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Britney Drops Dime in Rehab

3/27/2007 1:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looks like rehab did more than good for Britney Spears' soul – she also dropped a surprising ten pounds during her stay in Promises, and got herself not just buff, but buffed with spa treatments.

That Other Blog tells us this morning that the pop princess lost at least 10 lbs. during her stay at Promises – a figure that's backed up by snaps from the weekend, which TMZ showed you yesterday. What's more, adds TOB, while inside she was treated to several spa treatments that included skin cleansing, helping to release toxins from her system.

And as TMZ's been told, Britney's made a real and significant turnaround since she checked in to the Malibu rehab facility.

Eminem and Ex-Wife Agree to Shut Up

Now this, folks, is real news. Eminem and his ex-wife Kim Mathers actually agreed not to trash each other in public – for the sake of their daughter. The couple made the decision during a court hearing in Michigan after Eminem (aka Marshall Mathers) filed a motion Friday to muzzle Kim, after she'd made numerous salacious comments about the rapper. Kim had told one TV interviewer that she'd been driven to attempt suicide by Eminem, and recently told a Detroit radio station that he was unfaithful and uncaring and said some uncomplimentary things about his sexual athleticism. Eminem didn't actually appear in court, except by phone, and his lawyer said, "We're happy the court was able to bring this matter to a just and equitable resolution."

Piven Gets Pissy, Again

Jeremy Piven may need to learn how to cook for himself pretty soon, as he's getting the ol' 86 from a growing slew of eateries. The "Entourage" star got into a tiff, reports Ben Widdicombe of the New York Daily News, with a hostess at an unnamed restaurant off Vine in Hollywood. It seems that Piven tried to get into the joint on Valentine's Day without a reservation, but when the hostess explained that they were booked solid, Jeremy exploded. "Believe it or not, he used the 'Don't you know who I am?' line," says Widdicombe's source. And then he got all Ari Gold on the hostess, humiliating her for working in a restaurant. This incident follows on allegations that Piven's been banned from Nobu restaurants across the world for his boorish behavior at the Aspen branch.

Party Favors: Jessica Simpson Gives Minivan to Mexicans ... Kumar Teaches Penn Kids About Movies ... Damon and Wahlberg Team Up for Boxing Flick

Remember when Jessica Simpson won a Chrysler Crossfire last fall and everyone was, like, "What does she need with a new car?" Well, turns out Jessica is giving it to someone who really needs it. Simpson exchanged the sports coupe for a minivan and donated it to a Mexican orphanage she supports, says People. ... Now his parents can finally tell the neighbors what he's up to: Kal Penn, he of Kumar of "Harold and Kumar" fame, will be teaching classes at -- where else -- the University of Pennsylvania as a special instructor. Penn will teach classes about teen movies and Asian-Americans in film. ... Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg will team up in "The Fighter," a boxing drama that is in talks now, as Variety reports, to be directed by "The Fountain's" Darren Aronofsky.


No Avatar


Who the hell does this jackass think he is! He's just a very ugly asshole that needs to be kicked to the curb! Grown the Hell Up PIVEN!!!

2731 days ago


JEREMY PIVEN? I have no idea who you are and have never heard your name before now! You are, however, a very ugly piece of S*** -- Your actions are deplorable.

2731 days ago

Black Macho Gal    

Little weenie Marshal Mathers should have been turned over and spanked long ago. He's a sick, angry little white boy with delusions of being a black gangsta from the hood. I hope he keeps getting haunted by the punk-busted choices he's made for himself.

2731 days ago


Kim Mathers was on hot97 in NYC today talking about how bad Eminem was as a husband and saying he is still using drugs and that he hit her when they were together. So I don't think she is following any court order!

2731 days ago


It is amazing how much weight one can lose by not drinking booze. Brit will regain the wieght as soon as she starts to party again!!

2731 days ago


jeremy piven is a wannabe....i dealt with him here in chicago - he is a nobody- he cruises and makes out with girls in front of his mother - he plays with the wannabe somebody club owners in chicago - he is a wash out - so he has some friends at hbo - move on - he is a skank -

2731 days ago


#22 duchess: People are people no matter what country they're from or what color their skin is. The fact that celebrities are helping HUMAN BEINGS is what matters. Just like in the case of Angelina Jolie adopting from other countries; a baby is a baby!!! They all need a loving family...not just the American ones!

2731 days ago


#2 Bravo Sam! I agree with you 100 percent. And Jessica looks absolutely ridiculous wearing that blonde wig.

2731 days ago

gossip fan    

Jessica should have donated the minivan to an American family who need a vehicle. She shouldn't forget the country that made her rich!!

2731 days ago

Black Sheep    

Quick Jessica. Follow that van!

2731 days ago


I wouldn't be surprised to hear that Jessica Simpson's publicist has the entire papparazzi crowd in LA on speed dial. A true humanitarian is one who does good when noone is looking. Everything is a photo op for JS.

Good luck to Britney. CNN did a show the other night on rehabs. It has been proven that the success rate is between 4% and 8% depending on the facility. Promises was asked to comment and refused.

2731 days ago


Right on Jessica! It's wonderful that you help others. The media reports Jessicas' acts of kindness, NOT HER! Duh, this was a contest prize and it was a very nice jesture.

2731 days ago


Regarding JS: Did you see the cheap-ass trinket and pimple cream she also gave them? What about healthy food, clean water, and medicine?!?

2731 days ago


i think that its great that brit is doin what shes doin and i think alot can change in almost a month! she looks great and i think shes not entirely ready to tour the world without any supervision but i think shes ready to get her career back. Lets hope and pray that god leads her down the right path i mean she has been goin to church

2731 days ago

Brit_ney Rulez    

Wow, putting down a hostess in a booked restaurant. You so badass, Piven! Wouldn't want to meet you in a dark Starbucks.

2730 days ago
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