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Brad Mishandles Hog

2/2/2007 2:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt left his Beverly Hills offices last night, escorted by deputies, finding a maelstrom of paparazzi on the way to his motorcycle in a parking lot.

Before covering up his blonde locks, when paps asked how Angelina was doing, he icily replied, "Yeah, I'm sure you'd love to know."

As he reached the black custom chopper, the engine didn't exactly purr, it sputtered out. Brad got the loud bike roaring again and sped away.


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Mrs. Jackson    

BOO HOO, I want my privacy, I want to be left alone, I hate making 50 million dollars a year, I hate that Im with the most beautiful woman on the planet, I hate traveling all over the world (by private jet),I hate owning 10 mansions in every part of the world, take it all away for one day Brad, and you'll be begging the pap to take your picture....Gotta run, have to be up for my sucky job at 6am.

2769 days ago


ok.....i love him.....but who cares..

2783 days ago


Dang, Brad sure is loosing that pap friendly rep huh??

2783 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Start the big countdown clock...he's gonna wake up one day soon, look over at that crazy bitch with all them little crap machines, pull up his jock and say out loud: "Time to get the Holy Fu*ck outta here!"

2783 days ago


This is news?

2783 days ago

I'd love to watch him mishandle his HOG!

2783 days ago

We, are not amused.    

"She's down in New Orleans trying to hire a Cajun housekeeper and here I am stuck in LA without no poon...I wonder what Jen is doing tonight? Wait, didn't she just DIE? No that was that horse...what was his name..."

2783 days ago

Funny Answers    

First of all, thank you TMZ for giving all us nuts, who apparently don't have a life a place to respond. Some yell, some just hurt for these people whos lives are on display in thier most private times. I think Brad/Angelina should be left alone at this time. But for sure, some nuts will yell poor pityful Jennifer, she is the one hurting becasue she was the perfect person/wife, that is why he left her. Or, that Angelina plotted and sold a human being. Some will say, Tom Cruise was making a movie while married to Mimmie Rogers, and had an Affair with Nichole, but that was okay. He then had an affair with Penelope while married to Nichole and divorsed. Is Penelope a husband stealer too??
See, this is just hollywood. Can you count the number of stars who seem to be happy, married, then someone steal them. Please. But my point is no one ssteal you. And thank you TMZ for giving us a place to vent our views.

2783 days ago

say what!!!    

Money good but the liven ain't easy !!!!!!

2783 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

If the current papparazzi don't back off these poor people, laws will eventually be enacted, and thus the papparazzi will be their own undoing. It's going to happen, and the sooner the better, IMHO.

Laws are enacted in the first place in part to quell anarchy and chaos, and It looks to me like that's what these movie/t.v. actors and musicians are forced to live in.
Anarchy and chaos. I feel deeply that it's wrong. We're supposed to be civilized.
We should be progressing ahead in how we treat each other, not backwards.

2783 days ago


You cannot be proud of yourself for shooting this video! You should give them space at this time. If he was in a public place, he would be fair game.

Having said that, do you think he's playing decoy to give Angelina time to scatter her mother's ashes? I hope she can do that in peace.

Brad is still gorgeous but I wish he'd quit smoking.

2783 days ago


maggots who feast off the dead and their grieving relatives. .

2783 days ago


now that he's with angelina he's starting to act like a "to good for you" a**hole. surprise surprise. He should be glad they are still following him around. homeboy is looking O.L.D.

2783 days ago

James in Milwaukee    

Can't find any real news? Sucks, huh?

2783 days ago

in the know    

His mother-in-law just died and Angie is probably very depressed, could that be why Brad doesn't feel very friendly? When they signed up to be a star, they did not sign up fo be stalked in their personal lives. Years ago, reporters respected certain things to be private, and this would have been one of them. Now snapping photos of a person's body part and posting it on websites is news. Money or not, I don't know how they can deal with the relentless stalking. I would rather be an ordinary Joe from Wisconsin any day. The worst part is total strangers post vicious comments about people they never met. Most of them sound as if they are nuttier than any of the celebrities and should help. What a life!!

2783 days ago
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