Mess USA: I'd Be Dead Without Donald

3/19/2007 2:18 PM PDT
Rosie O'Donnell and President Bush may have it in for Donald Trump, but there's one lady who actually credits him with saving her life -- the rehabbed Miss USA.

Formerly cokey Tara Conner stopped by "Last Call with Carson Daly" on Friday night -- yes, his show is still on the air -- where she admitted she'd still be a user (or worse) without The Donald's help. "I'd probably still be using," she said, "I could be dead or in jail, I'm grateful." The Combover saves a life!

Daly also asked the soon-to-be-unthroned Miss USA what she thought of Britney Spears' coming and goings from Promises rehab, and like a true beauty queen, Conner kept her answer diplomatic; "It's different strokes for different folks, I had to stay put because my disease was progressed way too far to be jumping in and out."