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Larry Birkhead -- Meet Dannielynn

2/26/2007 5:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Larry Birkhead has met the infant he believes is his daughter.

As we first reported, Birkhead and Howard K. Stern have been in settlement negotiations for several days. Birkhead's lawyer, Debra Opri, told TMZ paternity and custody of the little girl are not negotiable. But it would seem Stern is showing signs of bending by allowing Birkhead to visit with the baby.

The meeting took place this past weekend at Horizons in the Bahamas, the house in which Stern is currently living.


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Hooray! The baby needs to be taken away ASAP from HKS and with her REAL Daddy.

I trust the intuition of a mother. Remember Virgie's prophetic words after Daniel died? She said that Anna would be next and tried to warn her VIA the media to be careful. Her pleas for help regarding her granddaughter should be heeded immediately! Get that baby away from HKS! It doesn't take a genius to read body language. The fact that he rarely if ever had any eye contact while testifying speaks volumes. In fact he looked down the whole time, showing himself to be lying - lying UNDER OATH!

2796 days ago


Harvey Levin is on MSNBC talking about the case. Thank god for Harvey and TMZ. He says DO NOT rule out a settlement.
He said HKS has an interest in keeping control of finances.
WTF???? Why does he just not say-SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!
Well, damn Howie.

2796 days ago


Well that is a small step in the right direction!! That must have been a great moment for Larry to finally meet the baby for the first time since the entire nightmare began in the custody battle.

But mark my words, the "battle" for the baby is just beginning and there is no way that Larry Birkhead can trust his new bonding moment with Stern, much too soon!!! I think for him to bond well with Stern could jeopardize the proceedings, so I would hesitate to trust Stern just yet!!!

I'm dying to hear more news about the Birth Certificate - was it properly notarized and if it wasn't then what? It has also come to my attention that there is another house on the island that Stern is claiming to have ownership of? I would like to know more about!!!

Nice to know that the people in the Bahamas are supporting Larry Birkhead as well as Vergie the grandmother who so deserved to have some support!!! My prayers are with them both!!!!

2796 days ago


Uh, no offense, but what if the baby is not Larry's? Shouldn't they do the DNA first?

2796 days ago

899 IS STUPID    

how many times will people be so stupid as to say HKS killed ANS because he let her take drugs? How stupid are you people? Obviously pretty stupid. Everyone knows she was a strong willed adult with a mind of her own. He couldn't stop her if she didn't want to stop herself. Stop playing God and judging everyone! Get a life and start being an adult and take care of your own lives. I am sure not everyone's life is perfect. Don't throw stones when you all live in glass houses! IDIOTS!!

2796 days ago


Cali #31---you must care or you wouldnt be on this website!

2796 days ago


HKS has already waived his fees for being the executor of Anna's estate -- he doesn't really stand to benefit as much as Larry Birkhead.

Will LB agree to let Howard be the trustee over DannieLynn's inheritance as ANNA WANTED???

I doubt it -- LB is out for control over Anna's estate and that just isn't right. Any estate that she has is because of Howard helping her and should be for her DAUGHTER -- and not for the FATHER (biological or legal) of her child.

2796 days ago

Rock of    

Fox News The anchor and the guest are talking about how funny it is that there isnt ONE picture out there of Anna pregnant. That maybe it isnt even Anna's baby.
They mentiond how Dr Perber(I might have killed the spelling on that) is the one who suggested that they get Anna's DNA. Do you think maybe because during his exam of the body he noticed no C section scar and no evidence of a birth.
OK this is so going off course, But you never know.

2796 days ago


Anna Nicole would have found and and abused drugs regardless of HKS. Anyone who knows a drug addict knows that they will get their drugs one way or another. I'm not saying he didn't do anything wrong, but don't blame Howard for Anna's addictions.

2796 days ago


Get it over with!!!! Give the baby to her real dad, whether it be Larry, the Prince, G. Ben, or whoever! And bury the poor woman. RIP>

2796 days ago


Good to hear. I hope that these two men can work together and do the right thing. Going through all this drama and expense is silly and helpful only to lawyers. Do the tests and lets start dealing with some real truth - no matter what it is.

2796 days ago


I pray that this article is true. That Howard Killer Stern let Larry see the Baby? If it is true, I am so happy for Larry. I do not know them, but I am praying for Larry and Dannilynn. Larry would be the better father. Howard Killer Stern, is just a drug supplier, and a hanger on kind of person. Who is only out for what it can get him, and that is Dollars. That is all he thinks about.
After all that came out in court. I pray that Howard Killer Stern really gets Investigated. By the Police, IRS, FBI and any one else that matters.
Now, how long will the Bahama Courts take to clear up this Paternity DNA stuff is any ones guess? The Bahama Courts, still not have come up with the cause of Daniel's Death! They will on 3-27-07. That is 6 months after Daniel Died. The Bahama Courts are slow as Molasses!
At least Howard is not allowed to take the Baby out of the country. And soon he will be Evicted from the house that he and Anna lived in. Where will he go then? He claims to be so Poor! Will he sign his name to another one of Anna's checks? Or withdraw some of her money out of the bank? He is in a tight spot now! His Cash Cow is DEAD!!! He will really be relying on his mother and father now for cash. He needs cash for food, diapers, milk, and drugs for himself.
Larry everyone is prarying for you and Dannilynn and everyone is on your side.

2796 days ago


ALL ABOUT THE MONEY ::::: HKS might get a big suprise down the road :Jail ain't gonna be nice

2796 days ago


What are the odds Birkhead is really the father? He actually admittted on the stand that he couldn't be 100% sure. I remember some testimony to the effect that he talked to a doctor about when ANS's "fertile period" occurred. And Birkhead testified that he was with ANS "exclusively" during those three or four days.

Why would he even have to ask that question if he didn't have doubts about the matter? And what kind of doctor told her that? As I recall, it wasn't her obstetrician but more like somebody treating her for a drug related problem. How would he know? And how acurate can Birkhead's memory be four months after the fact?

I'm not saying he isn't the father. It seems that he realy believes he is. But there are certainly a number of other possibilities, including some we proably haven't heard about (and most likely never will).

Just my two cents worth...... :-)

2796 days ago

Deborah Morrison    

I read on another site that Larry Birkhead has had facial plastic surgery - wouldn't that affect the results of any analysis regarding comparison of his features with baby Dannielynn? I remember seeing video of Anna Nicole saying she was afraid of Birkhead - there must be a reason for that fear, maybe there is more to this man than we know right now. I am just not convinced by all the media spin that he is the "good guy". Anna Nicole wanted him out of her life for a reason, and she went to great lengths to make that happen. I also saw video of her stating that people were not going to get her money, that she had made certain. I am not convinced that it was because Howard influenced her to make the split - there is more to this story. Anna Nicole trusted Howard K. Stern to make decisions for her and protect her for over ten years. It may very well have been the longest continuous relationship in her life. I want to know more about the real Larry Birkhead - not the spin, not the cutesy, charming image - the real story.

2796 days ago
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