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Hewitt Pissed Off at Three 6 Mafia?

4/4/2007 4:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that the rap group Three 6 Mafia was booted from their home after a member of their entourage peed on Jennifer Love Hewitt's lawn.

The Oscar-winning rap group recently moved into the same Toluca Lake neighborhood of the busty "Ghost Whisperer," and marked their new territory by having one of their assistants relieve himself on Hewitt's front yard. The group's new reality show, "Adventures in HollyHood," premieres tomorrow night on MTV. While handing out invitations to the Three 6 Mafia housewarming party, you can actually see the assistant peeing on a lawn they claim belongs to the actress. Must pee TV!

Instead of offering the group gifts, Hewitt and other neighbors forced them to move out of the Toluca Lake 'hood, and they're now living in Bel Air. Sounds like an upgrade, minus the view of Hewitt's spectacular cleavage.


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Only in    

Yea, they sent their scout out first but he couldn't hold his 40

2758 days ago


I have never heard of this group, but they sound like an excellent boy band. Sounds like they are kind of 'sissy' boys if you know what I mean. Getting and giving each other a little man sneak.

2758 days ago

Only in    

AAAAAAAAHHHHH you tell em Jane,you drop your drawers on someones front lawn,you gonna get shot in the ass ,whoever you are!

2758 days ago


It was a disgusting thing to do no matter what color they were, they are grown men who should have known better. I think a family or person of any color who could afford a pricey home like that would have felt the same way, I think Bill Cosby would have gotten them out too. They give an Oscar to anyone nowadays, Alfred Hitchcock never got one. The fact that rappers got into the rock and roll hall of fame shows you how stupid we are, not to mention politically correct, since when is rap rock and roll? The hall of fame lost all credibility when they put them in there with aerosmith and van halen. Why don't they open a rap hall of fame? with a lot of toilets so they know where to pee.

2758 days ago


Thats just plain rude.

2758 days ago

Only in    

Josie, it doesn't matter,we would have shot them in the ass anyway

2758 days ago

Only in    

What did you have a summit before releasing that statement?

2758 days ago

Land Shark    

And HOW exactly did she and the other neighbors force them out of the neighborhood? Were they renting? You can't force someone out of their house if they own it.

2758 days ago

Three Six Mafia    


2758 days ago


No, I'm not.

2757 days ago

Brit_ney Rulez    

Oh, Puuuleeeze!!! So this dude peed on the lawn. No, he shouldn't have done that, but kicked out of the neighborhood??? Get over yourselves already, you damned Puritans!! Where's your reason? You give the word "overreaction" a new meaning.

2757 days ago


Where at in Toluca Lake? Anybody know what street?

2757 days ago


Bravo Jenn I woulda done the same thing its not a race thing its a question of decency. Would you like it if I came over to YOUR house and pissed in your yard I doubt it.

2757 days ago


I can't belive one of those p***y bitch girls of 3-6 could get his panties down quick enough to get caught. The neighbors were right to force the boy band bitch girls of 3-6- to move out. I would go to Bel Air and piss on them if I thought they could tell the difference.

2757 days ago


Okay, this is absolutely ridiculous; what this has turned into. Have any of you racist folks visited this particular article on TMZ to just vent about another race? If so, take that hate and nonsense elsewhere.

I am white, and will defend ANY race. I am the most non-racist person. I will get along with whites, blacks, hispanics, asians, whatever. Like one person said, there's bad apples in every race.

I happen to think Three 6 Mafia are the geniuses and gods of rap. That was absurd the way Jennifer Love Hewitt reacted. Can't she just laugh it off? It's not like dogs don't piss on people's yards. If she gets mad about a little something like that, imagine how overly seriously she takes life.

2757 days ago
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