ESPN Exec Calls Rodgers' Kimmel Jabs 'Dumb' ... But He'll Be Back On 'McAfee Show'

ESPN is distancing itself from Aaron Rodgers' recent comments about Jimmy Kimmel ... chalking his controversial appearance on "The Pat McAfee Show" up to a bad attempt at comedy.

The New York Jets quarterback sparked an intense feud with the ABC late-night host earlier this week ... when he suggested Kimmel could be among the famous names on Jeffrey Epstein's client list.

Kimmel was furious with Rodgers ... firing back by claiming the comments could put his family in danger -- and threatening to take legal action if he continued to bark up that tree.


Mike Foss -- ESPN's senior vice president of digital and studio production -- addressed the whole issue in an interview with Front Office Sports on Friday ... and he said the comments never should have came out of Rodgers' mouth.

"Pat announced today that he’s planning on Aaron joining the show Tuesday," Foss told the outlet. "Aaron made a dumb and factually inaccurate joke about Jimmy Kimmel."

Wheelin' and Dealin'

"The show will continue to evolve. It wouldn’t surprise me if Aaron’s role evolves with it."

Based on the latter part of that statement, it certainly sounds like the network won't step in and prevent Rodgers from going back on the show ... but on Friday's show, Pat accused ESPN exec Norby Williamson of sabotaging his program amid the drama.

Of course, the beef between Rodgers and Kimmel is complicated -- McAfee and the TV personality are both in the Disney family and wildly popular in their respective fields.

But as McAfee said on Thursday, it appears everyone involved is looking to move forward in peace -- without going to court.

Sugar Bowl Flasher XXX Company Makes $100k Offer ... For 1-Hour Webcam Show

The woman who went nips out for some beads during ESPN's Sugar Bowl broadcast is being offered a deal more eye-opening than the viral clip ... with an adult company willing to shell out up to $100k to get her to perform an encore on its platform.

The folks over at Camsoda laid out the terms of the proposition on Tuesday ... saying it's trying like hell to track down the Bourbon Street patron who exposed her boob during the TV broadcast of Monday night's game between the Washington Huskies and Texas Longhorns.

If CS is able to get a hold of her, the site says it would like to invite her to do a live one-hour webcam show next week ... and they are ready to drop some serious coin for her time.

Courtesy of ESPN/NCAA

"One could argue that she was the real MVP of the game last night," Camsoda Vice President Daryn Parker said in a statement.

"We see a lot of breasts on our platform but these certainly caught our eyes ... and all of America's. I didn’t know ESPN was into that kind of stuff!"

Of course, the network issued an apology over the accident ... saying it regrets sharing the footage for the millions of viewers tuning into the College Football Playoff matchup.

No word on if the woman is going to take Camsoda up on the deal -- she has yet to come forward following the viral moment.

Peyton Manning Se viste de Santa... Luego es emboscado con bolas de nieve de Watters

jO jO jO
Omaha Productions

Peyton Manning tuvo que experimentar la "clásica bienvenida de Filadelfia" como Santa Claus, porque después de ponerse el traje rojo fue bombardeado divertidamente con bolas de nieve de Ricky Watters y Matt Millen!

El QB del Salón de la Fama se convirtió en el blanco fácil en el episodio navideño del programa "Peyton's Places" en ESPN, donde se lo ve montando un camión de bomberos dentro del Lincoln Financial Field antes del partido de Navidad de los Eagles.

Watters, que jugó de running back para Philly durante dos temporadas, y Millen, ex linebacker y ejecutivo de la NFL, están en las gradas abucheando a Manning y luego empiezan a bombardearlo con bolas de nieve.

"¡Boo! ¡Eres un pésimo Santa!" Gritó Millen mientras lanzaba sus bolas a Peyton.

Por supuesto, este es un remake del partido de los Vikings vs. los Eagles de 1968 en Navidad, en el que los aficionados de Filadelfia empezaron a lanzar bolas de nieve a Papá Noel durante el espectáculo del descanso debido a la mala actuación y temporada de su equipo.

El tipo que se disfrazó de Papá Noel, Frank Olivo, que entonces tenía 20 años, dice que recibió más de 100 bolas de nieve durante su aparición.

Eso sí, Olivo fue elegido de entre las gradas para interpretar el papel por el director de animación de los Eagles, ya que una tormenta de nieve la noche anterior impidió que el actor original de Papá Noel llegara al partido.

Esperemos que esto no ocurra durante este partido los Giants vs. los Eagles en Navidad.

Peyton Manning Dresses Up As Santa ... Then Gets Ambushed W/ Snowballs From Watters

Omaha Productions

Peyton Manning got to experience the "classic Philly welcome" as Santa Claus ... 'cause after he put on the red suit, he was hilariously pelted with snowballs from Ricky Watters -- and Matt Millen!

The Hall of Fame QB became the sitting duck for the holiday episode of "Peyton's Places" show on ESPN, where he's riding a firetruck inside the Lincoln Financial Field ahead of the Eagles' Christmas game.

Watters -- who played running back for Philly for two seasons -- and Millen, a former linebacker and executive in the NFL, are in the stands booing Manning ... and start hitting him with snowballs.

"Boo!! You're a lousy Santa Claus!" Millen yelled while throwing bombers at Peyton.

Of course, this is a remake of the 1968 Vikings vs. Eagles game on Christmas ... where the Philly fans started throwing snowballs at Santa Claus during the halftime show due to their team's poor performance and season.

The guy who dressed up as Santa, then 20-year-old Frank Olivo, says he was hit with more than 100 snowballs during his appearance.

Mind you, Olivo was picked out from the stands to play the role by the Eagles entertainer director, since a snowstorm the previous night kept the original Santa actor from getting to the game.

Hopefully, this doesn't happen during this Giants vs. Eagles game on Christmas.

Brittney Griner Releasing Doc On Russia Drug Case ... Scripted Series On Life

Brittney Griner's story is getting the Mickey Mouse treatment -- the WNBA superstar just inked a deal with Disney, ESPN and ABC for multiple upcoming projects ... including a documentary about her Russian drug case.

"The last two years have been the most harrowing, transformative and illuminating period of my life, and I am grateful to be in a place now to share my story with the world," Griner said in a statement on Thursday.

"I’m proud to partner with ESPN and Disney to share this very personal story because of its incredible potential to inspire hope around the world and their proven ability to do just that."

The partnership also includes the development of a scripted limited series on Griner's life, which is said to already be "in the works."

Griner was arrested at a Russian airport in February 2022 for cannabis possession. She was sentenced to nine years in prison ... before the U.S. government made a deal to get her back in Dec. 2022 that involved Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout.

Since Griner's release, the center signed a one-year deal with the Phoenix Mercury -- averaging 17.5 points and 6.3 rebounds per game last season -- and has become an advocate for Americans who have been detained in another country.

"Brittney is an exceptional athlete whose hardship and resilience are nothing short of extraordinary," ESPN president Burke Magnus said. "We are thrilled to be working with her to tell the nuances of her story and feel confident that this documentary will captivate audiences everywhere."

The documentary will feature previously unreleased footage, records and letters from Griner's time in prison.

The release date is to be determined.

Theo Von Baffles Lee Corso with Picks ... On 'College GameDay'


Theo Von has entered the college football chat — and he confused the hell out of some OGs on the air … which was absolutely hilarious to watch.

ESPN tapped into the TikTok zeitgeist and hired Theo Von as their celebrity guest panelist for “College GameDay” Saturday … where he, Pat McAfee and the rest of the professional analysts sat around making picks ahead of a packed schedule.

The only difference this time around was Theo’s very unpredictable nature and rants — which certainly shone through during the telecast, especially when he was talking about the matchup between Louisville and Florida State.

Apparently, TV thought it was 2013 again … ‘cause he invoked Jameis Winston’s name to talk about the Seminoles’ chances. Only problem … Winston has long left the university, something Pat reminded Theo of … forcing him to pivot and come up with a new rationale.

It was pretty typical Theo, but Lee Corso couldn’t believe (or comprehend) what he was hearing … making for a funny-ass exchange live on TV.

If you’re unfamiliar with Theo and his brand of humor, this was a great introduction … dude’s finally breaking through into the mainstream. Gang, baby!

Peyton Manning Takes Madden Cruiser For A Spin!!!

Cruisin' With Peyton
Omaha Productions

Peyton Manning got behind the wheel of late NFL legend John Madden's bus ... hilariously attempting to steal the iconic Madden Cruiser from the Pro Football Hall of Fame!!

But no need to check the jail records ... it was all part of the quarterback's "Peyton's Places" show on ESPN, where Manning and 49ers great John Taylor got an up-close experience with the vehicle.

In a clip of the Omaha Productions project, Manning and Taylor line-hop to get right onto the bus in Canton ... before the two-time Super Bowl champ decides to make a run for it!!

Of course, Madden -- who was famously terrified of flying -- would crisscross the country in his luxurious Madden Cruiser, going from city to city, depending on his broadcasting schedule.

The whip was actually a Greyhound bus before Madden flipped it in the late '80s.

The Madden Cruiser has now been restored to its original condition ... including two color TVS, radio, two laser disc players, stereo and VHS layer.

The whole episode airs on Sunday ... and we're sure there will be a lot more debauchery.

Peyton Manning Hilariously Punts A 'Coffin Corner' ... With Pat McAfee

Omaha Productions / Peyton's Places

Peyton Manning and Pat McAfee are back together on the football field again ... and believe it or not, it's Pat who's training the Hall of Fame quarterback -- how to punt!

The former Indianapolis Colts teammates reunited at Lucas Oil Stadium this week for a Halloween episode of Peyton Places on ESPN+ (produced by Omaha Productions) ... where Peyton got a personal tutorial on how to perfect the "coffin corner."

If you're not hip to what a coffin corner is ... it's when the punter kicks the ball between the opponent's 5-yard line and the endzone, giving the offense terrible field position.

"Here Peyton, you try," McAfee said. "Nobody wants to see me punt the ball. They wanna see you do terrible with this."

Considering it's the Halloween episode, they actually placed a literal coffin on the field as a target ... and Peyton had a helluva time getting it down.

But after several tries, Manning finally had some success -- all while wearing a vest and slacks!

"You just hit it," McAfee yelled. "Let's go!!!"

Of course, getting trained by McAfee helps -- the guy's a 2-time Pro Bowl punter who booted more than 575 punts for over 26,000 yards.

The guys were teammates on the Colts from 2009 to 2011 ... right before Peyton signed with the Denver Broncos, where he won his 2nd Super Bowl.

Pat and Peyton are both TV guys now -- McAfee has his show on ESPN, and Manning has the famous "Monday Night Football" Manningcast with his brother, Eli (which airs on ESPN 2).

Now that Peyton can punt like Pat, too ... they're basically twins!!

Barry Melrose Diagnosed With Parkinson's Disease ... Stepping Away From ESPN

Barry Melrose -- considered by many to be the best NHL analyst on television -- has sadly been diagnosed with Parkinson's ... and he'll now be stepping away from his role at ESPN while he battles the disease.

Longtime ESPN personality John Buccigross just made the heartbreaking announcement minutes ago on X ... revealing Melrose will be off camera and spending time with his family for the foreseeable future.

"I've worked with Barry at ESPN for over a quarter century," Buccigross said. "Cold beers and hearty laughs in smokey cigar bars. A razor sharp wit, he was always early & looked like a million bucks. I love him. I'll miss him."

"Wayne Gretzky on a life dedicated to hockey," he added.

Melrose both played and coached in the NHL for years ... before he began breaking down games for ESPN beginning in 1996. He took a brief hiatus from the network to coach the Lightning, but returned a short time later.

He's since become a mainstay on NHL broadcasts -- so much so, commissioner Gary Bettman said Tuesday, "Hockey on ESPN won't be the same without him."

"Barry's gigantic personality and trademark style have made our game bigger, more exciting and more entertaining," Bettman said.

"His love for hockey is obvious and infectious. And it is impossible to have a conversation with him without a smile on your face."

Get well soon, Barry.


Barry Melrose —considerado por muchos como el mejor analista de la NHL en la televisión— ha sido tristemente diagnosticado con Parkinson y se alejará de ESPN mientras lucha contra la enfermedad.

John Buccigross, personalidad de ESPN desde hace mucho tiempo, acaba de hacer el desgarrador anuncio hace unos minutos en X, revelando que Melrose estará fuera de las cámaras y pasará tiempo con su familia en el futuro inmediato.

"He trabajado con Barry en ESPN durante más de un cuarto de siglo", dijo Buccigross. "Cervezas frías y carcajadas en bares llenos de humo. Ingenioso, siempre llegaba a tiempo y es sin duda un gran tipo. Lo quiero y lo voy a extrañar".

"Wayne Gretzky en una vida dedicada al hockey", añadió.

Melrose jugó y entrenó en la NHL durante años, antes de empezar a desglosar partidos para ESPN a partir de 1996. Hizo una breve pausa en la cadena para entrenar a los Lightning, pero regresó poco después.

Desde entonces se ha convertido en un pilar de las transmisiones de la NHL, tanto así, que el comisionado Gary Bettman dijo el martes: "Hockey en ESPN no será lo mismo sin él".

"La gigantesca personalidad de Barry y su estilo característico han hecho nuestro juego más grande, más emocionante y más entretenido", dijo Bettman.

"Su amor por el hockey es obvio y contagioso. Y es imposible mantener una conversación con él sin una sonrisa en la cara".

Que te mejores pronto, Barry.

Malika Andrews Accuses Man Of Terrorizing ESPN Talent ... Gets Restraining Order

Malika Andrews says a man has been terrorizing her and other ESPN on-air talent -- including Stephen A. Smith -- and things apparently got so scary ... she filed for a restraining order against the guy last week.

Andrews claims in court documents, obtained by TMZ Sports, that Ahmed Abubakar, a 41-year-old New Jersey resident, is the guy who has made her and some of her colleagues' lives a living hell for much of the past year.

She says Abubakar initially began messaging her on X in Sept. 2022 ... and while it at first seemed like actions from just an overzealous fan -- it turned into threatening and harassing behavior quickly.

She says it all grew even more disturbing when he somehow got a hold of her unlisted phone number over the summer and called her numerous times.

What's worse ... she claims Abubakar acted similarly toward Smith and "First Take" host Molly Qerim.

In fact, Andrews says Abukbakar was actually arrested in August for allegedly showing up to Qerim's Connecticut home unannounced.

In her temporary restraining order request, she also noted Abubakar had recently traveled to ESPN's Los Angeles facility looking to make contact with her, Smith and Qerim ... causing her to fear for her safety.

She asked a judge to order Abubakar to stay at least 100 yards away from her and others, including Smith and her fiance, ESPN reporter Dave McMenamin ... and hours after her filing, the TRO was granted.

A hearing on the matter has been set for later this month.

NFL 'Toy Story' Team-Up ... Simultaneous Animated Game!!!

The NFL got animated this weekend -- the shield teamed up with none other than Disney to broadcast a simultaneous version of a game that saw everybody reimagined as a toy.

Of course, we're referring to the Jags facing off against the Falcons in London ... the kickoff for which was super early. That doesn't mean Disney/ESPN wasn't ready with their big "Toy Story" skin, though -- as soon as the game started, their own cartoon stream was live.

It's exactly how it sounds ... basically, while the real game was playing out on everyone's TV, a different part of the screen was showing Disney's carbon copy universe -- where all the players were turned into toys and their on-field play was translating moment-for-moment.

The "Toy Story" stream wasn't on the main screen the entire time -- it sounds like they cut away to it during different parts of the match ... including replays/highlights, etc.

It was pretty cool to see, and the reactions online certainly reflected that ... as people were somewhat mesmerized by the technology -- not to mention all the other "Toy Story" characters being incorporated into the background and on the sidelines.

With that said, the new feature wasn't without its issues -- there were moments when the "Toy Story" would glitch up and/or not cut back to the main action in time ... and it PO'd some.

Still, it was way more good than bad ... and considering how much the "Toy Story" stuff got talked about, you can almost guarantee the NFL will try doing this again in the near future.

BTW, this isn't the first time the league has done something like this ... they've partnered with Nickelodeon in the past and had AR visuals superimposed over portions of the game -- including "slime" moments after touchdowns.

It's pretty gimmicky, but the whole idea (apparently) is to get kids more into football at a young age. Never too young to draw in a new viewer, we suppose. 😅

Vince Vaughn Cita divertidas referencias cinematográficas En 'College Game Day'

Vince Vaugh definitivamente estaba en "modo película" este fin de semana, en la previa de algunos importantes partidos de fútbol universitario, y se puede notar por las icónicas referencias que hizo durante su aparición en televisión.

El legendario actor fue la celebridad invitada el sábado en el programa de ESPN, "College Game Day", lo que tiene sentido considerando que hicieron el programa desde el campus de Notre Dame, donde la universidad estaba lista para enfrentar a Ohio State.

Vince se presentó con una chaqueta de Notre Dame mientras se sentaba en el escenario junto a Pat McAfee, Lee Corso, Desmond Howard y los demás. Por supuesto, la razón por la que llevaba esa chaqueta era importante, era por "Rudy".

De hecho, Vince protagonizó la famosa película deportiva allá por 1993, junto a Sean Astin y Jon Favreau. Por supuesto, interpretó al jugador universitario Jamie O'Hara, y se aseguró de que todo el mundo lo recordara cuando eligió a Notre Dame para ganar a los Buckeyes en directo por televisión.

Mira cómo lo dijo Vince: "Los Buckeyes son de verdad, siempre. Nunca puedes dudar de ellos. Dicho esto, yo jugué para Notre Dame. Lancé un pase. Si tuviera la mitad del corazón de Rudy, habría sido All-American en vez de elegir partidos aquí con ustedes".

Vince no terminó de soltar frases populares de sus películas, y dijo que otra de sus favoritas era "Wedding Crashers".

Esta no está exactamente relacionada con el deporte, pero sin duda capta la mentalidad de un campeón. De eso no hay duda.

Hay que querer al tipo, ¡Vince ha hablado!

Vince Vaughn Hilarious Movie References ... For 'CGD' Football Picks

Vince Vaughn was definitely in movie mode this weekend ahead of some big college football games -- and you can tell by the iconic references he made during his televised picks.

The legendary actor was the featured celebrity guest Saturday on ESPN's "College GameDay" ... which made sense considering they did the show from Notre Dame's campus, this as the university was set to face off against Ohio State.

VV showed up locked and loaded ... rocking a ND letterman jacket as he sat up on the stage alongside Pat McAfee, Lee Corso, Desmond Howard and the others. Of course, the reason him wearing the Notre Dame jacket was relevant was because of ... "Rudy."

Indeed, Vince starred in the famous sports flick ... way back in 1993, opposite Sean Astin and Jon Favreau. Of course, he played college QB Jamie O'Hara -- and made sure everyone remembered that when he picked ND to win over the Buckeyes on live TV.

Check out how Vince put it. He said, "The Buckeyes are for real, always. You can never doubt them. That being said, I played for Notre Dame -- I threw a pass. If I had half the heart of Rudy, I would have been All-American instead of picking games up here with you guys."

Vince wasn't done dropping famous lines from his movies, though ... he snuck a quick one in from another fan fave of his -- and that would be "Wedding Crashers."

Not perfectly sports-related, but certainly captures the mentality of a champion. No question about that.

Gotta love the guy ... Vince has spoken!

Shannon Sharpe Selena Used Me To Hide From Paps!!!

Shannon Sharpe believes he was a pawn in Selena Gomez's game of hide and seek with the paparazzi ... laughing off his viral moment and playfully accusing the singer of using his celeb status to her advantage.

The Hall of Famer shared his side of Wednesday's infamous interaction outside Giorgio Baldi with former Cincinnati Bengals star Chad Johnson ... and he seems to think Selena's team concocted a master plan to make a mad dash to her car without getting captured by the cameras -- using Shannon as a distraction.


Sharpe reckons Selena's party realized he was famous at some point in the night ... so when he got up to leave, they followed right behind -- hoping the photogs would be too focused on the Broncos legend.

Of course, it only half-worked -- the guy interviewing Shannon bolted from their conversation mid-sentence to get a shot of Selena ... before eventually getting back to the ESPN host.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Shannon admits he doesn't know much about the former Disney actress ... but said had he known it was her at the time, he probably would've asked for a selfie anyway.

There's always next time, Shay Shay.

Shannon Sharpe Selena Gomez Makes Him Celeb Roadkill ... Inadvertently, of Course


Shannon Sharpe is a Hall of Famer, Super Bowl champion, and on TV every day, but the NFL legend is learning a lesson in Hollywood hierarchy ... 'cause his convo with cameras outside an L.A. hotspot got derailed by Selena Gomez.

The former Broncos tight end was choppin' it up with photogs after his dinner Monday night at Giorgio Baldi ... when out of nowhere, the singer and actress showed up behind him to make her way to her car.

The camera guy quickly shifted his focus to Selena ... asking Shannon to hold his thought on Team USA's performance at the FIBA World Cup so he could get his shot of the former Disney star.

After securing his footage of Selena, the photog made his way back to Shannon and apologized for the interruption .... but the ESPN host took it like a champ, saying, "Nah, bro. You good."

The two finished their chat about sports ... with Shannon praising Deion Sanders' successful season with the Colorado Buffaloes and how he handled the death threats surrounding Colorado State player Henry Blackburn.

The clip is the perfect example of the levels of Hollywood fame -- Shannon's massive in the sports world, but Selena is undoubtedly the bigger fish overall. No one's immune to it ... except for maybe Beyoncé, Taylor Swift or Barack Obama.

So don't sweat it, Shannon ... you're big time in our book.

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