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Rosie Gives TMZ Props for Winky Falwell Farewell

5/17/2007 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to play!Rosie O'Donnell doesn't usually have very kind things to say about the celebrity media. But she just loved the story TMZ posted when Rev. Jerry Falwell died Tuesday.

On her video blog at (video posted by Ro on May 17 at 10:38 AM), the gab-empress and her vlogging pals gave us props for our obit for the conservative force-field, adding that she didn't feel any true sadness at the death of the gay-bashing Falwell.


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It was a stupid farewell by TMZ. For anyone with half a brain, the mainstream media did the "Tinky Winky is gay" story in 1998. Everyone thought it was amusing. Then Falwell said something about it and suddenly it was absolutely ABSURD that a 'toon could be gay! It's the typical double standard. Also, Falwell never bashed gays... he was totally against the lifestyle, which any true Christian is. Falwell stood firm in his beliefs despite the folly of mankind living for itself.

2682 days ago


#41 April........I AM a sinner...just like you..........

I DO indeed believe in the Bible and it's teachings...ESPECIALLY the OT. Have you Even read the bible?

ps... check your spelling

AND...I accept your sweat

2682 days ago


People are bashing Fallwell for exactly the same thing Rosie has done and said to people, Critisising them for not following her own personal values. Difference between Rosie and Fallwell's Values is one follows the Bible the other one doesn't.

2682 days ago

Mrs. Watkins    

Shame on Rosie for dancing on the grave of Falwell or anyone. What goes around comes around Rosie. I would not want to be in your shoes when this comes back around and smacks you up side the head.

2682 days ago


Hey Garion -- check out some of Jerry's famous beliefs and you will see that he did a lot of gay bashing.... wait - there is a post earlier with some of his quotes -- you will see that most of what he said was bashing some group or another, IMO

2682 days ago

the truth    

For all you so called "people" who are wishing the most disgusting & disrespectful good byes to Rev. Jerry Falwell, all i can say is: BETTER STOCK UP ON THE SUNBLOCK 10,000 cause the good reverend will be waving at YOU from up above from where YOU WILL BE GOING in your next life. So start repenting and stop falling in line with all these TRUE biggots, before it's too late. But judging at how ignorant your comments were in the past couple of days, THERE'S NO HOPE FOR ANY OF YOU! You'll be getting what you deserve in your next life!!

2682 days ago


First, people that use Rosie's weight as a reason to dislike her or discredit her, that is just silly. It is an easy out, and you are a very, very shallow minded person if all you can come up with is "Rosie is a fat pig." Been there, done that, Trump wears the T-shirt, and how did THAT work out for him?

That said, I think Rosie in her heart of hearts is a mean-spirited person. I am no psychologist, but it is almost as if she is projecting all the pain and anger she is feeling about being gay onto every situation possible. If you look at Ro 10 years ago and look at Ro now, you will see two very different people. Once upon a time, she was carefree, happy go lucky, generous. Now, it is almost to the point where she is jaded, spiteful, and seems to find a lot of negative in every topic.

Ever since she came out, and got married, instead of seeing someone that has had a huge burden taken off her back, someone more free, it is almost as if we see the opposite.

I personally did not care for Reverand Falwell. I thought he said some nasty things. I thought he cast a bad shadow around devout Christians. BUT, he did some great things in his life too. And my sadness is not really for him or for myself.

But there are some people who saw this man as a father, a husband, a grandfather, and those people loved him and those people have a sense of loss. And, as far as I know, those people have not done anything to make anyone hate them. I am sad for THEM. Just as I am sad for anyone that experiences this kind of loss.

2682 days ago


Like it or not, TMZ has people foaming at the mouth to keep checking the boards. I think they got more posts on that picture yesterday than any other story since I began visiting these boards.

As a side note, I visited some other sites and it always seems like people who preach get their caps lock key stuck on every other word. That's not going to get people to listen to you, I'm personally more likely to ignore you.

And for folks saying that Rosie is doing the same thing that Falwell did? Uh, no. I didn't watch the ENTIRE thing but I did see it up to the point where she and the other two folks said that they weren't going to be happy about it but they couldn't bring themselves to mourn his passing. That's very different from saying that aids is god's punishment for acceptance of homosexuality. If anything, she came across as the classier one.

I'd bet money that all these people talking about how great Falwell was will also be crying when Fred Phelps dies and defending him as a man of god. Sorry, no god I want to be close to.

2682 days ago


Just sayin- what do I need to apologize for? I did not insult you in any way, just asked a question. Oh wait -- I do apologize for the typo... sorry. -- and I do not believe in the Bible - sorry for that too --
and YES - I have read the OT...and just parts of the NT

So, Just sayin' - to sum up... sorry if I offended you w/ the original question - not meant in that way

2682 days ago


Rosie has more compassion for terrorists! She even called the US terrorists on the show this morning.
Something is wrong with her and TMZ too for their just cruel postings of anyone.

2682 days ago

Allred Tree    

YES #32 - BOYCOTT all of Rosie's charities and the R Family Vacations
and PAMPOS (the dance and swimwear co. her "mother-in-law" owns!

As I have said many times, it is a SHAME she was ever allowed to adopt children. Can you imagine what they are exposed to at home by this crude, brazen, hypocritical and mentally ill person they have as one of their "mommies?" Look at her foul mouth in public and some of her insane remarks and opinions. Just IMAGINE what goes on when she is "off" at home!!!

BOYCOTT HER BLOG and VOTE FOR another blog to win the Blogger's Choice Awards! Rosie says she is dying to win this on her blog with her ass-kissing "yes people" Helene (her hairdresser who does not clean the hairbrush properly - the one always eating) and Janette (the other yes person - producer or something).

Rosie's art is nothing but CRAP IMO and she let's her kids paint all over her Emmy's. She evidently thinks this is cute or something. I don't. She is raising future monsters. She boasts how she lets them break all the rules when the other "mommy" Kellie is away from home!

2682 days ago


In what context did she refer to the U.S. as terrorist?

2682 days ago


It was ok for Ro to blame George Bush for 9/11, but Falwell is a Hitler because he blamed the Gay community for 9/11. I really don't see a difference between her view and his. Both of the views are extremely idiotic IMO. Ro, the Reverend is a mirror of what you have become, an extremist, who doesn't want to listen to anyone with a point of view that differs from your own.

2682 days ago


Amusing that someone would boycott a CHARITY because they don't like someone that also contributes.... more hypocrites! what about the people that benefit from these organizatons? wouldnt you be hurting the wrong people?

2682 days ago

Frankie Hoge    

YES.!!!!!!!!!!!!....POSTS...#61 #32


2682 days ago
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