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Brit Leads Paps on Crazy Chase

2/22/2007 12:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sporting an atrocious blonde wig and stroking a puppy, Britney Spears led more than 50 frenzied paparazzi on a wild car chase around Southern California yesterday afternoon.

After posing for shutterbugs in the passenger seat of a silver Mercedes on Sunset Blvd., Britney and her driver led the pack of photogs all the way to the beach, before pulling a U-turn and heading to the Hotel Bel Air. Confused, the photogs followed along, never losing a step.

As Britney arrived at the hotel, paps turned a nearby two-way street into a parking lot, as they flew out of their cars to try and get a shot of the rehab-hopping singer. Eventually, Brit's entourage ushered her into the building, where she stayed for the rest of the night.


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fucking maggot vultures -- who, if they didn't have a camera in their hands, would be washing cars for a living.

2736 days ago

Leave Britney alone!!!!

2736 days ago

Gimme a break    

Truly pathetic. She has nothing better else to do? How about go home to your kids?
Kevin Federline - go get those kids before it is too late. How many more things could go wrong? Before her partying days her baby fell out of a highchair, drove on her lap, and she fell with him on a street. What can be going on now?

2736 days ago


Why are they following her??????????

2736 days ago



2736 days ago


She does not need to have any parental responsibility to those sweet little babies. She is wacked and needs a lot of help. Can't believe I am saying this..but KFed and responsible family members should have complete care-giving of the kids. Brittney has totally lost it!

2736 days ago

my opinion    

Lock her up or put her in a lock down!!! There are other people having normal lives who use the streets of California. This drama queen and the paparazzi deserve each other. Doesn't all of these actions over the past week show she is rat bat crazy!!

2736 days ago


To "COMMENT " are pathetic! She deserves every scrutiny that any person on this earth would like to make. She is a freak and deserves no "leaving alone" when all she is doing is trying to get attention. Well...she is getting it and believe me that is exactly what she wants....poor BS my ass!

2736 days ago


while i dont think the kids should be brit her right now i really dont think kevin deserves them @ all he just wants money an is using this bad situation as leverage!u think he loves those kids HA! if he did why didnt he go for his other children why does he love those kids less? could it be because oh i dont know the mommy (SHAR) doesnt have money while brit does so he suddenly adores his children thats bull! If he loved the kids so much he'd go for custody of all his children and would have gone for custody of his lil girl when he was w/ brit. He's a jerk that has shown consistantly in his marriage to brit that he is an unfit, uncaring father! Has brit been making mistakes yes she has but we need to give her a chance (out of the spotlight) to relax and rehabilitate, she left rehab bcuz pics were taken of her on facility grounds! u critize her for not getting help and then dont leave her alone to do so.I have no doubt that behind the scenes mr federline is adding fuel to the fire by messing with her head just because he is acting quiet and nice now doesnt mean he is he's just acting that way he wasnt like this when they were married but as soon as he saw a chance to get money he was all "oh im such a nice guy people have me allll wrong i love my kids" people this is the same guy that said he would do anything he could to get as much money from brit as possible thats why he wants the kids not because he cares about them and wants to take care of them, no he just wants his highrolling life style back so he can go back to shopping at rodeo drive and partying with all his friends in the top most expensive places and not at the local bar and kmart.

2736 days ago


who cares! Stop following this sorry bitch around. Maybe when noone has intrest in her and no more paps follow her she'll get the hint. She's trash.

2736 days ago


Ok... there has to be better photo ops out there instead of Britney... She is fucked up... we know this and could really care less about seeing her round, ugly bald face all the time. The wig makes her look even more psycho!

2736 days ago

Only in    

The bit**ch has a crack habit, I can't stop laughing,you people kill me. Black mothers love and protect their children, they dont' run away from their problems.I would like to remind all my sisters and brothers that February is Black History Month. NO PEACE, NO JUSTICE!!!

2736 days ago


I think the paparazzi should check with the public--the photographers are more interested in her than we are. We all have watched this woman implode long enough---watching her further destruction truly is no longer interesting. Just hope someone gets those children away from her.

2736 days ago


Oh, please...leave britney alone, leave britney alone...OBVIOUSLY, she doesn't WANT to be left alone! Why else would she do this crazy shit?? It's every day, too! I don't feel bad for any of that whacked family but the 2 kids. I, too, never thought I'd say this, but I hope for their sake they go to the daddy for awhile. Someone needs to be with them other than the nannys who aren't allowed (apparently) to do too good of a job or they get fired. This chick needs to either take rehab seriously, or she'll just keep doing more drastic things for attention/ pity. I really think she does this for pity now...she wants those dumb ass boys that have been dumping her left and right to feel sorry for her...and really....does ANYONE feel sorry for her anymore? She's just getting downright creepy and pathetic.

2736 days ago

jane doe    

The paparazzi are such jackasses. They deserve to be run over. "Tickle tickle" what was that about?
And I'm so glad Britney has a new toy to play with, of course once the puppy starts to grow she'll throw it out like she did with the others.

2736 days ago
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