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Heather Gets the Marks of the Beast

3/20/2007 1:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heather Mills danced her way into an imperfect 6-6-6 from the judges on "Dancing with the Stars" last night.

The limb-challenged but nimble activist only stumbled in rehearsals. Last night, dressed in a craptacular yellow and purple full-length gown, which she said made her feel like "an ice cream sundae," the vampy amputee whooshed and twirled her way to a scary rating from the judges: sixes across the board.

Heather's clipped dancing was a revelation last night, and 666 is, of course, the Number of the Beast in the Book of Revelation.


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Cate...Firstly, I didn't watch. I'm not interested. Reality TV is for children and trailer trash. Secondly, what points is she making about landmines by dancing on reality TV? It's sad. Thirdly, she is still a gigantic hypocrite because she told the press two weeks ago that she was being treated unfairly because she had no interest in media attention and never did. She is make an ass of herself.

2753 days ago


You would love it if I was Heather or even Yoko, right? Telling me right to my face what a horrible person I am. Newsflash, I am just like you. I am a regular person going about my day reading TMZ only to cross a certain group of assholes who have no respect and are ignorant. You only base your judgement on anger. I place no judgement over Paul or Heather, but please don't make one to be a Saint and the other some horrible person. You are the same people who could drive any celebrity (by talent or by marriage) to suicide. Really, grow up and for once clean up your act.

2753 days ago

Paps are Pigs    

Mean, mean. Hate her or like her, she did a great job last night. This post,"news account" wasn't newsy, it was snippy and mean. TMZ..we're used to your humor, news and clever comments. Leave the mean to Perez.

2753 days ago

chin chin    

Heather is a user, opportunist & skank; but she shouldn't take ALL the blame! Yes, she took Paul for his money; but he enabled it! It was totally obvious that she was a kook & a loon when they were dating. It took witnessing just one interview to figure that out!

Everyone tried to warn him, even his immediate was just a matter of time til this relationiship imploded.

For you Old Rich Men:

Lyrics to the Eagles "Lyin Eyes"

"Late at night a big old house gets lonely
I guess ev'ry form of refuge has its price
And it breaks her heart to think her love is
Only given to a man with hands as cold as ice

So she tells him she must go out for the evening
To comfort an old friend who's feelin' down
But he knows where she's goin' as she's leavin'
She is headed for the cheatin' side of town"

2753 days ago


Funny, as a huge Beatles fan, I blamed Yoko Ono for breaking up the band. I was angry at Yoko for years and years....never did I think anyone could possibly take her place....until Heather. At LEAST Yoko LOVED John. Unlike Heather, who is a gold digger witch. I really doubt she ever loved Paul.....I am sure Linda is turning over in her grave over this....

2753 days ago


Last little pop in.....thanks #63 & #64..and all the others who have defended my point..more intelligent people hopping on to the smart train on a board filled with ignorance and filth.

2753 days ago


Cate - you seem to take quite a lot of time and energy to make your point... wait, do you remember what your point was? Oh, ya, you believe that Heather Mills is not a golddigger.... then why in the hell would she need 56million?? I dont see her donating large amounts to the charities that she is working for... hmmmmm.....interesting.... forgive me for my foolishness, but what do you need $22k/day for?
Since you are such an important CEO of some big company, then maybe you could spread some light on this dilemma - let me help you.............. HEATHER MILLS IS A GOLDDIGGIN' BITCH

2753 days ago


People, please get over are all very very sad people!

2753 days ago


This is why I'm angry, Cate. Here is a direct quote from Mills two weeks ago:

"I'm not a publicity seeker ... I haven't gone 'round promoting things to finance my own pockets"

...and CNN

"In a recent interview, Mills said she’s not a “publicity seeker” and she hasn’t “gone 'round promoting things” ."

She makes me sick. Simple. Got off TV..Leave it to idiots like Paris Hilton.

2753 days ago


ha ha ha Rolly, thought she had better things to do than respond to us idiots?

I agree Rolly, Cate, bye bye

2753 days ago


#69 The bottom line is the majority of people disagree with you. I am not surprised that you think people who agree with you must be intellegent and the people that don't must be ignorant. I suspect you are a control freak.

2753 days ago


You know what everyone, I've read this entire comment thingy and iagree 100% with Cate. You all are a buch of dumb assholes. Carol, why dont you shut the hell up. Cate's making a point and you arent. I may be a blonde but I know the difference between wrong and right. You people are just mean!

2753 days ago


I used to like her because her family seemed pretty bad plus i'm sure it's tough being an amputee (I have one in my family and I can't imagine being that young...a model no less, and losing a leg, 90% function or not). I also think its nice that she loves animals so much and works with landmine victims.

All this said, it doesn't compensate for being a bad person. She treated Paul McCartney badly. She treated Stella McCartney badly. She left her child due to mental anguish or whatever. Um, I'm no publicist, but it doesn't make for a good image. No amount of admiration for her charity work compensates for being an otherwise bad person.

2753 days ago


So Cate is a CEO of a major corperation. That explains many thinks. It's a state of mind. By the way, TV is a corporation. Corporate America is destroying America. Go back to your big, important, self-grandizing job. Do us all a favor.

By virtue of your statement, you have proven what I have always believed: People in the corporate world are self-imporatant and feel that their opinions are Bible.

Mills is a hypocrite and I have not read a substantial arguement to prove me wrong.

2753 days ago


# 78.. THANK YOU!! PARIS HILTON IS A MORON!! NOT TO MENTION FUGLY!! NO TALENT!!!! Maybe she can adopt Heather???!!!

2753 days ago
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