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The Bird

Is the Word

2/18/2007 5:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

When it comes to letting the paparazzi know exactly how they feel, celebs aren't shy -- and the middle finger salute seems to be their gesture of choice.

TMZ brings you the stars with the finest finger flippin' form!

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does anybody remember one of the classics " the bagle boy" rob?

2773 days ago


The photogs should stop taking pics of celebs who give them the finger. No pic=no press, No press=no job, no job=no money. They knew what they were getting into when they made their career choice. How sad the day when no one wants to take their picture.

2772 days ago


It is funny how these people don't get pissed off. When they are promoting a show or movie. They must remember, Don't bite the Hand, that feeds you.

2772 days ago


Papparazzi get hundreds of thousands for pics. If celebrities had any brains they'd move to Taos or Aspen.

2772 days ago


The bird is the universal language.
I would not pay money to see any of these people.
In fact, I wouldn't go to see them if they paid ME.
Celebrities pretty much suck in the whole scheme of things.

2772 days ago

truth sleuth    

well just goes to prove how arrogant and full of themselves they are, and lacking any public decency. To me when they are doing that to the photogs they are pretty much saying "F&#%" YOU to all their fans, ungrateful jerks!

2772 days ago


Just remember, folks, you aren't flying high enough on that magic carpet so the Lord can't see you and snatch that rug right out from under you!!!!

2772 days ago


This is why I refuse to feel sorry for celebs who complain about their privacy.

When they want to promote something or exploit their fans they love the media, but when the Papparazzi wants to do their job these silly celebs get angry.

They can't have it both ways...

2772 days ago


sorry there is a price to pay they all want to be famous and have everyone recognize them cause no one goes into showbiz unless there narcissist big time and need the public's attention to justify why they are getting paid so much to do so little so there egos crave it why so you think the scientology does so well only in los angeles,hollywood in particular cause lots of weak minds believe that crap in the celebrity ? community ,but what they didn't bargain for is the paparazzi because of the internet and 24 hour cable channels needing more pics to fill up more content so now every move they seem to make paparrazzi are on there trial ,,i don't feel sorry for them they wanted to be stars ?

2772 days ago


Exactly what do these idiots not understand? You become a celebrity, you sign that lucrative movie or performance are signing over your rights to have a private life. Personally, you couldnt pay me enough for that, but ALL of these people knew what they were signing up for. You cant have the best of both worlds, although their arrogance probably tells them they deserve it. If you want to make a good amount of money and keep your privacy?....become a doctor, a scientist, a CEO...but these things require work to achieve....the easy way is to dedicate your life to drawing attention to yourself and score a contract....congrats, but dont start crying now that you dont have total control of that attention. Its part of the gig you signed up for....if you dont like it?...leave the pay checks behind and do something worthwhile with your life kids. Dont want to do something else?.... then stop acting like spoiled children and realize how blessed you really are.

2772 days ago


#3 and 15 you guys are absolutely right!

2772 days ago


#3 and 15 you guys are absolutely right!

2772 days ago


The public has made these a**holes arrogant. Perhaps if no one was interested in buying their music, watching their films or reading their books they would have a more humble attitude. Fame goes to their head, but it is also fleeting. Very few celebrities keep at the top of their game as they mature...takes a lot of talent as looks will fade and they won't have the public or paparazzi chasing them anymore.

2772 days ago
14. T-Shirts    

Go Verne! I'm gonna buy you this t-shirt... hope it fits!

2772 days ago


#3: You summed up my feelings beautifully!

The folks who were shot displaying the finger have no talent, anyway.

2772 days ago
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