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Judge Says It's Time To Know -- Who's the Daddy?

3/20/2007 7:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Larry Birkhead & Howard K.SternThe judge in the Dannielynn "who's your daddy" case has just ordered up the telltale DNA.

The judge in the Bahamas just ordered Howard K. Stern to submit his DNA sample for testing along with Dannielynn's. Larry Birkhead's DNA will be tested as well. Anna Nicole's DNA is in the bag too. We're told the results could come later this week.

Birkhead left the courtroom with pumped fists in the air, jumping up and down.

If Larry Birkhead is the father, the judge could make a quick decision on custody. Then a passport would be the only thing standing in Birkhead's way of taking Dannielynn to the U.S.


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THERE IS A GOD!!!! What Howard is doing of standing in the way of Dannilynn and her REAL father (Larry) is just as bad if not worse than Virgie trying to stop the funeral and he makes a big fuss about her and her actions to her daughter. He is NO better than her. The judge obviously sees right though him and if he was indeed the real father he would have no problem taking the test. I hope KARMA comes back to haunt you HOWIE!!!!!!

2777 days ago


run howard run

2777 days ago


Its on!

2777 days ago


either way I feel sorry for that poor baby. She's about to be ripped from the arms of the only father she's ever known. This time in her life is crucial for developing secure attachment to a caregiver. Everyone needs to do what's best for that precious child.

2777 days ago


Boy I hope those Bahamian courts do not allow Sterms appeal to go thru. He is such a creep. I hear he is putting thru an emergency appeal tonite to stop all the dna testing. Come on. Lets get it done! Let the baby go to her real father!!

2777 days ago


Yes! Yes ! Yes! It's about time. I hear that dirtbag Howard K. $tern is trying to appeal though.

2777 days ago


I will laugh my ass off if it turns out that neither of them is the bio dad!!

2777 days ago


Today should be a banner day for Larry, BUT, don't count on it yet! The investigation isn't complete. Once Perper's results come out, everything will fall into place.

I am guessing that Opri's bowing out of the case was a ploy, to make Stern more comfortable so he will mess up. Maybe Larry even is wearing a mike so that he can catch Stern making some outlandish comments about wanting the money only, not the baby. WHO Knows?

2777 days ago

Let sleeping bodies rest in peace...........    

What happens if Larry is NOT the baby's father? Will they DNA test all the other men too?

2777 days ago



2777 days ago


Right. I heard that Stern is appealing this overnight. Creep! I hope they get the results quickly and thake that innocent baby away from him!

2777 days ago


Yes...Yes...Yes... THANK YOU SO MUCH It has taken the one judge in the Bahamas to do the right thing. The one that we thought wouldnt. Our judges here in USA SUCK!!

2777 days ago

Celebrity Status...Unknown    

I have been hoping that Howard would be required to ALSO take the DNA test, we do not know if Larry Birkhead is Dannielynn's biological father but we DO know that he has been willing to prove or disprove this issue, unlike Hoard Koward Stern who has been hiding behind a "technicality" with the signed Bahamian birth certificate. HK$ thought is Larry isn't the dad and if he weren't required to be tested he would win Dannielynn by default, this way if neither one is the biological father Virgie Arthur will probably have a chance at raising Dannielynn...

The legal system does work, who'da thunk it...LOL

2777 days ago


Our prayers are with Larry. Howard will be on his way to jail soon. He better not harm that little baby...I think the Judge should have ordered the child be put in child care services until the test is done.

2777 days ago


Thank god.. Its almost over.. We hope!! HKS your not the father.

2777 days ago
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