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Anna's Final Journey Underway

3/2/2007 7:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Composite of Anna Nicole Smith with wingsThe very very very long awaited funeral procession for Anna Nicole Smith has finally begun.

Smith's body has left the Broward County Medical Examiner's office under police escort, which will follow all the way to Miami International Airport. The coffin will then be transferred to private plane, and flown directly to the Bahamas.

Once on the island, another motorcade will transport Smith's casket to Mount Horeb Church in Nassau, where 300 invited guests will attend the funeral. Anna will then be buried next to her son Daniel, who died last September.

To view the procession as it happens, tune in to the live feed from Miami's WTVJ, right here.


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2757 days ago


Oh I doubt it will be so easy - THIS DRAMA - we're waiting on our GLITCH !!
Something will happen !!!

2757 days ago


Good, let her be buried today there, and later she will be exhumed and moved to either TX or CA. The normal progression of events that any of us as ordinary people would have experienced has beeen warped by ANS' celebrity status and the death in the Bahamas.

HKS' claim of control is based only on a faulty will that has not been probated. The only heir is Danielynn, and the 1st thing that should have happened was a paternity test to determine who the father and natural guardian of the child was. In the alternative the known grandmother and mother Virgie Arthur should have been in control.

What we're hearing since last night is that apparently Mistein has abdicated his responsibility in the funeral and ANS' and HKS' "friends" (I used that term loosely) are running the show. We have a media circus in just a few hours. Somehow I don't think that's what the family of ANS and Daniel would have wanted.

2757 days ago


I'm watching the live feed. Apparently the funeral might not go ahead because of those cruel hillbillies that call themselves her family.

2757 days ago

Cat Kil    

Is this a real photo of ANS in a body bag?
Scroll down on this page:

I don't think it could be when Splash was w/ Virgie as Dr. Pecker
said she was in a coffin when they viewed during court lunch hour.
What gives???
Another HK$ "exclusive" BS???

2757 days ago

Patricia C.    

This whole thing is just so unbelievable. It is amazing how the public can be so manipulated into thinking that ANS deserves all this hoopla. Why is everything surrounding ANS so classless...Well, alot has to do with her life and those she kept company with. Next we will get to see a "gay parade in the Bahamas". I can't wait until all this is over so that the real matters of importance are dealt with. Don't get me wrong, everyone deserves to have a decent burial when they leave this earth. I'm glad that she is finally being buried as it was terrible being "stored" in a refrigerator for so long. But, as a result of all the leeches that have followed her around all these years, everything appears so tasteless, so ridiculous. HKS obviously wants to be seen in the media as a great guy who only wanted to do so much for ANS. Unfortunately, it appears that his intentions were not so pure all of these years. Anyway, it doesn't surprise me the the Bahamas are now "cashing in " on her death as well. I am surprised though, that a CHURCH is charging these enormous fees! The media can certainly afford it, but that's not the issue. People will try to milk this for a long as they can as it seems as though they have found an endless pot of gold. I wonder just how long the public will allow HKS to cash have to believe that he will be negociating a movie deal next. Unfortunately for Anna, she is more a star now than when she was alive.

2757 days ago


Can you freakin' believe this TRAVISTY?????? Vergie Aurthor is shameful.. First of all, Daniels father said UNDER OATH that he wasn't going to exhume him... I am in total all seriousness, you have to back off. You know very well that Anna's wishes are to be buried in the Bahamas. Thats all there is to it. You have to deal with this and live with that fact wether you like it or not. Anna wanted NOTHING to do with Texas. This is your daughter for gods sake!!! Let her rest, already!! Its infuriating what you are trying to do to your daughters remains. Bury her and let her have her eternal rest. You are being so disrespectful and to drag Anna's ex into the mix when he has already testified about this. what you are doing is DISGUSTING. Anna would roll over in her grave...OH WAIT...because of you, SHE DOESN"T HAVE ONE. You bring shame to your family, and shouldn't be considered a member of the human are more of a bottom feeder, like a snake. GRRR you make me SICK. How do you sleep at night? Karma will NOT forget you.

2757 days ago


How sad that this beautiful ceremony will be marred by Virgie Arthur's ugliness.

2757 days ago


The end of the roller coaster ride for the Ball-buster of the Decade. She is surrounded by her devoted gay glee club. A half-million dollar, over the top Pink Party. What a tawdry send-off. Sleep well $tern & Mil$stein.

Let me understand you people ......... Bill Smith is not rich and powerful; he's probably shy, steps out of the way and crawls into his own little box. He is existing on meager Social Security Insurance pay-outs (as the result of an injury) and doing odd jobs, so he isn't leeching off his X ball-buster wife. And you are complaining about what?

2757 days ago


And so the tours can begin in the Bahamas. While everone is complaining about her family making money, take a look at how the Bahamas is cashing in:

2757 days ago


Ew what a grotesque picture unangelic looking picture.. quite disgusting actually. I am thinking she's going to end up with horns anywy. More fitting.

I read somewhee that body bag picture is going to be on a cover of the good old National Enquirer and it is not real.

2757 days ago


Virgie Arthur and Larry Birkhead are like the rapist on Law & Order who want the baby from the victim.

2757 days ago


Who cares!!!! good night i need sleep.

2757 days ago


The Bahamians deserve every last cent from the mob scene that is to come...

2757 days ago


If Anna and Daniel are taxidermied like Roy Rogers' horse Trigger, they can be put in a texass museum that also sells bbq ribs... Roy's museum made a bundle out in the middle of the desert.

2757 days ago
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