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Report: Anna Had Recent Surgery

2/11/2007 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole Smith with Danielynn tattooMSNBC's Rita Cosby reports that Anna Nicole may have had recent breast surgery to repair one of her implants.

Cosby also reports the former Playmate had also been prescribed over 10 different types of pain medication, and may have been taking excessive amounts because she developed a tolerance to the effects.

In addition, Cosby's sources tell her that Anna Nicole was found by a member of her staff -- unresponsive and nude in her bed, with a sheet pulled over her face.

Death from cosmetic plastic surgeries occurs in one out of 57,000 cases, per the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Two million plastic surgeries were performed in the United States in 2005.

Adverse reactions to surgery could become serious; there are numerous documented cases of seizures, heart attacks and high fevers leading to death. Recent published research shows that inflammation caused by common respiratory and urinary tract infections like bronchitis, pneumonia and cystitis, may contribute to in increased risk of heart attack and stroke, and the greatest risk is in the earliest stages of infection.

If Anna did have a recent cosmetic procedure, and she exhibited "flu like symptoms" over the last few days, it's quite possible that the star died of a massive infection, perhaps complicated by an accidental overdose of prescription drugs.


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For everyone who has made a cruel statement, and or an unfounded judgement of Howard K. Stern, I hope you get struck down by lightening when it's proven he had nothing to do with Anna's death! I think he was always her light at the end of the tunnel in this horrible hand she was dealt. His pain right now must be enormous and I don't know how he'll ever be able to forgive mankin for the things that have been said, the locks on the gates, the robbery that took place. I know if this happened to me, I'd be so sick of people I'd disappear and find peace.

2790 days ago


I'n addition, Cosby's sources tell her that Anna Nicole was found by a member of her staff -- unresponsive and nude in her bed, with a sheet pulled over her face. '

- This statement caught my attention. 'Sheet pulled over her face'.

did someone pull the sheet over ANS?
I don't think it is natural that ANS would pull 'a sheet over her face'?

Something is not right.
Daniel dies, 5 months ago, and now ANS, his mother?

Who was the constant person in their lives?

Howard Stern.

Daniel dies, just like that in a hospital room? only 4 people were in the room.

The baby did not do anything, ANS did not do anything, and certainly Daniel did not do anything.

Could it be possible that Howard Stern gave the meds to Daniel?

Howard Stern knew all of the meds that ANS took. Correct?

Wouldn't a reasonable person attempt to get ANS medical help, instead of letting her take the meds?

Or did Stern give the meds to ANS?

Can someone enlighten me.

2790 days ago

Ginger Gargoyle    

Except that the M.E. was asked point blank if she had any recent work done and he said that there was evidence of past surgeries but nothing recent. I will take all the news on this matter with a grain of salt until the final report is out in the next few weeks.

2790 days ago

Julie Buchanan    

She definately had recent lip surgery...that is obvious

2790 days ago


Wow, some of those bottles in her fridge are injectable B12 (the brown ones with the pink and white label).. alot of people who've had a gastric bypass have to take B12 injections on a regular basis. Does anyone know if she had this or a similar type surgery? (just curious)

2790 days ago

Dee Sachetti    

Well like EVERYONE ELSE and i do mean everyone else, including some of the hypocritcal remarks by some of the perfect do not judge people that sent their comments, (hey this doesnt give you any points because you want to appear holier than thou!!) But if any one has retained any of the PUBLISHED INFORMATION not speculated, one can draw a pretty accurate conclusion that Anna was wrapped up in drugs which was going to be her destiny and it did just that. Her mother was absolutely right, if anyone has seen someone that is addicted to drugs knows, most people who get highly addicted will die that way. So bashing her mother because they are taking comments from an addict is as the way it was is ridiculous. People who are on drugs for as long as Anna has been become extremely nasty and usually to their own family. As far as what was found in the her refrigerator, uh guys did you read the article and picture that preceded these comments from TMZ and all was confirmed by them??? It surely confirmed what everyone suspected, (everyone has a right to speculate when it is in the news media) methadone and prescription bottles..........and I'm sure that methadone is not something that is legally prescribed for her with her prescriptions. Enter Howard K Stern........welllllllllll if one is to speculate and anyone wanted to place bets that he was connected somewhere in this i would say they would clean up big time. As far as what the coroner said about no drugs..........ironically that is what the coroner said about her son too........and it was Anna that called in her own forsenic expert that announced that he died from an accidental overdose of methadone and anti-depressants..............Sooooooooo I think the writing is pretty clear without anyone having to think too hard in this case and as some said "judge" her. Anna lived in the fast lane and she thrived on publicity.........well Im sure she would be happy knowing that even in death she was still receiving the publicity she wanted.

2790 days ago


"In addition, Cosby's sources tell her that Anna Nicole was found by a member of her staff -- unresponsive and nude in her bed, with a sheet pulled over her face."

Pure B.S. and part of an ongoing spin machine to compare her to Marilyn Monroe. ANS was a no talent media whore junkie. It's a disgrace to compare her to MM who at least had some talent.

2790 days ago


i am shocked that anna's death has turned into a money frenzy! yea, money is good but it's not everything. i feel so sorry for Dannilynn. she doesn't know what's going on. she doesn't know that she will never see mommy again or that mommy will never hold her again or tuck her into bed at night. she's not understanding any of this. i'm quite sure she is wondering where's mommy. i can only imagine what it's like to lose a child and i'm quite sure anna's son's death sent her into a depression and the only way she knew to deal with it was to stay high. i'm not excusing her addiction but i've been to that point where i just wanted the pain to end. i would be willing to take that precious baby girl and raise her for nothing. that's what i call love not greed. i pray that everything works out for Dannilynn and that she is raised with lots of love. as far as everything that is being said about the way anna died, i'm not even listening to it. i will wait to hear the truth. for all you men who are claiming to be Dannilynns father, i hope you are saying it because you think you really are her father and that you love her, not because of the money involved.

2790 days ago


No need for any further investigation because TMZ has solved the case! Thanks!

Why don't you let the professionals make the diagnosis and you guys stick to gossip!

2790 days ago


I believe Anna is to blame for Anna's death. Although I enjoyed her very much, when I saw her the night before in an interview I thought to myself that she does not want to live anymore. You could hear it in her voice, see it in her face. To me it was no surprise, just extremely sad. Such a shame that those directly around her couldn't see it and do something about it. Like the saying goes, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink". She died of a broken heart. It's a shame that she didn't think of her surviving daughter. All her daughter needs is love, just like Anna did. Too little too late.

2790 days ago

Chris Harris    

Good Grief,... can you imagine what the rest of the world, not to mention our own children,must think of this story.
An American woman who flaunted her breasts for a living marrying an 89 year old oil tycoon, having 2 illegitimate children. Men arguing whose sperm seeded her egg and not knowing who the daddy of her baby is with a leach of a lawyer boyfriend grieving for profit. Our media giving more airtime to this story rather than the mess our president has created is wrong. Shame on us, no wonder there's hate running ramped. Get a grip Nation, this isn't even a story worth telling.

2790 days ago


Sure sounds like a nip/tuck procedure with infection and high fever. Will we ever know. Keep that nasty Mother of hers away from that baby. HKS is the only face that little baby knows, he should keep the baby!

2790 days ago


I wonder if the Florida Police are investigating for murder. It is known that Anna Nicole was ill. Why then, did Stern not take her to a hospital? When our dog gets sick, we are off to the vet. I believe Stern was afraid to have doctors examine her.

2790 days ago

D. Greer    

I recall the medical examiner commenting specifically on the question of recent surgery and what he said was that there was "no recent surgery" done, only old [scars]. This, by the way, should lend some more credibility to her Trim-Spa weight loss; I do hope that at least the 'class action' litigants on this matter will be wise enough to drop the suit at this point. (I myself have always believed that Anna Nicole's successful weight loss was genuine, as we saw her in various stages of her weight loss over the course of two years.) Finally, I just can't get past the fact that BOTH mother and son have died with methadone present - I just can't wait for the coroner's final toxicology report which I am certain will show, among perhaps other interactions, the presence of methadone in her blood. If authorities do not end up arresting Howard K. Stern, that would be the biggest travesty of all.

2790 days ago


The medical examiner said "NO RECENT SURGERY."

2790 days ago
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