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Rosie vs. Oprah

in Another Bitchfest?

1/22/2007 1:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rosie O'Donnell, Oprah WinfreyRosie O'Donnell took to her blog again, this time taking swipe at the Talk Queen herself, Oprah Winfrey.

At issue was Oprah's interview last Thursday with kidnap victim Shawn Hornbeck and his family. Rosie, in her non-sensical, haiku-meets-illiterate-rambling kinda way, refers to Hornbeck on her blog as "paraded out for america to see." She goes on:

"after 4 years captive
a new haircut couldn't hide
his tormented eyes"

But Rosie -- long considered an advocate for the rights of children (and homosexuals, and fat people, and Broadway musicals) -- did find someone above rebuke; the parents of the other kidnapped boy, Ben Ownby:Oprah gallery: Click to launch photos

will not be appearing
on tv today
a moment of sanity"

Careful Rosie, going after the Donald is one thing, but you might not want to take on the O. Has anyone seen James Frey lately?


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Marlys Mulen    

And beautiful young boys and girls are dying in order that the most ignorant this country can produce (Mike #151) can still continue to spew their vile vomit, completely incapable of discussing anything without calling someone a "dyke" and "fat ass." Go figure, I gave up a long time ago.

2800 days ago


Why doesn't Rosie just shut her big trap and disappear from the spotlight??? She's an obnoxious, fat, loudmouth, annoying individual who thinks she's above everyone else. I'm tired of her opiniated outbursts!! Oprah is such a class act and Rosie is just a clown. Keep your pie hole shut, creep!

2800 days ago


If any of this is true, which I highly doubt it, the child's parents agreed to bring their child on Oprah. If you want to blame anyone, it has to be the parents. They could have decline the invitation from Oprah to do an interview.

2799 days ago


Kudos to you...Rosie....I could not believe that these parents would allow their son to be exploited like that....not to mention how Oprah's increasingly obnoxious manner has her thinking she can do just about anything...anytime...anywhere ...and that the public is wanting to see her face every time they turn on a tv....a computer....or stand in line at a grocery store. First her repulsive commentary on American children/students....wanting iPods rather than uniforms like her future clone-children in South Africa. Then ...exploiting the kidnap victim....horrific. Of course if you missed either of those controversies. in the past two weeks...and haven't been keeping up with the news....this week we find we are now going to be bombarded with a book about her "Roots"...and a tv series in the same vein....and...we're not done yet! On top of all that...she has chosen to take something that she abhored as being a horrific betrayal...ever grateful that she was not condemned when the story broke years ago....and is grand-standing her teen-age pregnancy and child that she bore and lost shortly after. All this...added to her neverending need to have that face on the cover of her magazine every time it hits the stands. This woman...with her supposed causes ....and goodwill....for the in direct contrast to the larger than life obnoxiously materialistic Oprah we see at every turn. She has got to be the greatest contradiction of sorts..having so many asking lately....what is it about being humble that she doesn't understand??? Everything she plans to do....have...give or a photo op....she seems unable to make it through a day without exploiting herself. It is becoming quite clear that there are two camps out there....those that have been Oprah-nized....and the others who've got her number. She's over-exposed herself to the point of the ridiculous....and when this is is predictable..the more you see...the more you know....and ringing out loud and the fact that she has issues that have issues that have issues! This now leaves one wondering where it is that she comes off being a "maven" on a myriad of subjects as she so unabashedly claims.....or is it just time to send her off to the man she says is so ungrateful for what she has done for him...Dr. Phil?? Maybe he can get down to the "roots" of what it is that she really show some modesty ....rather than flaunting her celebrity the ultimate point of embarrassment..

2798 days ago


I am sick of Rosie and her ridiculous rampages. She is a loud mouth ignorant person that this world has seen enough of. I agree with the person that wants to send her some Midol. Give it up lady you are not impressing anyone with your loud antics. You are disgusting and unbearable to even watch.
Someone get her off tv...................

2797 days ago


Time will tell if the Oprah (Pre-taped-NO Audience Interview) is a mistake for
shawn H, the procecution of the Kidnapper, or Oprah, But....WHERE ...WHO is the Daddy for Rosie's Children? Rosie? NOT Normal!
I think children of same-sex couples are going to be confused for Life! I feel sorry for any abused child, Especially Rosie O's.

Hypocritical of Rosie to speak of protecting children when her own lifestyle is Questionable at best... Anyone who can defend the loudmouthed Dyke is being either too PC or is twisted also...

Children need a Mom AND Dad that Rosies Money can't Buy, and yeah, I'm a Proud Homophobic Daddy of three NORMAL Children!

2795 days ago


People wouldn't look like such morons if they had actually watched what Rosie said on "The View", instead of getting their "news" from the gossip rags and teenager blogs. Rosie did not criticize Oprah nor Shawn Hornbeck. She merely questioned whether his parents were acting responsibly, parading him on national tv, so shortly after his 4 year ordeal. If anyone thinks that child was taken because his abductor wanted a dinner companion, think again. Anyone who dares to think the last 4 years of Hornbecks's life were not filled with rape, head games and threats needs to have his or her own head examined,

If you feel you must ignore Rosie because you hate overweight people or lesbians, so be it. However, if you ignore her thoughts on this child's exploitation by his parents (more than likely for money), you must also ignore the many child advocacy experts who believe Shawn's appearance on Oprah was ill advised. He will need years of therapy to overcome his ordeal and go on to lead a "normal life." God forbid he end up like Steven Staynor, whose life,as well as that of his family, spun tragically out of control after Steven escaped his abductors, who held him, raped him and otherwise abused him, for 7 years.

Whether or not you like Rosie, she does her job and tells it like it is. That's what "The View" is about. It is about discussing what is in the news, from the female point of view. The show discussed controversial topics long before Rosie came aboard. Funny though, I never heard many complaints when slim, heterosexual Meridith Viera was the moderator.

When I want to know the essentials for throwing the perfect cocktail party, I watch "Martha Stewart." When I want to laugh away the terrible news on any given day, I watch "Ellen." When I want news of current happenings with the rich and beautiful (which is not often), I watch Entertainment Tonight. When I want to be spoon fed the news, from one political slant or the other, I tune into a network news broadcast. When I want to hear the news, unabridged, unslanted, and with some honest opinions from those reporting, I watch Rosie, Barbara, Joy and Elizabeth. They tell it like it is and, if the self-idolizing Donald Trump, the self-important "American Idol" judges, and the self-serving parents of Shawn Hornbeck don't like it, frankly, I don't give a damn.

2794 days ago

Pat Cromwell    

I don't care for Oprah, but Rosie is a stupid ignorant pig! So lets blame everyone but the parents for allowing the kid to do the show, Even if what the kid had to say may have an impact on other kids! The fact that he survived is a miracle.

If Rosie was in the spotlight back in the 1990's when Ryan White was doing his thing, she would have had negative crap to say about that, like the mediais exploiting him, or that his Mom shouldn't let him be "exploited: But thanks to Ryan White, the reality of AIDS became a people disease rather than a gay plague.

GET THIS WOMAN OFF THE VIEW!!!!!!!!!!!! because the bulls**t she sprouts just stinks! And I agree with a previous post: my gay friends thinks she sucks!!!!! and not in a pleasurable way!

2789 days ago



2752 days ago


FACT: 99.9% of americans are pigs. The whole world knows it.

2752 days ago


How can Rosie talk about anyone when she is confused about who or what she is? And being an advocate for children, please, spare me the drama. A child doesn't need someone like her for an advocate... I offer this suggestion to Rosie. Have a medical professional reevaluate your medications. There are some bipolar tendencies here, boyfriend.

2748 days ago


This just isn't about Shawn Hornbeck. It is about Oprah being pissed because of her scam show "THE SECRET".

A lot of other people, including the women on the View have scolded the mighty O for trying to sell that scam as something spiritual.

Oprah's halo is slipping and the mighty O is afraid people will stop drinking from her fountain.

2744 days ago
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