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John Mayer: The Great Mediator

1/19/2007 1:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John MayerWith controversy swirling around the set of "Grey's Anatomy," someone needs to step in and heal the wounds that Isaiah Washington has inflicted. That someone might just be -- John Mayer.

In his blog, Mayer suggests the way to unite the cast and right the wrongs Washington has caused, is to make his character gay. Mayer asks, "What better way for an actor to get to the roots of his discrimination than by portraying the very subject of his own ire for the remainder of his contract?"

But Mayer didn't stop there. He even outlined two scenes; one paints Washington's character as the webmaster of the fan site for the glam rock band Scissor Sisters -- who also bakes tea cookies. The other suggests that a caged tiger be on set at all times to keep Washington in line.

If the whole music thing doesn't work out (although with a total of five Grammy noms for "Continuum" and Try! we doubt it), Mayer might have a career in writing for television.


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Honestly, who cares what advice John Mayer gives the cast of Grey's Atanomy. Who is he anyway? Noone cared what he thought before and noone cares now. He thinks just because he is dating Jessica Simpson people care about him. Wrong.

2778 days ago


The sick thing is - he's right...and Grey's ratings would soar! They should cast Rosie O'donell in the first episode and just milk this cow for what its worth! WAY TO GO JOHN BABY! -Waukisha

2778 days ago


HA HA HA....why don't you stick to witting songs......Oh and dating Jessica..... looks like Jessica is rubbing on you a little bit..... have you also stopped eating chicken ? LOL (referring to the chicken of the sea statement made by brainiac Jessica).....

2778 days ago

ReallyIgnorantin Texas?    

Perfect answer.

2778 days ago



You're a tool. I can't believe you went to a prestigious music school just to sell out.

2778 days ago


That is a great idea! Not sure about the scenes he outlined, but making Isaiah Washington play a gay man would be awesome and a great way for him to apologize to the public for his comments.

2778 days ago


he already played a homosexual character in a spike lee movie.

2778 days ago


****stands up and applauds********

Nice One John!!!! I always enjoyed your blogs!!!

2778 days ago


I have not watched since episode 1 but if they did that I would be tuned in, and I am sure I am not the only one!!! John for Prez!

2778 days ago


Isn't this a free country? I don't get it when Washington call TR a gay(when TR himself has admitted he is a gay) he should be fire. I am an African and I have a nephew who has been rejected by our entire family because he is a gay. Like he always tell people, he had accepted our honestly and understand our rejection. I migrated 5 years ago to the states, I was blessed to have every American to be my friend(white, African American, Hispanic etc.) During my first month at the company, I was told by nearly everybody on the job who was gay. It is a normal pattern here, they pretend to fit well with gay people, but they don't really like gay people.

2777 days ago


Who the hell he thinks he is ? John Ford ?

2777 days ago

Mad Balls    

I suggested the same outcome in writing the Character Isiah plays to " come out " last november . How Original mr. Mayer ! Dickhead . Hope you see my line about the sex change for Isiah very soon in your blog . Glad to see you read from . Remember , no sweets for Jessica after 9.00 pm . Dickhead .

2777 days ago


I personally think that Washington should be fired from the network and replaced by "The Wire"s Idris Elba. He has to be the sexiest man alive and would be a wonderful addition to the cast!

2777 days ago

Great Dane    

Um, I wouldn't mind making Dr. Burke kiss a MAN.....I think that would really be putting his money where his mouth is....he is an actor, let's see him act....because his fake ass apology, wasn't doing it for me.....and about 85% of the other people that voted on the TMZ pole today.....

2777 days ago


john you got an awesome idea regarding grey's anatomy star...

2777 days ago
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