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Week of 04/29

5/5/2007 4:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A wigged-out Britney Spears is back -- and doing what she does best -- lip-synching and shaking her ass. Spears performed a mini-concert at the House of Blues in L.A. on Friday, the only problem -- her show lasted all of 11 minutes!

What a Dick! Trainwreck Andy Dick joined the ranks of Tara Reid, Chyna and Bobby Brown -- getting denied from a hot Hollywood club.

Larry Birkhead fought back tears after landing in Kentucky with daughter Dannielynn, finally bringing Anna Nicole Smith's baby to the U.S. for the first time.

Ashlee Simpson needed a little help standing up -- after a night at boyfriend Pete Wentz's new NYC bar. Someone clearly had a little too much fun!

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Just watched the Britney video.
Hell, I've seen better strip acts.

She sucks.

2637 days ago


i dont get it why would britney do a comeback & not sing i think its time for her to pack it in there are so many great singers like the american idols who get up and sing every
britney will have a hard time understanding that she ruined her career and she needs to go away and be a mother ithe outfits the wigs are sickening i dont mean to be mean but its over for her her voice was never good to begin with im sure the smoking doesnt help the outrageous outfits no one cares any more she needs to get her act together disappear for awhile and in a few years after she gets her life in order maybe than if she still has any voice left she can do a comeback rigt now the public just stays interested to mock her so i say take a long vacation

2636 days ago


I think she didn't perform as well because she was thinking her wig may fall off... You can tell she is not dancing like she usually does! I'm telling you, it's all about losing the WIG!

2636 days ago


I believe Brit will regain her respect from others. She made some stupid mistakes, hopefully she learned from them.

I'm having a LIVE chat on my forum. Just enter your name/screen name and join the chat.
Join the forum to view it. We love celebrity gossip. Thanks TMZ!

2636 days ago


People, you are not a star when you lipsynch and do a cheerleading routine. For #2, wig or no wig, she "ain't" gonna make any money doing a cheerleading routine, calling it dancing. If she wants to make money dancing, try Las Vegas as a showroom dancer. Further, what is a star doing performing in a night club and not a concert?????

2636 days ago

tuna marie    

britney is too lazy to come up with anything new. there is a great article about her at she doesn't like to have to do any work, and she is trying to relieve her youth. sorry brit but it isn't going to work, you are 25 now, grow up and come up with something new.

2636 days ago

uh oh    

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2636 days ago


If you really want to test the validity of your opinion on whether Britney's talented, - or not, her video with the sound OFF. I think I'm actually embarassed FOR her.

2636 days ago

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