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Oscar Party Favors

2/26/2007 12:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A solo Cameron Diaz, a shy Leonardo DiCaprio and a fast and furious Lindsay Lohan all contributed to the Oscar after-party madness late last night.

The exclusive party, held in the Hollywood Hills by nightlife impresario Brent Bolthouse and super agents Rick Yorn and Patrick Whitesell, was the place to be seen, with swinging single Vince Vaughn and basketball legend Reggie Miller, bushy-browed Martin Scorsese and a boob-a-licious Courtney Love -- who gave Jennifer Hudson's cleavage a lesson in gravity -- all hitting up the bash. Despite going public last week with new beau Terrence Howard, Naomi Campbell arrived sans date.

Not everyone was solo though -- "Heroes" hottie and resident psycho Ali Larter hooked up with her onetime "Varsity Blues" co-star Amy Smart, Dog the Bounty Hunter showed up with wife Beth, and Nicky Hilton held tight to her boyfriend of the month.


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Why in the world are Dog & Beth there???

2766 days ago

Andy Kaufman    

I read on the internet that Nicky Hilton's "boyfriend of the month" was Andy Kaufman. The guy who faked his death in the 80s by conning his father into claiming Nathan McCoy's body as that of his son. I wonder if anyone got pictures at the party?

2766 days ago

Brit Ate Paris    

What about KFED? I heard he was there and gave Nicky Hilton anal after the party was over while Paris filmed. Wait til Brit see's that $hit.

2766 days ago

Great Dane    

I hope that Leo finds a new woman soon, someone to replace and OUTSHINE Giselle......he's grown into such a handsome, talented's a shame to see him walk the red carpet with his mommy.......>no offense towards his mother- y'get my drift......

2766 days ago


What do you mean Ali "hooked up" with Amy Smart?

2766 days ago


Wait, Ali Larter hooked up with Amy Smart?! Pix?!

2766 days ago

no pervs allowed    

since when did dog and beth, become famous enough for an oscar party,,,, thought he was a clean living, religious man,,, osunds like another hypocrit, who doesn't live what he preaches,,, heard he had a one-way ticket to mexico in his goody bag,,, byy-bye,,,

2766 days ago


So why was dog the bounty hunter there was he working? LOL maybe he and beth were invited for their keen fashion sense and ability to to really work their 15 mins.I used to watch the show a lot but being a woman that can not stand to see a blatant misrepresetation of a womans fashion sense i stoped watching. It was hard to see Beth shoving 30lbs of crap in a 5 lb bag so to speak. They have a beautiful home full of great/good looking kids but with all that bounty $$$$ can she afford a mirror. Preferably a full lenght one so she can represent big women a little better. I am not a large woman but I do own a mirrio and my mother always tought me first impressions are everything. Wait a minute I just figured out why they were there isnt Dog in some legal trouble. Come on People whats a Hollywood party without a few fugitives

2766 days ago

He's Boring now    

Why no mention of Eddie Murphy being a no show? Not even a blurb about him storming out of the actual Oscar Ceremony after not winning. Talk about a sore loser. Oh I know now him and Spike Lee are going to claim its just another example of Hollywood following "Do the White Thing".

What a jerk, tears in his eyes as Arkin wins---hey Murphy you are ancient news, quit acting like a 20 year old, you're a guy going on 50 now, havent you learned to accept defeat with graciousness by now? Let me guess, you didnt go to the After Party cause you had to cruise for a he she---Loser with a big L on your head. Disgraceful.

2766 days ago


What kind of respectful human being would be at the same party as Nicky and Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie, Lindsey Lohan, and Dog and Beth??
The real Hollywood stars have lowered their standards. FOR SHAME!

2766 days ago


Was was Lindsey Lohan there?? Isn't she everywhere???

2766 days ago

Peggy Archer    

Was this the party at Mike DeLuca's house?

2766 days ago


This was not Soho House, you got it wrong. They did not have anything to do with this party.

2766 days ago


LOL I agree with Amy

2763 days ago

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