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Lowly Subjects! Behold $22 Mil Beckingham Palace West!

4/30/2007 2:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After months of searching, the Beckhams have finally landed a pad in Beverly Hills, and TMZ's got a look at King David and Queen Victoria's castle-to-be. Do not look the monarchs in the eye, please.
David Beckham and Victoria Beckham's new palace.
It's a 13,000-plus-sq.-ft. Italianate villa built just this year, with six bedrooms (barely enough to hold the Beck-brood), and nine bathrooms (conveniently enough as David flushes what remains of his soccer cred away) in an appropriately posh part of the 90210. The long narrow entrance hall looks like something out of the opening credits of "Get Smart," just for good measure.

No word from real estate sources on whether the kitchen will enable the veddy-veddy-British couple to produce edible food.


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I agree that this is ridiculous to have spent so much on a house, and that she is a snobby wench that thinks everyone is beneath her, however , they did earn the money, and should be able to spend it anyway they want. They have forgotten what it feels like to "need" something, and to struggle. I am happy that they made it so big, but a little modesty would be nice !

2730 days ago


Who cares. It still won't get soccer popularized in the US.

2730 days ago


Does anybody really care what these people do? A year from now they'll be selling the home and moving back to what ever slimehole they crawled out of...and we won't even know about it.

2730 days ago


I think David Beckham is nice eye-candy (not when he's puking on the field, however) and I just think his wife is a snotty skank. I have absolutely no interest in anything either of them do, but it's a damned shame when they behave like they really are royalty. Not to begrudge their success and good fortune, I think a little humility is in order here. The house is nice, but I think there are plenty of other constructive ways that money could've been spent, because you NEVER hear about all the wild, generous and spontaneous donations to charity these two make...


2730 days ago


22 million for THAT house? Are you kidding?

On the other hand, I don't worry about what they do because it's true that life's not fair. I have it better than most of the world... in fact all of us on here do. We have Internet, probably have food, spare change. WE don't know what it's like to go hungry. Or live on less than a dollar a day. Come on, everyone has it differently. If we want to change the entertainment world, we should stop buying CD's, going to games or concerts, and show them that we don't want them to get paid that much. Its us who fund their paychecks. We buy into sports and entertainment.

Just don't judge them. And then we will deserve to not be judged for our actions as well.

2730 days ago

White Trash Ho Family    

I have a 12,000 sq foot manse on top of a hill overlooking the Gulf of Mexico in Florida which is WAY more impressive than THAT house! At least mine has some style, and it's custom built! We built it before the building boom four years ago, and it cost us only $400K, and its value now is nearly 2.3 MILLION, so not a bad deal. Even with the real estate bust, we've had an offer for $1.9 MIL, but we're not selling it. You don't sell your dream home! ~ Fort Myers Mansion! :)

2730 days ago

kathy r    

lucky you i can only dream of things like this

2730 days ago


Whats the big deal ! , I have a pool, a kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, garage,Just on a smaller scale. Bigger isn't always better.

2730 days ago


This is proof of the response the US gives in anwer to the famous Emma Lazurarus poem when it asks,"give me your poor and hungry huddled masses". May we add over the hill to that and for all that money, really a disgrace.

2730 days ago


They have the funds to buy the house they like just as you would if you had saved all your pennies and not spent them on cigarettes and booze :)

I feel happy for anyone who can afford their dream house, I found mine and it's not as large as theirs but it is my dream house and home to my horses, cats and dogs.

So hang your jealous streaks in the closet and be happy for two people who made it without the governments help. I mean, it's not a HUD home, is it now.

2730 days ago


She may be a no-talent, but her husband is one of the best soccer players

2729 days ago


$22 Mil for that crap?! Are you serious??? People, people, people that is a double wide trailer. And besides the kids, who else could fit? That house looks 3 ft tall...

2729 days ago

Amy Silverman    

What boring people-who are they-dang she is one fugly non-smiling ho

2729 days ago

Amy Silverman    

Why the huge kitchen? She doesn't eat or cook-just shops and acts snotty-her show will tank!

2729 days ago



2729 days ago
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