Jealous BFF In 'Princess Diaries' 'Memba Her?!

American actress Heather Matarazzo was 18 years old when she first played the role of Lilly Moscovitz -- the jealous and insecure private school girl who is besties with a princess -- in "Princess Diaries" back in 2001.

Heather shared the big screen with Anne Hathaway as the responsible, nice and at times under-the-radar princess, Mia Thermopolis, the legendary Julie Andrews as the loving yet strict Queen and Mia's grandmother, Queen Clarisse.

In 2004, Matarazoo reprised her role in "Princess Diaries 2." You might also recall seeing her as Martha Meeks In "Scream 3" back in 2000, which she brought back just last year for "Scream 5."

Guess what she looks like now!

Amy Adams 'Disenchanted' on Film ... Winter Wonderland in Real Life!!!

Amy Adams got a fairytale ending in her latest film, and it seems she's mirror-mirroring that off camera too ... hitting the slopes with her real-life family, and having a magical time.

The actress -- who recently starred in Disney's 'Disenchanted' -- was out skiing Sunday with her husband, Darren Le Gallo, and their daughter Aviana. They hit up the Mountain High Resort in Wrightwood, CA ... about a two-hour drive Northeast of central Los Angeles.

pizza slicing

Amy probably would've gone unrecognized if she'd kept her goggles on -- with the low-key outfit she was wearing, she pretty much looked like any other female skier on the mountain.

However, it looks like she stopped at one point and popped off the eyewear for a little phone time ... and, at that point, it became clear a star was in the mix. Check out the photos -- Amy seems pretty jazzed to be out there ... flashing a big smile while she was on the horn.

Speaking of AA and DLG's kid ... she actually has a mini cameo in 'Disenchanted,' which is the long-awaited sequel to 2007's 'Enchanted' -- where Amy plays a storybook princess type who's zapped into the real world. In part 2, Aviana briefly appears in a town square scene.

Following in mom's footsteps, it seems ... and perhaps even following her ski tracks down the hill too. Happily ever after, indeed.

Disney Park Patrons Flock to Splash Mountain Last Ride Before Shutdown

The days of 'Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah' at Disney parks in the U.S. are about to be long gone -- which is why folks are forming massive lines this weekend for a final go-around.

Tons of Disneyland & Disney World patrons posted photos/videos Saturday and Sunday that show them waiting for their chance to hop on a log and cruise through Splash Mountain one final time before it officially closes down for a re-imagining starting Monday.

The classic fan fave ride is going to be reworked into Tiana’s Bayou Adventure -- a riff off the movie 'The Princess and The Frog,' which features a New Orleans swampy setting. That version is expected to reopen sometime in 2024 ... so SM will go dark until at least then.

In light of this hiatus, ticket-buyers are flocking to the attraction like never before, with lines that stretch into entirely different sections of the park. We're talking hundreds of people.

Unclear how long the wait times are, but we imagine a couple hours at least. The riders don't seem to care though -- frankly, this is the last opportunity anyone is going to have to enjoy Splash Mountain as it originally was ... and it seems Disney fiends want their fill.

Splash Mountain has been around since the late '80s, and it's become a staple for many in any Disney park visit. The water ride is based on the 1946 live action/animated film 'Song of the South' ... and includes all the 'Br'er' characters from the movie -- Rabbit, Fox, Bear, etc.

The reason Splash Mountain is being remade at all is because the old movie and character have been called problematic -- namely, that they romanticize the old South and play into stereotypes about African-Americans, etc. It hasn't aged well in the 21st century.

There's been debate on whether Splash needed a facelift -- but this falls in line with other changes Disney has made to outdated rides in recent years. The times are a-changin'.🤷🏽‍♂️

Allison In 'The Ultimate Christmas Present' 'Memba Her?!

American actress Hallee Hirsh was just 12 years old when she played the role of Allie Thompson -- the 13-year-old who finds a weather machine in the woods, which prevents bad weather from delaying Christmas -- in Disney's "The Ultimate Christmas Present" back in 2000.

Hirsh shared the big screen with Brenda Song as Allie's bestie, Sam Kwan, Spencer Breslin as Allie's younger brother, Joey Thompson, Greg Kean as Allie's father, Steve Thompson and John B. Lowe as Santa Claus.

Hallee also played the role of Rachel Greene as a child in "ER" as well as Daley in "Flight 29 Down."

Guess what she looks like now!

Orlando Brown Arrested For Domestic Violence Allegedly Swung Knife & Hammer at Brother


9:35 AM PT -- We're told Matthew and Orlando are not actually blood brothers -- but that's what he told cops.


6:25 AM PT -- According to cops, Orlando's brother Matthew claims he allowed the actor to stay at a home he was renovating because Orlando is homeless -- and he didn't want him to go to a homeless shelter.


Matthew told officers Orlando was acting "crazy" inside the home, accusing him of raping his wife and then came at him with a broken off knife blade and a hammer in a threatening manner.


Matthew told cops Orlando was never able to physically strike him with the weapons, and eventually set them down.

More trouble for "That's So Raven" star Orlando Brown ... the actor's been arrested for domestic violence in Ohio.

A spokesperson for the Lima Police Department tells us they got a call about a fight in progress Thursday ... when they arrived, they came upon the former Disney star and arrested him for misdemeanor domestic violence.

It's unclear who called 911, but cops say Brown's conflict was with either a family member or another person living in the home. He's apparently been in the Ohio town for over a month -- with fans tweeting about seeing him around Lima.

Brown's online booking record shows the charge as "domestic violence - cause belief of imminent physical harm by threat of force."

APRIL 2018

As we've reported, OB's had a lot of problems with the law over the last few years. You'll recall he was busted in his underwear on an outstanding warrant back in 2018. He was also arrested previously for narcotics possession and alleged burglary.

He's also had some dealings with Dr. Phil -- including a time when some friends tried to stage an intervention for the actor.

Originally published -- 12:30 AM PT

Guess Who This Swagged Out Kid Turned Into!

Before this cool kid on her rocking horse turned into an advocate, actress and singer ... she was just riding her toy horse til she couldn't anymore, looking like the coolest kid in her overalls and growing up in the Lone Star state.

After a successful career on Disney Channel, she worked her way into the music industry and has garnered over 364 million followers on Instagram. This A-lister has always killed her haters with kindness and has been recognized globally for her mental health advocacy.

Need one more clue? "Hands To Myself!"

Can you guess who she is?

Minka Kelly & Dan Reynolds Fairytale Romance ... Hits the Happiest Place on Earth!!!

Minka Kelly and Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds are keeping their love fest going strong as the holidays approach, and what better place to show it off than the House of Mouse.

The newly-minted couple hit Disneyland this weekend for a very public outing, where they were cuddled up pretty much the entire time ... looking pretty smitten with one another.

DR was rocking a hoodie and an extra jacket and Minka had a pretty elaborate coat of her own with a pair of jeans and a baseball cap to top it all off.

It's definitely sweater weather in SoCal lately ... those winter temps are starting to set in -- below 65 degrees -- equivalent to the ice age for the area.

Anyway, Dan and Minka are continuing to embrace the cameras as boyfriend and girlfriend -- and they weren't shy at all about embracing each other either. Dan had his arm wrapped around Minka for much of their day date, and she was leaning into him a lot as well.

The two of them did all the Disney stuff you could imagine ... hitting rides, watching a parade and strolling through shops.

love at the mouse house

At one point while they sat for a meal with some friends in tow, Minka even snuck in a kiss on Dan's cheek. There was a lot of laughing and smiles between both of them -- so, yeah ... they look really happy together.

Unclear exactly how long the romance has been going on, but the first photos of them hanging out surfaced last month. Since then, they've been out and about all over town.

Something tells us there's mistletoe in the near future for these two.

Chloe Simon In '102 Dalmatians' 'Memba Her?!

British-American actress Alice Evans was 32 years old when she was cast as Chloe Simon -- the probation officer and owner of dogs Dottie, Dipstick and their three puppies -- in Disney's adventure/comedy film "102 Dalmatians" back in 2000.

Evans shared the big screen with Glenn Close as the main antagonist who is rude and mean, Cruella de Vil, Ioan Gruffudd as the Second Chance animal shelter owner and Chloe's boyfriend, Kevin Sheperd, Tim McInnerny as Cruella's right-hand man (not necessarily by choice), Alonzo and Gérard Depardieu as the fashionista helping Cruella make her puppy fur coat, Jean-Pierre Le Pelt.

Guess what she looks like now!

Guess Who This Playful Kid Turned Into!

Before this cute kid on her yellow telly turned into an actress and model, she was just cooking up a storm in her kiddy kitchen and getting ready for Turkey Day while growing up in sunny Los Angeles.

This beauty enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving dinner next to Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw in a hit popular drama/sports movie, but in real life, you can find her at the dinner table with her uber-talented musician father.

Need one more clue? She starred in a Netflix series taking place in Paris!

Can you guess who she is?

Elton John Disney+ Concert Closed Captioning Hack??? 'Donald Trump' Written in Broadcast

Disney+ customers tuning in to watch Elton John from the comfort of their couch got some unwanted politics mixed in with their music ... all thanks to an apparent hack of the streaming service's closed captioning feature.

Viewers reported on several occasions the name "Donald Trump" mixed in with the captioned lyrics during Sunday night's live broadcast. It appears to have happened during the songs "Levon" and "Candle in the Wind."

One Twitter user wrote, "Disney will be firing someone. They snuck Donald Trump into the closed captioning of the Elton John Live concert for about 30 seconds and then started to delete it." Another said, "The caption on this Elton John concert said “Donald Trump” for like a full minute.


The show, from Dodgers Stadium, marked the last of the U.S. leg of Elton's farewell tour, before he hits Europe and other parts of the world. Elton was also joined by Dua Lipa and Kiki Dee during the event.

We've reached out to Disney, but so far, the company has not offered up an explanation as to what happened.

Woody Fink In 'The Suite Life On Deck' 'Memba Him?!

American actor Matthew Timmons was just 15 years old when he was first cast as Woody Fink -- the curly-haired high school student who does his absolute best embracing his 'different' appearance -- in Disney's sitcom "The Suite Life On Deck" back in 2008.

Timmons was accompanied by Cole Spouse as the smart brother who is into classical music, Cody Martin, Brenda Song as the spoiled, air-headed gal, London Tipton and Dylan Sprouse as the goofball who doesn't take things too seriously, Zack Martin.

Matthew reprised his role as Woody in the 2011 film "The Suite Life Movie."

Guess what he looks like now!

Margot Robbie Disney Yanks 'Pirates' Movie ... Olive Branch for Johnny???

Margot Robbie won't be sailing off in a 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movie after all ... which could be a good sign for Johnny Depp.

The actress revealed her would-be 'POTC' film is dead at Disney in a new interview with Vanity Fair. Margot explained they'd been developing an idea with her as a lead for a few years now, but at this point ... she says it's been killed.

As for why ... all MR said was, "I guess they don't want to do it." It's interesting ... earlier this year an OG producer on the 'Pirates' franchise, Jerry Bruckheimer, said 2 'Pirates' scripts were in active development at the Mouse House, including one with Margot.

He also left the door open for a possible reunion with Depp, although he noted JD wasn't attached at that time. Since then, the guy's been successful in court and is attempting a career comeback -- and based on his milestones thus far, you could argue he's achieving it.

No official word on Disney and Johnny linking back up for more Jack Sparrow -- a partnership that grossed the studio upwards of nearly $2 billion -- but, the fact they're scrapping the Margot idea entirely might be a signal they're musing about another JD installment.

That, or maybe they're just done with mythical pirates in general. Probably not, though.

NYC Fugitive Nabbed at Disney World!!! Accused Of PPP Loan Fraud

There's no magic at the Magic Kingdom, not for an NYC fugitive who successfully dodged the law for a year ... only to be captured at the so-called happiest place on Earth!!! 😂

Quashon Burton was reportedly kicking it at Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom park in October when federal postal inspector Jeff Andre spotted him.

Eagle-eyed Jeff identified Burton by a distinctive "H" tattoo on his neck, and reported him to cops ... who caught up to Burton about an hour later. They reportedly found him with 2 family members while they were sitting at a bus stop in the park.

Cops say Burton wouldn't produce any ID and resisted arrest, so they took him down to the ground ... and later ID him with fingerprints.

Officials say Burton ran from his home in Brooklyn last year after fraudulently obtaining over $150K in forgivable PPP loans from the government, and allegedly used multiple identities to get cash out of an ATM at an NYC post office.

He's being held without bail, as NY prosecutors believe he's an "extreme" flight risk.

The lesson here -- even the mouse house can't protect ya from the feds!!!

Disney Sued Taken To Court Over 'Frozen 2' Song ... Hey, That's My Track!!!

Disney and 2-time EGOT winner Robert Lopez are being taken to court by a songwriter that claims his 2001 track was stolen and used in "Frozen 2" ... and he allegedly came to the conclusion while in the theater with his kid.

According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, musician Daniel Grigson first heard the song "Some Things Never Change" while watching "Frozen 2" in theaters at the end of November 2019 ... and as the song was being performed, he says he got up out of his seat in shock.

The docs say the track's beat, rhythm, feel, theme, and words caught him off guard -- because Grigson claims it's basically IDENTICAL to his song, "That Girl," from decades ago.

Grigson says his eyes were wide open while standing in the theater -- once he sat back down with his head in his hands, he claims his 11-year-old daughter leaned over to him and said, "Dad, Disney took your song."

Grigson says he hired an analyst to compare the 2 tracks -- coming to the conclusion that not only do the songs sound alike, but both are also similar on a technical level.

He now wants Disney and Lopez to fork over profits made from the song ... and for the company to stop using the track.

Guess Who This Spooky Gal Turned Into!

Before this stitched-up kiddo was playing on your radios and acting on your screens, she was just a sweet, little girl with huge dreams of becoming a performer and growing up in Dallas, Texas

A true musician ... she was just a youngster when she learned to play the piano and the guitar. And, don't let those talents take away from her voice that is sure to rock your house! It wasn't too long before she started acting on the PBS network.

Need one more clue? She recently turned the big Dirty 30!

Can you guess who she is?

Stars Dressed As Disney Characters ... M-I-C-K-E-WOW!!!

These celebrities clearly had Disney on their minds for Halloween ... 'cause they went ALL OUT dressing up as some of their favorite animated characters!!!

Allison Williams, Khloe Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner are only some of the big names that took serious inspo from the 'House of Mouse' ... and they all look pretty damn good doin' it!

Kris Jenner didn't hold back, dressing up as Jack Skellington from "The Nightmare Before Christmas" ... singer Chase Hudson -- AKA Huddy -- also put in the work to look like the 'Bone Daddy' himself.

Social media star Cameron Dallas and his boo Madisyn Menchaca fell down the rabbit hole one year ... donning some serious costume detail to portray Alice and The Mad Hatter from "Alice in Wonderland."

It might've all started with a mouse, but it clearly ain't ending there for these celebs!!!

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