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Elisabeth to Babwa: You've Lost Control!

3/22/2007 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Elizabeth HasselbeckAnother day, more alleged strife at "The View:" Now, Elisabeth Hasselbeck apparently thinks Babwa has completely lost control over the show, and she's steaming mad that Rosie had a whole show devoted to her birthday.

According to Rush & Molloy, Elisabeth is still stewing over yet another on-air verbal smackdown from Rosie two days ago, and her anger only intensified yesterday, when the entire hour was all about Rosie's 45th birthday – the show was wall-to-wall Broadway musical numbers. What's more, says a R&M source, Hasselbeck "also thinks Barbara doesn't have any control over the show anymore."

Rosie Gets Physical Gallery: Click to launch photosA "View" rep responds that there is "absolutely no truth or merit to any of this. Additionally, Barbara has repeatedly said on the show that she loves Rosie, and Rosie's opinions are her own." And on yesterday's show, Rosie and Elisabeth talked about making up via e-mail during Tuesday's "American Idol."

K-Fed Ain't Getting What You Think

Britney and K Fed News reports are circulating that Kevin Federline will score $19 million in his divorce with Britney. Hardy har har.

TMZ knows the real deal -- and Kevin isn't getting anywhere near 19. The real story -- put a decimal point between the 1 and the 9 and then reduce it significantly.

As for why K-Fed isn't in a position to bargain -- Britney's disso-queen lawyer, Laura Wasser, drafted an airtight prenup before the marriage. Kevin will end up pocketing around a mil.

The divorce is winding its way to a quick end. Britney and Kevin are getting along, and they have agreed in principle to a custody arrangement. As TMZ first reported, there will be a 50/50 custody split for now, but in the long run , Britney will get primary custody.
Brit's meltdown in photos: Click to launch gallery
As for how Britney is doing, we're told she has had an utter personality change since going into rehab. She has become "nice as well as reasonable," according to a source who has contact with her.

Vivica A. Fox A-rrested for DUI

Vivica A Fox gallery: Click to launch photosTMZ has learned Vivica A. Fox has been busted for DUI.

It happened last night on the 101 Freeway in the San Fernando Valley at 10:57 PM. We're told Fox passed a marked black and white while going approximately 80 mph. Sources say the officers went after the 2007 Cadillac Escalade she was driving.

The officers administered a field sobriety test -- which Fox was unable to perform. The former "Dancing With the Stars" contestant was then placed under arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence.

Fox was taken to Van Nuys jail where she submitted to two breathalyzer tests. CHP spokesman Leland Tang told TMZ, "It was definitely over the .08 legal limit."

Fox was cited and released on her own recognizance and ordered to appear in court.

Arizona Jail Goes Sing Sing Over "Idol"

Inmate IdleNot only are they behind bars, they're ready to sing in one! What a con test!

Maricopa County Sheriffs have developed their own version of "American Idol," called "Inmate Idle," in which 15 jailbirds battle for lockdown supremacy, not with homemade shivs, but with their singing! According to reps from the Sheriff's Office, the competition is an attempt to boost morale and give inmates a positive way to spend their jail time.

The vote for the six finalists will be held tonight, with Alice Cooper set to judge tomorrow night's live show. It's rumored that basketball legend Charles Barkley is interested in sitting at the judge's table as well.

The Sheriff who greenlit the event, Joe Arpaio, is notorious for his "unique" treatment of prisoners -- his inmates wear pink jumpsuits and live in tents in the middle of the Arizona desert. No need to say that anyone's singing could get them arrested.

Party Favors: Carmen Not Set with Joan Jett ... Jesse Metcalfe Checks into Rehab ... Sanjaya Survives!

Carmen Electra and rocker Joan Jett are not a romantic item, despite the fact that the two have been spending a lot of time together since Electra split from Dave Navarro. "They are just friends," a source tells Us. ... "Desperate Housewives" boy-morsel Jesse Metcalfe has checked into rehab at an "undisclosed" location, says Page Six. TMZ has learned that over the last week and a half, Metcalfe was on a complete binge, going wild over the weekend in particular and launching on helpless bar staff. ... Despite making a classic Kinks song sound like the low moans of a golden retriever being stepped on, Sanjaya Malakar survived the "American Idol" cut, sacrificing Stephanie Edwards in the process.


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#77 a C in a private school is actually an F in a public school where your teachers arent going to be calling you and giving you second chances because you parents are rich and they dont want their ranking to drop ahahhahahah
If you cant get in University in Texas and yet you go to Harvard that should tell us a lot about the admissions criteria of these so called good schools. You have to be poor and smart to rich and not neccesarily smart to go to the Harvards and Yales of this world.

Managers definitely have to be more careful who they hire to work for them, should be based on skills and not on how many lucky breaks some ass had due to least the Hilton trash isnt pretending to be in any public office, or is she ??

But hey that was long ago , I would say Bushie boy can only become wiser from these last 8 8years ahahahh..He has earned his PhD in Politics already.

2772 days ago


To have Ann Coulter and Rosie go at it would be more balanced. I hate Coulter, but she would at least stand up for herself.

2772 days ago



2772 days ago


#71..I didn't realize Jesse Metcalf was a girl or teen to join the trend of TEENAGE GIRLS going into rehab

2772 days ago


I love Rosie O'Donnell. She is my hero!

2772 days ago


Were you cheering when there was attempt on Dick Cheney's life in Afghanistan? I am not trying to be a wiseacre, but some people were actually happy about that. I don't like the Bush administration, but I question the character of some of the people that I know. It is great being a Democrat, but this sounds way out of hand to me.

2772 days ago


Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) is caused by lack of food. You get it when you don't eat!
Why is Nicole even in the spotlight? She's untalented, homely, and looks like she's sick. She's worked really hard at making herself incredibly ugly.
Her body is truly nausiating.

2772 days ago


Not that its any of our business, but do celebrities think we are stupid? Just call things as they are. Everytime a "star" does something they try to sugar-coat it.

Nicole is a anorexic on drugs- thats all she will ever be.

2772 days ago


#86 what has my noted views got to do about cheering an attempt on someone's life????

Please woman, get a grip...I respect people who have a good opinion not some abstracted assumption based on limited or no evidence. where does is say I have a personal loathing for people I disagree with or anyone in the bush administration?????

Cheney is a terror onto himself, he gives himself heart attacks all the time....his health concerns are none of my business. It will only hasten the end of the hegemony that the present politicians (ALL of them)are moving the US towards

Uneducated/uninformed democrats and republicans alike are a nuisance anywhere they go. I admire a conservative with a good argument and democrat with a good one as well, even though one of these will surely make my stomach a little queasy they are still better than the "Almighty- Overly Patriotic- America is Perfect - who never stepped a foot outside of US soil Baffoons" who can be found in both parties.

2772 days ago

David Orbach    

#38, The problem isn't that there is only one Republican on the show. The problem is that the one Republican on the show is a dope.

#45 - I can understand that you are a bigot whose feelings took only four sentences to be exposed.. Look at who holds the real power in this country in any given organization. Betcha over 90% of the power is with the people who have always held it and always will - blonde haired, blue eyed, white males.

2772 days ago


You're right Barb, I never wrote that 911 crap. I consider myself pro-America and anti-Bush.

2772 days ago


Rosie's evidence is Iraq. Just look at the mess there. Can you not see that invading Iraq was a strategic error? The Bush administration is rotten to the core! These crooks in the White House have shown the American people a level of incompetence and corruption that is unfathomable!

2772 days ago


Barb, You're right I never wrote that 911 crap and all of the other childish nonsense. I'm Pro-America and anti-Bush.

2772 days ago


"66. Hey Scout, Your an imbecile, go live in IRAQ with the Terrortists!!!!!!!!

Posted at 10:47AM on Mar 22nd 2007 by Theresa."

Dear Theresa,
You don't know me and I don't know you. A few things you need to know. First I believe you meant to write you're not "your." I would also like to tell you that the majority of people in Iraq are Iraqis , not "terrorists." It is my right and my duty as an American citizen to question my government when I disagree with their policies. People who can't understand that , don't understand the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.

2772 days ago

Geat real    

Can anyone get her off the show. I think the people in the Video room must be breating bad air.

2772 days ago
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