Zach Braff -- TanTrick Secrets Exposed!

4/27/2007 1:03 PM PDT
Zach Braff is no friend of the sun -- the words "paler than the Queen" come to mind. But on the posters for his upcoming movie, "The Ex," Zach looks like he fell asleep in a tanning bed.

The fact that Zach suddenly has a bronze tone is a shock -- even for Zach. "So yes, I don't know why they made me so tan on the poster for 'The Ex,'" Braff wrote on his MySpace page. "When I first saw it, I thought it might be the South American poster, since we all looked a smidgen Latin. Or... as Latin as I'm ever gonna look." Antonio Banderas, he's not.

You can check out Señor Braff when "The Ex" hits theaters on May 11.