time behind bars for the incident.

As we previously reported ... Fournette was busted last month after cops say he was speeding with illegal tint on his windows in Florida.

When cops pulled him over at the Easy Breezy Car Wash in Jacksonville ... they learned he was also driving on a suspended license and had a warrant out for his arrest stemming from a previous traffic violation -- so they cuffed him.


Fournette was hit with multiple charges including driving on a suspended license and was facing up to 60 days in jail.

But, the good news for the 24-year-old ... he paid off the fines from his previous traffic issues and when his attorney showed up in court Monday -- he struck a deal with prosecutors on the new charges too.

Court records show Fournette pled no contest to driving without a valid driver's license, and in exchange, his speeding and illegal tint charges were dropped.

Leonard was forced to pay roughly $300 in fines and court fees.

For their part, the Jaguars don't seem too concerned with the arrest ... head coach Doug Marrone told reporters just a couple of weeks ago he will NOT discipline the star halfback.

Jaguars' Doug Marrone He Wasn't Kiddin' ... Went 57 MPH In A 35 In 1997 Arrest!!

Doug Marrone wasn't lying ... the Jaguars head coach WAS arrested back in 1997 for the same thing Leonard Fournette got busted for last week!!

TMZ Sports has obtained police docs from June 20, 1997 ... when Marrone -- a Georgia Tech assistant at the time -- was popped for doing 57 MPH in a 35 in Daytona Beach Shores, Florida.

According to the docs ... Marrone was pulled over at 11:59 AM in a 1997 Buick with fellow GT assistant coach Lance Thompson riding shotgun.

Cops say when they checked Doug's record ... they found he had a suspended license stemming from a previously unpaid ticket -- and they slapped the cuffs on him.

Turns out ... Marrone needed his boss -- legendary college football coach George O'Leary -- to get him out of jail ... 'cause cops say O'Leary paid Marrone's $100 bond!!!


Of course, Marrone's star running back suffered a similar fate last Thursday when Fournette was pulled over at a car wash and arrested for driving on a suspended license.

Marrone announced to reporters Tuesday Fournette wouldn't be punished for the incident ... saying he knows firsthand it ain't exactly the biggest deal.


By the way, Doug also wasn't kiddin' when he said it hurt being put in cuffs back then ... 'cause cops say he tipped the scales at 6'5", 305 pounds!!

Oh, and cops also say he had a tattoo of a rose on his upper back.


Jags' Coach Doug Marrone Won't Punish Fournette ... I Was Arrested Too!

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The Jacksonville Jaguars will NOT punish Leonard Fournette over last week's arrest -- so says head coach Doug Marrone who admits he was arrested for the exact same thing back in the day!

TMZ Sports posted footage of the superstar RB being handcuffed at a Florida car wash Thursday -- after cops noticed an outstanding warrant for his arrest stemming from an unpaid speeding ticket.

Fournette later paid the fines and now the case is essentially closed -- but the question remains ... will the Jaguars or the NFL suspend Leonard over the incident?

Enter Marrone ... who was adamant the team will NOT take disciplinary action because they don't really think it's a big deal.


In fact, Marrone says people forget to pay speeding tickets all the time -- including him.

That's when Marrone launched into a story about how he was arrested back in the late '90s when he was a college football recruiter -- and the situation sounds identical to Fournette, handcuffs and all.

"I got handcuffed, which is tough when you're my size," Marrone joked.

Marrone says the most important thing is that Leonard learns his lesson and doesn't make the same mistake twice.

As for the NFL, they may feel differently -- and if they find he violated the league's personal conduct policy, he could be disciplined.

Leonard Fournette Arrest Video Handcuffed at Car Wash


1:52 PM -- TMZ Sports has obtained footage of Fournette being arrested at the Easy Breezy Car Wash in Jacksonville ... where multiple cop cars responded to the situation.

A witness -- Kevonte Williams aka Kazethepharaoh -- tells us Fournette was driving a GMC Denali when he was pulled over by police.

When Fournette was taken out of the car, he was handcuffed and placed in a squad car while multiple witnesses shouted at the police, "Free Fournette!"

Eventually, Fournette was driven to a nearby station where he was booked. A friend of the NFL star drove the Denali away from the car wash.

NFL star Leonard Fournette was just arrested in Florida -- and it's all over an unpaid speeding ticket from back in November.

... A $204 TICKET!!!!!

Cops in Duval County were seen walking the Jacksonville Jaguars running back into a police station to be booked around 2:30 PM local time. He appeared to be in handcuffs at the time.

Fournette was initially pulled over Thursday for a routine traffic violation and when the cops ran his name, they noticed he was driving on a suspended license. There was also an outstanding warrant for his arrest stemming from the November citation, this according to WJXT.

The prior incident reportedly took place in Neptune Beach. Fournette was reportedly cited for going 37 mph in a 25 mph zone.

We pulled the records which show the penalty for the Nov. 17 incident was $204.00, which Fournette had 30 days to pay.

FYI, Fournette is currently in the middle of a 4-year, $27 MILLION contract.

The day after the Nov. speeding incident, Fournette rushed for 95 yards and a TD in a loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

After Fournette was booked Thursday, he was released on $1,058 bond at 3:04 PM ... according to jail records.

The Jaguars issued a statement saying the team is "aware of the situation involving running back Leonard Fournette and are continuing to gather more information. No further comment will be provided at this time."

Fournette is coming off a disappointing 2018 NFL season where he only rushed for 439 yards in 8 games.

During one of the last games of the season, Fournette got fed up with a heckler and threatened to beat the guy's ass. Fournette later claimed the heckler had been shouting racial slurs at him.


Originally Published -- 12:20 PM PT

NFL's Jamaal Charles On Hall of Fame ... My Numbers Speak For Themselves


Is Kansas City Chiefs legend Jamaal Charles a Hall of Famer??

The RB ain't saying for sure ... but the former NFL superstar tells TMZ Sports his stats certainly suggest he might be one.

"I mean, some of my numbers look way better than some people already in Canton."

As one of the league's most electrifying backs EVER -- Charles does have a case ... in 11 seasons, he ran for 7,563 yards and scored 44 total TDs.

Charles also owns a record that neither Barry Sanders nor Jim Brown can claim ... he's got the highest yards per carry average in NFL history -- getting 5.49 per tote.

"That tells you what type of player I was," Jamaal says ... "I gave it my all. Every time I touched the ball, I averaged six yards a carry basically."

Still not sold on him being a Hall of Famer?? Good news for Jamaal, he says his NFL career might not be done yet -- so more stats could be coming!!

The RB tells us he ain't ready to officially call it quits ... saying his football future is "in the air right now."

Translation ... don't start that 5-year clock in Canton just yet!!!

Marcedes Lewis Jaguars Should Sign Nick Foles ... But Don't Break The Bank!!!


Jacksonville legend Marcedes Lewis says the Jags would be a great fit for Nick Foles ... but tells TMZ Sports the price has to be right, saying the deal should be worth just $16-$17 mil per year.

Of course, Foles is set to hit the open market next week after the Eagles decided to let the QB walk... and Jacksonville has already become the favorite to land the former Super Bowl MVP.

In fact, some reports have indicated the Jags are so high on him ... he could command a $20-plus MILLION deal per season.

But, Lewis seems to think that'd be a mistake -- saying Jacksonville should only ink him to a short-term, $16-$17 million per season contract.

And, why?? Marcedes says Foles shouldn't be viewed as the long-term answer ... but rather a bridge to a QB Jacksonville pick in next month's NFL Draft.

As for the QB Marcedes would select there ... he tells us why he prefers Dwayne Haskins over Kyler Murray.

There's more ... the Pro Bowl tight end also weighed in on NFL combine freak show D.K. Metcalf -- and as a fellow big man with an insane physique -- he even gave the young WR some advice!!!


Ed Reed Ravens Are Lamar's Team Flacco Should Go To Jaguars!


Ed Reed sees no QB controversy in Baltimore -- he says the Ravens are Lamar Jackson's team now -- but he does think Joe Flacco needs a new home.

"Flacco might be in Jacksonville, man, if he want to win another Super Bowl."

It's not a diss on his ex-teammate ... Reed says it's just apparent to him the Ravens have moved on to LJ -- and he doesn't want to see Flacco be a backup QB ANYWHERE.

It'll be complicated for the Ravens to pull off sending Joe to the Jags ... his contract creates a BUNCH of dead cash on their salary cap if they let him go.

But, Reed seems to think it'll go down regardless ... and says some of the money they save by jettisoning the QB can be used to buy Lamar more weapons!!!

BTW ... remember when Ray Lewis laughed at the notion that Terrell Suggs was the best Raven ever???


Reed seemed to agree with the linebacker ... but his choice for the best-ever Raven might surprise you!!!

Marcedes Lewis Warns Jaguars ... Don't Trade Fournette!!


Jaguars legend Marcedes Lewis says it'd be a mistake for his ex-team to trade Leonard Fournette ... telling TMZ Sports, "They should keep him."

Leonard caused some huge headaches in Jacksonville this season ... the superstar RB was often injured ... he was suspended for fighting ... and he sat on the bench, ignoring his teammates in the final game of the year.

In fact, things got SO sour with the star RB -- team exec Tom Coughlin publicly ripped the guy and reportedly voided all the guaranteed money remaining on his rookie deal.

All of it has led to wild trade speculation ... but Marcedes says his former team should NOT make the deal despite all the drama -- saying Leonard's just too good.

"The way they're structured, and the way they do their things, it's always about running the ball first and I think Fournette is an amazing running back."

As for Blake Bortles ... Marcedes thinks a change of scenery might be good for that guy -- telling us, "That's a different situation."

There's more ... Marcedes also tells us where he thinks Antonio Brown will play football next year -- and gives us an update on who he hopes to close out his career with.

Derrick Henry Custom Diamond Chains For My OL ... After Monster Game

Exclusive Details

Derrick Henry got his O-linemen the ultimate "thank you for blocking for me" present this week ... CUSTOM DIAMOND CHAINS, BABY!!!

The former Heisman Trophy winner ran all over the Jaguars a couple weeks ago ... trouncing Jacksonville for 238 rushing yards AND four touchdowns.

In fact ... dude had 99-yard run in the game that sent the NFL world into a frenzy!!!!

Henry's yards were the most-ever in Titans history ... and his 4 scores tied the franchise mark -- so, as a thank you to his O-line for blocking for him ... he got them some sick drip this week.

We're told Henry got the chains -- which feature a gold 238 -- for all five of the O-linemen who started for the team during the Week 14 romp.

Yeah, we didn't think it was possible either ... but Taylor Lewan's wardrobe just got THAT MUCH more swaggy.

Leonard Fournette Threatens Heckler During Game 'I'mma Beat Your Ass'


9:42 AM PT -- Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone says he's spoken with Fournette, who claims the heckler had been shouting "racial slurs" at him and that's why he reacted the way he did.

When asked if there were any witnesses to back up Fournette's claim, Marrone said, "I trust the player."

Jacksonville Jaguars

9:39 AM PT -- Matt Stafford's wife, Kelly, has just weighed in ... PRAISING Fournette for "the way he stood up for himself."

Kelly noted, "'Fans' probably said way worse things to him ... but yet he will lose money because he responded."

The message -- Kelly is sick of players like Fournette getting heckled by people in the stands.

Jacksonville Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette was so rattled during the loss to the Tennessee Titans on Thursday, he got into it with a fan ... and threatened to beat the guy's ass.

TMZ Sports has footage of Fournette on the sidelines in the 4th quarter of the Jags' 30-9 loss at Nissan Stadium in Nashville ... where the RB angrily tells the fan, "Listen, you're too old for that. I will beat your ass!"

Two men who appear to be Jaguars staffers grab Leonard and try to walk him away -- but minutes later, Fournette begins to jaw at the fan again ... repeating his threat.

"Facts, you're too old for that," Fournette says while sitting on the team bench ... "You're too old for that. Chill out. I'm not worried about you. You want to come down here?? I'll whoop your ass."

The Jags lost the game and Fournette was only held to 36 rushing yards on 14 carries.

Fournette has been irritable lately -- just a few weeks ago, he was ejected from the Buffalo Bills game for fighting Shaq Lawson ... and then tried to continue the scrap in the stadium tunnel.

Fournette was hit with a 1-game suspension for the Buffalo incident -- and later apologized to "the fans and kids out there."

"Was totally out of character was in the heat of the moment in a important game," Fournette posted on social media ... "emotions got the best of me apologize again to you all."

Fournette has never been afraid of a fight -- back in college, he got into it with LSU offensive lineman Garrett Brumfield outside of Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge.

LSU officials insisted the guys were just messin' around.

But, one thing's for sure ... if Fournette threatens to beat your ass, he's willing to back it up.

Michael Blackson Forget Super Bowl ... Jaguars Are In The Toilet Bowl!


Michael Blackson is so disappointed in Jacksonville after yet another blowout loss Thursday ... he's tellin' TMZ Sports the Jags belong closer to the toilet bowl than the Super Bowl!!!

We got the comedian -- whose nephew is Eli Apple, a starter for the Saints -- leaving Boulevard3 in Hollywood, when we had to ask for his take on Derrick Henry's epic 99-yard TD run.

That's when Blackson told us the run was cool and all ... but he's WAY more disappointed in Jacksonville's D for letting the play happen!

"Where the f**k was the defense?! Jesus Christ, man," Blackson says.

"I'm so disappointed in the Jaguars. These guys went from AFC Championship game -- they went from almost the Super Bowl to the toilet bowl!"

Blackson didn't stop there ... tellin' Jacksonville's die-hard fanbase they need to come pick up their squad!

"I'm so disappointed in them! But hey, if you let someone run 99 yards, man, you don't deserve to be anywhere close to the playoffs. Jaguars, I'm disappointed in you. Duval, get your team together. Please!"

Ya hear that, Cody Kessler?!?!