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1/30/2007 10:43 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


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You can change the future if you are willing to educate young black and women about persistance and the importance of education. Although, you can't change the past, you have the power to heal wounds that are still open that the past created!

2788 days ago


Oh that's great I'm illegal. lolol you are a real ahole. I am not, nor was I ever illegal.

What I find funny is that you run out of things to come back at me with so you stoop to calling someone illegal. Now that's rich.

As far as uneducated, sorry, wrong again. My ass has more of an education than your brain has.

As far as you comparing Dr. King with those to money hungry leeches Jackson and Sharpton I suggest you do a little damn investigating into the people they really are.
Nothing but opportunists.

Money is Money, Racism is Racism, and Hate is Hate! Do you understand the difference?
So True: but, when dealing in the reality of the real world, all three of these go hand in hand you moron.
Hence, the Sharpton/Jackson factor. They are never around unless they smell money or opportunity.

Elijah Mohammed and Louis Farrakhan - I'm not a fan! Do you think because they're black, ALL BLACKS share their views?

I NEVER said all blacks idiot. Stop trying to flip it so it molds to your childlike whining because talking s*it won't give you the upper hand.

Have you ever read anything by Dr. King, Shapton, or Jackson?
Actually, yes, as a good percentage of Americans have. I just happen to only agree with Dr. King and not the 2 morons.

Are you just talking out of you ass about what they stand for without knowing a thing about them?
Sure, I know what all 3 stand for(stood) and I only agree with Dr. King's stance on equality. Not the bufoons you so proudly associate yourself with.

Oprah? Now that's funny - especially since she donated 1mill. two weeks ago to an all white finishing school.

Please show proof of this so-called good deed.

Are you talking about the Los Angeles roits when a majorial white jury acquited 4 police officers for beating an unarmed black man after the beating was shown on national television? Really? Didn't they move to the trial to Simi Valley, of all places, where most of the population is white law enforcement officers?

THATS exactly what I'm talking about small minded person. Does this give the right to anyone to attack people solely based on color? or for any reason other than self defense? ahole!

I like many black people don't think that America owes us anything. There are plenty of us that are college educated, hard working, and money making Americans!

WOW! Did not I say that many. many black people have made it? Read a few posts back sport and stop trying to make it seem like you are the savior.

Funny how America paid reperations to holocaust victims though! Did America owe them something?

Well, no and I totally agree with you on that point. We as a country do not owe anyone.

Why does congress still vote on black Americans right to vote? They do folks!

They do and I always thought it was the dumbest law. Its every 25 yrs the vote comes up I believe. Well, how come you have not changed that yet? Plenty of minorities to do so.

The largest banks and oldest corporations are run by white people because they were started during slavery and were built on the backs of slaves. Like I said, blacks and whites were not permitted to socialize until you got off the boat; let alone get loans from banks, or hold executive positions in corporations. 12% is a current population statistic - throwing out stats out of context is stupid!

%12, so, the population statistic in your eyes in regards to the big pictue mean nothing at all huh?
Wow! Another dumb remark.

It proves you didn't think about what you saying and you're pulling crap out your ass - now eat it, hop back on your boat and die at sea!

Sure I did, I thought of every little thing I said. It proves that I am %100 correct and you are just arguing with me because you hold an ill will towards white people.
As far as me hopping on a boat, sorry, this is my country also and I make many contributions.
I'm not going to tell you to go back to Africa because Africa is not your Continent, but I will tell you that if you are dissatisfied with life here no matter what status it may hold there are a couple hundred others you may feel more comfortable residing in.

2788 days ago


Okay.. I keep coming back and reading these comments It seems to me WALTER... that you need to take your illegal ass and get back on that boat and keep it movin...

Umm , first of sunshine I am not illegal. You moron. This country is as much mine as It is yours.

it is ignorant people like you that has the world so f***ed up today...

Really, how so? by telling you the truth that you do not want to hear? I still do not hear one damn response regarding the beginning of slavery and the role the "motherland" and "your people" played in it.

I bet you voted for Bush? nope

I just could not let this rest. Masta should have kept his ass away from our black great greats and maybe mixed-up screwed-up people like you would have better sense...Do you know that we didn't ask to be here?...

Of you didnt ask to be here. Did you protest to your ancestors and the chiefs also or just massa?
Give me a break ahole.
I want my 40 acres and my f***in mule...
You got it in the form of affirmative action.

.but guess what I don't need you...or anybody to get it for me...
I'm glad of this because I like to see people succeed.

Most African Americans can run circles around you and that raggedy ass boat your illegal ass came over here on..

Well this is definately a blanket statement and also highly unlikely.
Some, mybe even a lot, but certainly not most.
I was really trying to be nice and positive about this but it is ignorant people like you that make it hard for a Sista like me...your a sad case...

Really, I make your life hard, how so sunshine by stating the truth.

And by the way, most of you ignorant fools on here attacking me for telling truth are just that. Ignorant.

2788 days ago


I got it already... affirmitive action? you need to stop hiding behind those white sheets like those other are so simple we're ignorant? If we are that then what does that make you? a ignorant lover then right? because you sure have a mouthful about nothing. I am not saying that you don't have any facts its just get your facts straight. It's obivious that you have built up anger because this started out being an article about Jay-Z...You know I am not even going to entertain your ignorance any longer I'll just pray for you...I would have never thought that someone elses loss or gain in Jay's case could be taken so personal to the point that it has turned into racist word-bashing non-sense...yeah I called the first word but you have no idea what the "African American" struggle was or is to this here date. Yeah, I've been through but, I have also been blessed through it all. I was able to overcome all of the ignorance and learn to deal with it. Guess what else though? blacks are almost not the minority anymore...and you know what else? there could possibly be a black man in the white house...true enough it probally will not happen but it sure does say alot...we might not have overcame but we sure as hell have came a long way! so until you have been where we've been seen what we've seen or lived how some of us has had to live (any race) then you need to stop judging those that have gone through. There is no such thing as a perfect life or person so to damn someone for expressing their feelings because of our struggle is something that you should be ashamed of... we have a white maid but I don't treat her as if she was my slave. I didn't hire her because she was white and I wanted to prove a point. I didn't hire our nanny because of that either. I hired them because of their qualifications. I honestly think that people need to stop trying to get a horrible point across that just opens up old wounds for alot of communities whether blacks hispanics or whatever your race may be...

2788 days ago


Does the hood really need another hoop? Why not use the money to "Enhance" educational facilities! :-(

2788 days ago


if jay-z owns less than one percent what in the fuck do u want him to do. since he is miniority owner he cant vito the move. why dont dave stern or the nba step up it is prodominately africian americans in the league. I think people are mad that jayz is happy with beyonce and has over 400 million dollars

2788 days ago


Farrah claims it is impossible for black people to be racist.Except in her case judging by her disparaging comments towards Jewish people SHE IS AN ANTI_SEMITE.Get educated there are plenty of black jewish people esp Ethiopian Jews.

2788 days ago


All this talk about racism. Everybody is stating their own version of the truth. Why are Americans so blind to realize that slavery does exist in this day and age. Why are schools in inner city areas given less funding than those in surburban schools. You have people like Bill Gates giving their own money to help progress the education of inner city schools yet this bank is spending 25. million on backboards and rims. Can you honestly say that this company is doing it with the childrens interest in mind. I'm pretty sure that the executives of the bank will be laughing when they see their first black man hanging from a rim....Pass da roc you young lil negros!!! Grow up America and realize that racism does exist but now it's in a more intelligent form. As in life, everything evolves. Racism has left the white sheets and horses and went into the boardroom. No more hanging from trees, we're just hanging financially. People can state all their facts but until they open their eyes things will continue this way. Should Jay-z boycott his he should take the white man's money, and he won't get anything because he own's 1% of th team. Should the youth boycott these "enhanced" courts, brand new rims and 40 oz's included, yes they should.

2788 days ago


How interesting it is when there is an issue of race among American-Africans that white people come out of the wood work and start telling us how we should react to it. "Oh, slavery was so long ago. Why don't you just get over it. Oh, why don't you hold those Africans that sold your people into slavery accountable?" Nonsense. I tell you people, racism is STILL alive, it just comes in different forms now. I wonder would you same people be telling persons of the Jewish faith to just chill out and get over it if Barclays had been involved in the Holocaust. And one more thing, let us not forget that this land was robbed from the Natives by men of European descent. Don't try to change the past.

2787 days ago


For those who did not understand my opinions, refer to post #21, not 22. Would not want to be misunderstood there. Some of these posts are definite no-brainers, let's see who can read between those lines...Untill next time world...BLONDEE

2787 days ago


yanno what?
excuse my black ass for trying to point out that us African Americans need to forgive , not forget, but forgive and move on so that we can finally end up being seen as equal because in my eyes we have come an awful long way>
Excuse my black ass for trying to enlighten my own people on the evils of racism and the evils that come from teaching our own children to keep it going.
Excuse my black ass for tring to open the eyes of these dumb young f***s (names shall remain unmentioned) that have never experienced racism
Excuse my black ass for trying to enlighten our children against evil f***s comparable to the klan that prey upon our people and our kids that are to blind to see the blatant use of blackness.
Excuse my black ass for believing in this country and that we are all equal 40 years after civil rights but yet old folks with a chip on their shoulder are spoiling the future for our black children by planting the seed of racism in
their unmolded minds.
And finally, excuse my black ass for trying to open my black peoples eyes as to our own doings with our own history and destiny.
And last but not least, excuse my black ass for not having the voice,nor the outlet to apologize not only for my black childrens dumb ass ignorance towards racism, but the lack of teaching not just our own but all alike to the evils of racism .
And if u dont agree, effya.

2787 days ago


I am seriously not being funny but, you kept referring to your black a@! but I thought back and went over your comments what boat did you get off of when you was 2? was it a black boat? I'm just curious as to who was all on this so-called boat and then you want to throw stones at Micheal Jackson and what color he is who and what are you? Like I said, I am not trying to be funny, just alittle curious that's all...

2786 days ago


remain curious darling Angela, remember, ignorance is bliss to most and knowledge of what you may or may not speak is priceless.


2786 days ago


Okay...ignorance is bliss...and knowledge is priceless yada...yada..yada... but seeing how you can sit and quote all of these knowledgable quotes,and speak on us as a culture, (african american) all I am asking of you is to tell your story, I really am interested...i guess when it comes to things that you say, I am just alittle confused that's all. I am sire that we are the only 2 reading this now...

2786 days ago


ah,,,,,,,stay tuned. If the weather holds up and stays clear this evening ,I promise by midnight my darling sweet mouthy Angela I will post a lengthy note on this site for you to read.

2786 days ago
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