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Baldwin -- Can You Hear Me Now?

4/20/2007 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hours after TMZ posted Alec Baldwin's explosive voice mail message to his 11-year-old daughter, we spotted Baldwin in New York -- on his cell phone! It looked like Alec had already flipped into damage control mode.

Baldwin was spotted making a swift exit from a benefit party for The Old Vic Theatre, keeping his face turned away from cameras as he gabbed on his cell.


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I see Mr. has his web page's guestbook shut down. What is wrong , can't handle the heat? You are the bad mouthed, loud mouth here. You have been bashing your wife and child for years. I know your type, was married to one for 12 yrs. You are nothing but a verbal and emotional abuser. And there's a good chance your a drunk and a physically violent person, all the signs are there! May you rot in hell for screwing up the life of your beautiful wife and daughter. YOU FAT PIG!

2720 days ago


It is a shame that Alec's daughter had to be subjected to that; however, there are many parents out there that have said a lot worst to their kids. Why is this such a big deal? Is it because Alec is a celebrity? But why should we care, he is only human. I would be pissed if I had a scheduled time to call my child and she didnt answer. He called her "a rude little pig." Maybe she is rude, but at least he didnt call her other names.
If society is going to bash Alec about this issue, then we have a long list of other parent's to bash for calling their kids name and using that kind of language.
Give him a break...he is only human!!!

2720 days ago


Shane on KIM!!! For allowing the distance between Ireland and her Father.

SHAME on KIM for releasing the audio to the public! It's nobodys business. Some things need to remain private.

Ireland will be grown soon and then what??? She will turn against her Mother for all the problems she has caused between her Daughter and and her Daughters Dad.

Pre-Teen and Teenage girls often retaliate against the Mother, for various reasons, some true, some not so true.

2720 days ago


#59 is right on, however, Harvey Levin needs to get a life...a real one. Him calling this information "an important story" is laughable, ridiculous, and shows that Levin is totally incapable of intelligent, worthy communication. Oh, this whole website fits that discription, sorry for stating the obvious. I seriously doubt that Levin "obtained legally" the tape of the phone call. Baldwin may have issues, but we all do. The person who authorized the "leaking" of the tape is the evil one here as well as Levin. All this situation did was HURT A CHILD. It is very sad if it was, indeed, Ms Bassinger who leaked this.

2720 days ago


i am a divorced parent (of 5), and i was married to a very abusive man. if anyone out there believes an ex has so much control over a child that it excuses what alec baldwin said to his daughter, well, then i would have to say that person has the same problems he has. kim basinger did not have anything whatsoever to do with his calling his own daughter a 'pig.' i don't care how many teens one deals with, parents are still called to be parents, and there is NO EXCUSE - NO EXCUSE for calling an 11-year-old, or anyone for that matter, a pig. parenting involves exercising self-control (so that you can be a role model), respect, and kindness (because someday they will grow up and treat the rest of the world the way you treated them), as well as the other things so many parents like to inflict on their children. the fact that he tried to shift the blame back to his ex-wife only proves he has control and abuse issues. he needs lots of therapy.

2720 days ago

Good Dad    

Hey this guy has problems!
If he wants his girl to talk to him, he should be someone she wants to talk to. Make her feel safe not sad. I have three kids, 2 girls one boy. I came from a big family, sure everybody gets mad at times, but you dont live clear across the country from your child and get yourself worked up to the point of sounding like a nut job to her. Girls want to be protected by their dad, not made to feel like he would like to slap her around.
I think he needs help, he has brothers, one is a christian......pray for him and talk to him, get him help NOW. I think the judge should not let him see her til he gets "all" the help he so badly needs. I think time off for all them would be the best thing.....a year or two. If he steps up to the plate and becomes a real man, not just an angry one who blames everything on everyone elce, then maybe with slow steps. People who abuse others always blame it on eveyone and everything but themselves. Kim get protection! And ask the judge to have him blocked from the phone. Alex get right or stay out of their lives for their good. Most people in his shape only live for themselves, never what is best for his child. Only thing that matters is, its my right. Wrong. Do something not about yourself......leave them alone.

2720 days ago

Irate Citizen!!!!!    

1st of all, can I say get a life (myself included) because I took time out of my life to come and listen to this message after a girl friend called and told me about it.....there are 3 sides to every story, his, hers, and the truth. How did this cell phone message get leaked out to the press to begin with??? Someone with a grudge thats how! 2nd if you all listened to that message, that sounds like a man who has had it! We do not know all of the facts only a voice mail message from an irate man to his daughter. From what he said in his message it sounds like this is something that happens a lot. I am not in any way condoning his actions, but neither am I like most of you out there in society ready to throw him to the wolves!! WE do not know the full extent of this situation!!! IT is none of our damn business! There is a war going on, people are dying everyday, how does this matter?!?!? Homelessness, disease, WAR, spousal abuse, child abuse, starvation, rape, etc.....these are things that should get a response from you all, not what the heck Alec Baldwin said to his daughter in a damn voice message!!! Let the lawyers, the judge, his ex-wife, and himself sort it out! If all of you (myself included apparently) were as eager to lend a hand to all the above tragadies that we are facing, then maybe this world would be a better place in which to live and Alec Baldwin and his damn message would not have such a high place in our lives!!!!!

2720 days ago


What a lame piece of video, who cares that he was on his cell phone?!? How is that relevant?

2720 days ago


I do not see exactly how the voicemail likely would come within the scope of a gag order. The order precedes the voicemail, obviously. It isn't an allegation of something that occurred in the past. Can a court legitimately order the parties to a divorce to keep quiet about a family member leaving such an enraged, scary message? Uh, no. Say for instance the mom, or perhaps even Ireland herself took the tape to police, or the court seeking a personal protection order, or to some other agency involved in domestic violence issues. It would compromise safety to require people to not err on the side of safety and tell someone. Also, cell phone calls aren't secure. Anybody recall Newt Gingrich's intercepted and recorded cell phone conversation 10 years ago? Anybody recall that even though the couple that intercepted and recorded Gingrich's private call had to pay a $1,000 fine for doing so, the court also made a 1st Amendment ruling in the couple's favor about disseminating the message to the press. That was because leaking of the call's contents to the press is protected by freedom of speech. Because the recordings were deemed a matter of "important public interest ". Alec Baldwin's a celebrity with a popular tv show in whom the Paparazzi have long been interested. Given that, it is just as possible Mr. Baldwin is the unwitting person responsible for his psycho voice mail reaching the press.

2719 days ago


no there r 4 sides to this story, his side , her side, ireland side, and the truth.
alex u were wrong in what u said 2 your child, and i know u meant well, and im
not judging either of u but people sometime moms used the kids as a weapon
against the father, now i got to say this if kim was as good of a mom as she
claims to be she would have never let that tape hit the press. because that child will
never be allowed to live it down, shame on u kim.

2719 days ago


now if we had read that he was abusing ireland on the news ,ok air the message, i tell u people this is a control issue with kim in the driving seat, don't
get me wrong im a mother of 3 grown children, and i raised the hell out of my sons. they got baby moma drama, and i know for a fact females, not women
females will use the kids to get back at the fathers. and you women out there
that break up with your kids father, please don't deny that child from seeing
their dad.

2719 days ago
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