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Howard Cashes in on Anna's Death

2/11/2007 5:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There's a huge buzz going on among people connected with Anna Nicole who are outraged over the fact that Howard K. Stern sat down with "Entertainment Tonight" for an exclusive interview just days after her death. The inside scoop is that Stern was paid a bundle for the interview, which will air during the all-important sweeps period. The sit-down has created enormous bitterness among some people in Anna Nicole's inner circle.


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Sam Hughes    

They both got what they deserved, all Howard wanted was somebody to pick up the check 'remember his last name' and for a free meal he had to put up with that lush. I would choose not to be so cheap and pay my own way,and have somebody who was awake most of the time, but his kind would sit on a cactus if he got a free hot dog. so just imagine what he would do for cash.

2718 days ago


I have to say watching the ET special airing just now about ANS, this was one sad, messed up woman that I feel a lot of sympathy for. But on the other hand, she had a huge host of personality disorders, the hardest one to handle for anyone around her being probably borderline personality disorder. She was obviously under the influence of narcotic substances and/or alcohol, as antidepressants don't make one act high like that. The baby looks a lot like the photographer. I don't believe Stern killed ANS and Daniel, he would've made sure all of the loose ends were tied up before doing something like that, and apparently they were very lax about legalities. Plus if they were planning on being married this month, he has no reason to murder her. I think he truly loved a very difficult person, I have known some people like ANS, you can't make them do anything they don't want to do. They'll kick you to the curb in a second if you try or make your life a living hell, and Anna with her money would be quickly surrounded by a new group of sycophants with truly nefarious intentions. I think Stern did what he could do to cope with her and try to protect, while trying to remain a part of her life. I hope we do find out what took her life, but I don't think it was murder.

2718 days ago


I think someone close to Howard K. Smith is behind the extended posts defending him on this site and others.

2718 days ago


it is unethical for a lawyer to have an intimate relationship with a client.
Howard should be disbarred.

2718 days ago


Does this amaze you? This family has problems, and if anything I hope whoever gets this precious baby will love it and break the cycle....May Anna Nicole rest in peace with her beloved son Daniel....

2718 days ago


Mr. Howard Stein had the best intention of protecting Ms. Smith's interest.---N-O-T!
This slime of a man(arent all lawyers) saw a very naive and vulnerable woman
and he moved in like a boa(arent all lawyers) putting an arm lock on all things
AnaNicole.First he eliminated her son by OD and then went on to do the same on
AnaNicole- poor thing she did not know what hit her.

2718 days ago


Seen on a bumper sticker in my town. "Honk if You May be Father of Anna Nichole Smith's Baby"

2718 days ago


I believe that Howard should be left alone. At least for now. It was obvious that he wouldn't do anything to harm neither Daniel nor Anna. He loved them very much and they were his family no matter what anyone said. However, I do admit that when either Daniel or Anna got involved with drugs, the right choice would've been to stop them or prohibit their decisions. But when you live a life like the one Anna Nicole did, I wouldn't blame her for trying to take drugs to calm her down. If I was in her position, I probably would as well. I don't believe Howard was after the money but whether he was or not, it was clear he was in love with Anna and loved Daniel very dearly. The only thing he has left to remind him of Anna and Daniel is Daniellynn but even she may get taken away. That girl is the only living memory he has of his true love and I believe he should be able to keep her. Plus, you can't rely on Anna's mom much considering she was always in the limelight trying to put down her daughter. I don't care how famous you are, you don't go scrutinize your child on national television. That's something you do in the privacy of a phone call or in person. I bet if Anna Nicole was alive right now, she would want Howard to be in charge of Daniellynn. I hope the judge finds it in his or her heart for Howard to keep the baby. And that's all I have to say about that...

2718 days ago


Lay off this guy. If he were such a gold-digging snake Anna wouldnt have kept him around. It is people like you that judge the moment something happens. Only GOD knows the true facts of what happened. How bad will you feel when the truth comes out? NOT BAD? Because only people with your prospective have no conscious.

2718 days ago


Let's face it HKS was obsessed with Anna Nicole...He didn't want anyone close to Anna...EVEN HER OWN FAMILY!!!!....he made sure to drive a wedge between anyone that she may have needed more than him!!!...He is a pathetic man who loved and adored a woman that never felt the same way....and he supplied her prescription drug habit to make her dependent upon him....and easier to manipulate her....and he didn't look too broken up during those paid interviews talking about Daniel's death.....I truly believe he gave Daniel the methodone to help him sleep from the long trip from LA to Bahamas....with the time difference and all....why else would workers/patients claim they heard Anna screaming "You did this".....and how convient she couldn't remember any of those events leading up to his death....Yes, she loved her son but if HKS was to be implicated, who would take care of her?....who would provide her pills or whatever "legal" drugs she took?....He kept her doped up more after Daniel died...and she relied on him more...he had her where he always wanted her...docile...helpless...She was a walking zombie!!!.....and she most likely had an accidental thanks to her personal drug dealer HKS....AND HE KNOWS HE IS NOT THE FATHER!!!!!.....PROVE IT HOWARD!!!!....OH THAT'S RIGHT YOU'RE BIDING YOUR TIME UNTIL THE LEGAL SYSTEM MAKES YOU.....he is a pathetic man, now obsessed with a dead woman's baby....can we say Woody Allen...and for the record Anna Nicole should never be compaired to the Legendary Marilyn Monroe....Anna was more like Jayne Mansfield after she divorced Mickey H...

2718 days ago


When the developer had possession of the house in the Bahamas yesterday, I hope he or someone got some items with the baby's DNA on it! I would not care how much they sold it for -- I just think the DNA test has to be done!

2718 days ago


Just for a minute, lets Assume Howard K Stern is the father and he knows it. He was there for the baby's birth, he was there when Anna's son died, who had a trust fund and a right to inherit any monies coming to Anna. Now Anna's dead and when she was found he was called and wasn't immediately available (if she was that sick where was he?) Then only after he arrives and cleans up the room are the paramedics called. So the millions that may go to Anna, might have gone to her son and now will go the baby who probably is his. Seem's like a motive for me. If Anna was that sick and going through so much, how much emotional stress would HKS have to put her through before she lost it and saw no way out but suicide (handy with all the RX Drugs he probably picked up for her since she was so sick) This guy is slick. I can't believe he is getting away with this.

2718 days ago

fame ho    

Howard K.Stern is a loser, a hanger-oner, lier and a con artist and drug pusher. He has one ..and only one client..Anna Nicole. And he finally killed her off. I live in horrible pain from a spinal cord injury, and I can assure you that drugs are not handed out so easily despite what you hear. I think the Dr.s that prescribed these drugs to Stern knowing exactly who they were intened for should be prosecuted as well as Stern. Dr.'s RARELY prescribe Methodone.
To compare Stern to a snake is putting a bad name to snakes. Stern has lived off Anna Nicole all these years and he probably laughed when she appeared drugged out in public..knowing that it would provide him with cover when she finally OD'D. I can not wait to the day when Stern is charged in the death of Daniel...then his beloved wife. I guess it will be hard to raise a child from prision. And soon all the lawsuits that are headed his way! Couldn't happen to a more deserving murdering scum. Karma will pay its way back to this scumbag murdering user. and if the Bahamas decides not to provide the real father to prove his rights..then it will be time to BOYCOTT the Bahamas. The officials may be getting paid off..and not following laws.

2718 days ago


Howard did not run behind Anna, HE LURKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Did you see that one clip where he was staring at Anna's huge bosom, chewing his gum?
He was chewing his gum so furiously, sparks were coming out of his mouth! LOL!

2718 days ago


I can't stand HKS but I do not think he intentionally killed ANS and Daniel...but he is still responsible for a felony killing if he was the means of her obtaining the abundance of drugs. I doubt if any doc prescribed the truckload we are hearing about.

2718 days ago
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