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Reunited and It Feels So Good!

5/2/2007 1:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With a tender kiss and a cuddly teddy bear, Larry Birkhead shared an emotional moment with his daughter Dannielynn yesterday, before the two took a private jet out of the Bahamas.

Shortly after this photo was taken, daddy and daughter landed in Birkhead's homestate of Kentucky, where Dannielynn is getting to know some of her extended family.


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Good morning, Bahama Nana,

I enjoyed your comments, and appreciate all you have said to me, and the information you have generously provided.

We have been through a lot in attempting to sort through and share information. I have found it very disappointing to have been put through the wringer in having people use my name on fake posts, and yesterday some of the unethical and childish members in this group even posted on the "will" site, and several other sites with outrageous letters using my name. I find that very disgusting. I don't have time to read all the posts, and fortunately that was brought to my attention by people of integrity, who gave me support.

Also, Just Thinking, I just read your post to me here, and I haven't the slightest idea what you are referring to. I have never said anything to you or against you that would warrant that accusation.

And, Mia, I don't lie. Period. I have also used my own name throughout, which I now begin to realize was probably a mistake, since I never suspected that some of the people posting here were of such unethical conduct as to conspire with each other to trash legitimate and honest people who are sincere. I have thus far never used any name other than my own, and I am not other people. I have no reason to lie, and regrettably I have had to protect myself, as well as my friends, in tirades when I opposed cruel or slanderous remarks from others. But I don't lie.

I have taken the time to participate here, although I am on legitimate lists and own two Lists myself. I have never blogged before, and didn't know there were such low standards in protecting honest people of integrity. The insults, both to writers here and to people we discuss while trying to solve and address what happened to Anna and Daniel, have been shocking and unbelievable. It is very discouraging to know that there are people of such low mentality that they would spend their days plotting to cause misery for others.

I wish those of us who are friends could find another place where we could blog where people's names could not be used by others who are causing trouble, or where they damage the reputation of the writer by writing garbage using their name. I would never tolerate that behavior on my Lists, nor the language and insults, which are totally beyond the pale.

I won't be in here a lot today, and have things to do. I will be in from time to time, and am interested in all things. It appears that Larry and Opri will be in court eventually. I am shocked that she pocketed his money, if that is true, and that she started a "Save the Baby" for contributions which were for legal expenses, if that is true. The attorneys on Greta's "On the Record" also found her fees to be out of line, and said she would likely be going before the State Bar Association.

Just Me Again and Peggy, enjoyed your comments, and agree wholeheartedly.

Best to all of you, and have a happy day.

2702 days ago



Good post. I agree with you, and I have wondered why, when Larry
and Howard Stern, have made millions from either Anna or the baby,
that people are always acting as though Virgie is "after money", hahaha,
so ludicrous. It's o.k. for people to use Anna, her interviews, her picturesandvideo's of her, but all you hear about Virgie is she is after the money.
She didn't take those pictures of dead Daniel in the hospital room with
the apparatus used to try to save him still in his mouth, either, and she didn't sell them.

With all that is going on now, and with some very suspicious behavior taking place, I think we know that Anna's mother has been a rock, and still is..

That becomes more apparent all the time, other than to those who just maliciously hate Anna's mother and want to insult her.

2702 days ago

Just Thinking    

I suggest you do research on the Will site to see what comments you made to me after I had commented to Lynda... Sorry. Not into emotional games or back stabbing. You have an explanation for your comments, post it...right on the Will site where you decided to rip me. If not, leave my name out of your blogs.

2701 days ago


Just Thinking,

I don't have to research or search the web to know I have said absolutely nothing rude to you, and have no idea what you are speaking of. I have never ripped you and always thought you were someone from another site that I communicated with for a long time. I would never have ripped her and I never ripped you. Maybe someone else wrote it using my name. Maybe you misunderstood something. Why would I say anything to someone I thought was a friend? I am quite amazed by someone who says I insulted them and won't even tell me what I said, and expects me to "search the Internet" for some supposed insult. I would be embarking on a fool's errand when I know I haven't insulted you.

We don't have to go through all this unpleasantness for me not to write you. By the same token, don't write me either. We will just agree to no communication between us.

2701 days ago


Hi Suzanne ~ Has Lucas been online on any of the blogs lately? I would like to discuss the myspace support site that he created for Virgie. Please let me know if he has been online at all ~ Thanks!

Thank you for all your wonderful posts, Suzanne!

2701 days ago


Just Me Again,

I'm glad you mentioned Lucas. I have really missed his posts. He
was a great contributor, and I have not seen him since he opened
that good site.

I went to the site, and it is really nice, but I didn't go into the posting

Also, I was very impressed with a lot of the posts last night, and also
got quite a few chuckles from the cute quips by Kerry and others. They
were really good!

About other things, I don't see what good arguing over things like the clown video helps. I saw the clown video. It was something that there could be no mistake about. Anna's condition was that she was totally drugged into a stupor, and barely knew where she was. It is an insult to our intelligence to think otherwise or to spin it. That is not going to change the truth. The only truth the spinners state is that "Howard is a smart man". Well, nobody can deny that he is diabolically clever, however lazy and spoiled by his parents, who supported him and overlooked his actions. Everybody loves their children, no matter what.

I am infinitely weary of the bashing of Anna's mother, too, and it really turns my stomach to read the juvenile criticisms of a grieving mother. The fat jokes are ridiculous. Like when people are in the second grade it is "Jane, jane, two by four, can't get through the kitchen door". Now we are adults, in a blog, having to hear remarks like that about a mother who lost not only her daughter, but her adorable grandson, to heinous deaths. What kind of people could not have compassion for such a person who was not even allowed to hold her grandson because of a monster who in many opinions is the CAUSE of ALL of the suffering and grief.

Well, it is too early in the day for such a tirade, but it is upsetting to view such unkind and slanderous comments about Virgie Arthur, and to have to listen to cover ups for Howard Stern.

Also, did you happen to catch Opri on TV last night? She was with a client, but she made a few remarks about Larry, trying to justify her charges. After that, Larry's attorney called, and stated that she had pocketed a check that came to Larry for payment to him, in an account not accessable to Larry, that was around the same total of what she is charging, and which she refuses to turn over to Larry. I hope I am making sense there. It is a little confusing.

More later!

2701 days ago

Just Thinking    

To 9108, 9112: Suzanne:

Let me direct your attention to post 8432 (p.563) and my response post 8459 (P564).

As I said at the time, I don't know just who the "we" is that you are alluding to. My comments were NOT addressed to you;t you decided to make them your business. Perhaps, before you make comments you should check out the facts first.

No, I would not ever expect you to scroll back and find your statements that have offended someone else. It is probably just too tedious for you to be accountable for your statements.

2701 days ago


Just Thinking,

Let's get one thing straight. I don't know who you are. You could be anybody for all I know. You could be using someone else's name.

I have neither the time nor the inclination to go off on some tangent. Further than that, don't tell me how to make comments, nor what I should check out first. That is no concern of yours.

How dare you say you wouldn't expect me to care about something that offended someone. Anybody who knows me knows nothing could be farther from the truth.

What IS too TEDIOUS for me is to read any more of you incomprehensible comments. If I DID offend you why didn't you ask me something at the time? You asked me not to include your name in my addressees, and I said O.K., that we would no longer correspond nor write each other. Now here you are, continuing this pointless tirade.

Let me direct your attention to this: Do not write me personally again, your odd remarks have crossed the line, and do not take the liberty again of insulting me or speaking to me or about me. And, I am very accountable for my statements, but you are beginning to appear not to be accountable for your own, so please stop injecting unpleasantness into what is an enjoyable site. If you dislike me, fine. Nobody is liked by everybody. I am sure there are those who don't much care for you, either.

2701 days ago

Just Thinking    

suzenne... come back! we miss you and your tears.. don't play with those nasty children. they don't want you. they tried to run away from you. come play with your vergie doll... she has a nice gun...

2700 days ago


Hi Suzanne! ~ It's great to "hear" from you! Thanks for responding to my "where's Lucas?" post!

I sent a letter to O'Quinn in support of Virgie, via Lucas' myspace site. Well, it's off to cook dinner, for me.

I hope we can continue to meet here at the "Reunited" site. After all ...don't we ALWAYS stay on "topic" hahaha

2700 days ago


Just Me Again,

They were saying that site closed down. I guess you can't depend on anything the Stern supporters say. It would be nice to have civilized conversation with them, but they occasionally pretend to be civilized, then they take on another identity and cut you. I think it is indecent they way they talk about Anna's mother, and they post obscene things and post other people's names to them. They signed my name on two filthy posts about Mrs. Arthur.

If nothing else, I think we can know the true caliber of Howard Stern by his
unethical, filthy mouthed supporters.

Last night I was reassured when someone who obviously was knowledgeable and intelligent said there was some new information.
It sounded encouraging, so we have renewed hope that good will
triumph over evil.

I would love to let the outstanding and deserving people know that I support and appreciate them, as you did. I haven't seen Lucas lately, but who can blame anybody for leaving a site that is indecent and disgusting.

It is very disheartening to realize from reading the blogs here how truly loathesome some people are, deep down, and the language that people use.
They were also insulting with filthy language someone whose life was on the line for all of us who was injured in the military during combat. This country with people like this has fallen to an all time low.

But, I am hoping for the best, regardless, and I will continue on. That is all we can do, is forge ahead.

Thank you for all you do. You are a treasure.

2700 days ago


Hi Suzanne ~ Thank you for your response to my post and thank you for the compliment! I always enjoy our communication.

BTW. I'm so happy that so many people are using the bahamasb2b website for news!

Lucas' myspace is no mas! I don't know what happened, but I'm sure that Lucas shut it down for a good reason. If I knew more about the privacy issues, I would have visited more often. I read the posts there and thought that they were great! He's a fine person and has been an asset to this site. Tmz has so much negativity, that it's not the healthiest thing in the world to be involved in! I don't think I'm being an alarmist in thinking that we have some anti-American posters here. There's just too much hatred to explain it any other way.

You are a treasure, Suzanne!

I will continue to send O'Quinn emails for Virgie Arthur.

I sure enjoyed all of the "light bulb" jokes. Now we need a few "knock-knock" jokes! hahaha

2700 days ago

Innocent ByStander    


2700 days ago


Suzanne, Einstein, retiredsoldier, kerry, No $pern $tern, Lucas, Mr. Ed, Behind the HardRock... Is anybody here tonight? I have some questions. I'll check the other site.

2699 days ago


Good morning, all,

I think we had a productive day yesterday, fought fire with fire, and came out well.

I would love to get some good news, which I think will be soon. I also think that much of the work we have done has paid off in that some of the right people have read our posts.

My notes say that we were supposed to get news on Horizon on
June 4, which was yesterday. I heard nothing. Then on June 8, I am showing we would hear something on what was going on with custody, but I think all that is just a mute question at this point, and could have been avoided if Larry had merely shown himself to be open and amiable about Mrs. Arthur seeing her OWN grandchild freely instead of the ridiculous and monstrous policy of having her see her grandchild under the control of the hideous Stern. Larry and Stern were childish and meanspirited in the attitude toward Anna's mother, but it is clear that neither of them displayed the integrity to have compassion for, and to honor a grandmother.

Then, I am showing the Inquest is scheduled for July 16th. That is a long time to wait for something that has been delayed too long already.

I will be in and out today, having errands to run and dining out for lunch, but will be checking back.

I hope everybody has a wonderful day!

2699 days ago
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