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Katie Rees: I Got Screwed

1/20/2007 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katie Rees was apparently so drunk the night she took the infamous photos that got her booted as Miss Nevada, she doesn't even remember taking them. You don't say?

"When I saw them, I was shocked," a tearful Rees told "Inside Edition." "We were just out being goofy girls and celebrating. We had a few drinks. That night, I don't think I thought about much of anything, to be honest with you."

She claims that, unlike Miss USA Tara Conner, she was unfairly treated. "These are things that I didn't do during my reign as Miss Nevada. These are things that were done three years prior to knowing that I would be a public figure. I don't see why these pictures change the person that I was when I won it."

Not so fast, Katie. We found another photo of you pulling the exact same stunts on a different night in a different bar!

Britney to Isaac: Next!

Another one bites the dust? Alas, Britney Spears is already bored with her latest boytoy, Isaac Cohen.

While pounding the pavement looking for the next hot party, Brit announced to the paparazzi that she and Isaac were over, reports Perez Hilton. After the "peanut butter" incident, maybe Isaac literally realized what a mess he had gotten himself into.

Meanwhile, Brit came dangerously close to bumping into two of her other exes in Las Vegas. A day after the party girl left Sin City, Kevin Federline was spotted checking out a Justin Timberlake concert. Is an unlikely friendship about to blossom?

O.J. Throws Bucks at Goldman to Shut Him Up

O.J. Simpson wants to give Fred Goldman, father of Ron Goldman, a cut of his loot. According to the New York Daily News, Simpson is willing to give Goldman "a percentage" of his future earnings -- for him to just get off his back. "Fred Goldman needs to get rid of the anger and deal with this as a business deal," says Simpson's attorney. To that, Goldman says, "No way in hell I'd enter into a business arrangement that benefits him. He belongs on a gurney with a needle in his arm to end his life."

Party Favors: Bloomberg Trumps Donald When It Comes to Trash ... Anderson Cooper Paid $4 Million a Year to Stay at CNN ... Keri Russell Is Pregnant

Donald Trump recently complained about the fact that a sanitation department garage was being built down the street from his new Trump SoHo Hotel. But New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg made it clear the garage wasn't going to budge. "Donald Trump's one of those guys that certainly speaks his mind," he said on his WABC-AM show. "Nobody wants these things in their neighborhoods, and they got to be some place. That's the bottom line" ... CNN extended Anderson Cooper's contract, paying him a whopping $4 million a year. He previously earned an estimated $2 million a year ... Former "Felicity" star Keri Russell and her fiancé, Shane Deary, are expecting their first baby this summer.

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No Avatar

Mountains out of molehills    

I agree with Fred Goldman!

2771 days ago


Honestly, I think OJ is out of his mind. His lawyer is just as deranged. To say that Fred Goldman needs to get rid of his anger... I mean, really, that's just too much. OJ is a murder and need to be taken care of once and for all.

2771 days ago


i cant help but agree with miss nevada. miss usa has been given "permission" to act the way she did.
the one thing miss nevada might want to do is only drink in the privacy of her own home with no one else around, because apparently she has some personal issues that only come to the surface when her inhibitions are lowered.

2771 days ago

in the know    

FYI, the peanut butter incident was Isaac's fault not Britney. I realize she does alot of irresponsible things but everything that goes on in the world in not Britney's fault. She has not had an album out in years yet you keep reporting on her every move constantly. If she has no chance of a music comeback she certainly gets as much attention by the media as A-listers. Remember any publicity for a star is good publicity. Good example: K-fed's superbowl commercial. His negative publicity got him a spot in the Superbowl. Stop giving Britney non stop publicity and maybe she will go back to raising her kids and making her album.

2771 days ago


Isaac run, run like the wind.
Be thankful you got out alive.

2771 days ago


To Miss Nevada: Sweetheart if your drinking makes you stupid ass sh*t like that, then you need to stop drinking. Those pictures were NASTY. And you she be embarrassed!!! Not making excuses or defending them. Secondly, didn't your mama ever tell you, don't do something today you'll regret down the road? Your porn pictures, like Miss America's Vanessa Williams, do not fit into the Miss Nevada/USA image. You had to go!!

2771 days ago

The whole family ought to go back to their double-wide in Looziana    

Katie Rees pics without the stars......

2771 days ago


Awww, poor widdle Katiebaby! "Oh, but I didn't do any of those naughty things while I was Miss Nevada!" Ok, idiot, if you become pre-school teacher and someone finds a video of you beating a kid 3 years earlier, you're gonna lose your job. Same thing. The dumb things you do while young can and will come back to haunt you later in life. And now she's gonna get paid million$ to judge a "fake orgasm" contest? Yeah, nice to see that she's trying to get back her "wholesome" (whoresome?) image.

2771 days ago

Jamie Lynn    

Katie Rees a f***ing dyke ass slut. She probably got screwed alright, by some biker babe!...Britney becoming the whore she always dreamed about becoming. Moving from boy to boy!...OJ is an idiot as well as Fred is a whiner!

2771 days ago


Kati Rees needs to remember that she posted comments on the internet talking about how she took psychedelic mushrooms and that was possibly just last spring. She should know that nothing really disappears once posted on the net, so don't bother to be all virginal and cutsie now, Kati, we all know you drink and more. The horse has left the barn already!

2771 days ago

My two cents    

Whether OJ pays Mr. Goldman or not, justice will NEVER be served for the death of Ron Goldman or Nicole Simpson. Money will NEVER replace these two innocent lives. I remain appalled that OJ still walks the streets and was never convicted at his murder trial so many years ago. I have hoped for years that some crazy would come out of the woodwork and slit OJ's throat and let HIM die a horrible death as Ron and Nicole did. Somehow if I was on THAT jury, I would NEVER convict OJ's killer. I'd let him walk. We can only hope OJ burns in hell.

2771 days ago


OJ sure represents the grieving husband lol! It still boggles the mind that he got off because the glove didn't fit perfectly. Johnny Cochran was a fantastic lawyer but had no morals by representing that murderer. Never mind Fred Goldman or Denise Brown or any of the grieving relatives...we, the public, are just as outraged that this piece of sh*t is not only free but has the audacity to try and profit from it. He is a complete sleaze bag..through and through.

2771 days ago


Britney is not only a slut she's a horrible role model to the
10/12 year olds who idolize her and buy her CD's.
As for her mom skills, I bet when she walks in the room
her kids say, "Don't tell me, you look familiar, what's your name again"?

2771 days ago


So Katie's excuse is that she was too drunk to remember? Um, yeah, the fact that you were sh*t-faced drunk while you were underage suddenly makes it all better. Or does she think that being drunk will make Trump feel sorry for her (like Miss USA) and give her back the crown? What an idiot.

2771 days ago


Katie Reese tongue is disgusting. Please tell her to keep it in her mouth.

2771 days ago
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