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Inside Anna's Funeral

3/2/2007 3:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Outside, it was a circus. Inside, it was beautiful.

Larry Birkhead, Howard K. Stern, Virgie Arthur and several hundred more of Anna Nicole Smith's closest friends and family paid their last respects to the former Playboy Playmate and TRIMSPA spokesperson in a private ceremony at Mount Horeb Baptist Church in Nassau earlier today.

After the service, Anna's coffin was moved to Lake View cemetery, for the burial -- the final chapter in the tumultuous life of Anna Nicole Smith ... perhaps.

Splash News has been hired as the official photographer of the funeral. Proceeds from the sale of this and other photographs are being donated to the Dannielynn Hope Trust Fund.


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Oh God, after this funeral,will all the ANS stuff go away too??? I can't take anymore of this nonsense! She was a D-lister if she was lucky, a media whore and a tramp. To everyone who is making her out to be some kind of saint now, shame on you!

2794 days ago


So could they not have an open casket cause they waited so long? i thought they were gonna have an open casket? Does anyone know!?!

2794 days ago


#53 I heard her report and agree with you completely. He's only looking out for his future earnings to see how much more money he can make from her. Last night on Nancy Grace Virgie Arthur's lawyer said that there are 7 life insurance policies that her son was the benificere and if he was dead they would go to Stern. Sounds like motive to me.

2794 days ago


it was probably a beautiful service, and exactly what anna would've accepted. anna was over the top in life, so why shouldn't a service that is supposed to celebrate her life be any different. now it's time for virgie to go home and tend to her family members that actually need all of her misguided attention. i.e. her son in prison, her homeless daughter amy, and crackhead cousin shelly.

frog- i've seen alot of your postings, i'd really like your insight of this video of cousin shelly. she was the "brunette relative" referred to in the article of virgie's first meeting with dannielynn.

and yes, it is anna's actual cousin, she was on an episode of the anna nicole show. howard had nothing to do with anna's issues, he just didn't want to abandon her and backstab her as others have done in the past. anyway, watch the video and tell me if the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

2794 days ago

had enough    

The caption under the photo states that Splash is donating the money from the photo to the Dannielynne trust fund- Exactly who is the current Trustee of this fund?

Millstein is the Guardian Ad Litum, but is he the trustee? Please tell me it's not Howard???

2794 days ago


Tackiness at it's best.... popcorn, candy, peanuts, come one, come all... and the main attraction is....... pink streamers on a casket. Isn't that special? I thought all of this was about Dannielynn...the poor child is going to need serious help when she is old enough to view the tape of her mothers funeral.

2794 days ago


Howard your a piece of SH*T!!!! it's Anna's funeral for god sakes it is NO TIME at all to be talking about all of the legal stuff that has happend it was inapropriate and disgraceful HOW.DARE.YOU.!. Now I don't agree with what Vergie did this morning but Howard should never EVER had brought all of this up today at Anna's funeral, what a ass hole he should never be allowed to be near or touch Dannielynn EVER. You people attack Vergie well Howard has done plenty of horrendous acts then Ms. Arthur. BURN IN HELL HOWARD!!!!.
R.I.P Anna my prayers are with you and Danniel and your baby Dannielynn.

2794 days ago


that blanket was trash absolute trash
that sob stern still had to go ahead of larry
i read the article from foxnews reporter this morning roger friedman, it is on foxnews internet please read iti am very worried for larry, they say he doesnt no these horrible games that stern plays, he is being manipulated by stern, he had a mtg with him and his lawyers and without larry's lawyers as per stern request, larry is going to blow this, he needs top of the top lawyers if his lawyers let him go with them they all need to be dismissed, they are thinking of blocking him from speaking to larry, are the for real, larry should never speak to the devil stern again alone, he needs a big shot lawyers,
stern is negotiating and he is panicking big time for $$$$ he knows larry is the father, and he is negotiating handling daniellyns money, etc, larry is crazy to sign anything, stern paid et and the insider big bucks f rom whoelse anna's money t o have an interview the stern and larry larry will be going into a trap, et and insider is all on sterns evil side, i hope those lawyers for larry come through, he is going to be in big trouble, larry is so innocent and so pure, he doesnt see evil and i am worried he is going to be manipulated with the evil one like anna was, that creep broke up anna and him and killed anna son and her for the almighty dollar. please pray for larry

2794 days ago


Personally, I think this whole funeral debacle, is a riot!
Hurricane Anna from the Bahamas, is still having people scurry all around her, toting to her everything!
I think she would enjoy all the fanfare, all the media coverage, and all the goggling!
I think Anna has had the last laugh!!!!!!!!
She certainly knew how to reinvent herself, and she is one hot topic now! LOL!!!

GO GIRL!!!!!!! You must be laughing at all lackeys fighting , tripping all over each other.
The only tragic figure in this whole scenario, is the baby- I hope the law allows her to be with the real father, who will love her, and raise her hopefully in a "normal" environment!

2794 days ago


this live feed is so funny lol.

2794 days ago


I can smell that whore's corpes all the way in new york!!

2794 days ago



Just heard from a newsreporter that was inside the church who stated that Virgie and LB spoke and kept it to how they felt about ANS and it was all positive and intimate (my words not theirs) HKS used his opportunity to slam the courts, the judges, Virgie and her family and a whole slew of others. And stated for her not to worry because he would take care of their daughter. I don't care if everything that was said against Virgie were true (which I don't believe it is) or if LB is not the father (which again I don't think is true) HKS should have NEVER used the opportunity to trash people, talk about DISRESPECTFUL! He used this funeral as another PR gig for his cause! Anyone who truly loves somebody would have NEVER done that. Did he have to do it because he really didn't have any "normal" "intimate" things to talk about. And then all his "friends" clapped! I can't wait until God bestows his wrath on him. Another PROUD moment for the Stern family.

2794 days ago


Splash I am sure is donating money to the baby (WHATEVER) This mess is crazy! The tv just said she has a beaded gown and a tira(??)what in the heck?? They are and have been making her death into a circus I hope Anna can finally somehow have some peace she lived life on the edge and it has finally came to a sad end.
Who are we all to judge? The media should get in some major trouble for reporting FALSE INFO because it does i am sure ruin peoples life and make things worse! I just seen on the front of something that said Howard was selling Anna for sex...unless they can prove it then I really dont want to hear it!
This is one chapter closing and the next is already in the works!

2794 days ago


good for your splash...donating the money from the picture to Dannielynn.

2794 days ago


Lynn, read the entire article. Splash is donating all proceeds to the dannilynn Hope trust fund.

2794 days ago
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