Ncuti Gatwa "El mundo celebra la mediocridad blanca"

Ncuti Gatwa está criticando las actitudes hacia los actores negros, diciendo que tienen que actuar impecablemente para conseguir el reconocimiento de la gente, mientras que la "mediocridad blanca" es amada por las masas.

Gatwa, que interpretará al primer médico negro de la serie "Doctor Who", habló con Attitude para su edición de mayo/junio, en donde le preguntaron por la reacción que había suscitado su icónico papel.

Por si no lo saben, el personaje principal de "Doctor Who" cambia de actor con regularidad, como James Bond, y todos los actores que habían interpretado el papel antes eran blancos. Algunos fans incluso protestaron cuando el actor ruandés-escocés asumió el papel.

Ncuti Gatwa First Black 'Doctor Who' ... White Mediocrity Celebrated!!!

Ncuti Gatwa's blasting attitudes toward Black actors ... saying they've got to perform flawlessly to get love -- while "white mediocrity" is loved by the masses.

Gatwa -- who's the first Black Doctor in the show "Doctor Who" -- spoke with Attitude for its May/June issue ... when he was asked about the backlash to him taking over the iconic role.

If you don't know ... the main character in "Doctor Who" changes actors regularly -- sorta like James Bond -- and every actor before NG who played the role was white. Some fans protested when the Rwandan-Scottish actor took over the part.


Barry Keoghan and Sabrina Carpenter took their budding romance to the Happiest Place on Earth -- hitting up Disneyland's sister park, where the cool kids go.

Check out these photos, obtained by TMZ, which show the singer and actor hanging out Wednesday at Disney's California Adventure with a group of friends ... where they all seemed to bouncing around and having a good time.

Specifically, we're told they hit up the theme park's Mendocino Terrace wine lounge at one point ... yes, this is the park that actually serves booze, and they wanted adult beverages it seems.

Kanye West, Bianca Censori Disneyland Shocker ... No X-Rated Display

Kanye West and Bianca Censori were the center of attention at Disneyland, but not for some X-rated public display ... just family-friendly fun, sans any kids.

The couple was out Tuesday at the Happiest Place on Earth -- and they were appropriately clothed ... yes, Bianca too. Ye and BC strolled about with all the normies through the famous California theme park, even hitting the Star Wars Nite experience at one point.

Instagram / @j.ace.m, TikTok / @officallyjordanmoore, @imdarthavenger

Check it out ... Kanye and Bianca seemed to be in great spirits, smiling while making small talk and holding hands. The lovebirds were also filmed hand in hand walking down a winding path as they headed in and around Disneyland. Like we said, no children were in tow.

Kanye West, Bianca Censori Sorpresa en Disney... Sin exhibicionismo X

Kanye West y Bianca Censori fueron el centro de atención en Disneyland, pero no porque hicieran alguna exhibición pública para mayores, sino que por andar divirtiéndose, sin niños.

La pareja estuvo en el lugar más feliz del mundo el martes y estaban vestidos apropiadamente. Sí, Bianca también. Ambos pasearon junto a todos los normales por el famoso parque temático de California, incluso fueron a la experiencia de Star Wars Nite.

Un día en la casa de Mickey Mosue
Instagram / @j.ace.m, TikTok / @officallyjordanmoore, @imdarthavenger

Echa un vistazo, Kanye y Bianca parecían estar de muy buen humor, mientras sonreían, conversaban y se tomaban de la mano. Los tortolitos también fueron filmados de la mano caminando por un camino sinuoso mientras se dirigían a algún lugar dentro de Disneyland. Como hemos dicho, no había ningún niño presente.

Gabriel Iglesias Stuck On A SoCal Freeway ... Inside Disney Theme Park!!!


Gabriel Iglesias needed roadside assistance near Radiator Springs ... 'cause Fluffy got stuck on Disney's "Cars" ride -- and had to sweat it out in the hot SoCal sun.

The stand-up comedian tells TMZ ... he hit up California Adventure Tuesday in Anaheim, CA with his family, and the group decided to go for a quick spin on Radiator Spring Racers -- a high-speed roller coaster based on the Pixar movie "Cars."

Welp, it didn't move quite so quickly this time around ... 'cause Gabriel tells us his car got stuck during the fast-moving final stretch of the ride -- and he's got the receipts to prove it.

Jonathan Majors No Jail Time in Assault Case ... Intervention Instead

Jonathan Majors' punishment for the guilty verdict in his assault and harassment trial is in ... and he's avoided jail time.

The actor went into court Monday in NYC with his attorney and his girlfriend, Meagan Good, by his side. He looked solemn and serious, and didn't stop for questions. A judge sentenced him to a one-year intervention program that'll be completed in L.A.


As part of his program, he'll have to do 12 months of counseling ... one session per week over the course of 52 weeks. The D.A.'s office says if he doesn't comply with the conditions set here, he could face time behind bars.

Ron DeSantis Settles Retaliation Suit w/ Disney ... Over 'Don't Say Gay' Saga

Ron DeSantis and Disney have buried the hatchet in court over their nearly year-long war regarding his 'Don't Say Gay' bill ... and it seems the Gov. and co. gave in.

Board members for the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District -- which took over Disney's Reedy Creek -- signed off on terms for a settlement Wednesday with the entertainment giant ... bringing a close to their ongoing litigation, something Disney initiated last year.


Disney says, "This agreement opens a new chapter of constructive engagement with the new leadership of the district and serves the interests of all parties by enabling significant continued investment and the creation of thousands of direct and indirect jobs and economic opportunity in the State."

Zeke On 'Zeke And Luther' 'Memba Him?!

American actor Hutch Dano was 16 years old when he started playing Ezekiel Falcone AKA "Zeke" -- who was determined to become the world's greatest skateboarder with his bestie, Luther -- on Disney's sitcom "Zeke and Luther" back in 2009.

Playing Zeke's best friend was actor Adam Hicks -- the cup-stacking champ and big-time gamer, Luther, Daniel Curtis Lee played Zeke and Luther's cocky skating rival, Kojo, and Ryan Whitney portrayed Zeke's smart, younger sister who played the flute, Ginger.

Dano got real on the "TMZ Verified" podcast and broke down his time on "Zeke and Luther".

Guess what he looks like now!

ZEKE EN "ZEKE Y LUTHER" ¿Lo recuerdas?

El actor estadounidense Hutch Dano tenía 16 años cuando empezó a interpretar a Ezekiel Falcone, alias "Zeke", decidido a convertirse en el mejor skater del mundo junto a su mejor amigo, Luther, en la comedia de Disney "Zeke y Luther" en 2009.

El mejor amigo de Zeke era el actor Adam Hicks, que interpretaba a Luther, el campeón y gran jugador, Daniel Curtis Lee, que interpretaba a Kojo, el engreído rival de Zeke y Luther, y Ryan Whitney interpretaba a Ginger, la inteligente hermana pequeña de Zeke que tocaba la flauta.

Dano se sinceró en el podcast "TMZ Verified" y desmenuzó su etapa en "Zeke y Luther".

Adivina qué aspecto tiene ahora.


El actor y músico estadounidense -Jason Dolley- era solo un adolescente en 2006 cuando saltó al estrellato infantil protagonizando exitosos programas de Disney, donde interpretó a Virgil Fox en "Minutemen", Pete Ivey en "Hatching Pete" y PJ Duncan en "Good Luck Charlie".

Tras su exitosa carrera de 8 años en Disney, se centró en su educación y se licenció Magna Cum Laude en Filosofía por la Universidad Luterana de California.

Dolley consiguió papeles en películas como Staged Killer, The Devil's Advocate y Waltz of the Angels, así como en series de televisión, The Ranch y American Housewife.

Y, hace poco, se reencontró con su compañero de reparto en "Good Luck Charlie", Bradley Steven Perry.

Adivina qué aspecto tiene ahora.

Disney Star Jason Dolley 'Memba Him?!

American actor and musician Jason Dolley was just a teen in 2006 when he rose into child stardom -- starring on hit Disney shows ... like playing Virgil Fox on "Minutemen", Pete Ivey on "Hatching Pete" and PJ Duncan on "Good Luck Charlie".

After his successful 8 year run on Disney, he focused on his education and graduated Magna Cum Laude from California Lutheran University and got his bachelors in Philosophy.

Dolley landed roles ins films like "Staged Killer," "The Devil's Advocate" and "Waltz of the Angels," as well as TV shows, "The Ranch" and "American Housewife."

And, he recently reunited with his "Good Luck Charlie" cast mate, Bradley Steven Perry.

Guess what he looks like now!

Ex-Disney Star Hutch Dano I Feel for Drake Bell ... Disney Protected Me, No Issues

While Drake Bell was living through a nightmare at Nickelodeon -- another fellow child star from a competing network says the Mouse House protected him during his own run.


Hutch Dano -- an actor who appeared in "The Suite Life on Deck" and "Zeke and Luther" in his youth -- sat down for an interview with TMZ Verified this week ... and he told us he never experienced any abuse while working for Disney, unlike Drake at Nick.

Dano says his heart goes out to the victims of abuse -- including Drake -- but he himself was never one of them ... something he says he'd absolutely admit if there was any truth to it.

HD described what his experience was like on set as a kid -- telling us he only worked with some of the best professionals in the biz on every project, adding he felt Disney did a good job keeping its actors safe. It's not a dig ... Dano's just recounting his own experience.

HD says he considers himself lucky -- as others in his position were obviously subjugated to terrible things ... and big picture, he says he's happy this issue is being brought to the light.

As we reported Drake is set to recount what happened between him and his one-time dialogue coach Brian Peck ... who was convicted of molesting Drake in the early 2000s. The full interview sharing Drake's story will air in full later this weekend ... and it's apparently brutal.

As you may know, Peck pled no contest to performing a lewd act with a 14 or 15-year-old and to oral copulation with a 16-year-old back in 2004 -- and Drake reveals the guy even had a lot of stars step up to bat for him and his character, both in person and in letters.

Our full convo with Hutch can be heard on TMZ Verified, available on all podcast platforms. The Nickelodeon doc 'Quiet On Set' premieres on ID from 9 PM to 11 PM ET/PT on March 17 and March 18.

Taylor Swift Promo en el cartel de Hollywood es cancelada... Falsa alarma!!!


12:22 PM PT -- Philip Sokoloski de FilmLA, la empresa que maneja los permisos para este rodaje, le dice a TMZ que acaba de ser informado por un colega que se ha cancelado oficialmente todo el rodaje que estaba previsto para el miércoles.

No se sabe exactamente por qué, pero nos dicen que la producción no seguirá adelante. Es probable que el equipamiento que estaba montado allí sea retirado pronto.

11:37 AM PT -- Disney+ dice que Taylor Swift no asistirá ni actuará el miércoles durante el rodaje.

Taylor Swift estaría preparando un espectáculo en el cartel de Hollywood en el marco de su gran debut en Disney + y los vecinos están enojados al respecto, según ha averiguado TMZ.

Los residentes que viven cerca del famoso punto de referencia cerca de Griffith Park en Los Ángeles están en pie de guerra por una producción que ha tenido lugar toda la semana y donde está programado que se filme algo grande el miércoles. Esto, de acuerdo con un permiso para grabar que han recibido los vecinos de la zona.

TMZ obtuvo una copia de uno de esos avisos que, por cierto, confirmamos que también está en manos de las autoridades, pues los policías fueron avisados de que la filmación se realizará mañana en el emblemático cartel y explica con bastante claridad lo que ocurre.

Echa un vistazo al aviso, este dice que van a rodar para "Disney + TS" y que tendrá lugar a lo largo de Mulholland Highway, justo debajo del propio cartel de Hollywood. La preparación para el rodaje se realizará durante todo el día martes y está programado que las cámaras empiecen a filmar durante todo el miércoles.

La producción trabajará para desarmar todo y limpiar el jueves, que es por eso que los vecinos de los alrededores están tan furiosos, nos dicen.

Nos comentan que los residentes de los alrededores sienten que esto es una monstruosidad enorme y no solo eso, que también está creando un montón de tráfico peatonal y alboroto que está alterando su paz y vida cotidiana. Nos dicen que ha habido una gran cantidad de comunicación interna entre las diferentes asociaciones de viviendas y otras organizaciones y digamos que la gente de allí no está feliz con la presencia de Taylor Swift.

Desafortunadamente para ellos, el espectáculo continuará y como se puede ver, habrá un poco de fotografía aérea también. Nos han dicho que se espera la presencia de drones... posiblemente muchos de ellos. Por cierto, antes de que los Swifties empiecen a subir a la colina no hay nada en el permiso que diga explícitamente que Taylor va a realizar todo esto.

Por supuesto, esta actuación tendría lugar un día antes de que la película del concierto de Taylor "Eras" Tour se estrene en Disney +, aunque será una "versión de Taylor", con 4 canciones adicionales.

Disney ha estado promocionando con bombos y platillos este lanzamiento y pueden imaginarse que están encantados de ser la compañía que eligió Taylor para lanzar su película porque fue un gran éxito en los cines.

Tiene sentido que estén preparando algo grande para promoverlo aún más.

Nada como ver a Taylor cantando en una de las atracciones más icónicas de Estados Unidos, y posiblemente de toda la historia. No podemos esperar a ver lo que va a hacer. Queda solo un día para que empiece el show.

Nos pusimos en contacto con Film L.A. y con el equipo de Taylor, pero hasta ahora no hemos tenido respuesta.

Taylor Swift H'Wood Sign Disney Shoot Nixed ... False Alarm, Everyone!!!


12:22 PM PT -- Philip Sokoloski of FilmLA -- the company handling the permitting for this shoot -- tells TMZ ... he was just informed by a colleague that they've gotten word the whole shoot that was scheduled for Wednesday is now officially off.

No word on exactly why, but we're told the production will not move forward. Any equipment that was out there between yesterday and today is likely to be packed up and removed soon.

11:37 AM PT -- Disney+ says Taylor Swift will not be in attendance or be performing on Wednesday during the shoot.

Taylor Swift and the Hollywood sign are going to be one and the same this week ahead of her big debut on Disney+ -- and neighbors there are pissed about it ... TMZ has learned.

Residents who live by the famed landmark near Griffith Park in Los Angeles are up in arms over a production that's been ramping up all week -- which is scheduled to shoot something big on Wednesday ... this according to the film permit notice neighbors have received.

TMZ has obtained a copy of one of those permit notices -- which, BTW, we've confirmed law enforcement is in possession of as well, with cops being put on notice that filming's going down the H'wood sign tomorrow -- and it spells out pretty clearly what's going down.

Check out the notice yourself ... it says they'll be filming for "Disney + TS" and it'll be taking place along Mulholland Highway -- right below the Hollywood sign itself. Prep for the shoot is taking place all day Tuesday, and cameras are scheduled to be rolling all day Wednesday.

Come Thursday ... that's when the production will work on breaking everything down and clearing out -- which is why we're told neighbors around there are furious over all this.

We're told residents in the vicinity feel like this is a massive eyesore, and not just that -- but it's creating a bunch of foot traffic and ruckus that's disturbing their peace and way of life. We're told there's been a lot of internal communication among different home associations and other orgs ... and let's just say, folks there aren't happy with the production.

Unfortunately for them, the show will go on ... and as you can see, there'll be some aerial photography happening as well. We're told drones are expected to be in the mix ... possibly a lot of them. BTW, before Swifties start hiking up the hill ... there's nothing in the permit to explicitly suggest Taylor is going to perform at this thing.

Of course, this performance would be happening one day before Taylor's "Eras" Tour concert movie drops on Disney+ -- although, it'll be a "Taylor's Version" drop, with 4 extra songs.

Disney's been plugging the hell out of this release -- and you gotta imagine they're stoked to be the company Taylor decided to release her film on ... 'cause it was a huge hit in theaters.

Makes sense they'd be doing something big and splashy to promote it even further.

We've reached out to Film L.A. and Taylor's camp ... so far, no word back.

Originally Published -- 10:07 AM PT

Zendaya Good Genes Or Good Docs?!

Zendaya's looks over the years have been EUPHORIC!

Here is a 13-year-old version of a young Zendaya showcasing her winning smile on the Santa Monica Pier back in 2010 (left). This was her breakout year playing Rocky Blue on Disney's "Shake It Up".

And, 14 years later the gorgeous gal hit New York City and brought her striking brows and beauty to the "Dune: Part Two" premiere at the Lincoln Center earlier this week (right).

Yes, she continues to raise brows around the world (and Tom Holland's of course) with her stunning looks, but the question here is ...

Zendaya ...

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